Monday, March 31, 2014

highest roll in years

Sorry ive been neglecting this blog a bit lately--its just that ive been playing a lot more live poker--and been not coming home til quite tired--and then wanting to sleep right away instead of update. Also, not much has happened the last few days now that most of my out of town friends left vegas. The only real thing that matters and is happening--is that i keep winning, and why im winning, i dont know if the games are getting softer--or if im just on a good run. also, i think i should start playing tournys a lot more. Donkeytax is willing to partially stake me in some of the survivor events at the Venetian, and i won over $300 off his cash stake. (of which i got $150) But in the last 5 omaha tournies ive played live, ive cashed or won outright in 4.

also about this tooth, i dont know whats going on with it. its been less sore lately--but ive not been eating ANY sugar at all, nor anything with ice in it, and brushing and rinsing it regularly. also i did the only thing u can do when u need ur money for more important things like food and rent and bus fares instead of medical expenses--i prayed to Jesus, and asked him to heal the tooth, and to cleanse out any infections that mightve been there--but i dont think any were. Although the power to heal is rarely used since God isnt a big Santa Claus--its still there, and is comforting to know that. it was used on me once as a child, when a dr wasnt available, and it worked. and i still think i should get over my fears and see one as soon as possible, there is something wrong in there--but i asked God for a month or so of time--to get more money together first and to find the RIGHT dentist and Dr. having never had a regular medical dr, i dont know how to go about making an appt and then seeing one at his private office, at a set time, without the long waits that annoy me greatly at the places people go to for emergencies such as UMC thats filled with homeless people for things that arent really emergencies, but they dont know where else to go.

researching online told me about a clinic with a flat $22 fee for an office visit--but it seems that clinic is no longer in business. id still like to find a place u can go for under $50 (without needing insurance and without having to verify income). also im curious about the prices u think a dentist would charge for removing 1 wisdom tooth, should be a lot less than removing 4. i find it odd for about 2 days it was paining me quite a few times but then been quiet and ive not needed any advil the last 3 days.

and i also got a big fear that my $4549 which i have at the time of this post (after just turning a quick $115 profit earlier tonight) might go to waste on VBJ machines that arent as good as the ones in Jean. either ones with higher minimums (screwing up my bet spreads) or ones with worse rules. while playing at the Palazzo about 7am, i found myself playing as high as 3 bets of $33 one hand, at least that hand won. ended up making $158 on the VBJ there last night, then proceeded to lose $100 of it in the $1-2 NL at the V because by then i was tired. the last hand i had TT and a guy makes it $11, a guy called, and with only $50 left i felt obligated to shove he called with AK and hit the A on the turn. i felt it was the right play but should i have folded because of the possibility i was dominated by a higher pair? or would that be too weak? is it ok to shove knowing ill never be better than 54-46 preflop at best?

and i just won $10 on bovada while updating this blog. got about $67 there left. But to avoid losing the $4500 back on games i shouldnt play, what about taking a road trip? to a place like Reno (where Benny will guarantee me $50 cash a day without risking any money) or california where i wont be around any machines because fucking Cutter wont say where they are, to Phoenix wheres theres good rooms ive not been to in 15 yrs, or to Columbus where theres good games and i can have Ray to drive me all over between cinti and MI. and of course i always like to pick places im right by the cardroom or living at the casino or else im an easy bus ride.

still looking forward to seattle irishs trip report too

Monday, March 24, 2014

still here guys

regardless of what anyone else may think of my long absence (6 days without a new post)--i feel like im doing just fine. still holding onto a bankroll of $3113, after wins of $100-300 each of the last 3 days, (including today) and i know i dont want to end my blog--ive met a lot of very valuable friendships from the blog people id never met in real life otherwise. some might have disappeared (vook lester) and some i might never get to meet (zin, pokerdogg, wec, etc) but most of this week was spent hanging out with people i hadnt yet met. Mormoninvegas, (he claimed cizzle was a good guy even though he didnt try to meet up with me--but he did him??) and also the pokermeister who has a blog, along with tierscore from chicago. spent a lot of time with donkeytax this week also, and his advice and insight on the games is helpful too. i miss wec's insight too--his playstyle and mine are similar and his info used to be quite valuable.

and most of my time has been spent playing poker in either the Nugget, stratosphere, or the V with the one night spent at Planet H. mostly $1-2 NL, a little omaha8, and ive managed to hold my own, keeping the roll about 3k, but no real success, i mean its not growing any. but i am just playing poker, no more VBJ machines since leaving Jean. (except for showing docglock the machines in the Palazzo). the next day a guy who looked like hamsterdam (280 pounds) sat and played briefly, standing on 9, wasnt sure if it was intentional or not, but then he left a few minutes later. i moved to his machine, turned out he left $50.50 in it. and he never came back so i put my ticket in and started playing. i doubt he knew he left it. had he not already left to go home, id thought it was $50 of his money possibly.

ive found out it does help to divide my play up into multiple short sessions instead of 1 long session. also been playing on Bovada a bit, my $20 deposit is now at $75. u must realize--a lot of why i didnt bust out and end up on the streets when doing really poorly a year or so ago came because of bovada--that $1000 tourny win one time helped me out tremendously, and i think there was also a 2nd win of $400-600

mailed off moms card and birthday gift, and i still need a dentist, but my tooth hurt less the last 2 days. (still have most of the advil i bought) i dont think theres an infection cause theres no swelling or fever, just that it feels crooked and grating on the adjacent teeth. im pretty old not to have the other half of the wisdom teeth removed yet, so i worry about it. i just dont want anything cold to come into contact with it.

Benny would still like me to be living in reno--mom would still like me to come home for a visit--and id still like to be around good poker games. but to go to reno--cheaply--i need to go first to LA--then to sac--and then to reno. its a long drawn out process. and people were right about good games during march madness. and playing at the V, u actually see real tourists other than just europeans. i wonder what u see in the rooms im NOT at on the strip.

Monday, March 17, 2014

my only hope--is to get better at poker.

Games arent getting any easier, and the rakes arent getting any lower. neither are prices getting any smaller. therefore--i must strive my best to make better decisions while at the table--and away from the table.

one "mistake" i see myself making a lot is trying to get all the money in on the flop, when ive got a huge draw. i do this--because i know on the turn, if i dont hit--i go from like a 70-30 favorite to like a 70-30 dog, and im trying to avoid this from happening--and since i expect to be unlucky and not improve--i want to get the money in on the 1 and only street im still in good shape. (why get the money in bad u see?)

so this is what i did a little while ago--and is why i left the stratosphere with nothing of my $50 buyin. and i had it up to $106 at one point. i was down to about $66, and a guy raises it to $11 preflop, and i called (the only caller) with KQ hearts, and that was the first mistake. second mistake was checking dark--i shouldve just shoved, but since he had aa, wouldnt have changed anything. flop comes up 69T with 2 hearts--not a bad flop for my hand. but i guess my overcards werent outs after all. he bets $30 and pot commits himself, i go allin, and he calls and it comes black 2, black 5.

and the one other hand that cost me $30 occured earlier. this one lady from IA with her husband, she almost didnt want to call a $200 allin when she had the nut straight, worrying she mightve overlooked something, and it was still the turn. took her forever to finally call. and she was making it $6 preflop quite a lot more than she should. so me, thinking im probably ahead and a big bet would scare her off--makes it $30 with AQ hearts when she bets $6. and it worked fine for getting the other kid whose a regular out who called the $6 (a reg who usually loses). but no, she calls, and i get a bad flop of 69J clubs, and id planned to continuation bet most any flop but that one, i check, she bets $30 and i never saw her hand. i muck. what would u have done? i didnt fold the winner did i?

yeah a lot of similar hands developed while playing snevmans $200 stake the other day, and i feel bad because i had it up to $710 once. (but not on the table) hands where i was catching good flops with top pair and 4 to the flush. and then blanking out totally, and once to a really bad river beat.

so i went to the V to play with different people, in better games, and also to play omaha. lost 2 seperate sessions at different tables in the omaha, with the same kind of monster drawing hands that kept missing. think im running way below ev on draws lately. usually whether u have a good night or a bad night depend on ur biggest draws. also played a little bit of NL there but broke about even in it. heres one hand where i gave back most of an earlier NL win except for $10.

i have KJ suited and call $6 to see the flop, new girl on my immediate right raised. flop comes KJ6 all in the wrong suit since its clubs instead of spades. she bet $15, i call, other lady calls whose new also just sat but i recognize her as a good regular. turn pairs the wrong damn card, the 6. she bets $30, i call, (probably shouldnt) other lady calls. river blanks, she checks, i check, other lady bets $40, she calls, i fold, and the good regular has 78 clubs for a flush.

also ran into tierscore there--and didnt know who he was til he told me--and told him how bad i felt about losing the stake back. (although snevman isnt out any money--theres still the $220 left of his $200 that he said to just hold for him til he returns, and wouldnt be around to email for 3 days.)

a big thanks to AKgal, who got permission for me to play in the mon night PLO tourny at P-ho. ill be there tonight, hopefully if i make a bus and bust out of my sng on bovada quick enough. i have to be on my best behaviour while im there--and ive been told the poker manager Chris has okayed it with security. for reasons unknown--she said to post it on the blog--and to try and bring other friends along to come play with me. i think tomorrow night ill be in the strat with donkeytax for the 7pm tourny, and i think AKgal will bring me by some tshirts then.

also am looking forward to mormoninvegas coming to town, and i wish i had his phone number. and i think thepokermeister is coming to town soon, i dont have his phone either.

also it seems the link to pokermonkeys blog dont work--i thought he quit publishing--but it seems hes wrote a lot of blogs lately-and i didnt find out til i seen his twitter feed. when i have more time--ill have to figure out why it dont work--did he change his address?

hopefully i remember to call Ray on the city bus to PHO. i hate the way he has a landline where u cant text too.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Docglock from AVP--a good man who cares about others

well im first going to talk about something else bothering me i havent yet really talked about much to many people--but im worried about that remaining wisdom tooth still not yet removed like the others. its far in the back--and will be quite sore whenever it comes out. and i think my teeth are sideways a bit too near it. the reason i talk about this--is i bought a toothbrush and toothpaste at the smiths store today--and i forgot to buy dishsoap. u see my mouths been feeling sore lately, and i wonder if i need to see a dentist and if i can do everything for under $200 again. last time i did, i was a lot richer, back in the good old days for so many years--of i think $5000 or so. even though i ended up in UMC since the dentist screwed up and some said i shouldve sued. i just think it might be more work this time--and more pain--and it could be why Britni died. but maybe its not yet quite that serious.

although that missing plane is way more serious--they talked a lot of fox news tonight how terrorism couldve been the cause--and how the tracking system were turned off manually one by one at different times a few hours apart. who knows where its hiding--and whats being planned, and which govt is lying about not having seen the plane.

i am pleased with how cheap groceries are at smith, so many good deals 10 for $10, its a lot better place to buy groceries than walmarts--and i never ever knew that before. tonight some special deal on a very good tasting brand of cereal thats my favorite. 3 boxes for $5, normally priced over twice that--and a free gallon of milk included. u havent seen those prices since 1972

and its nice Vince and i will be seeing snevman at 10 minutes til 7pm at the nugget on saturday night. hopefully he does good in the tourny and all goes well.

im lucky to have any money at all--as many mistakes as i make at poker anymore--and as tough as the games are today. some of it is thanks to Docglock. he got me out of the stratosphere when i was stuck $366 and paid for the cab to the orleans--where its a good loose omaha game--but wild--and i won back $180 of the loss. he was going to try to introduce himself to akgal--i wonder if he had any luck finding her at the mirage.

he knew my blog from way back on AVP--and so did some european i met today from the UK who would like to have me followed around with a TV camera--but dont know exactly who would set it up--i would be compensated.

also i need to find a guy with Clear--that i can buy his modem--take over his service--so i can use it to play on UP--cricket dont work--and clear dont accept new customers--how do i do this? is there anyone who knows where id go to find a current user--one with a still active clear acct--that he would be willing to sell to me?

Monday, March 10, 2014

I need a change--but what needs to change?

something to break up the daily routine, something to make sure i dont ever play anything but poker, and to make sure i play poker CORRECTLY. with the right size percentage of my roll on the table (not too little either) or even worse--too large. (such as last nights $480 in the $2-6 spread limit game with NL overs at tx station). that had a big effect on the final hand i talked about briefly in the comments, a hand where i had TT preflop, didnt raise a straddler, nor the guy betting the flop of 783 rainbow, and lost on the river to Q7 when a 7 hit.

and the best way i see to get the most needed change (playing somewhere no one knows anything about how i play --or knows me from my blog) is to play at totally different venues than the places i usually play at. and the only way i see to avoid playing with people who know my game inside and out--is to no longer play in las vegas. my only concern is after knocking the roll down to under $2800, (and was lower than that til last nights win) is how i can afford to travel and pay for housing. but ive been researching criagslist, and theres lots of cities with motel for weekly rental for $200 or less in many cities than have pokerrooms i dont go to.

i think that even with a higher cost of living than remaining in vegas--id still be better off cause id win a lot more out of the games. one thing holding me back is the fear of making the initial commitment--and the cost of airfare if its not bought in advance. i dont see anywhere i can fly tuesday morning for under $130 for example if not bought in advance. and ive not used greyhound in over 10 yrs--too old to use it anymore. i only use tour buses, megabuses, amtrack, planes, and yes even cabs in rare occasions.

another thing i should change, is to quit playing games that i dont feel like playing anymore. whether its due to not wanting to leave because im stuck--feeling hungry or tired--or just wanting to play something else--i need to learn to get up and leave the game--regardless of whether im behind or not. am particularly bad at this on slot machines. thats why u need a real time life buddy who shares ur interests and hangs out at the casinos with u.

tonight--first thing i did when i woke up in my room here--is not want to leave and walk to the giftshop to buy nyquil recommended by AKgal for my horrible cold--and shitty food in the giftshop to avoid waits in the coffee shop for much better and cheaper food. instead i logged into UP, and proceeded to lose $50 of the $100 id left there in the PLO8 game. i called $1 to see a flop with 2457 on the button, flop comes 346, and i lost the whole stack. one guy turns a boat and the other guy had a2. i was playing the high would hold up and an ace would come for the other half. what would u do on the flop?

i wouldve quit that game earlier, but i was trying to get it back to $50 first, was at $42 before that hand, and been playing about 40 minutes. and that was the real mistake in my opinion

but how do u change bad habits that got picked up some time back--and metabolized over the years?

but also i shouldnt feel hopeless, and be expecting to lose. i should think, hey, im a new immigrant whose just arrived here from the Ukraine with $2800 and ive got a whole new life ahead of me if i discipline myself. all i have to do is do whats right. i should see this money as an OPPORTUNITY not as a failure. tatude was right when he said all the negative talk wasnt good for me and i shouldnt allow it on my blog--and maybe thats why he left.

i remember a lot of times id been much worse off than i am now--even $1000-2000 worse off in less than a year ago even--in which instead of being unhappy so much with the current state of my roll--id been extremely happy.

yeah i should not sit and play in games i dont want to be in--simply because of not wanting to deal with paying  for a bus or ???? this would help a great deal--and one way to avoid that--is to be in bigger cardrooms with more choices of games. and maybe also with $2800 i shouldnt be afraid to spend $200 or so of it on a weekly room in a location i want to be at--instead of not being able to turn loose of a dime of it.

and as soon as i hit publish and am out of the tub (its not good to stand under a shower with a bad cold)--ill have to go spend something on food--for im starved and cant play til i eat or ill play awfully. and i never use room service for ordering food--cant stand the wait and the high costs.

and to play too small (games such as $2-4 $2-6--in places without a strong enough promo making it plus EV) thats just as much an error as playing too high. for when i play too low and get stuck--not wanting to leave stuck--or feeling like i can recover it in such a small game--i go out and try to get it back playing other types of games than poker.

one of my largest mistakes with the roll of $10k-15k was in playing too small. i had no business buying in $50-100 then. i shouldve bought in $300 or more every time i playing $1-2, and got some experience with $1-3 and $2-5. maybe id have hit the big time instead of draining it all away. i know if id used some of it to find a really good long term apt in a good area of town id love to keep id made sure i kept it paid up and never lost it. so maybe u can now understand with these examples why playing too small is also a mistake.

the only really big change ive made for the better in the past year is i now carry my laptop with me everywhere i go.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

what a bad day

well instead of holding onto close to $3600 like i had when i woke up about 1am this morning, im now sitting with less than $3000. there goes my chance to ever be in the $4000s again. and the day couldve gone even far more worse than it did.

couldve got killed riding back to vegas with a stranger on craigslist too from rideshare, but nothing happened, seemed like a decent guy. i had him drop me off at a place way out south of the mandalay bay--but it turned out they charge far more than advertised--and they also had no vacancies. neither did the 2 places by the stratosphere, nascar is in town, and nothing is available weekly i want til monday. and thats if i dont leave town. considered leaving town today--but didnt see any immediate cheap flights anywhere i wanted. took the 109 bus to the airport from the south shore terminal after taking the strip bus there from las vegas blvd. then took another bus to the stratosphere.

found out allegiant is in a completely different terminal too. realized i need to withdraw my UP money before i leave town too. but i would like a fresh start in life somewhere.

lost far more on VBJ than intended and got exceptionally pissed off. count was good, and i bet way too much and couldnt handle being in Jean anymore. it wasnt a long term solution anyway without a car--because of no poker being available.

i just am going to have to make it at playing poker instead of BJ. which means my game needs to improve.

am going to change the subject now--and talk about an exceptionally good and loose game at the stratosphere. a game so good i hated to leave when Vince picked me up.

in the spirit of Rob, im going to name the guy at the table "zin" for i dont know his real name. he was a big mexican guy, wasnt all that good at gambling, and liked to drink tequila and he was from TX.

he had a speech impediment of some sort and kept motioning with his hands and wasnt easily understood by the cocktail waitress as to whether he wanted salt or not. and he stacked his chips very loosely and wildly all splattered, and he kept shoving them allin massive overbets on weak hands.

so i have QQ and have just gone down to being up less than $15 from being up $58 once earlier. i made it $15 (bigger size raise due to action game) and got 2 callers in middle position (i was the one in middle positoin) i am on the immediate left of Zin. so the flop comes 7QK rainbow and both check and i made it $20 hoping for action. one guy folds and Zin calls. turn comes 4, zin checks, i bet $45, and zin check raises me allin. hes a bluffer and of course i call. turns out he has an open ender is all, and he hits the straight on the river when the 9 comes. i was pissed, because i was in the game for $183 total

a couple hands later im in the BB with $2 and zin (just the 2 of us in the pot) vastly overbets the pot instead of chopping (doubt Zin knows what it is) and me being on tilt i shove with 33 for my $100 rebuy. thank god it held up. i made a boat and he only had A8 and never paired. but i think its a bad shove there--if i know for sure im getting called 100% of the time that is.

and im tired and sleepy--but still i really hated to leave that table--probably had a big edge there--there were 3-4 other weak tourists there too--nascar is in town--and im playing a tiny bit on UP and seals from the room before i fall asleep--and i need to withdraw all the UP money so i can be free to live anywhere without worrying about needing access to it. had a long phone conversation with Benny today too--telling me about offers elsewhere and advice as to where i should move--while shopping at the 99c store on charleston and decatur.

also i have another piece of possible good news from AKgal--but dont think now is the best time to bring up the subject. i must say--its something important that i really need to work on getting done.

indecision causes a lot of my problems--keeps me from committing to anything long term as far as getting my life better in order and more stability. i always want to leave my option open and never want to put out any money upfront--as an example--it keeps me from having money saved by paying for a monthly bus pass.

and also, i need the counselor rachel back at unlv. wonder if si would know if she still works there--i ve got to learn to take losses more calmly. the best way to do that--is to not gamble on games where i have the propensity to tilt more than i do at poker.

Monday, March 3, 2014

over $3000 again

most of it was due to a good day at the stratosphere yesterday. won all around yesterday. made money at home on UP before i went to sleep, made money in all 3 sessions playing $1-2 NL at the stratosphere (with breaks to eat or get online in between) (vince didnt get off work til after 12pm at ceasers last night--and today is his last day dealing). and then got more money cashing in all my comp dollars at the players club desk and taking free play for them. u get less that way than if u get food, but more than if u take cash. and that gained me another $57 after running it through one time.

today i want to find out if circus sent me any offers this month in free rooms or free play, and now i feel good, still need to pay marchs phone bill before midnite on the 4th, but might try getting a phone with net again instead, just so i can use my smartphone again. but if i do that, ill have to switch numbers and companies.

so now im at $3088. and i still think cali is a better option than vegas--as long as i have a place to live. u see, i would never end up giving back a $40-50 win, because id always be able to move tables--and rebuy just $40. sometimes at the strat i dont want to quit when i should--because of the hour wait to come back in with $50. the commerce is a really big room. but i do want to be around vegas for the possibility of seeing snevman or donkeytax. he wrote me recently and i wrote him back. and my living expenses are really cheap here.

even on the strip close to the stratosphere they wouldnt be too bad, several places nearby with rents of way less than $200 a week. at least then id never need to depend on the bus or riding in anyones car. the good news is i think i might have enough to play $1-2 NL again, and i feel now finally i can beat $1-2 NL in vegas again, or also win a little on UP, more so than id win on the VBJ in Jean in the long run. also read an article in which plo8 full ring has less variance that plo hi (very hi variance) or less variance than NL, so u need LESS buyins. too bad i cant find that game live daily, some places on the east coast i think have it daily though.

i must however say im extremely disappointed in PPP. i thought he was a real friend, in spite of all his snide comments on PPP. yet he never was willing to find me and play $1-2 nl with me once, even when i offered to come to the V to make it easier for him.