Thursday, August 25, 2016

Meeting Flushdraw

well, i ran into flushdraw twice the other day, (this was before he caught his lyft to Michelles house--i assisted him with transferring his funds into lyft) and noticed he did well in both tourneys to money in each. very well done. i was going to ask for the phone while he was at the bar to tell her hi but didnt. i was also going to wait for him to update his blog before i updated mine, but maybe he is waiting for me to post first, so ill go ahead and post. the last blog was too short anyway.

I'm still living with Vince (after using my 3 free nights up) but he is now back in vegas from his trip out of town. (the trip which cost me so much in omaha high low). where i discovered my favorite machine in the Pioneer got replaced. i did find 1 very good VBJ however, but it wasnt in laughlin.

today he wanted me to ride out to lake mead with him and his friend where he would be going swimming, but i couldnt since i was eating lunch with tatude in the hardrock pool so he dropped me off there saying hi to tatude. me and him ate and i met his new girlfriend. then he offered me a buyin into a tourney. he is planning on meeting lightning for the first time, which surprises me to learn because id thought theyd met. both say they havent.

speaking of tourneys, im glad to see flushdraw doing so well in them. its certainly better for him than $2-4 limit. i took him to the buffet with my comps (without no fees) after he got paid and we sat and talked for some time about what to do, and my health concerns.

im no longer getting the $5 discounts on lyft (they really think u can use 10 rides in just 2 measly weeks?? $5 off each one for the 1st 10) but it expired today. but it still seems cheaper than uber. so maybe my phone being unable to redownload uber was a blessing. thank God for Kristi suggesting it.

im quite worried about my stomach feeling so fat so much. Ray says i should spend 20 minutes in the gym daily like he does. would it help? i feel im needing more new pants.

and quite annoyed by the sheer presence of casino ashtrays everywhere u go. only like 10% of the customers smoke, yet they feel the need to sit ashtrays on 100% of the machines, where u cant feel free to sit down nowhere to type something into ur phone without first removing from u the annoying ashtray right next to u. so dumb to piss off 90% of the customers to accomodate the 10%.

the game last night was quite loose, and i lost over $540 in it, (most of the weeks profit. but im still a bit over $11,100) almost was over $12k once.

a dealer named cameron from ceasers poker room sat down, with his black friend i think might be patches, but maybe it not him but someone else. they originally were not on the same table til late when it combined.

he was quite loose, winning like crazy, the air force guy next to him also winning got annoyed once at his girlfriend who was drunk. once him and his GF moved to the other table, he commented on how he could "find a better looking hooker if I had his money" funny thing is, today id swear i seen a very similar looking girl looking homeless standing at a bus stop vince drove past. i dont think she looked bad. but yes he loosened up the game. by then i was out lots of money but wasnt playing bad.

heres proof i wasnt playing bad. a regular whose asian, older lady who kind of reminds me of archies wife from the stratosphere. one pot early on i lost to 3333 when i had AQ and one guy called $20 preflop with 23 when i only had less than $40 behind. (giving him NO pot odds). he too said i think hes a regular from HR in florida.

he won big, then left while i was in the restroom. by then id rebought my final $500 when out $234.

now the pot with the asain lady (over 70 i think) the flop is 333 and i bet with KT, after raising preflop, she calls. turn comes 10 and i feel maybe i needed it. make small bet of $35, she calls. river she checks first to me and i check too where most would bet. but i think im either chopping or behind. i lose my 2nd pot to 3333 of the night. she was quite surprised i didnt bet. but why would i?

when losing big, i am very pessimistic, and expect nothing to win. i had over $300 and i wasnt going to be checkraised allin. this was out of $734 in buyins.

Then another hand i flop 77799 with 77 in the hole, he is on the flush draw with KQ hearts. turn is K river is K giving him boat. one other pot i lost little, this took place today instead of yesterday. i had QT of hearts, flop comes 247 all hearts. i bet $5 get 2 calls. turn i hate, its K of h. i bet $5 get 2 calls. river is blank, i bet $10, fold, raise to $40, i fold, he shows the FLOPPED ace hi flush. i couldnt resist commenting to the regular RICHARD SWARTZ next to me whose a bit crazy and well known himself, about how poorly he played it by not raising me on the flop so id reraise on the flop and lose everything. why did i do this? i was upset i lost since i played it well (and he didnt). u need to get value BEFORE the scare cards come. this is how so many players miss value.

now while in the middle of typing this, i find out from lightning michelle told him i took flushdraw to lunch. so he knows before i post. my vegas winrate is quite a bit less from my reno winrates, but still winning more than the $8-10 per hour i used to here.

im glad i met him, seems like a nice guy. i doubt he wouldve known it was me til i introduced myself. i sure wouldnt known it was him in the tourney would i not be looking at his tweets while it was going. or seen his facebook picture without the glasses

i need to go where i have a better hourly. if i truly make $16 per hour, why dont just start putting in 10 hours per day to make $50k plus per yr? it might work. even considering returning to shreveport.

Monday, August 22, 2016

what should i do

Been outside of Vegas a bit, unsure of where i want to go (or end up whether its where i really want to be or not). so many choices, but at least something i dislike about each of them. Had i not turned the $20k into $8k this April, id feel like so many more options were open to me. (most of the options involve the cost of travel, and or prepaying 2 months or so in lodging costs.) then sometimes the options dwindle due to casinos closing VBJ machines being removed, etc. for example, i noticed the Pioneer removed their good machine, replacing it with one that sucks, and the same for the Tropicana in laughlin. and the new $3 VBJ min one in vegas i never got around to playing and investigating the shuffle point, since Vince was in a hurry to pick up his friend flying in from Fresno. (ray the dealer from Ventura).

accidently left my ID in a casino the other day and didnt discover it til later. thankfully, security had it and i got it back. otherwise id been screwed. had quite a lot of bad luck in Omaha hilow this weekend too. lost $210 over 3 sessions, but won a little in BJ. won some in NL too. on the turn, id have KT for the nut straight, as did he, with my A of hearts for the nut flush redraw and better straight redraw, so of course we capped it. and on the river he improved his 2 pair redraw with his KT. lost almost $50 on this 1 pot.

I'm wondering if ill be in town by the time lightning comes in for labor day weekend. possibly. Tatude will be in town on the 24th too. i might just go to reno instead of toledo or florida which im strongly thinking of doing when im back up north. i did watch vince go swimming in lake mohave, so far out and deep in the water u could only see his head.

at least last nights hotel, (which im moving out of this morning so i can enter this tourny i managed to qualify for) had nice wifi, nice fridge/microwave, and no resort fee. very rarely do i get strong signal for the wifi. too bad its like $2800 if u took it for 30 nights. not sure if they would let u.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Following in Poker Grumps footsteps will teach u to pick up new bad habits.

I've often worried i might be getting diabetes. my aunt patty had it. i've worried about this because of feeling the need to eat 1 tiny thing often when awaking, no regularly scheduled meals (just eat when hungry) and waking up feeling like i need water. or needing to use the restroom often for small amounts. plus the fact i used to weigh like 140-170 with much smaller waist and now pants under size 36 feel way too tight and i might even need 38 now. now i think i weigh 170-185 somewhere.

Plus, when i left the game tonight to buy food to take to my hotel, i felt i could hardly walk and felt something weird in my legs for the next 5 minutes while walking. while in the first 30 minutes at the table i kept sneezing feeling the onslaught of what felt like a cold coming on too. But i cant have it because vince tested me at his house with a clean needle with his diabetes reader. he says if it over 110 its bad and below 80 is good and i was only 79. over 110 is supposed to mean u have it. its some kind of blood sugar reader.

This has been a fairly decent week. since leaving Fallon with $10,300 before buying my ticket south, i've recovered quite a bit of the loss in Fallon. im now back over $10,900 but i got some lucky breaks after the loss on the hand im about to tell u about. some of those winnings were from sales of bitcoin id won this week too. but i'm not really having many losing poker sessions. ive had so many losing sessions whenever i play other games than poker ive kind of lost the desire to play those games much.

i'm sitting in a full $1-2 game and 2 guys sit who i think might know of me or my blog/twitter. but this 1 guy said ive never played with him before not sure if hes honest. when he first sat, he seemed to either be raising me every time im the big or small blind (or his friend) and they seemed to play all the time. his friend and him were playing tourneys all day. plus he commented on me folding the SB for $1.

so i've been folding lots, kind of bored, but up about $50. im in a hurry to go to bed once im up over $100. i get dealt the monster 2-4 offsuit, and decide to raise the guy who made it $6 on my BB. 3 guys i know cant have enough to reraise, so i go to $36. only the guy stealing my BB calls. Flop comes 953 with 2 clubs. what should i do?

i dont wish to shove because i might need to bet the river. i bet $30 which leaves money behind to bet again. he calls. K of clubs comes on the turn, and i look but i have no club. so im afraid to shove with so few outs for my last $85. i want the turn to go check check so i can shove the river if i miss hitting a pair or straight, and if NO club comes. i dont wish to bet something, because then i feel i wont have enough left to bluff the river. so i check, and he bets $75 of my $85.

i call (my biggest error?) 5 pairs the river, i check he bets my last $10 i fold, shocking the table. he shows nothing but 10-3 offsuit for 2 pair. i feel somehow i butchered the hand and i wouldnt never played it were for it not the strong desire to show a bluff with it, making Grump proud (and me newfound respect in my table). i knew the guy didnt have anything when hes raising me but if i cant make him fold, what good is knowing this info and how do u take advantage of it if u cant get at least 1 playable hand?

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Las Vegas trip report from Vinces house.

i know i promised the next trip report would be from Tonopah (next major stop with more than 1 casino on the Reno-vegas bus route). But i decided not to keep wasting money on motel costs enroute. the bus stopped for like 15 minutes in Hawthorne, 15 minutes in tonopah, and 15 minutes in Beatty so i got a chance to take a quick look inside without needing to get off. by the time it hit vegas and vince picked me up in the greyhound, it was 30 min late, but i warned vince of this and we both arrived about the same time.

man it feels good to have my laundry finally done. (vince earned $20 too). and at least i wont need to lug this suitcase no more. i did see a nice new replacement in a store on the vegas strip for $39, but i didnt buy. much better deal than walmart.

im mainly depressed Bovada is shutting down to NV residents after sept 30. i withdrew all but $100, and will withdraw the rest before then. i wrote them about how to change my state and they want to see a utility bill in my name. now im waiting for the instructions on what to do if u get none. some sites before took bank statements but id need mine mailed to Rays address then instead of vinces. even if i moved sites, im worried these other sites wouldnt let me withdraw bitcoin either without this.

no live poker in hawthorne. BJ starts 6pm, thurs-sat. no live poker in tonopah. no live BJ in tonopah station. only in the mizpah, where i didnt go since the bus stops only in tonopah station, and i had no time. beatty still has live poker, wed-sat. $1-5-6-7 structured/spread limit. and $3-50 BJ daily after 3pm onward til the game dies. (but i bet they force people to quit sometimes if its just 1 left). a much nicer restroom in tonopah is the downstairs one in their casino, bigger than the one upstairs.

seen how much nicer the new room is in the wynn (one of my 3 poker sessions in vegas) i did much better there than in the suncoast $4-8 hilow. and sad to say there isnt no VBJ in the Klondike, which is all machines. i lost $100 on their craps machine which sucks and might be rigged since its not the bubble craps where u throw the dice urself. the one thing is the wynn jacked up their rake to $5, and worse, its on $50, used to be $4 on $80. was disappointed cooldave wasnt able to join me in the suncoast being in thailand.

would swear i saw the trooper walking thru the wynn, talking on his cell carrying the tripod too.

Vince will drive me to Laughlin sunday where he likes the view and the swimming on the lake. im still in the process of deciding to go to toledo, tampa, jacksonville, or NJ, but first ive got something to do in AZ briefly which i must keep silent regarding.

I'm really glad Kristi suggested using lyft. its worked quite well in vegas and im getting $5 off each ride for the first 10 thru aug 25. seems less than uber. (suncoast to the Orleans only $18-5). never did get Uber redownloaded. seems the only way to do so would be to have the folks at sprint reset the phone. multiple others have complained on forums regarding this, and a lyft driver who drives uber too said hes got the same complaint that once deleted, it wont redownload. i would bet $100 none of u would be able to redownload it on my cell either.

the wynn game is quite nitty but still beatable. i played there the night before (thurs) and won $136. not bad being stuck $350 once. but it seems 7-8 people on every table are local grinders. with headphones, $300+ buyins, and no real action. this is what i dont like about nice looking rooms, they attract nits. as often as i bluff, and with the desperate coin flips i take when losing, im the furtherest thing from a nit.

Found out why the wifi on the bus wont work. its because they didnt renew their contract (which i assume must of been with tmobile). they are being bought out by a new busline instead of the current silverado busline.

---former trip report written on thurs nite 24 hours prior---

its early 2.30 am saturday morning. Vince and i just got back from sante fe. where he won $1 in the omaha8, and i lost $51 due to very poor luck. they were giving us a break on the rake short handed as it was. one really bad player was in the game who lost more than us. but he kept getting cards. wish ak gal wouldve headed over when she busted out of her tourny. I seen mark applying for a floor manager job in the nugget. wonder if he still works the stratosphere, ive not been inside in over 2 yrs. im very sad to say i didnt recognize him and thought he was jake ravelle at first til the floor guy told me he wasnt him. i won $121 in the game by the time vince picked me up, too late to go to the poker palace like i wanted, but vince wanted to play 08 instead and he wanted to do it ONLY in the santa fe.

lost a big pot in the nugget, and i was over $375 up very early after winning 2 pots, one being a hi hand. the pot i lost i had 999 on a flop of 89K with 2 diamonds, he turned the flush. it went allin on the flop when i put him allin when he bet the flop. he had quite a bit more chips than i thought he did, but still horrible luck. shouldve hit and ran.

---former trip report written on fri nite, over 24 hours prior.

its now sunday--and im out of Vinces house. Last night, when taking me home from the Cannery, where there was a great $1-2 NL game, (originally was 5-7 of us with overs out of 9-10 people) which i was responsible for starting up by the way, it later went to straight NL once we all had buttons. i won $103 in this game, vince played the other game, and went to a concert. i just wanted to go home to get online and sleep, update the blog, but he was drinking but still ok to drive at first. without we knowing we would he insisted in stopping by the sand dollar lounge off spring mountain which i wasnt sure if it was a straight or gay bar seeing women dancing together but it turns out its straight. he got more drunk, blew his whole $100 paying the black old guy in the band to keep playing, some were wearing wigs, and with the recommendation of AK gal, i took lyft home. Jay wouldnt wake up to let me in, i waited on the patio forever, vince was so drunk when he came home he was peeing in the bush, then Jay got mad he wouldnt turn down the music on the TV since he had to get up for work. Vince shouldve just gave me the keys like Kristi recommended.

im still only at $10,300 just barely over it. i left Tahoe with about $1000 more, most of it from Fallon is where i lost. Bovada wont be available in NV after sept 30 but they did say i could use a bank statement instead of a utility bill if i have it sent to rays ohio address. guess this is what ill have to do to move to ignition.

i doubt the lake mead lodge in lake mead is herbies new VBJ if it even exists. this machine seems it was temporarily removed, then later put back in. no one knows of one put in new in vegas itself except the ones already known and if so it might be somewhere i got banned before.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trip report "stockmans casino" fallon NV. no poker, only BJ and thats not til after 6pm.

First off, let me get off my mind off something which is really bothering me. i wish my phone was in my name instead of vinces, because i think the only way to fix the phone is to go into a sprint store and have them completely reset everything. its didnt work for me, none of the things uber support said to do. once i deleted the Uber app, nothing would let me redownload it, Uber said to do it from their website, i did, it took me straight to the google store, and it wouldnt redownload; i was going to just let it set til i brought my phone to sprint, and use the great advice from ak gal to download lyft.

Then Uber, like lots of other companies sent me one of those annoying surveys to fill out asking me how i liked my talk with support, and i sent them back a message supporting TRUMP2016 and letting them know just what i thought of them outsourcing jobs to some support guy in India. explained how the support was totally useless (everything he said to do was exactly what id already done, felt like a form letter, and how id be going with lyft for a while).

Perhaps id been in a better mood had i not lost close to $700 yesterday on the live BJ game here in Fallon NV? and today im hoping to do better in the next trip report which will be in Tonopah NV where ill get off the bus today and stay overnight for 1 day.

im surprised and pleased the $53 night motel including tax across the street from the gas station where the bus from reno to vegas lets u off in fallon at 11am, (2 hours after leaving reno at 9am) has such great wifi in the rooms. much better wifi here than in much better hotels. and of course the wifi on the bus wont work at all. logs u in all right with a strong signal, but instead of bringing up the net brings up a page saying u need to choose a new data plan with tmobile. and of course, the driver dont care if it works or not, he just has an attitude. be aware this comes up not on a phone, but a laptop. guess the company doing their wifi went under?

u can rent from decent motels for $210 per week here in fallon. but i wouldnt stay here no BJ til 6pm, no VBJ machines (i looked in all the casinos) and the poker room which opens 6pm and does a nightly tourny, then a cash games which the guy in the cage claims usually goes but what does he know in the fallon nugget is closed mon and tues nights. and their live BJ which they often dont have, dont open til 6pm either. the stockman is the best BJ in town. or the only.

my luggage is so bad to haul around with the suitcase handle breaking i looked all over fallon thrift stores yesterday for a new one, but no luck. in reno while staying 1 night in the atlantis, i paid the bellman $5 to deliver it to my room so i could go straight to the poker room without going to my room first. luckily when i finally left the poker room 3 hours later up $25 it was delivered ok.

when i was in the cab from the reno train station to the atlantis the sign outside the vagabond still said $500 week. but i did notice mon morning enroute to the greyhound station in a cab at 8.35am it now says $300 week once more. maybe i shouldve went to get a room?

i left tahoe with $11,100, left reno with $11,000, and now will be leaving fallon on todays 11am bus to tonopah with only $10,300.

so i first went into stockmans about 1pm, then when no BJ i applied for a card, got $10 free play, with $5 BJ match play, then played VP a bit, cashed out $7 up, then got the most exercise ive got in a long time, walking 2-3 miles visiting both other casinos and thrift stores. no VP i liked anywhere. but later when i went back to stockmans still waiting for 6pm, i did play the gemtiles machine where i actually eventually won $20 when at one point was stuck close to $100 on it.

was i glad to see 6pm finally get there. i was told it was a $2 6 deck shoe game. well this sounds good right? it does pay 3-2, double down any 2 cards. they were putting the cut card 90% of the way thru at first, but somehow seemed to later be only 70%.

i dont think they knew i were counting. the pit boss wished me good luck getting my money back, and the dealer claims the reason they cut off 6 cards (when another player asked why they didnt cutoff 1) was to stop counters. LOL. like this will make any difference with 90% penetration. the first few dealers used the 90%. i didnt notice the 70% til i lost my $187 double down and the min bet got raised to $5. at 8pm its now $5-200 instead of $2-200. only from 6-8 is the min $2.

the problem is when playing a 6 deck shoe u need a min of 16x the bet to win overall from counting. which is why i win on the $1 VBJ, and lose on higher stakes VBJ. in tahoe everytime the running count reached +7 or more (enough to bring the true count to +1 or so) i'd raise my bets from $1 to $16 or more, to get a wide enough spread to have the edge. now this is much harder on $2 min or $5 min. on $5 min u would need to bet $80 on true counts of +1 or more, (which i would assume would draw the pit boss attention). i did raise the bets, but to lesser amounts, but i did one one progression on good counts only of course, which lost.

i had $9 bet (from $2) to $20 to $43 to $86 then finally the $187 double down on a following shoe first time the true count hit +1 or more. i had 8,2, dealer had 7, but i lost. the hands in between while waiting for the count to go back over +7 i bet the min once more. im wondering what the pit boss was thinking. i did see her on the phone once, (at the exact time i first bet over $80) but then motioned to the bartneder over so maybe it was nothing, but no one said a word but to wish me good luck while i kept buying more chips a few times. the pit boss looked alot like cathy woods from the peppermill shift boss, who vince claims is a beautiful woman he wishes he had.

dropped another $100-300 after this lost then left. i didnt like the much smaller spread i got with the new $5 min, and i was stuck too much to get even with the $200 max. plus my roll is too low to play this high. a good roll for a $5 min BJ game would probably be $25k.

i left. didnt feel like playing more gemtiles, or their 100 play VP which is the only one i seen in town. just wanted to go to the room. bought 3 shirts in walgreens since ive not yet done laundry, and some socks. then spent $13 in mc donalds to bring to the room. i slept over 8 hours and woke up about 8 this morning.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

the moderator on 2+2 censored my post just now

but first, some good news. im now back to the $11,200+ i left reno with a week ago. in a way im better off, since i have $168 on bovada i didnt have when i first came here.

i still wish there was a quick way from here to vegas on amtrak. planes cost too much if not prepaid, and buses more inconvenient. but to take the train to denver, this does take over 24 hours, and to take it to los angeles, so much of the trip u are put onto the bus instead of the train, which is inconvenient.

theres some things i need to go buy if i hang around this area til i run out of free nights, (which would be on the 14th). at least by then hotels in reno will be down to normal. actually they will be back to normal on the 8th. number 1 on the list is dishsoap which im not out of, and i constantly need it for cooking in the microwave. the pictures i showed u in the previous blog is of their nicest suite. still, being an old hotel, no air conditioning. poor wifi lot of the time. but i blame the trees and mountains on blocking this. the small instead of large size fridge too, the frozen portion of it only holds 4-5 ice cream sandwiches. i like BIG freezers, to load them up with burritos, frozen meals, pot pies, etc.

guess ill need to go to safeway instead of Raleys. raleys dont seem to sell the chicken dumplings in the can i like to buy from walmarts. hopefully they will cost less too. food here much higher priced. i even need to do laundry again too, and the laundrymat is by raleys. safeway is not in incline village its the opposite direction other city bus into california. im one block from the state line.

i should hang around, ill have over 100 tickets again for saturdays $700 drawing. problem is they only will pull 1 name til someone wins, instead of multiple drawings where id be guaranteed to hit at least once.

and no ones told me of a way to beat the new craps machine in the other casino across the street. it will, on the right day return $3 comps for every $500 bet. normally would be $1. only double odds, and u cannot bet both sides.

so im learning how to put water into the evaporator so it wont just work as a fan. but its hard to know how much. worry ill overfill it. so i keep underfilling it.

i found out some horrible news this morning thru the atlantic city 2+2 thread. it said because of the strike, the company has no way to be profitable, (its losing millions per month now). so they plan to close after labor day. im upset, because im sure ill be there in the future someday, and i depended on them for 4 of my 7 nights per week. especially since they gave me far more free weekends than trop. not only this, but i was getting about $40-60 free play per week. this will cost me almost $1000 more per month whenever i return now. plus tropicana reduced my free play offers in aug, which is odd because before they went up every time til i returned. ive been told trop quickly cuts off free play if u dont keep giving enough action.

so i posted on 2+2 about how dumb and wrong it is for people to strike (if it will simply cause them to lose their jobs) and why i hate unions and demoncrats so much. the mod must of been a liberal, for he got rid of the post.

the reason bitzino is such a great site for betting on BJ, craps or 3 card poker (too bad they dont offer paigow) is because they use micro bitcoin instead of just the 1000m is 1 btc. so u can bet 1,000,000 microbits of Ub, so u can martingale ur spread 1-1million instead of 1-1000 like on other bitcoin sites. if there is another site letting u bet this small i would like to know. for i only see other sites with the smallest unit being 1 1000th of btc, not 1 1,000,000th. plus u dont need blockchain, u can send directly there from bovada, then into coinbase or circle without it showing up as gambling since i guess they dont know it exists. too small a known site. but the best site out there.