Saturday, September 27, 2014

several thousand in big expenses looming that need paid very soon

First off, a quick reminder why theres some long waits for certain comments to be approved. email is messed up as far as being notified these comments exist.

and now i no longer have a phone. its still used for tracking my hourly (and when i get a new phone i dont think that can be transferred over) but unless im at a place with wifi its basically useless now for anything else. sure took a lot longer than they said for it to go off. Vince is planning to see about adding me to his plan.

on the way home from the suncoast, (where cooldave and i hung out after we left the Venetian) Vince and i grabbed some food and stopped at the BOA to deposit money. so my new balance is $11,100.

the day before, PokerJohnny and i played a tourny but we both busted out early.

turns out Dottys in Laughlin is open now, but only the hotel, they wont have their gaming license for the old Palms (renamed Laughlin river lodge) til nov 1. im sure the hotel room rates will go way up too. I just hope they dont drastically reduce or remove the 5 VBJ machines no one ever played.

sad news is while typing up this blog post, (since im tired) and want to fall asleep, i lost both the $50 sng and the $130 sng, so now im back in the $700s on bovada. but the good news is the laundry at Vinces house is completely done. Are the games at southpoint really as loose as 2 readers claim?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

dont play poker when u know u arent playing ur best

well i feel a lot better now even though i paid a cabbie some money for my safety (lots of bums sleep near the downtown vegas BOA atm) and i still have my daily $8 bus pass. but at least that money's off my hands where i cant lose it back on the VBJ. of course, im still carrying plenty to work with, but far less than i was.

also while downtown i played a little bit in the Golden nugget, and my friends from out of town visiting can find me playing there monday and tues nites if they look. (or morning, etc). i have both those 2 days FREE and another $75 in promo chips. i was really surprised i could use that code i posted a long while back on RTP more than once during sept, and im wondering if anyone else even bothered to try to use it.

now i did manage a small win of $36 at the Nugget in the $1-2 NL, and im still holding $17 an hour overall. but i was up $201 in the game once, (and briefly over $11,300) a guy makes it $20 on the button whose not been playing loose, and for some reason (maybe being tired?) i put him on a big pair and not an ace.

so the flop comes A34 and i have 77. i check, and he bets $30 and so does another guy check. it seems to me he is just hoping we both fold. other guy folds, so i bet $140 expecting him to fold a better overpair. he shoves with AJ and i fold and feel stupid. and thats the lesson for today.

earlier when i wasnt nearly as tired, i won $153 at the wynn playing very well there. and of course $900+ more on the VBJ elsewhere. my host told me im now ahead about $800 for the month on the VBJ. gotten about another few hundred in free rooms there besides.

and depending on how i do in the $50 double or nothing sng im in now on bovada, ill have either $650 or $750. i have won the previous 7 sngs however, so i got a shot.

i still need to spend a lot for a new phone and dentistry, and i dont know why this phone isnt turned off yet. every day i get a text saying my phone will be shut off sept 7 2014, and how to port it out to another carrier. and yet it still works. and of course i paid NOTHING this month since i knew they were closing down.

would really like for someone to explain to me--why i'm having so much easier time winning at all forms of poker now, than i was back in the mid 2000s when most people claimed the games were easier. seems to me its much easier to win NOW than it ever was in the past.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

its a good thing i got off the bus at the wrong stop

well im still not sure what to do to settle down more, but i dont really want to settle in los angeles. it would only be a stopping point to go to biloxi phoenix reno jacksonville pensacola, toledo etc. why? because its where the amtrak starts out that goes to all of those different places.

i seem to be doing ok playing poker in vegas. am still holding onto a $17 hourly rate, and im back to $9017. won $164 in the $1-2 at the V, and then another $174 in the game at the wynn.

ran into AKgal in the subway next to harrahs in the casino Royale, and invited her to the Venetian. she started off not doing well, then later did quite well on a big pot, and then we walked to the wynn. also won a tiny bit on the VBJ at slots of fun before i checked out of my room. ended up later paying a $5 tip to someone in the VIP room to let me check into my new room early at a different casino when the front desk wouldnt let me. had i not got off the bus at the wrong stop, id have already been in the venetian and never ran into her. but i accidently passed my stop where u take the bridge outside TI into the V where i usually get off.

booked the room for 1 nite thru with the $20 coupon in the email they sent me which greatly reduced the cost and made it quite affordable.

and of course still got the $706 on bovada and im wondering if i should move into vinces for real this time or change my address back to vinces so i could withdraw like $500 and add it to my roll before anything was to go wrong playing too high. it could be used to fix my tooth possibly without lowering the roll.

as long as i dont lose on VBJ in vegas, theres less of a need to go elsewhere. even though im sure both reno, biloxi and toledo are a lot better fits for me. i did notice the value place in pensacola and jacksonville were not in the right part of town to be convenient to the busline to the casino.

i do miss my apt in reno and would like to get back into another one where i have my own mailing adddress and own way to cook food and store food. although i would like a place a little nicer. what i dont like is theres no way in hell it can be as close to the poker room as the place in reno was. Only if i went back and got one of the regular lease monthly apts complexes in reno to be willing to rent to me could that ever be possible.

anyway i walked to the ABC store and spent about $15 for sandwiches, drinks, fruit etc for my meal, its healthier than mc d and somewhat less than the nearest buffet. but yeah i need my own kitchen. i didnt have that at vinces but its still a nice option to have.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

trying to figure out where to go

well its almost time to leave vegas, or to get a stable place to stay if i didnt. my room here will expire sunday morning. was briefly up to $7973 this morning, before i later went back and sat in the $1-2 NL at the nugget again and lost $115.

felt myself starting to play bad, and was down to my last $35 when i got KK and made it $10 in EP. got 3 callers. flop was AQ2 with 2 spades, and i had the red kings. everyone checked to the last guy to act he bet $20 and i went allin. only me and him stayed in, and he did NOT have me beat on the flop, but he made a flush on the river.

at one point i was up over $150, and earlier in the night before Herbie came by id won over $400 in the game. (that was the earlier session). i won a big pot with AA, and then gave it all back the next hand with AQ with a queen high flop of Q42 to a guy with 222. he also lost the main pot to a guy who rivered a flush, but won the side pot.

i've been needing to go by the bank and deposit part of the $2500+ ive got on me since ive been winning lately, but since i didnt know for sure the bank downtown was open INSIDE on saturdays, i didnt want to have to walk up and do it at the atm with that much money. too many bums nearby at times, and not good enough security outdoors, plus id have to take the money out of my sock beforehand so ive still let this go but it really needs done.

and that tooth still needs done too, it is starting to bother me to chew food at times, and i felt a small fraction of a piece break off. actually the dentist had told me before than 2 of them need done.

speaking of my safety, had a weird experience in the elevator. probably was in no danger since nothing happened, but still it freaked me out all the same.

i get in, am alone, guy opens the door back up to get in and doesnt press any buttons, and claims hes going to the same floor i am. then he asks me how my days going, and im afraid to tell him and worry if he heard me talking about needing to deposit money--or that hes trying to find out if i have money. him forcing his way in made me nervous, then at our stop i dont get out, dont want anyone following me to my room, and just stand there and he says after u, and i just stand there, he looks at me, then finally gets out and walks down the hall. im too afraid to leave the elevator, ride up to the top, then back down, get off on my floor, no one in the hall, and go to my room.

ive still got $442 on bovada, and i wonder how much ill have on there when they finally get shut down and ill be out all the money.

and i dont know where to go. the casino at the Tahoe Biltmore finally emailed me (as id requested) to tell me the VBJ has finally been repaired. ive still got 180 tickets for the $5000 drawing, but thats nothing now the drums filled up now with 1000s of tickets. and ive looked at the Value Place weekly or monthly deals in florida in pensacola and jacksonville and they are in the opposite areas of the casinos not near the bus id need. those are nice safe places to live since they use interior hallways instead of exterior but theyre always in the wrong area, except for shreveport.

i cant find any good deals in CA near the casino thats not regular monthly apts, i havent already stayed at, and all the ones in phoenix didnt quite pan out, nor does the one in albq work cause i hate living where the casino dont stay open 24 hours 7 days. biloxi might work but i dont know. i did see one craigslist ad i liked there, but i doubt theyd rent to me or that id be able to afford to pay upfront.

if i could ever learn to fully trust  Rays sincerity about becoming a Christian id give Toledo more serious consideration and also if i could figure out what happened on the last trip there as to whether id be in danger if i returned.

and i dont know where id live in reno if i returned either. im probably better off living with Vince here in vegas, but i want my own place if i can a short walk from a casino thats 100% nice area and safe and not a shithole.

was really disappointed to lose most all the $25 promo chips and end up with only $25 in real money out of the $150 in chips. did anyone else ever try to use that redeem code for it i posted on RTP a couple months ago? doubt u could if u didnt get the email.

also i hate the way i cant read facebook messages on my cell anymore, since it now requires u to download messenger for phone if u arent at a laptop. and the golden nugget is really ripping u off on food, what u used to get for fries a year ago for $5.99 is now $8.99 without fries.

i used a $10 comp for it and i wont be up til very late tonight closer to midnite but id like to see grouchie and SI. i forget what grouchie looks like but i sent him several twitter messages while playing last night.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

When u are in a hole, the first thing u need to do is QUIT DIGGING

So thats what i decided to do once my roll dropped to $6200-6300. i quit playing VBJ, and havent touched it since leaving the Hacienda with so little. my last loss was at the Hacienda in lake mead, where i took the cab to from Laughlin, before i went to Vinces. i still had $7300 when i left Harrahs laughlin, and $7100 when i arrived at the Hacienda. my room there cost $89 with taxes, and all the rest was lost on the VBJ there, which was quite a disappointment, cause it was the good kind similar to the one in Jean with $1 minimum, with the exception of it hitting soft 17.

i still need to go to los angeles (or back to reno) but im waiting til AFTER sept 12-13 when i get my free room for fri and sat and my $150 worth of promo chips at the golden nugget. In the meantime, ive just got to make sure i dont drop anymore. $6000+ will be a lot more than i had the last time i was in the los angeles area, and enough to get started with.

not only that, i no longer have a working phone anymore, and even worse, my tooth is starting to bug me again, not just the one that needs removed, but the other one with the hole thats also rotting away is starting to increase the size of the open hole.

the only good news--the pair of pants i have looks nice that i bought new at Ross.

i made a special trip to the orleans to play omaha sunday nite (anything to avoid me playing VBJ) paid for a cab (not the best idea) but i dont like being on side streets in vegas late at night. won $72 in the $4-8 game, but no sign of alysia chang, nor did anyone dealing seem to know anyone named alysia i asked. so yeah i did make an effort to go to her instead of expecting her to come to me.

the only good news i can say about my VBJ play is that once i finally started showing discipline after getting worried about losing so much (i lost only $100-200 at the final few hours of my session at the hacienda when i started not overbetting on small plus counts). what i mean is i limited the amount of the total MAXIMUM bet on all 3 spots combined to under $100, and waited til the count hits +10 before ever betting more than $100 total, instead of when stuck.

takes more discipline to play that way since the count hardly ever gets that high, but it certainly cut back on the losses as far as the amount of the losses. had i been playing that way the entire trip since leaving reno, it wouldve cut back on the big huge losses at palazzo and the pioneer. and of course the winning sessions couldve also been smaller too.

im sure if id had that much discipline, id still be in the $8000-9000 range.

anyway--i went to the stratosphere tonight, bought in only $50 to be safe, and managed to never ever lose the initial buyin. eventually was up $58 when the game broke up a few hours later, and it was a miracle it didnt break several times sooner everytime it became 4 handed. so yeah ive been making sure no more big losses at poker or VBJ.

ive got plenty of money for $4-8 omaha without ever going broke, if i could just be convinced the orleans game would be beatable for $10 an hour or more over the long run. im not sure it is though. also the weekly across the street directly from the poker room seems very nice and safe, 100x more so than the budget suites on tropicana would be. but its a lot more per week, over $250 once taxes are included and fees.

but one thing i really wanted was a nice close walk home and back, just like i had in reno, in a fairly safe area of town that avoided using buses. that is what was so nice about living in reno, never needing to ride a bus at night. Had the apt not been so lousy on the inside, and nothing worked well, as u seen in the pictures posted on RTP by Nick, i wouldnt have wanted to move. but with all the money i deserved a nicer place--and the proper thing to have done wouldve been to just rented a better apt in reno. but of course, seeing PPP (and playing the dealers angels machine) meant more to me.

and now for one final piece of good news. im now at over $380 on bovada from my last buyin weeks ago of $20-30.

i wouldnt have nearly as much, had i not been playing candy crush same time as bovada. for me playing candy crush caused the screen to pop up suddenly and me to accidently hit FOLD on a hand of aa95 suited preflop. turns out id have lost the hand, went broke (off that buyin anyway) and wouldve left the game.

instead, a few hands later, since i still had $23.50 left of my $30 buyin since i folded, i won an allin, had about $50, then 2 hands later doubled up again plus a little more from a 3rd player or so, and quit the game with $138. so this is now a new high on bovada since i made that one cashout in reno.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

My blog is now a work of fiction, and i need the Lord Jesus Christ in my life.

its time i start being honest in this blog for once. The last blog entry was essentially about to be true, but it was posted 5 days too early. u see i really did select a nice safe place to stay, from an ad i found on craiglist Phoenix, and the ad says the zip code is "the safest in the entire metro area" and its a luxury hotel $250 a week, right up the road a few miles from Fort Mc dowell.

hmm, i was about to post the link to the ad, but i see the ads been removed. no wonder they didnt answer my email, they must of got "too many inquiries" and took down the ad. it was fairly close to a city bus, probably the one WEC is referring to. it was a hell of a long bus ride to the only good casino called wild horse pass.

i fully intended to go there--after my 4 free nights in laughlin were up. And i went to a lot of trouble to protect myself from being discovered in Laughlin. (i had them list me as an unregistered guest so if trolls called up checking to see if im registered there i wont show up). But first i was going to play a little VBJ in a place id be all alone, and no one would bother me.

no bums constantly walking up wanting $1, staring at all my credits and trying to pretend they didnt know i was playing multiple spots, (slots of fun is full of black homeless people hustling credits and looking for nothing but a free beer from the cocktail waitress). And i didnt want anyone trying to sit or otherwise disturbing me while i played--felt like that would greatly increase my odds of winning.

so as soon as i get there, i check into my room for 4 nights at the Pioneer, and start off winning $200 on the VBJ and finding out about the great promo tues wed and thrus. for every 250 points earned ($1950 coin in) u get to spin a wheel for $10-100 in free play. so thats a very good payback of close to 1% or a bit higher if u are lucky.

the max number of wheel spins u can earn are 3 each of those days for 750 points total $5850 coin in, and id be shocked if im telling Cutter something in this blog he dont already know. for the 750 points i earned the day i played, i got $45 in free play out of it, which added a bit less than 1% to my payback.

But the Pioneer is more busy than the river palms, and theres only 1 VBJ there. so i really wanted to go to the river palms where its quiet and 5 machines in the middle of the night. but i was worried id have to play at night without a card since someone else who knows Cutter screwed me and him before claiming our free play.

Little did i know the river Palms closed down for business sept 5, will remain closed til sept 26 when it reopens, and it was also bought out by Dottys and will have a new name when it reopens. no idea on what will become of the VBJ machines.

so tonight, i ended up going to Harrahs, losing $200 in the $2-5 NL game (2 buyins of $100) and of course did NOT use a players card to remain anonymous.

was disgusted with myself for going to laughlin instead of just staying on the bus all the way to Phoneix, was disgusted id lost so much there and they closed the River Palms, (my favorite place to be away from others) and starting to get very worried id lost/spent way too much since leaving reno.

and i felt like my plan to go to Phoenix was now a very poor idea. for one reason id lost too much money to afford that nice weekly, their ad was no longer online, (heres a similar one from another property) in a different location, but the other ad was by fort mdowell different company placed it.

u see id been right by fort mc dowell, but a hell of an inconvenience from the good poker rooms with lots of tables. and as often as i was looking at bravo, the clincher that make me decide definitely to NOT GO to phoenix was when bravo showed nothing but 2 $4-8 games and NO $1-2 spread limit games at 8pm on friday night. about the only thing Ft mc dowell had was a $1 VBJ machine and im sure it was full all the time too.

i was in Phoeniz about 15 yrs ago, and id sworn that casino had TONS of live tables going at once.

main thing i really wanted to do when i had the $10k in reno was to get into a really nice place to live for a month (because of the condition of my previous apt in reno when poor) and i was quite embittered that was going down the tubes.

so my blog post wasnt a lie, it was fully intending to be true, (within a few days) but the plans got all messed up. the only real lie was the $379 airfare to throw everyone off as to where i was. and of course, the AndyFezzik acct is also a lie, i made up that account and andy has known that for a long time its me who posted as him several times.

but tonight i made an unwise choice, i wanted OUT of laughlin quick as possible, and i shouldve waited til morning and took the $40 bus into vegas or the $50 bus into Phoenix ( greyhound is $72 to vegas from laughlin.

so i wasted $250 for a cab to vinces house, where im living now, and as im running out of money--its the ONLY cheap place i can afford for a month, and i might head out to LA to make sure i cant play anything but poker and regrind. maybe i should sit here and play on Bovada. new roll is only about $6600, and i dont have the month paid for in a nice place i told everyone i did.

yeah im out almost $3000+ since leaving vegas. but i dont think i lost that much on VBJ. a lot of it was transportation expenses, misc expenses. some big losses at poker, but about $2000 of it was lost at VBJ. but not all on the good machines, $400+ of it was lost on the even money VBJ u remember.

i wish to God id went to Toledo to live with Ray, ive never trusted him fully to be sincere about becoming a christian, u see he is the last person id think would want God in his life. he never had any interest in God when i was a young kid 25 yrs ago.

But his facebook posts are showing his sincerity and his emails about how living for God is the only thing in life that really matters and how VBJ and machine play is so evil and ungodly. and how God took away his addiction to them machines he had at one point.

Quote of his on facebook message " These are the times Tony, spirit and soul overcome flesh, i took a drive tonight and thought about stopping at hollywood and i drove by it and just thought about christ and how it takes from him when i do things i know are bad"

he's also showed my blog to Jenny, an old time monte carlo regular about my age who played all the time like me years ago and is single and beautiful but never dates anyone and is also a Christian. i think shes quit playing. he said Jenny really loved and enjoyed the blog and was laughing. id bet Toledo Tom knows her personally.

whatever i need serious psychological help in overcoming my desire to bet way too much to get unstuck, got to quit caring about losses and making them much worse. id lost far less on VBJ had i just limited my max bets to 1.5% of the roll no matter how much the count, but i bet quite bit more a few times, up to almost 5% of the roll. so idiotic no wonder im out so much.

u see, im going to get in serious trouble if i dont get help. i went around to a ton of people and told them i hoped they lost too cause i lost and would have to commit a horrible crime to get money. and i told many people how ugly i thought they were. (mostly all old women sitting alone). same as i went off on the old asian lady at Parx i told claudia about and was scared to ever go into parx again in case she told the police. i went off in detail how i hoped they lost everything to their name and said i lost all of my money too.

i cannot handle losing, and i cant be around where i can play machines. Toledo, or los angelos or not leaving Vinces house and grinding online, those are the only choices. the $1-2 games in vegas are just much harder to beat.

im not strong enough to stop--only Prayer and God can help me. i need ray to pray for me and every other Christian reading this blog. and to ask God to forgive me for lying to the readers about being in Laughlin, i only did it avoid worrying about being picked up there.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


i decided that vegas isnt a good place for me, due to my tendency to OVERBET the $5 dealers angels VBJ at the venetian, and also the shufflemaster one at slots of fun, both of which the maximum is $500 or more instead of $100. also the games are so much tougher in vegas, i wanted to go somewhere new to play where they might be easier. but overall i still came out ahead at the poker i think, but by very little. i won $300 at the V once, $89 once, $800 once, but then i lost about $600 at the nugget and $450 at the wynn at poker, so overall im winning a lot less per hour at poker in vegas than in reno.

i was so concerned about vegas not being good for me, i decided to leave immediately before i go do any more damage to my roll, or to lose my temper again due to my emotional state of mind and not to curse out anyone else telling them i just lost all my money and i hoped they lose too.

which means i wont get to ever see Doreen G, who wanted to meet me but oh well.

so now im somewhere else i probably shouldve visited a long time ago. several casinos in this area, with good poker games, although on bravo i looked when i arrived, and the game nearest to me wasnt going. Instead i went and spent money taking a room, prepaid $1100 for a month with deposit, and only took it because it was advertised as LUXURIOUS and in the nicest zip code and safest zip code in the whole metro area, and thats certainly the case.

nice fridge, kitchen, wifi, etc and all looks good. far enough out of the city to be pretty safe. its a motel, but its a nice motel. and the nearest poker room is only 8.3 miles away in a cab. then theres 2 buses a day to a couple of better casinos much further away, and im also investigating the shuttle bus info to those casinos, but its quite a bit of a bus ride just to go to the nearest shuttle pickup point.

so now i have a roll of about $6500, but thats still enough to work with i think, at least the rents paid, and im away from vegas. just wish i knew at least one person in this city is all.

theres a VBJ machine, paying 3-2 with good rules, $1 minimum, and on certain days, u get close to 1% free play back for the first approximately $6150 ran thru it and nothing for more than that. complicated promotion, but looks quite valuable but its only on certain weekdays. But since its pretty full of people most of the day, im sure ill be playing poker. its a good sized room and is on bravo, but often dead late at night. good promotions too.

and theres other rooms further out, like 20-45 miles. in other parts of the metro area. I'm positive Chaperone is familiar with this casino and has been here. im positive hes played this VBJ too.

and im tired, need to go back to sleep. ordered some food for the frigde and im eating in then going straight to sleep. also found out mom wont have the net for a few days too.

quite worried about the us getting into a war with isis and russia. we should stay out of the Ukraine, and concentrate on ISIS.

my suitcase i checked instead of carrying it onboard contained a ton of clean shirts, new pants, and 30 unread donald duck mickey mouse comics that i didnt leave behind like the other 80 since i hadnt read them yet. and i still need to pay for a phone.

this place is such a nice place to live, and games are so easy on Bovada, maybe i should sit at home and just grind out $20 sngs. at least i feel 100% safe here.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

at least i still have more money than i arrived in vegas with. not sure how or why, but i am still winning somewhat.

Never had any idea which regular at the V is Tarbash the Egyptian, and i thought it might be the one old man who usually wins and i dont think likes me too much since he moved seats. he had a black hooker sitting behind him who was unusually good looking for a black hooker, so i doubt it was him. i ended up winning over $300 in that game and in fact i won at almost everything i played, except for the $4-8 omaha where i played til it broke and broke even.

no sign of alysia chang in it, and it sucks now that i finally have the roll for $8-16, the game no longer exists. i sure dont have the roll for $15-30, and i wonder what the proper roll is for 15-30?

speaking of which, click on the link to alysia changs google profile in the comments. that profile was created over 5 yrs ago, and theyre listed as MALE. now why would a woman list herself as male? somewhere is seriously weird about this.

the night started off good, i won a little over $100 on the VBJ shufflemaster, and then took the bus to the wynn. lost $100 fairly quickly on a bad play, then rebought $500 and started complaining about not being able to button straddle for more than $6. lost most of it too, and made a big overbet on a hand i missed my double gutshot str8 on, because i was pissed at his over bet of $46 into a $24 pot on the flop. he had QQ and flop was J73 with one heart and i had 89 hearts. turn came 5, forcing me call, and i missed. bet $200 on the end and he called, so i left pissed, didnt even bother to cash in my chips.

which turned out to be a good thing, i was going to throw the dice to let off steam, and before it got to me i seen the same lady throw a four 3 times in a row, so i handed my whole stack to the stickman and asked him to put it on the four. turns out i had $137 and they put the buy button on it. no idea what i shouldve paid for the right odds.

well of course she threw another 4, and i took all of it down, and left the table with $463. never hung around to actually roll.

walked straight to the Venetian poker room, passing the VBJ on the way but it was full. no one made any huge bets, so there mightve been no counters there.

so i was close to even, and started off playing omaha, not much happened, then the game broke. got lucky in the $1-2 to win 2 big pots, one by catching a 2 outer on the river, and one by calling a guys bluff.

left and on the way back to my room, won another $300+ more on the same shufflemaster VBJ. so i ended up with $10,087. Couldve easily gone the other way--i walked up to the machine with $879 cash, was temporarily at under $500, but left with over $1200. for some reason i did far better in the final 30 minutes when all the money was on 1 spot, since i ran so low earlier i had to combine all my tickets to make bigger bets and have money for doubles and splits.

if u remember $400+ of the loss at VBJ was on the even money machine, so that really wasnt a proper VBJ machine. thats a machine theres 0 excuse to ever play.

disappointed Herbie is wasting all his time on the freeroll promo at lvh instead of hanging out, a real gambler can win at any game without needing a promo, and im proud i play real poker without depending on promos to win for me. instead, its the quality of my decisions that win for me, thats how a real professional does it.