Saturday, September 29, 2012

what goes up must come down

when i play too long, i definitely dont feel like i can continue to play my best. Which was probably the case 30 minutes ago at the hardrock, when id already planned to quit with the $149 i had on the table in one more hand when the BB got to me. id been playing all day, and had recovered from a huge loss of $400+ earlier in the night, NONE of which was lost on machines.

i was getting very tired, and was about to go home and eat and get online. i decided to see one last flop, (still felt stuck $140 because of the $189 id paid in rent early on) but actually was ahead from poker finally. i got KT clubs, and limped $3. no one raised thank God. flop comes 3QK and i bet $10 another guy makes it $25 i called, no one else did. turn comes 7, i check he bets a little more this time. i call. river comes 2, i check, and he puts me allin. what would u think he has?

i call and he has set of 3s. and i walk out the door with 0 chips.

so im out $305 for the day, but $189 of that was for rent instead of losses at poker. also i was pissed off earlier because i was wondering if i played a hand badly on kingofdonks money. and then after losing his $250 stake, (wouldve been better off having the bike, although i liked the stake alot more) shortly after i sat down, and had lost a small pot with JJ, i still had about $210 of the $250 left when i got dealt AA. i make it $15 and only 1 guy calls, who i have position on. flop comes J92 offsuit and i bet $40 and he calls. turn comes 10, he checks i bet $60 and he raises to $120. i could beat JQ QQ etc so i felt i must call, and were allin on the river, and the river comes 9 which i think is a good card considering all straight draws miss and JT is a likely hand. but he turned a set.

thats when i went and played $4-8 limit, and lost $269, a huge amount, some guy out with his wife was wanting to take my picture and calling me ahmedinajad of iran. they kept telling his wife to quiet down for swearing, and i was the only player losing heavy. no more fixed limit for me.

and i went back to the riviera, where id been losing over $200 earlier, because id forgot my laptop there. so i got it back from security, then went over to circus where they were actually starting a NL game, and i sat with $100 and cashed out $613 when the game broke. couldnt miss a hand in that game. had i gone home immediately then, instead of going back to the riviera and hardrock all wouldve been great. at the time i had $713, when i went home, i had $535 only. had $840 when i first woke up before paying rent. new roll $3300 now instead of last nights $3600.

was trying to play my best for kingofdonks, and once i lost the stake i was so upset my play really deteriorated. i think i played the $4-8 game poorly. also was upset with doc for only giving me half of what he had originally offered to give me for that room. only getting $40 for 2 nights for a free suite is a real ripoff. when others are paying $109-129 a night for a non suite room. but he said he didnt really need it.

i wont have the hours for sundays riv freeroll either, im still 6 hours off, but its no big deal. if i played 100% of my time at the hardrock at nights the game is so incredibly good i think id do well, but thats not enough hours total for the week playing time.

if a guy had a large roll, they should buyin $500 there every night, and im sure theyd make a lot of money a month. at least $5000. and it would only take me $15k to get started and be so easy. i was sure a fool playing other things blowing that roll last year.

and yes i know ive got to stay off machines this whole week as promised kingofdonks.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm wondering if im learning to make better decisions.

Sometimes u just have to gamble, especially someone like me, who hates a loss because it makes me feel like ive failed at life. like the other day, i lost $100 at the wynn, rebought $124 and before id even received my new stack of chips id lost the $124, then quite a bit on tilt, i rebought $400 and about 2 hours later had it back to $625 ($1 profit) and i left and went over to the riviera. (this was the other day). wasnt today or yesterday.

so today i started off out a little bit, paid $28 on groceries, and $20 to a blog reader for transportation somewhere, so i was down when i started playing at hooters. they changed the promotion much for the worse, got rid of the 2am to 6am aces cracked, got rid of all the high hands but the royal, and cut back on the payouts for aces cracked. makes the rake so high its no good to go in there most of the day now. got ahead $80 and then started losing every hand, rebought, and continued to lose. lost when all the money went allin with me having the winner, but got rivered by a straight. at one point i was over $300 worse off than when i woke up today.

left and went over to the hardrock, bought in for $100. won a few pots, and finally the big one, which put me up to $237 when i turned 2 pair. and then instead of leaving, i decided to CONTINUE TO PLAY, because only 1 guy had me covered, and he was away from the table, and alot more players than usual had stacks of $50 to $150. am thinking that ended up being a good decision, because almost all of the players werent regulars, many were pretty bad, and i eventually quit the game after it combined, with $447, and 2 or 3 big stacks moved over. now im at home, relaxing in bed, with a new roll of $3600 (of course thats before i pay my rent today when i wake up) and playing DON sngs.

i lost a $3 sng, won a $5 sng and a $10 sng. now i dont think anyone can help me with this issue, and the only way to get help would be to call verizon, but im sure it wouldnt help either. but im having the issue almost every night over and over repeatedly. i keep getting the message that i was disconnected because of an IP conflict, that another computer has the same IP as mine, and to contact my "network administrator" for help. i dont know what a network administrator is, im not part of any network in some office, my computer isnt linked to any others, and im wondering if "network administrator" would be verizon? otherwise who would i call?

i had this issue a lot in the IP too when i used to stay there. it usally takes 2-3 min or more to reconnect, sometimes i even have to unplug the modem, and plug it into a completely different hole to reconnect. (there is 2 available spots on the laptop to put the modem) i thought for sure it would cost me the $20 sng, missing so many hands, but thank God i just won it got lucky 2 big hands came up to others same time. my feltstars balance is all the way up to $203. i would like to fix it so i never have this problem again, but there dont seem to be any way for it to not happen anymore. i think if anyone else on the property also using verizon wireless, theres no way to stop them from having the same ISP which always ends up disconnecting probably both of us repeatedly. and i cant ever get out of it because its a contract. at least this month i wont owe any overages, i stopped listening to music on utube and it seemed to fix that issue.

thanks to kingofdonks who is supposed to be getting into town at 4pm today, and assisting me in finding a bike, and ill be required to stay off the machines for a week in return.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

my phone has 47 sessions logged into it now, with 30 of them being winning sessions. some were $1-2 NL, some were $1-3 NL and some were $2-4 limit or $3-6 limit. This is still a pretty small sample size, but its showing an overall win rate of $19 an hour. i think that is a little high. its got $1880 in overall profit. i think it will go down to settle eventually of $8-10 an hour.

Pokerjohnny surprised me by showing up at hooters tonight, and was nice enough to run me to my bank and back to make a deposit. His dealer friend took a horrible beat to pokergrump, for his ONLY $45. at least i assumed it was grump, even though he didnt look like grump, being extra tall and very fat. but who else could it have been he lost to a 2-4 suited. i myself won over $226 in the game. same woman as i discussed yesterday was in it but without her "bf". she said that she was going out today to look to rent a place to live here in vegas. yesterday she was winning BIG today she was rebuying. Not a bad player though, i wish i could find a woman willing to live with me and play poker daily.

before i was playing at hooters, i started my night about 10pm at the hardrock. as soon as i sat down, poker genious was at the table, discussed repeatedly in grumps and robs blogs, and started badmouthing me and my game as i sat. he said his exwife had a penis so there was nothing i could say that would embarass him no one already knew. (id mentioned the website about him). he lost his stack with 83 suited to a royal and left with the guy playing next to him, maybe he staked him, who knows?

so i got in a cab going to hooters, and im glad i know the taxicab laws in vegas. for the cabbie tried to pass Koval, and claimed the strip would be a better way to go. so i got out in the middle of the street, claiming i wasnt paying him and was calling the taxicab authority on him. (which i can legally do) didnt realize though i was getting out directly by a police van going down the street, which honked at me but kept going. wonder what they thought, they didnt know i hadnt paid. this was outside planet H. i got in a different cab a few minutes later and went to hooters, but i caught it on the strip after crossing the street and going a long walk past aria. the cabbie made no objection and said not a word when i said i was going to get him in trouble for not going up Koval as id asked, and made no protest or asked for money.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

do any of my local las vegas readers play golf?

ive been on a golf course twice in my life. once with mom as a kid, the time i beat her by scoring 212 to her 280. that was for 18 holes, and we were honest about our scores. the other time was in my early 20s just to see if i could shoot any better than i could as a kid, and this time i got 153.

anyway heres the email the river palms is sending out to their best customers, although ive not given them any action on the VBJ in some time. see it below.

Tony Bigcharles

You are invited to join us for an eventful VIP weekend!
Show your skills at the beautiful Laughlin Ranch Golf Course
during our exciting golf tournament. So grab your favorite
clubs and join us!

Join us for a complimentary 2-night stay which includes:
one free golf tournament entry, Cutter & Buck® Polo Shirt,
Free Ace Blackjack Coupon when booking your reservation
at the Tropicana Laughlin.

5 pm - 9 pm
First Class Registration

-------------------so does anyone want to go, and im thinking there is an extra cost for guests--not totally sure--it said if u have a team of 4 its $100 for each of them.

and i was too tired to post last night, but the day before i wasted most of the day at terribles playing $2-4 limit and when i went home i was still down $50. won a little bit online at home in sngs, im up to $163 on feltstars now. took a cab over to hooters about 3am and played in a pretty loose game, 2 guys got thrown out, one black guy from atlanta was with this one white girl named marissa who is supposedly a poker pro from the commerce, and when he was away she admitted to the floor she admitted to the floor she wasnt looking for a husband and was only with him to take his money. and no i couldnt seem to have any look finding her picture online, dont know her last name, none of the marrissa's into poker in las angeles seemed to be her.

i couldnt get a hand, kept getting unlucky, left only $88 more stuck because of an aces cracked rebate or id lost more, and rode the bus to slotsoffun for a few hours, where i lost $30 more on vbj and now have $158 comp dollara at circus. came home dead tired for real about noon and been asleep all day

Monday, September 24, 2012

still doing well above average

woke up sunday afternoon, walked over next door to the hardrock, and as usual for a sunday afternoon there was NO game. (damn i need to hurry up and buy me another bike, these cab fares are killing me). So i rode a cab to hooters, about 6pm, and had a bit of a wait for a seat, while waiting i made about $50 on VP. (used up $10 in comps, turned it into free play, and kept winning). finally got seated, and played til about 4am, got the aces cracked only once, but i came home $196 ahead for the day, so im now up to $3200.

was sitting between 2 beautiful woman from canada who were dressed like hookers, had no idea what they did for a living. Googled the one girls name when i came home, couldnt find anything. name is Rose Butler, she is part jamiacan, but dont really look that much black. light skinned. her friend is white and a little overweight. anyone online with similar names wasnt them.

a bitter disappointment happened near the end and i left tired, or id have won a lot more, close to $300. i had J7 diamonds, flop comes JK5 with 2 diamonds. i bet $5 2 guys call. turn comes 7. i bet $30 guy with big stack whose been winning makes it $30 more, guy from out east. i only call, and Q diamonds come on the end, so i bet $93 and he only calls. and he made the ace hi flush?? wtf? whyd he only call. well, he saved me about $40 i had left. the K was not a diamond, his hand was the nuts.

played 1 sng online, new feltstars balance is $138 the girl i was talking to on the bus the other day i seen her playing jewels star (something like bejeweled) downloaded it, its quite interesting, anyone ever familiar with it?

Sunday, September 23, 2012

So why do i feel like ive been doing good? im not really doing good, yes i am back to $3000 even AFTER paying this weeks $189 rent and $140 internet bill (which i know for sure wont have next month) from when i was down to only $2100 and thats a great comeback, ($1000 plus income for the week, long overdue) but how am i really doing good? ive only got 10 weeks worth of living expenses (at the rate of $300 a week). so if i ran bad for 2 months (happens to a lot of players) id be totally wiped out with no way to make any money.

Maybe i dont worry enough, and maybe thats another reason why i play machines. (i dont realize how valueable the money is). or is that so? seems like everything is an excuse to play machines. about $300 of the last weeks win came from machines.

was just thinking tonight of how little $3000 actually is. how was i surviving many times in the past for years off the same $3000? and i worry because now my expenses are actually higher that theyve ever been. wish i was back in butte MT living in that $240 a month apt i had, although im sure its far higher a month now than it was in 2003. Moved to vegas without planning to Nov that year, never came back to pay rent or claim my stuff, went to vegas with a little less than $2000, ran too low of money to return, and lost everything i had in there and had unpaid bills added to my credit record. and im sure the old run down hotel in downtown Dubeque IA for $50 a week is much higher than it was 20 yrs ago too. nowhere to go cheap to live anymore.

was so glad to see this weeks freeroll chopped up at the riviera. my share was $96. also Doc says he will put me in the $2-5 game at the wynn, no idea how sincere he is, doesnt seem to be in any hurry, and says when i win for him he will take me to an oriental massage parlor and pay for it, (of course i also keep a fourth or third of the winnings) he says he wants to start me off with $500 and that my style is better suited for $2-5 than $1-3. not sure why he feels that way.

great action tonight at the stratosphere but i couldnt win there. i won about $60 in the $2-4 limit at terribles. Not sure why i beat the rake there, the players really awful.

Friday, September 21, 2012

all good things must come to an end

Sitting here in the westside deli at circus, eating with comp dollars, which is now up to $119 (before i paid for this food that is.) im not happy with myself, i was at one point after winning 3 big pots at the riviera $95 ahead and out of the hole, but by the time i quit the game i was stuck $136 again. and they were good strong hands with strong boards i really couldnt get away from. (some of which i lost cause people made flushes when i flopped sets.) i was trying to get in the minimum 15 hours at the riviera. theres no way id keep missing the money in the freeroll. the reason i feel this way is cause the freeroll is similar to satellites and DON sngs. but i feel like an idiot for not leaving the game when i had $504 on the table, considering i was in the game for $409 and thats a significant percentage of my roll. id been used to winnig lately, they had just started the double hours back up and the table was beginning to fill up with what seemed to be a few tourists. so according to some of my readers thats NOT the time to be leaving or is it? so i went across the street to the VBJ, started playing small, and waited for a good time to bet enough to win back the $136. finally i had what seemed to be a good count, and i bet 4 hands of $30 and one double down, and the dealer went and drew to 21 instead of busting. so i left pissed. i left the house with $609 cash and now i have only $328 cash. i shouldnt have even came to the riv, i shouldve just went to hooters. i dont know. i was ahead once. on the way across the street the same homeless lady who asked me for money the other day (and id swear the homeless guy nearby was her man) ran into me and offered me a box of food. i didnt want it was afraid to eat it, and that she really wanted an excuse to ask for money. the other day she used the excuse of wanting to talk to me cause "she seen me in the pokerroom" but then asked me for $1. i told her how bad of shape i was in myself and couldnt give. i used to give women money such as Britni, and got in bad trouble before helping out homeless women downtown letting 2 stay with me on different years. If a woman has a guy she really has no business out asking for money, the guy should be asking for money for her and the 2 of them, and i felt like the guy probably makes her go ask while he sits and drinks. This is why i miss Claudia so much. although she don't give a damn about helping me out anymore, i felt like i was being taken care of and everything was provided for me. Liz doesnt want me. Diane found a bf and took all her other male friends off facebook a while back. Ashley from Hooters who deals in CO at Ute mountain casino seems to have left town and im sure she had a bf too, wasnt playing last night anymore. really no woman wants me anymore. Britni hasnt been online since may 11. did i ever tell on this blog the story of Kelly the dealer in wendover? she once borrowed $1000 from me, and signed in writing that she owed it to me. she was from the rainbow and her sister, and mom and dad all worked in the same pokerroom. now they all hate me, and she blames me that she got fired, although she had been in trouble before for borrowing money from customers and i wasnt the one who turned her in. she now works at the wendover nugget and all her family still works at the rainbow. she was coming over to my room and fooling around when she borrowed the money, but then later was blowing me off about paying it back. i spoke to an older lady named Pam about her, a regular player who didnt like her, and Pam talked to Heidi Lewis in human resources who is over all 3 peppermill properties in wendover. they ended up firing her, paynig me my $1000 out of the casino cage, and now she hates me and i cant play in the rainbow, only in the other pokeroom they have in wendover at montego Bay so no drama. they had her on survellience coming to my room and her signature saying she owed me the money, and they have a strict policy against BOTH of them things. I shouldnt tell that story here because that will scare all the women dealers here from hanging out with me after work. but i wasnt the one who turned her in. Pam took my paper and showed it to Heidi lewis, when Pam told me all she was going to do with help me get the money back. Cuban Joe knows all about this story and why ive not been in Wendover in some time. well its time to close this out before i join Robs poker vegas writing team. guess ill go back to the riv and get them last 2 hours in for the min 15 hours for the small stack in tomorrows freeroll. down to $2700 now after todays loss and paying rent, and id hate to lose this other $300. for a while i was feeling invinceable.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

3 good days

will keep this short, just waking up and want to go over and play right away. Stump was right he said to get my hours in if i want to make money, so ive been getting in the hours. if i had a bike again, this really isnt such a bad area, but without a bike its horrible, paid for at least 5 cabs in the past week since losing the bike. still winning on feltstars and back up to $85 there and havent played a $20 sng since buying the last $22 from vook. new roll is $3000. but of course tomorrow is when that will go down, time to renew rent and my internet fee being deducted out, hopefully from now on my net will never go over $80 instead of being $140 for a lot of overage, not just a little bit. its $10 more for every 1 GB over 10 GB. i sat at hooters from 2pm to 3am yesterday, left there up over $300, and went to the hardrock and lost $100 with AK preflop against JQ suited, he put me allin preflop or did i put him allin? cant remember now all i remember is i lost. game there was loose, 2 tables were there when i checked bravo, but 1 broke up fairly quickly. what i mean by a good area to live if u have a bike, is the games are better action at the south end of the strip than at the north end, especially late at night in places like the hardrock and hooters, more so at hard rock. deep stacks and bad play. to take full advantage of it id need like 4 times the bankroll, even more if i was buying in $500 at hardrock

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2 good days in a row

tonight was briefly spent with sickcallmggee who picked me up at mcdonalds outside circus, drove me to walmart where i reloaded my card with another $500 and then to hooters where i lost 2 buyins of $50 and $80. good thing i was up over $300 before any of that happened, i still won a little less than $200 today and am up to $2800. most of the wins came from the riviera game, the limit game at circus and the VBJ at slots of fun.

the day started off with me playing at the hardrock, and winning $60. i then left after being there only like 10 minutes, to get to hooters on time. think i paid for at least 2 cabs today, when i have a bus pass, also one monorail ride too. Like a said a bus pass is basically useless for where i needed to go and where im living.

so i got to hooters, and proceeded to lose $52 and i left because i needed to renew my 9 day past due mailbox so id not lose out of important mail, especially when im considering moving out any minute. need at least one address that will remain stable, even though i must close that box soon as possible. took a monorail there right in and right out, and paid the $20 grabbed some unimportant offers from river palms, and left. no wait, i took the bus there (thats when i bought the daily pass) thinking id use it more, such as to go home. it was when i left i took the monorail to the LVH.

played VBJ at LVH, won about $75 and walked up the street to the riviera. won about $75 more there. at first i lost about $50 after briefly having it up to $107. the game was 3 4 and 5 handed, but there was a loose cyclist from sturgis with a lot of chips who played very poorly and though one good asian had a lot of chips i played 3 handed with them since 1 was bad, and they werent playing aggressive. eventually (but before it was that shorthanded) i lost the $50 buyin and then rebought $300. i turned the $300 into $440 and left, went and played VBJ, won about $100 more, then went and won about $100 more at circus in a LIMIT game. couldnt lose. at one point was up about $350 today. kind of like yesterday. but again id gave back alot of it before i got home.

very limited sample size, but $3-6 seems more beatable than $2-4 limit over the long run. herbie is at the commerce. and to my knowledge sickcallmggee still playing at hooters.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

i got aces 7 times today during aces cracked

But only got them cracked once. still that was enough to let me leave hooters over $500 ahead, considering i was already ahead over $100 from the hardrock before i came over there. Probably shouldve went home then, and spent the rest of the day online, but i wasnt ready to just yet, and at one point while at the riviera later was briefly ahead over $700. now im home and up over $300 for the day is all, but still a fairly good day compared to most.

also, hows the pokerdogg challenge coming along?

On the way home i stopped at CVS pharmacy by the hardrock to load my netspend debit card so id be carrying less cash, and i was in there about 45 minutes. took forever, they kept having to call moneygram back, and i kept having to do it over again. no idea what was going on. finally it went thru. i hate doing this at night, because i dont like every customer in the store knowing i have that much in cash. this one guy kept looking like he was waiting for everyone to leave so he could rob the store, was buying condoms, just kept walking around, wanted to use the restroom in the back, etc. made me nervous.

stopped in the hardrock on the way home, sat in a good loose game as always (usually the best games in vegas) and lost $74 before the game broke. lots of big stacks at night in here. and u cant tell which women are the hookers either. at terribles u can.

so when i left hooters i made mistake #1 i rode the monorail to the riviera instead of the bus, yes it made me have to make a long walk from the convention center, and i still have no bus pass since i paid $5 one way monorail. also later i paid $11 on a cab cause i didnt want to be outside with all that money id won at a busstop on paradise as opposed to a safer bustop on the strip.

sat in the riv with $50, lost it, and rebought $47 (my odd change and 1 shortbuy). ran that all the way up to $297 and before the blind even got to me i lost it all. here are the hands.

the hand i won, i had 77 and seen the flop for a small raise, and the flop came A7J with 2 hearts. i was first to act and checked, (mistake?) and so did the other 3 players. turn comes offsuit 9, i bet $20, one guy calls, other guy folds, and the button goes allin for like $150. guy who wouldnt chop in the freeroll calls time about right away. the new black guy whod just sat on my immediate left said that was rude of him (agreed) since he did it almost instantly within 10-15 seconds. I was thankful he stuck up for me, this was a pretty big decision, for i didnt know if i was drawing to 1 out. i called, and the guy who called time folded, turns out the guy who put me allin turned a straight, but i rivered the boat.

thats when i was briefly over $700 up for the day. and then this hand took place that sent me out of there only up $400+ and i went on home after first going across the street to slotsoffun and finding no fully empty VBJ machines. (they have 3). by home i mean the cab to the CVS pharmacy.

i limped in late position for $3 with KJ off, and a regular made it $13, thats when i made the terrible mistake of calling. but so did 5 others. flop comes K54 with 2 spades, we all checked to the raiser who bets $20. (now at this point what would u put him on? and why only $20?). was surprised to see all fold to me, and i called. turn comes J making a 3rd spade, and me top 2 pair. here is the next mistake, i went allin for $214, and he called. i thought he had like AK with a spades, or like aa with one spade, and i didnt want to risk a free card, also i felt like it was my night to win really really big. turns out he had AT of spades for nut flush. so i felt pretty dumb. what would u have done on the turn?

the way to avoid these situations is to simply fold preflop, i knew that was a horrible mistake. probably my biggest mistake was not going straight home from hooters.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

forgot the title, freeroll saturday

will be seeing Herbie soon at the hardrock to give him his shirts back, He will be going to OK in the next day. Then he and i will be riding the bus somewhere to play cards, i really should be working on getting located to a better address (as fat as not needing buses) in the next 2 weeks but where?

i busted out of yesterdays freeroll due to the 14 of us, 1 or 2 guys were arguing about how to do the chop preflop. (since not all start with the same amount of chips, it was over how much to give the big stacks and how much to give the small stacks). argument was over petty amounts, and i didnt care, as did quite a few others, we just wanted the chop. So without an agreement we were forced to play, and the main payout schedule shows 1-10 places all get the same. so 4 of us were going to be getting NOTHING due to no agreement over like $5-15 and i was one of the ones who got fucked. was stone cold card dead, and constantly having my blinds min raised by 2 different aggressive guys, one of which was the guy who didnt chop, the other guy was herbie, who i thought was a friend, and did want to chop. some other regulars, who depend on it being chopped almost every week and busted out with nothing, also werent too happy there was no chop.

and for a while i was losing another $80-100 on the VBJ slots of fun, but circus actually started up a $1-2 blinds $50-100 NL game (not usual) i sat in it and proceeded to win about $200 or so, so i ended up over $100 up for the day after all. still if id won the freeroll id done so much better. $114 in comps at circus now, and my host is willing to give me a free room friday and saturday, does anyone need a room next weekend i can trust? would like to get at least $45-60 a night for it, its worth about double.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

not such a good day

well the evening was good, starting at about 5pm. snevman came and got me at the riviera, we went to tx station, after originally planning on going to the aliente, but i lost about $120 more there and i was already stuck over $200 as it was. (the $400 i wasted at terribles between VP and BJ live tables) and i asked and yes security seen them cutting my lock and stealing my bike on camera at 9.50pm. sad news is herbie goes home sunday. only place i won at all day was the riviera, got back about $200 there flopping 2 sets.

also ive won tiny bit on feltstars since vook sent me that last $22 i bought for $20. also snevman and i went to buy food tonight after leaving tx station, i spent about $30, and hes going back to europe at 6am on a plane. really pissed off i have no way to get around anymore. am living in a horrible location not to have a bike, and if i cant buy clippers i sure cant buy another bike just to let it get stolen again.

i tried to play at the hardrock early on, but didnt want to wait around since they wouldnt start a new game 5 handed. and said they wanted to wait til 7 were on the list to start a 2nd table. so i left, walked to terribles, was going to take a bus to sams town. instead i starting playing and got stuck $132 on VP, and then lost the rest on a $10 table two decks live game. final hand was a +6 running count about 1 and 1/4th of the deck into a 2 deck game where they shuffle at about 65% and id raised the bet to $75 trying to get some of it back. and of course lost. im betting way too high for a small roll, thats why i prefer not playing live tables instead as some have suggested opposed to the machine. but the money i lost at VP was just dumb.

and i must sleep, cant miss the 4pm tourny

Friday, September 14, 2012

this time my bike got stolen for real

and i blame security at terribles, for if theyd not made me start putting it in the bike rack, this wouldve never happened. for thieves wanting to steal bikes thats where they go to look for and find them at. For if its hidden away chained to a signpost under a tree in an opposite side of the building, theyd never see it. like its been other places.

i would love to move immediately if i had a way, because im not going back to huge cab fares and its sure not worth buying another bike. i wonder if a better lock than that $5 combination lock wouldve helped. it was a word combination lock.

good news is i won $96 at terribles and $93 at hardrock, so rolls in the $2600s now instead of the $2400s. of course its now friday and the rent will get paid today, so ill be right back down again in the afternoon. Playing $2 to $5 sngs online now with the $22 i bought off vook.

i seem to be winning awfully good when i play terribles $2-4 game and im really not sure why, thats supposed to not be beatable, but theres no jackpot drop and players are terrible bad.

really really needed to go and buy food tonight, what little i could carry on the bike, and then it ended up i cant. there will go my trips to hooters and wynn too. Really need to figure out where to move to in a better location, hopefully cheaper too but safe. Ideas? i just dont think buying another bike could work. it would get stolen too wont it?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lots of variance, and lots of things needing done.

Looking for my fingernail/toenail clippers, cant find them anywhere. also need to buy 1 dishtowel, another bathtowel or more, and quite a bit of food, almost no food is left in here. and i really must do laundry today, am completely out of clothes. Dont really have the money to buy anything, which is why i never bought the phone battery Grump suggested. and is why i only sent Vook $20 to put online since im broke again except for 39c rakeback. Just got done cooking macaroni and about to eat it.

The only good news i have for today is i didnt take that big $300 loss. im still around $2400. also ive finally got the 25 hours in to be in on the riviera freeroll saturday 4pm.

i went to the wynn early on about 10am, waited for a game and got seated in a new table, and bought in $100. took a bad beat with AK diamonds, he bets $12, i bet $26 (was down to about $85 before the hand). everyone folds, he puts me allin with JQ offsuit, and hits the Q on the turn to win the pot. I rebuy $100 and lose $35 more in the next hour, and leave and go to the bad paying VBJ at the wynn. lost about $200 more and walk out of the wynn with $355. (left the house with $678)

went over to slots of fun, and recovered a bit of the loss on the much much better VBJ machine, and now i got $109 worth of those circus comps. Someday those will come in handy for food or rooms. walked in the riv with $430. i seen they were playing 4 handed $1-4 holdem spread limit to kill time waiting for players, and just to get hours, so i joined with $30. soon they picked up a 5th player who wanted to play NL so the game changed and i eventually had it up to $113 after an hour or so. but then lost it back and left with $30 again. so i went back over to slots of fun.

stayed there til i had $605 ($175 more profit), and then went back to the riv and bought in $105. game soon broke, and i changed the game when HU to plo because i didnt want to play holdem HU, and this one guy played me some local internet kid with a big stack, i eventually won $30 and the game finally broke. thats when i rode my bike to the stratosphere, and won $60 more and then came home. got home about 2am maybe before. stopped in terribles on the way and seen a full table and a long list, stopped in hardrock and saw same thing. the bike really oomes in handy when in bad neighborhoods because u speed past them all very fast. such as the area around the eureka.

and right now i really got to sleep.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

moved blog back here, and about good rooms and aces cracked, how to play.

well, ive lost the entire $15 i had left on feltstars, so now i can finally give typing this blog my full attention. as little money as i have, im going to hate depositing again.

At least i won $340 today, biggest win in quite some time. of course, im still only at $2400 and i still have a lot of bills in the next 2 weeks close to $600 worth. One of the reasons i won is because i think im using better game selection, i mean people who say i shouldnt sit in bad games are correct, although im very sad so many good games for a low bankroll now require a much higher roll. for example, the death of $1-5 stud in vegas, and all the $1-2 games which have gone to $1-3. ive never got into trouble in the wynn poker room and the venetian poker room because ive played there so very few times, ive kind of done that intentionally because i wanted a place similar to bellagio to play higher limits when i have big money someday i wouldnt ever be barred or in trouble at. and those rooms werent yet up and running 15 yrs ago when homeless all the time panhandling. anyway the wynn is very close to the riviera when playing or staying there, and its also a closer bike ride from home than riv or stratosphere. people have suggested mabye if i didnt have to wait forever for a seat and play with tourists instead of just promo nits, id do better. this way i have a choice of tables. i ended up playing almost nothing the first 2 hours at the wynn, but eventually left $90 ahead after all the money went in preflop with the loose asians 10 10 who id seen bluff once and get really lucky once on a big pot and i had JJ. it held up.

so after winning $90 at the wynn, i was afraid id give it back in the game, or if not in the game, on the very poor paying VBj there. so i felt i had to leave immediately rain or no rain. of course id was pouring much heavier than i expected, had i waited an hour, it wouldve been dry. didnt realize it would be that heavy, nor that it would stop soon. i was surprised the games were so good there, and a lot of locals but also rich tourists here too. just 2-3 per table is enough to make the game beatable. I and everything on me got soaked terribly on the way to the riv, and i went there because i only needed a short time to qualify for saturdays freeroll and i wanted to lock up over $100 more on saturday to help reimburse my rent coming up. i qualify now, but still with the min stack, not the max stack. i won only $3 the first session at the riv, but later a few more hours i won $112 more.

Thank God Herbie was upstairs in his room asleep, but i was worried at first since he didnt answer his phone. i sat at a shorthanded table in sopping wet clothes with nits for about 20 minutes til he called me back, and let me come up, change shirts and socks, and blowdry the pants and shoes in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. it did get them dry.

the reason i did so much better the 2nd session is because NONE of the 8 players there but me were freeroll players. all tourists, and i cashed out $162 of my $50. thats when i went to the store to buy food and go home.

let me talk briefly about the aces cracked promo at the riv. compared to hooters, it sucks. Hooters pays $150, the riv pays $50. and thats why u shouldnt always want to get cracked. and unlike almost every other freeroll grinder, i often dont want them cracked, and i cant understand why others claim that u shouldnt bet aa and should try to get them cracked. it depends in large part of how much it pays and ur stack size. often u do better winning the pot. i had them twice and both times tried to win the pot, and i did win a pot. im not going to lose $113 (my stack at the time) to get back $50. i think others agree with trying to win the pot too.

oh the other $135 i won? it was on the VBJ at slots of fun i shouldnt play and lost just over $200 the day before. today i had a slightly lower max bet it was 3 hands of $26 once and at least it won on all 3. ive known for a long time it dont give out slot points and quit playing when they did that last dec. But i never realized u still get comp dollars til yesterday. i had $64 in comps, and now i have $87. so i should always use my card, for a while i didnt because i thought it was useless due to the rules change. but yesterday and today i kept checking my comps and the more i played, the more my comps went up and it was the only machine i played. so the increase was coming from it. although i got NO cashback points. seems to be not a bad comp rate, i got quite a few comps betting very small. id estimate 0.25 to 0.33% back. maybe more, will make a $10 bet and check immediately just to learn the exact amount next time i think of it. that would get me or some friend a room sometime who could then give me cash.

am so tired everything else i wanted to type about the reason for the move will be addressed another time, ive got to sleep. im an old man dont forget. a dinosaur in the poker world and i like the wrong games. games that no longer exist or exist with a long long trip. Like Mickey Rosa, fisher and martinez.

that being said theres a lot of things i dont want discussed in my blogs because its not in my best interests. this blog is for my own growth and benefit, not the readers entertainment. im not going to let anyone post anything that could ever create problems or not be in my best interests. some of which could be bad u would never guess, and i sure aint letting anyone know why.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

see how people who live in NYC act, do u think this is right what happened to glenn beck in his own words?

im not in a good mood at all anyway today, due to losing $390 on VP at the hardrock, wish i could just disappear from vegas and drop out of sight. am quite mad Josie hasnt logged into my forum in sometime, and id like to know if comments are working on here, it was saying i need to update to int explorer 9 and comments arent supported, but grouchie somehow posted one, and when i went to update int expl it said i already had the latest version. wtf?

all because im too lazy to ride the bike any futher than hooters or hardrock, and slept til 3am due to being sick, thats why i lost all that on VP. no poker. no online money so couldnt go home and grind either. i fixed that problem today.

here is an article written by Glenn Beck, please explain how u feel its ok for him to be treated that way due to his political beliefs, and then condemn me for how i treat others. why do u guys like grump and vegas dwp and pokerdogg and claudia think its ok to have it both ways? its very difficult for me to even like Claudia and want to be friends with her after her deserting me and going home to NY and saying she didnt want a committed monogamous relationship. i thought i had i had it made in life when she was here with me, living with me and me with her, doing everything for me, and my life completely went to pot when she went home to NY without me.

and the reason she has decided she hates me so much is due to my moms religious beliefs, beliefs i am not responsible for, and due to the fact she is a liberal as are most of the blog readers. even josie falls into this category. and we all know liberals dont feel killing a conservative is morally wrong. they are real hypocrites for feeling the murder of a 9 yr old kid is morally wrong, and not feeling abortion is wrong. where did society begin to think someones age should matter as to whether killing them should be legal or immoral? how many times does it take for people to understand u cannot have things both ways? Both the killing of an innocent baby, and the killing of a 9 yr old child is a horrible wicked sin in the eyes of almighty God. why do so many insist that there is no God and there is no sin? why do so many of u think man doesnt have any natural and unalienable rights to even be alive, only those rights granted to us by the govt? God grants us our rights, not the govt.

read this article, comment on it and tell me what u think. no one will probably ever hear from me again, im out of sight. closed my facebook acct, and changed my phone number to make sure i cannot be contacted, and am on the way out of vegas with plans made as to where to go. am sitting here playing online thanks to vook, and filling out the paperwork i promised claudia i would mail off today, and then im out of here for the day.

-----------written by Glenn Beck-------------------------------------------

GLENN: I want to spend some time giving you knowledge on, you’re close to winning. In fact, you’re so close to winning, the left and the uber left doesn’t even know how to deal with it, and they’re getting very, very angry. I’ve lived in New York for, what, five years? I’ve seen ‑‑ I’ve seen New York. I’ve seen the ugly side of New York, I’ve seen the good side of New York, but I have not seen what I have seen in the last weekend. In fact, my wife said she’s never going to New York again. It was ‑‑ it was quite amazing.

I want to tell you a little bit about my weekend and I want to personally thank American Airlines for bringing to my attention that they don’t mean “American Airlines.” They mean “liberal American Airlines” apparently. But let me start here. Do you remember when Clint Eastwood got up on stage and he said, “You know there’s a lot of ‑‑ there’s a lot of people in Hollywood. They just don’t make a big deal out of it.” Now why? I’ve spent a lot of time with a few people in Hollywood that are very big names, and they’ll tell you why. They don’t have five Oscars to their name. They don’t have Clint Eastwood’s reputation. They don’t have Jon Voight’s reputation where it’s Jon Voight. You want Jon Voight? You gotta take Jon Voight.

PAT: And you know what was interesting about Eastwood’s speech was that he only mentioned himself and Jon Voight.

GLENN: And Jon Voight. That’s it.

PAT: Because those are the two biggest.

GLENN: They don’t say it. Now why? Why? Because they know they’ll never work again. It’s blacklisting, and it’s wrong if you’re a suspected Communist or a confirmed conservative. Blacklisting is wrong.

I want you to ask yourself, what have we become as a nation? If you have a different opinion, you are boycotted. You’re shouted down. You’re called worse names than you can possibly imagine. Your home or your business is targeted, sometimes by union thugs, sometimes by street gangs. Your church will be smeared. You’ll be made to feel like a pariah in every situation, and they’ll do it all in the name of diversity.

After a weekend in New York City, I remembered why I was so glad to move out of New York City. It started for me on a Friday night, this last Friday at a barbecue restaurant. Now why my daughter who lives in the city thought that coming from Texas we should go have barbecue in New York City is beyond me, but we did. As we walked in, my wife said, oh, my gosh, this is so‑and‑so very famous, you know, barbecue couple that do this barbecue thing, you know, on TV. And I said, “Oh, okay.” She said, “It’s supposed to be really good.” Well, I have to tell you, the look that I was given by those in charge at this restaurant was, how dare you even come in here. It was quite amazing. I said to my wife as we were walking up the stairs, I said, this isn’t going to go well. And she said, no, this was really a mistake. This is a minority‑owned shop. Was that the line that I dared to cross? No? No, it couldn’t be because there were white people in there. So it must be something else besides my character. It’s amazing to me. One would think that ‑‑ you wouldn’t want to shun people that might have diverse opinions. Maybe they could put a second door in or another entrance in for people like me.

The next morning we had breakfast in the heart of the land of diversity. I was openly mocked by the patrons, and my wife was begging to leave as she heard the wait staff and management gasp in horror that they actually had to serve me. Lunch was no different.

New York City has become a very vile and hateful place, if you happen to have a different opinion. It’s sad. Because I don’t see New York as a liberal city. I see New York as one of the greatest cities in America. Not a liberal city, but a city that has a lot of great things in it and a lot of great people in it who may disagree with me, may not.

I’ve lived in Texas in the last few months and I had forgotten why I needed my security detail. It’s funny because as I compared New York and Texas, there’s not everybody in Texas agrees with me. There’s a lot of liberals in Texas. It’s funny. We all have a neighbor here in Texas who is an Obama supporter. All of us do. But we’re neighbors first, Texans second, and Republicans and Democrats somewhere way down on the list.

On the way home I flew American Airlines, a Texas‑based airline. I, unlike all of the other passengers, was not offered the option of courteous service. I don’t know why. Did I have to pay more than I paid for my tickets? Is that something that you have to select now you? My flight attendant nearly ‑‑ merely barked the word “breakfast” when he came to me. When others were politely asked if they cared for anything to eat and given the choices, I was just barked at. When he delivered a soda, he slammed it down so hard, I hesitated to even open the can for fear that it would spray all over other passengers in the cabin. By the way, the other passengers, nobody else had to open their can. He opened it and poured it for them. Never once did he look me in the eye. Never once did he offer a kind or even a neutral word to me. I had service unlike I have never had ever before in my life, and I have had rude service before. I lived in New York City. I have never had service that was specifically designed to make me feel subhuman. Oh, I had it. He put on quite a show as he fawned over the other passengers proudly and loudly performing his life story about being a former Israeli soldier and how he was so proud of the very liberal cities in America.

I watched him and I wondered: Does this make him feel better somehow? It’s sad because I think it did. As I sat there, I wondered how many things we would actually agree on, how many things did he actually believe about me that aren’t even true. I wondered if he was ever made to feel like a second class citizen before. I wondered if he had any friends and family in the dark years of Europe that made them feel less productive. I wonder if his friends and family ever felt like they were less than a welcome member of society because of their faith or who they were or what they believed.

I had lots of time to ponder things. I wondered what I had done to this flight attendant from American Airlines that caused him this much pain that he as a grown man felt justified and uplifted by taking his pound of flesh. What had I done to him personally? Did I wrong him personally? Or was he just taking his pound of flesh and acting out for the collective? Would he tell stories later in the day about how he treated me? Would he revel in those stories as he told his friends? Would he laugh ‑‑ would they laugh and jeer with him and tell him how proud they were of his behavior? I wondered. I wondered if a guy like this flight attendant for American Airlines, if he were in a group of like‑minded people and that group of people were in power. I wonder if he and his friends would feel it rational to march me through the streets with a sign around my neck mocking and frightening anyone away who might want to stand with me. I wondered. Surely not. This somehow was different. This was just a small indignity.

I prayed a lot on the plane. I, as a man, wanted to say something but figured we’d end up landing in a city that I didn’t want to be in. I just wanted to go home. So I didn’t say anything. And then I prayed. I thought about Billy Graham. I thought the leader of my church a lot. I thought about the teachings of Jesus. And gee, none of them really could break through because I was filled with a lot of anger. But I got up and I decided, what is the one thing I can say that will understand, so he can recognize that I recognized his point but also say something true, and kind? And I decided after the weekend that I had had in New York, where nobody really treated my children any differently than they did me, they were acting for the collective on the collective, I realized he was the only man that treated my children differently than me. While he treated me as a subhuman, he treated my children nicely. So as I was deplaning, as he was standing next to the pilot, I said to him, “I want to sincerely thank you for not treating my children the way you treated me.” His response? “It was my pleasure. You deserved it.” The pilot didn’t say anything, nor did the other passengers, but they probably didn’t know what was going on. I remembered yesterday, as I was driving home from the airport, the airlines used to make an announcement at the end of the flight that says, “We know you have a choice in airlines and we’re glad that you chose us.” I wondered if American Airlines was happy that I chose them. Are they happy that other conservatives even fly in their planes? Are they glad to be based in Texas, or is this just an unfortunate stopover on the way to one of those many liberal cities their employees are so proud of? I know yesterday I did have a choice and I chose wrong. I chose to fly with American Airlines. I do have a choice. And my family will never choose American Airlines again. I and my family will choose another carrier. If this is the kind of people that American Airlines likes to hire in the service industry.

You see, I grew up in a family‑run business. “The customer is always right” is what my father taught me. I wasn’t trying to make a point. I just wanted to be treated as a human. Apparently that’s not the way at American Airlines anymore, unless they vote the way you do, unless you vote the way they do. I lost my cool as I walked off the plane, as I was told I deserved to be treated worse than any airline attendant would have treated a dog. I shouldn’t have lost my temper.

Last night I prayed that I would be forgiven for all the things that I may have done to divide, and to be given guidance on how to unite. I have made mistakes. We all have. We all have choices to make, and I have tried to make the highest possible choice. No matter my choice yesterday, I can make a new one today. We all have to if we’re going to survive. No matter who wins, tough times are coming. Like it or not, we’re in this one together. We have to be better than we have been in the past, and we have to expect it not from others but also from ourselves.

We are not the side shouting down, indoctrinating kids at institutions, making them fear, expressing a different opinion, or failing their class. All the while their professors are hiding behind tenure to protect intellectual diversity. We’re not blacklisting those who have a different opinion or a lifestyle. We know that actors lead lives that don’t reflect ours. We don’t shun their movies. We don’t boycott their movies. We connect where we can and the rest is up to them.

Hillary Clinton said during the last election that she was tired of being made to feel un‑American just because she disagreed with this president’s opinion. I remember it clearly. I’ll go a step further: I’m tired of being treated as a criminal, a disease, mentally challenged, stupid, or subhuman just because I happen to believe that the founders weren’t racists, that the Constitution was and still is inspired and the greatest document for government ever created, that the military is not full of a bunch of baby‑killers, or that we shouldn’t spend the money that we don’t have, or that we should stick up for the little guy, the small business owner, that the corrupt businessman should go to jail and that capitalism is still the best system to lift people out of poverty. I will not shy away from saying proudly that I believe in God, that I believe churchgoers in all churches get a bad rap. We are good people and the reason, Christians are the reason the Nazis were stopped, slavery was stopped, and man was eventually set free all over the planet. It was Christians that did it. I’m sorry that you might find that offensive, or that I ‑‑ that I go to church and you find that offensive, or that I happen to go to the wrong church and you find that offensive. But I will not apologize for what I believe in or who I am. Because what I believe in compels me to stand up for you and your right to be who you are. I’d just like to be treated with a little dignity along the way. Thank you, American Airlines, for making my next flight an easier choice.
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------am hoping people are able to comment, would be nice if pokerdogg, vegas dwp and grump could explain in their own words how people like glenn beck should deserve this type of treatment due to being a conservative and being against gay marriage, then condemn me for my own behavior.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

isnt anyone bothered by this going on at the democratic national convention? doesnt anyone realize what sharia enslaves women?

Islamists To Open DNC With Prayer For Sharia To Replace US Constitution

August 29, 2012 By Derrick Hollenbeck 33 Comments

When the Democrat National Convention/”hate-America” festival gets started, it will begin with a “Jummah” or Muslim prayer group. There will be about 20,000 people gathered for a celebration of the Islamists’ plans to eventually overthrow our government and replace our Constitutional government with a Sharia-controlled theocracy. This begs the question: who will be there and what do they represent?

The leaders of the Jummah will be Jibril Hough and Imam Siraj Wahha. Both men have a long track record of hatred for America and our way of life – especially the freedom of women to live productive lives. These two Islamists, both avowed enemies of America, have been invited to celebrate their plans for our demise in return for filling the otherwise empty seats the cameras might accidentally show during the main hate-fest the Democrats themselves will be putting on.

With full knowledge that Siraj Wahhaj is an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing that killed six Americans, the Democrats invited him to kick off their hate festival. He is on record as saying it is the duty of all Muslims to replace the US Constitution with Sharia law.

Jibril Hough is a leader of a Charlotte, North Carolina mosque which has helped funnel millions of dollars to terrorist groups that are fighting and killing American troops. The North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) owns the mosque building. The NAIT, which is a front for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, was also an unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 WTC bombing.

As has been the case with other Jummahs led by Siraj Wahhaj, this one will be devoted to asking Allah to overthrow the Patriot Act and stop the New York Police Department’s surveillance of our Islamist enemies.

Another attendee at the Mulim/Democrat hate-America gathering will be former military Chaplin James Yusuf Yee, a virulent anti-American who was charged with sedition for aiding the enemy and was only released when the government concluded its presentation of the evidence against him would expose national security secrets endangering Americans.

Also kneeling in prayer with Wahhaj Hough and Yee will be Hassen Abdellah, a lead defense attorney for several 9/11 terrorists who later proudly admitted they were guilty. The notation on the Jummah flyer calls Abdellah: “A Lead Defense Attorney For First 1993 World Trade Bombing Suspects Hassen Abdellah Has Etched His Name In Islamic History As It Is Being Written Right Here In America.”

Prominent among the Democrats who are cheering the Islamists’ drive to force sharia law on us is Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who claims that Republican resistance to Sharia law is fear mongering and bigotry. By backing Sharia law, Democrats are as dangerous to us as any America- hating Islamist. We cannot forget this in November.

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Photo credit: AsianMedia