Wednesday, February 25, 2015

i dont think i made very good decisions last night.

I could be sure the bump in my chin/jaw area and the tinier one further towards the front of the face was connected to my tooth (or unimportant) if it wasnt also for the bloody scalp that at times feels hot (but certainly not a fever) it sure dont feel that way this morning, could just be that i have too much hair. but ive got infections in my scalp years ago that got bad, so i dont know for sure if infections coming from the tooth. back in Dec the dr barely looked for less than a minute and didnt think i had a tooth abscess then. (when he said it was strep). But yes i should go see a dentist or dr. its a huge cost, and im afraid to have the work done without being put to sleep, and i have no one to bring with me, (which all dentists require to put u to sleep).

and ive lost interest in this blog too.

yesterday wasnt good. was deciding whether to pay for another week or not, or just the final 2 days of the month, and i ended up taking another week. probably i shouldve got a plane out of town, either to mom to have her help me get medical care (with my money) or to vegas, reno, etc. am sick and tired of either long ass commutes or huge uber fees. i kind of blew up at the dogtrack when still being stuck when i first got there, then winning a pot and a share of someone elses high hand table share, was up just over $100 for the day then, and then blew it all and $486.

it was the most incredible game. and though i couldnt afford it, didnt want to leave because the players were awful and the action too good. 6 people seeing a raise and allin to $63 preflop, including me who had AK. i called a guys $34 bet in EP, (mistake?) and i didnt reraise worried of aa or kk, and sure enough he had it. (he didnt raise the guys allin because according to the dealer, he wasnt allowed).  the final hand i busted on i had JJ and the asian guy makes it $20 with the big stack whose doing that with tons of hands, i said fuck it and shoved $176, and he calls with 77. sure enough 7 comes on the turn. I left with $300 of the $802 i left the house with. (that was correct to not buy the final $300 when on tilt that much right)

left quite angry when being in such need of money for medical care id kept talking about to a dentist playing at the table, who was telling me his opinion of whats going on with my tooth and what he thought most dentists might charge. he said i couldve had more than one abscess that might spread but of course, he didnt look at the actual tooth, or bother to feel the lump. also the dealer probably didnt like what i said as i was leaving either. but im under such pressure due to worrying about my health. i had over $12,900 at the start of the day and after that big loss, and paying the rent, i was in the $12,000s.

Think ill stay away from there for a while. but the game sure is good there. im still not sure that game is honest either. its the game in the ghetto.

i wish i could bring myself to see a dr. im quite angry an office visit costs so much one online service called zocdoc that finds u a dr to set an appt with, dont tell u the cost, so when trying to book, i asked them to email the cost first, turns out its $300. WTF? why does that come up when searching "cheap office drs visit tampa" i remember when i paid a dr in iowa $40-45 in a small town in iowa sometime 1995-2000. also wish id go see a dentist.

surprised a flight to MSP is only $161, why so much less than most places? reno is always over $550, and rapid city always over $650. vegas is sometimes $217, phonix sometimes $255. KCMO is at times $312 which is a place to then take an amtrak to hutchinson, and st louis is also that price or less.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Im ashamed of myself

I know what the right thing is to do now, because of following the advice of PPP and Pokerdogg in tracking my hourly rate on my cell phone, i know which games i should be playing (and just as importantly--which games are a waste of time. But that didnt keep me from doing what i knew i shouldnt be doing. And im talking about poker. i didnt play any machines and hardly have touched the VBJ machine since coming to FL. u see, i play til im so tired when i quit all i want to do is get on the first bus heading home--play so much longer than i should--i dont feel like playing anything else.

So here i am, dead tired, coming home about 3-4 hours later than i should and its about 2pm in the afternoon. and im stuck $63 for the night, and at one point was $75 ahead. I cant play my best when im tired, or when im in games too small for me. This is why i should never play a stud game, a limit game, or any form of omaha that isnt PLO or PLO8. But those werent the game i was playing that i shouldnt have. It was $1-1 NL instead of $1-2 NL. and i got too bored with the slow pace. made a bad bluff attempt against a guy that had folded every time before who was raising too much. (first mistake id made 3 reraises earlier --(an hour or so) was showing a bluff with 24 offsuit. it worked fine, but the mistake was in showing it only since i planned to make the same move multiple more times. so i made a poor shove with A4 hearts and he called me with KK and i lost just over $125. that hand i never showed, i just claimed i had queens. (opinions on me NOT showing that one?)

and then again i wasted $18 for an Uber to the casino, because i didnt want to be standing around waiting for a bus in the rain close to midnite and then walking a mile about midnite either.

i guess the one piece of good news i have is ive earned my 3rd gas card now. still unsold as of yet. and though i never redeposited on Bovada when i got down to $0, im now back to $12 on there. just been playing no higher than 2c5cent after the $9 tourny win off my points.


so tonight, when i wake up and go to the casino--, i wonder if i will find in myself the willpower to not be afraid of multiple big losses wiping out WEEKS of progress. u see, since leaving Ballys AC, ive got back about $1000. since im sitting on $12,300+ thats 41 buyins of $300 max in the $1-2 NL game, which im still clearing $30 an hour in for 85 hours play considering i logged 0 sessions last night (since i dont log $1-1).

why do i not log those games? many reasons, but one of them which ive never talked about, is i want to try and refrain from PLAYING those games. and if only $1-2 NL "counts" it should be all i play, so i can get as many logged hours in as possible. wouldnt it be nice (albeit practically impossible) if i could still be over $25 per hour once id reach 1000 logged hours at this particular cardroom? ive got close to 1500 logged hours in total for $1-2 NL, but certainly not at this cardroom.

so if i went and played $1-2 NL, and bought in $300 (like i should and probably could with my bankroll now being over 40 buyins). i fear dropping 3 buyins in a row, and that would destroy all the progress. psychologically, it makes me feel like ive got 3 buyins instead of 41, and i guess that mentally destroys me from making the right decisions. and this could be why i cant stand any loss. Playing smaller than i should lets me feel like if i start losing, i can always play higher to get it back. i cannot do that if i start off losing $300 right off u see. Pokerdogg? Vook? WEC?

if i had the guts to try it-- i wonder how many buyins id actually lose due to bad luck? or maybe id start off winning $300 right off and doubling up? if i had the guts to play without fear--i could even have 60 buyins of $200 min buys in $2-5 NL or $5-5 PLO (yes the min buy here is only $200 in the PLO, not $500 as i thought.)

also on the way home i passed a place renting mobile homes for $125-150 a week, every other bill included. sure would be a lot cheaper but i have no idea how safe id be at night or who my neighbors would be or how difficult it would be to be accepted as a tenant. im wasting way too much on rent and my times about up but i hesitate to put myself in danger.

the only smart decision was to lock up the $1400 in the atm the day before after the one good win of $863 in the $1-2 NL.

And after getting this typed--now im way too sleepy to answer munk. (this is why i need an ipod at the tables like a lot of players have). All the pros and good players spend all their time watching TV on an ipod at the table, i see it all the time. But i cant afford one. and when i wake up i will want to get to the casino before the last bus quits so i wont be able to then either. never enough time to do the important things like writing him and seeing drs and dentists--which is why i shouldnt waste time in shitty games of $1-1, etc

Monday, February 16, 2015

one hand history

i rode the first bus of the morning over to the Hardrock (hours are different now and i dont like it, would rather be riding the last bus of the night, and coming home in the morning). But they got messed up from me missing a bus the other day, and sleeping too long, and spending the weekend going out to Derby Lane and back with Uber overnight.

so im just now getting home, in the afternoon and seriously concerned i wont wake up in time for the last bus if i dont sleep immediately. but i might forget this HH if i dont post it immediately.

I immediately left the game on my BB right afterwards. for i was in the game for $105, and had it up to $415 before i made a bad play, and had given back very little of it. what i want to know is was my play really bad, or did it just look bad due to the results? after leaving the game, i waited around about 15 minutes, then played $3-6 omaha for over 2 hours, eventually losing $24 and being bored in the game. i still managed to make it home barely over $110 ahead for the night.

so ive got $11,900+ and $9 on bovada. (cashed out my points to play a $3 tourny, and made $9 in the tourny). this was after i blew the other $550 on bovada the night before playing both BJ and then PLO8 at the $2-4 level, desperately trying to recover by buying in the entire $347.

i had 9 10 diamonds and limped in middle position (yes im supposed to fold, but none of the good players do it, only the nits, and certainly none of the straddlers or LAG players.) there are 4-5 of us and the flop comes 278  rainbow. guy in first position bets $5 and we all call. turn comes K putting a 2nd heart on the board. everyone checks, and i make a bet of $30 hoping to take it down. i get 2 callers, both of whom im convinced cannot beat my nonexistent K.

river comes 5d, (complete blank) and i bet $105. the asian guy in seat 1 calls after the other guy folds. turns out the river gave him 2 pair, and he missed a heart draw. was that a bad bet? now u see why i dont like playing with asians--they bluff u too much and u cannot bluff them. theyre too hard to play against.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

anyone here buy gas at Shell?

would like to begin this session with a hand i feel like i butchered badly. And also i shouldve left the Hardrock much sooner than i did. i got over there quite late last night and then wasted over 2 hours before i went in the poker room just sitting in the bathroom reading a book called "the Tehran initiative". The book was so good i couldnt put it down. so it was well after 1am when i got started playing, and i left not til after 7am, after id earned my 2nd $100 gas card which ill sell to anyone willing to pay $80 or more and its for Shell.

im at $11,602 which isnt too bad considering last week after paying the rent i was down in the $11,100s from the $11,500s. rents due every tues. of course the only reason for the upward progress is because ive not seen a dentist yet though ive been investigating who to see.

Ive passed 50 hours now of $1-2 NL at the hardrock (would have far more hours if it wasnt all the wasted time at $1-1 etc) and am still over $25 an hour for this cardroom, so this place does have good games. still at $15 an hour for 1400+ hours total since last april for $1-2 1-3. But when i got home today, i was up only $68 for the night instead of $237.

Good thing was i just won my $130 don sng i was forced to play online after losing 2 $50 don sngs last night before i got my bus. funny thing, a guy busted on the first hand u wouldnt expect that at that level.

ok --here's the hand history. a guy whose drinking and fairly new and loose and is black and under the opinion my $300+ on the table is "alot of money which hes going after" makes the straddle to $5 a few calls, and i call with KQ suited, he makes it $25, i call on the button, and i know i should reraise him, but i dont and i fear that was my mistake. because the other guy, whose an indian guy named Patel, and tight, calls along too and i mightve got him to fold 99, not entirely sure.

flop comes QQ9 and Patel shoves and the black guy folds. of course i call, and was shocked i lost. left as soon as the BB got to me with only $201. how could things have worked out better for me?

i almost went to see the dentist to give myself a birthday present but didnt. mom did get worried when i mentioned about my face and my fear of an abscess, but i guess i dont have one, that bumps no longer there so it must of been a zit. still this tooth really needs removed though, been let go way too long.

biggest problem seeing the dentist is not only fear, its the hours i keep, and that i need someone with me if i want to pay $200 extra to be "put to sleep"

i bought one new pair of pants at the walmarts yesterday along with groceries for $63 total. and i can never pass up a real grocery store without buying a pumpkin pie if they are cheap enough. and it was only $2.39 on clearance saying a day old and to eat by feb 12. ud be amazed also how much more good tasting strong wheat bread costs than cheap wheat bread thats too weak.

 got all my laundry washed too 2 days ago so thats out of the way for about 3 more weeks or so.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Poker rooms should treat their customers with respect and not try to piss them off

     As we all know, i try to refrain from posting about controversial issues on my blog that put me in a bad light, (and im about to write about something similar to Robs blog topic). I try to present myself in the most professional light on the blog, and anything bad or controversial can be said on RTP and twitter instead. But theres some things bugging me which i need to discuss.

But first--let me tell u a couple of interesting stories. I was on the bus home this morning, and some girl in her 20s seemed very high and i thought she might be a hooker. was the only white person on the whole bus except for me, out of 6 people. She was really complaining about the driver stopping alot (because he wanted to follow his schedule and not go thru stops too early--he was just doing his job right) and kept cursing him out and telling him to move the bus or get off and that the cops wouldnt put her off. finally he got tired of it and called his dispatcher, got off the bus and refused to move it.

so his supervisor arrived, and they got her off the bus. i was surprised to learn she was in the hospital all night and had some kind of uniform on i didnt recognize, i thought it was a normal shirt. maybe she really had a job to go to after all. she was talking crazy shit about cocaine and seemed high maybe she wasnt a hooker though.

and the good news was i ended up winning about $200 at the hard rock tonight. Left home about 6pm, took one of moms books with me (title of the book is the 12th imam) and its a fiction book, part of the series of 3 she bought for my birthday feb 10th, half of which is from my son. Total of $37. most expensive birthday gift i think ive gotten in some time, about 3x the cost of my xmas gift.

she also wants me to mail her the books when im done instead of throwing them away so she can read them too. she ordered them online. name of the author is Joel rosenberg and since they are christian fiction im sure none of u know him.

But i was glad to remember to take the bus with me instead of leaving it on the back of my chair when i left the casino. I was winning last night, although at one point id given back the $90 win, but i never really got stuck and the $96 buyin i never needed a rebuy. and to the idiots who wondered why i bought in $96, i didnt want to dig into my sock to reach for $100 bill. its certainly not safe to carry $100s in ur pockets on the bus is it? Part of the poor customer service at the Hardrock is they make u buy chips at the cage before sitting down, so i never got a chance to sit down (before coming to the poker table) to take money out of my sock without being seen. In vegas (and reno) almost everywhere lets u buy at the table (or at least sitting at the table thru a chip runner) to make the players feel far more welcome, and to show they appreciate u being there instead of making u feel like ur buyin is causing them more work.

That being said i did pass a BOA atm the other day and deposit $600 so i had only about half of the cash i did have on my possession not too many days ago.

so my table breaks up, and im at $186 when i move, and i take a seat next to the lady from the other day who i thought was gay and certainly appeared that way, but its possible i was wrong, she did flirt with a couple of men but just the employees. she works in a casino in new mexico called santa ana. so is in the poker industry.

it was the lady who was betting quite wild and loose and very aggressive whose stack would go from very low to very high, and was drinking a lot and made many rebuys the other day but tonight was in for only $100 according to her word and the other players word. she tried to bluff me on a big pot the other day but i made a good call with JJ on a Q hi board and won.

she was on my immediate left, which works out great since she likes to straddle. the person in front of the straddle always has to act first (God i hate that rule, but it least it would give me great position if she straddled). But as we all know, when i win i like to win ethically so i only straddle in casinos no one is at an unfair advantage.

This is the lady who told the story of being thrown out for uprooting a BJ table (and claimed its why she doesnt have a players card at the Hardrock). supposedly she was betting quite big with $5000 on the table and a guy came up and bet $17 and she asked him to take his bet back and he wouldnt and she offered him $50 to just NOT MAKE A BET. and he still refused to not bet his $17, (really really dumb on BOTH their parts) and then she lost a HUGE bet when the dealer drew 21 because of it.

i find this story quite surprising since she supposedly is employed in poker at the santa ana casino, if shes being honest.

Now as i sit here playing a $10 DON sng on bovada, with my $431 balance there, while im typing up this and right before i fall asleep, lets talk about poor customer service, and how i worry its going to make me lose my temper here in florida. although florida has so many more poker rooms than NV offers, it would take many years to get banned at all of them. its not just the Hardrock pretty much all the rooms around here have some of these annoyances.

this is why i consider moving to Toledo so i can be closer to God with the help of Ray, or back to Reno where i get along fine with the poker room manager Cathy woods and dont have to deal with ANY policies there that annoy me. u see, i feel they treat their customers with more respect there, and try to think "lets see what will make the customer happy and feel his business is appreciated" instead of "lets see, what jobs can we get the customer to do for us he really dont want to have to do just to make our life less work"

Getting rid of stress (and long commutes) is good for my mental health too such as just staying home and playing on Bovada, that is if it was possible to win $100 a day. (well at least i need to make that much as long as my housing costs are so high) if they were cheap i could live off $50 a day online.

Let me give u a big laundry list of everything that annoys me here in Florida at the Tampa Hardrock.

1. the lock on the only stall that isnt a handicap stall in the bathroom by the poker room does not work properly.

2. most all the tables dont have phone chargers and the few that do, often do not work.

3. Having to buy chips at the cage before i can take a seat (giving people more time to either steal the seat without signing the list or switching to my empty 2,3,7,8 seat before i can sit).

4. the way they do the button straddle and allow it from anywhere but the blinds. (u can be first to act a very large portion of the time depending on who sits by u).

5. the way they use $2 chips and the fact theres far more of them in circulation than $1s or $5s.

6. they rake $1 on $2 pots instead of waiting for it to hit $5 or $10.

7. being asked if i want to buy the button instead of if i want to wait.

8. the constant use of the word sir when ur name is clearly visible on the bravo.

9. the constant requests of do u want a massage when its ridiculously overpriced compared to $1 at the dogtrack. they should fire most of them and rehire them as cocktail waitresses. i did a survey, by the time the cocktail waitress came by 8 times the table had been offered a massage 19 times. and some of those times they were dropping off not taking orders. theyre way too many massage girls not doing anything and not near enough waitresses.

its a good thing i dont get mad as easy as some and control my temper. most guys would eventually end up commiting acts of violence. most guys have done time in prison or least have beat people up and the only thing i ever did was make one woman feel afraid because she was working in a hotel all by herself about 19 yrs old.

this is the excellent way of how NOT to run a poker room. and not one of these 9 issues exists in reno so im much more calm there. i feel my business is appreciated there.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Making the most of it

Well i investigated into the casino boats supposedly going out of Tampa, and the only one i could find is quite a ways north in Port Richey ($50 uber ride) and no, i didnt go. they dont have a poker room i was told, but they do have $5 BJ tables with regular shoes instead of $25 tables with continous shufflers like the Hardrock has. would be a good option for a good BJ player with the bankroll to afford a $5 game.

Only other boats i saw were out of Jacksonville, or were multi day cruises on carnival for those with passports who also had to pay extra for cabin rentals. Unless theres one i dont know exists. i think some that used to exist with poker are now closed.

If i was going to go that far out of Tampa--id rather check out the poker room in sarasota 35 miles away which is a $70 uber ride and i dont have the money for that either.

i have in my possession now finally, a $100 shell station gas card for my first 25 hours play at the hardrock and im hoping the guy willing to pay me $85 on 2+2 will be there tomorrow nite so i can add a bit to my measly $11,400 roll. also the books mom sent me for my Feb 10 birthday also arrived.

i'm glad i purchased some microwave containers, makes it easier to fix food now. i still need to pick up a glass however and i wish this kitchen had an oven. I'm really worried i wont win enough to maintain decent housing unless im able to get into a nice apt for half the price. theres apts in some parts of the country for about the cost of 1 week where im staying now, and for any landlord to think i couldnt afford to pay that just because ive no proof of income would be foolish. yes i might decide to move out but i could certainly afford to pay the $400 a month even if there was no live poker in 300 miles.

Money on Bovada keeps increasing, its at $407 now. i am thinking i shouldnt keep any amount in there over 5% of my other roll. so every time i pass $600, ill take out $500 and leave $100. That way when the govt shuts it down some day i wont lose out on too much and it will be money lost that was never included in the bankroll to begin with.

i have to say i didnt get this bankroll together thru hard work grinding poker. i got it together by never spending a penny of things i really need to spend it on, living cheap in reno saving up money, and by winning far far more than i was supposed to on the VBJ at the el cortez (about $6000-7000) over 2 months. That being said, i can win money at poker. $29 an hour at the tampa hardrock for the first 28 hours of $1-2 NL (only) (its been alot more hours counting $1-1--but i havent earned 2 gas cards cause hours fri sat and sundays dont count).  Maryland live shows 70 hours play at $1-2 total, for an even bigger win of $36 per hour.

in total, close to 1400 hours of logged $1-2 and $1-3 play since late april, and still over $14 an hour. were it not for losses overall at $1-3, my actual $1-2 rate is over $16 an hour.

actually for a win rate that large in $1-2 i really shouldnt let the little things upset me so much and get so mad if im not winning. its strictly due to my low roll and high expenses that stress me out so much. were i to get the expenses cut down to like $500 a month rent and miscellanoues other $500 a month, id not let things upset me.

this would suggest it would be a good idea to go to toledo and let ray find me housing and drive me around, but i think the games in toledo would be just as bad as vegas and not be beatable for $10 an hour or more.

And at times i just want to take the day off and go home. earlier tonight( Ron)wsop2007 was at my table. he bought in $300 and was playing very tight, as was i on my $60 buyin, and yes i think i dont buyin enough. i do it for emotional control reasons to try and avoid tilt, but i worry it forces me to be allin too much.

the players at my table, long after Ron had left, told me i was playing scared poker and should quit now when they saw me flash  KQ clubs and fold my BB for a $17 raise from a guy raising quite bit more than he shouldve been. but i didnt want to risk my whole stack out of positon. if i were to have played it wouldnt i have to reraise there instead of call?

as it turned out, had i played it i wouldve chopped the pot. the raiser had KQ offsuit.

Ron will tell u i started off running really bad losing my last $42 of the $60 with aa. i made it $12, to not overbet too much as tight as id played to get a little action. got too much action, 4 people called. flop comes 446. they check and i bet $30 allin. only 1 guy calls and he has only the 6, and rivers another 6 and i felt sick. he soon lost the chips to another player too. i rebought the oddball $121 in my pocket putting me in the game for $181 total. eventually when i left i cashed out $286 and went and picked up the gas card and caught the last bus with 1 minute to spare.

i just wanted to relax at home, play on Bovada and get the much needed job done of updating the blog.

i can only imagine how much worse off id be right now--with all the money ive wasted on expenses traveling around looking for better rooms to play at--had i not won all that money at the elcortez i didnt deserve to win. thats how variance works. years of losing elsewhere on VBJ, and yet one short time period of playing in a different venue at EL C on a slightly better payback VBJ won all that money, probably making my total payback overall (not counting even money BJ machines of course) at about the 99.3 - 99.7 some machines are.

truth be told since leaving vegas, and reno, ive played far less VP than i did 1-2 yrs ago. and also a lot less VBJ except for a few sessions at de park. im not really tempted to play it here as bad as the comps are. i used to think 10c back in comps for $100 ran thru it was horrible. here its 3c. Only played it here that one time, lost $400, and not played it since.

ive not yet played, because i dont think i can afford to play that high, and PLO isnt my best game like PLO8 is. but they do have only $200 buyin minimum in the PLO $5-5. i was a bit surprised, am still wondering if the dealer is mistaken. but i guess i could afford it with 50 min buys. sure would be high variance though. could easily lose 5 min buys in one night in plo.

i do think they have $1-2 plo and even plo8 going at times elsewhere within 500 miles either towards biloxi or towards cuba. id still like to know wheres better longterm safe housing options near other cardrooms ive not yet visited in florida. How many of u know theres far more poker tables in florida than in nevada?

And i need to buy milk again too. i drink way too much of it when im at home, although i dont think thats bad for u?

Reading ak gals facebook page about the new "real ID" really worries me for i will never be able to qualify for one of those cards since the govt lost my counselor report of birth. not really sure what to do about it. i need the help of a good lawyer.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

How to lower your monthly expenses

Pokerdogg (and others) are right. The main thing killing me since i left both vegas and reno is the outrageous per month costs on housing (for the most part). and to a lesser extent other transportation costs. Its not going to be easy to change that either here in Tampa. But its $1550+ a month in rent right now, and except for atlantic city, was that way for much of the east coast time in DE and MD. it would be far less in reno, vegas, and even deadwood if the $20-30 a nite was available long term.

would also be less in Laughlin, Evansville, Biloxi, Toledo, etc and many other places. i could even get it reduced here in Tampa if i could get a landlord to rent to me a normal apartment. My lifes been such a waste, so much of my life was lived in a motel instead of an apt. and i always gave up all the cheap apts that i ever had.

All of the bad decisions i make that cause big losses (wonder if pokerdogg would suggest i should cap losses at 1% of the roll each day or if $112 would be too small?-maybe 2%) are basically taking place when ive been playing way too many hours (shorter sessions definitely helps--was the biggest factor in renos obscenely hi win rate). its because im dead tired and dont feel like folding or playing poker any more and just want to get even so i can go.

staying at home and playing online would help to solve that too, but i first need to get the expenses cut down to where i feel like at $40 a day i could at least hold my own and not lose ground. Sure wish i had me a $300-400 a month apt somewhere now. i am living way beyond my means staying at this hotel, but im afraid if i stay anyway else ill feel too unsafe sleeping in the room. at least now the only place im feeling unsafe is on the bus back and forth. That too could be solved if i was winning so much (or lived close enough to make the fee low) to use Uber every day.

i was going to use Uber today to go to Derby lane instead of the hard rock, but  had to cancel that idea since Uber had surge pricing in effect today for 7.9x the normal rate. so i sure wasnt going to pay that. no idea for the reason. its the only casino ive still not visited, (not counting any offshore boats --not even sure if tampa has any--or the cardroom 35 miles away in sarasota FL not on public transit from tampa, only in their own city).

im just glad i still believe online poker (but only on Bovada) can still be beaten for maybe $40+ a day without a large amount needed to get started.