Thursday, April 30, 2015

Unorthodox play

I didnt travel anywhere today, but i tested out my new little tiny suitcase today. works nice carrying it up the street, and it runs on wheels. it just dont hold nearly as much, and it would be nice to have one big one and one little one for whenever i leave town.

I'm not exactly sleeping and playing the best hours, because NOW isnt the best time to be going to sleep, but my results are doing okay, so i shouldnt feel that way. at least im finally back over $12,100.

Also im still doing well on Bovada, and my balance is now over $330. eventually ill have enough on there to always wipe out any losses from the live cash games at the Peppermill. the days i lose i can just request a check.

and of course on May 15, i've still got the 10 out of 50 chance of winning a seat in an $1100 major tourny which could potentianly win me tens of thousands of dollars if i end up unable to trade off a lot of my action.

for a while i was a bit on tilt. lost my $120 buyin, and rebought the $314 left. for a while i straddled about 25 out of 30 hands. finally won a big pot with 74 offsuit, and was out of the hole. i never got stuck again and eventually left the game up about $200.

i'd tell u about a lot of hands, but of course, ive forgotten all the hands, and all of the details of the hands. truth be told, ive got nothing to talk about really, but i just knew the blog needed updating.

I will tell u about the guy on my immediate right in seat 7 close to the end about 30 minutes before i quit the game and went home. it was just the 2 of them in a fairly decent pot, him and seat 3. (this is the guy i posted angleshooting on twitter). seat 3 checks the river, and then seat 7 makes a hand motion the dealer takes as a check. then seat 3 asks the dealer if seat 7 checked the dealer says yes. so seat 3 flips over his hand, and then seat 7 swears he didnt check. the floor is called, and she allows seat 7 to bet. he bets $35, the other guy folds, and then he shows 53 no pair for a total bluff.

theres no way in hell he was considering a bet til after seat 3 flips up his cards. (top pair, weak kicker-on a board with a possible straight).

the guy in seat 2 told him he was in the wrong, and seat 1 didnt care for the guy either. then seat 7 got a really nasty attitude with seat 2 the whole rest of the time he was there and left shortly before i left. i had no way to get a picture of him without being seen so i have nothing to show u

Sunday, April 26, 2015

2 important hands

would like to post a couple of hand histories. one hand early on i had AK and the guy on my left, who ive seen many a time, and is loose but plays a lot of poker, was straddling a LOT. but never for more than $5 or $10. i shouldve moved seats, i was in seat 7, and seat 2 was open for a while. i kept forgetting about moving every time it became my turn to post the BB. so he straddles $10, and is the type of guy i dont want to have immediate position on me because he plays too many hands. id rather guys who always get out sit there. 2 guys and one woman call, and i bet $50 of my $210+ and feel i didnt raise it enough?

he calls, and only he calls. now im forced to play it HU out of position with a lot of money behind. exactly what i dont want, so how best to avoid this, without not reraising preflop?

so isnt it playing too weak tight to check fold, or check call and not continuation bet the flop? so i bet the flop of Q76 which i really didnt care for. i bet $50 and of course he put me allin, which i was hoping he would fold, but then again i kind of expected him to do this with any 2 cards. Is it wrong of me to think that those who KNOW me are always going to put me allin with air?

i called. i guess i should fold, but i called because my read was right that i had a better hand preflop. i had him dominated bad, AK to his AQ. what would u do differently to avoid playing too weak on the flop check surrendering in a HU situation? this is why i needed a seat change, but i didnt care for the guy in seat 3 either if id moved to seat 2.

----ok 2nd hand history--

this time a different table and a different guy but still someone i think ive played several times before. this was after i came back from making over $600 at the BJ table, where i was once up over $800, and was finally feeling good about the day after a few bad sessions put a serious dip in my yearly income hourly rate at poker.

i had AJ diamonds and made it $12 preflop and got 1 callers. or 1. flop comes 9J3 with 2 clubs. he checks i bet $25 and he check raises to $80. what do u think he has? i thought he might be drawing for clubs or have a set.

Kd comes on the turn giving me the nut flush draw. now theres 2 flush draws out there. i checked and he checked, so i felt i was ahead or being trapped. should i have checked?

river comes Ac. now i have 2 pair but theres a flush out there. i check, and he shoves $100. i know its a bad call but i called, what do u think he has?

he had the flush with the 89 of clubs. i was way ahead on the turn but theres no way i think i got him off of it if i shove there. is there? would anyone have shoved the turn?

eating good food and going to bed soon. i ordered some books online which i purchased and theyve been shipped (will take a week or so id guess) total cost was like $21 for 6 books.

the one lady dealing to me at the BJ table seemed quite friendly and nice wanting me to do well, but she did one thing which offended me. when she later asked where i was born and raised, and i mentioned KS, she seemed like she wasnt surprised i wanted to move out of there. i mentioned my mom living in a small town and how mom dont like the big city. she was saying if it was her mom she wouldnt be able to live where theyres no movie theater or Barnes and Nobles. i mentioned how my mom buys a lot of her books from Christian book distributors and the lady said those type of books DEFINEITLY were not the type of books she would like to read. i then mentioned they were Christian fiction suspense and mysteries (not religious books but fiction novels) and she said anything about Christianity is fiction. i felt kind of offended and a minute later the new dealer tapped her out.

its not a good idea for dealers to mock (thats how i took it) their customers family members religious beliefs.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

All good things must come to an end, and what goes up must come down.

i knew winning consistently, day after day wouldnt last forever, but it wouldve had i quit when once up $153 last night. instead i lost the $100 i was in the game for, rebought $41, had that back up to $180 and then started losing steadily about 5am when shorthanded. rebought $100, lost, and then rebought the remaining $1000 i was going to deposit in the BOA atm up the street.

when i got home, i had $257 left of the $1241. not a good day at all and i made a really bad shove, and also lost several times with JJ.

the hand i lost well over $650 on, i had convinced the whole table i had JJ that hand too, and i need to start making more huge sized bluffs. for no matter how strong peoples hands are, they are reluctant to call me when i bet that much, and if they had weaker hands instead of monsters all the time, id get away with the bluffs. what i really had that i made it $26 with, 4 handed, into his $5 straddle, was AJ clubs. only he called.

flop comes 69T with 2 spades, a horrible flop, but id already bet $50 dark. he makes it $145 (thinking hes betting $150) and i was convinced he had a pair at best, and most likely a flush or straight draw, in which case id be ahead at the time. so i shoved allin for $1000, and he thought a while and called $661 total. turns out he called my raise of his straddle with 10 6 offsuit, and flopped 2 pair. had he had only 1 pair, im convinced he wouldve laid it down. so its hard for me to think i played the hand badly. i do feel like not quitting while still ahead, or rebuying $1000 were poor decisions though, or playing shorthanded.

on the way home i stopped in the store and bought dishsoap so i could fix some food in the microwave dish, but i couldnt find any honey so i need a bigger store. and now i must rest.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Been luckier lately than ive deserved

Well i never made it to the dentist today because i didnt want to be feeling too ill to play in todays mix game at the atlantis. (by today i mean Monday, its now mon nite tues morning). But as usual, i didnt really get anywhere in the game. didnt lose anything in it either, when i got my seat in it i was down just over $100, and when the game broke up many hours later i was also down about $100.

Once it broke, i sat in the $1-2 NL game and played til it broke. by the time it finally broke, (and the oldtime sands dealer Anthony, now working at Anchors in cali, went on severe tilt for a few hundred, but i wasnt winning it from him.) he kept straddling, which was annoying. a couple of other guys donated though, and i eventually was over $60 up for the entire day when i left.

then i went out and sat on the 100 play VP machine and won $170 there before i left and took a cab to walmart. first i stopped at the BOA atm across the street and deposited $1000 more. (was briefly over $11,000 total at the time). im not that much now after spending $60 at the walmarts, paying the cab $25, and then paying the landlord $300 more for the next 2 weeks thursday to thursday making me good up thru may 7th. Also the fact ive not paid for a dentist yet is another reason i still have so much.

bought a suitcase to replace the one with the horrible hole that also ruined some clothes, (it needs thrown away) but this suitcase is quite a bit smaller seeing i took the $29 size instead of the $59 or $69 size. its actually MUCH smaller. really i should have 2 of them. or one big one and one little one.

then i bought V8 juice as recommended by a lady out for my best interests, and bread and other miscellanous food, and 2 nice washrags instead of the cheap ones. still keep forgetting to buy ice cube trays to keep water colder. in fact i should buy a lot of things and order them online amazon or ebay or ??? but anyone have any good ideas of what exactly i should buy now that i have an address to send it to?

wouldve saved me a lot of cab fares if all my shopping was done online.

this wouldve been posted an hour earlier, but i got delayed, im in the middle of a $20 DON SNG online, and i started reading an article about the Bay of Pigs invasion, and the checkpoint charlie misstep by the opposing parties. there wouldve been lots of chances for war around then.

Friday, April 17, 2015

left reno with $8500+ 2 days ago, and now im back to $9100+

my rent is paid up thru next thursday (lived there exactly one month once that day comes) and yes ill be back before then. i went out to the Tahoe Biltmore where i like to stay on the amtrak Wednesday morning without ever mentioning it on the blog or twitter just to get away. nice little getaway, great privacy away from people, and much better internet reception here than at home. id stay here long term if poker was more available and it wasnt so difficult to get the rooms.

i get $30 slot play twice a month and 2 free nites a month with a $20 food credit. plus i can do the $50 atm promotion once a month across the street. so when i arrived here for $13 on the amtrak about noon wednesday, those were the first 2 things i did which put me about $100 ahead. then i won over another $200+ on the VBJ during the course of wed and thurs, and now its friday morning. the final $300+ was won in the Hyatt Grand Lodge poker room between 11pm and 3am this morning when i bought in $200 and cashed out $523 it was pretty shorthanded the final hour or 2, and i got lucky on a flop of 10 5 6 and 2 spades when i had 55 and he had JJ. lots of aggressive play on that game and lots of big stacks. lots of straddling too. i was afraid id lose it back, the one guy was really good whose a regular.

For right now, im hanging out in my room playing DON sngs with my $117 on Bovada off those $85+ in deposits made yesterday. at least i should finally have enough on there to work with. Glad my tooth hasnt been hurting me since that one night last week. sure isnt getting any better though either still needs done. the dentist locally here charges more but at least they offer sedation.

i might go home today (friday afternoon) or i might use some of my $91 in comp dollars to stay slightly longer. i havent had to use any comps yet since i had 2 free nights to start off and had $77 in comps when i first came. its an extremely slow process earning comp nites here since it takes $15,000 or so in play. of course, it wouldnt be slow if i had like a $40k roll, my bets would be much higher. then it would be easy.

Staying out here keeps me off the VP machines where i lose a bit less than $1 on every $100 i bet, and puts me on a much better paying VBJ game. my only fear is a big loss coming soon. Reason being, ill bet a lot more on these machines than the VP ones. and this suitcase is a horrible pain to drag with me with the huge hole in it. also, im now out of food both here and back in my apt in reno.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Life on Tilt

Well i certainly have played a lot more deepstacked poker in the past month than ive played my entire life. (by deepstacked poker im referring to all the times ive had over $500 on the table in the $1-2 NL). for a while, i thought it was helping me have bigger wins. (it was). it can also help u have bigger losses.

But after Saturday nights $800 loss, i dont think its a good idea anymore. i never should be carrying that much cash on me, and i sure shouldnt have 10% or more of my lifes savings on the table. Poker Kats idol, Chris Ferguson (looks just like him) said to not ever put more than 5% on the table. to me that is even much too high and id prefer 1-2%. he is thinking about people who can go broke multiple times and get back into action selling off things they own for $5-50k repeatedly.

Vince told me he got a piece of mail from terribles fernley that i have $100 in free play til the end of april but i cannot find a ride yet. theres no bus.

The BBJ hit at the atlantis tonight while i was playing at the Peppermill. im sure the game was shorthanded but its not really more than a few hundred players share. reno tends to keep jackpots small and pay out high hands instead which is good.

also tried sitting in the $3-5 NL for a while tonight too, and that didnt work out either. i min bought for $200 and flopped a set on a flop of 568 with 2 clubs. an asian guy bet $25 and i made it $85 with $102 behind. (how was my bet sizing there, not that it made a difference). turn comes 4 and he puts me allin and i felt pot committed to call the other $100, he had 87. and i missed the boat on the river.

found out that Bovada has a way to play online cash games from your cell phone, which i never knew about til i seen another guy at the table playing on Bovada. dont expect to be able to chat on it, or play sngs or tourneys. its strictly for cash games or zone poker games. its NOT the application u would think from looking at the apple store, (thats a sports bet application). its going thru the website WITHOUT downloading. be aware its not easy to see the small type of the suits to know if u have a flush if u dont have excellent eyesight.

i made a 3.30pm tues dentist appt and i hope i wake up in time to keep it. its only for a complete xray of the entire mouth (not just the one area). $100, and its with the dentist Karen likes. im afraid to have them do any work since they dont offer any sedation. i really need to know which tooth, for the tooth where i had the pain the 2 previous nites (but not last nite thank God) was in the area of the tooth on the far upper right side where its slanted jagged on the bottom, etc. The thing that really scares me is its the first time in ages somethings been extremely sore. and i feel possible soreness in the gums up there when i feel around with my finger.

Remember i still have the May 15 appt at the oral surgeon. i could just wait til then, give them a new xray from the other dentist and then it cost me about $1500 maybe instead of $700-800 to be put to sleep if its multiple teeth or a wisdom tooth also. i still need someone to go with me to that appt or they will refuse to service me.

at the earlier $1-2 table tonight where i lost the first $110, i got pissed off once when a guy with only $16 left bet $10 and left $6 behind. either bet it all or check dammit, i feel like u are suckering me into a call. i had 88 and made a small preflop raise. the flop came A96 all in clubs of which i had none. what did he most likely have? i folded.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A male dealer at the Grand Sierra poker room tried to fuck me tonight

I dont know why but my tooth is really killing me so bad tonight that before i left the GSR i stopped in the gift shop and spent $10 comp on advil. it never bothers me so i dont know why. even after taking it i can still feel it. probably not enough time to take affect yet. (under 15 minutes). its definitely not the tooth that was xrayed on the other side when i couldnt figure out which tooth to xray last month and which needed out the most.

a great example of why i need to go to Karens dentist and have him xray the entire mouth. Karen says it would only be $100, the same as the other dentist charged for the one tooth. The tooth thats bothering me is the one with the jagged edge that feels sideways way towards the back, although i dont think its a wisdom tooth but maybe im wrong, if so it would be a lot more expensive and complicated. i knew its slanted and messed up for a long time but since ive not felt any discomfort from it before, i didnt think it was the most important tooth.

If i was to visit him this afternoon when i wake up to have him look at my mouth, id still like someone with me. (in case he wanted to do the work). Am wondering if its possible some food is caught in there even though i dont see how and thats why its bugging me so much tonight.

As always im playing the $5 quadruple up mtt's at this time of the morning. both the holdem one and the omaha one. i seem to do better in them than any other tourneys. as far as i know no casino offers such a structure live. wish they did.

and yes, theres a hand history i wanted to remember to talk about. the dealer tried to screw me over, but thanks to the honesty of the other player (on a $200+ pot) i got the pot anyway. here's the details.

i called (or made) a small raise to $12 preflop with kq and the flop came 6 10 J. theres a bet of $15 by me, and a raise to $35 by the guy immediately on my left. i called, and maybe 1 other guy did also. turn comes 5 and i check and he goes allin for $20 and i call other guy folds (if there was one). I'm asking the dealer to please not pair the board, and sure enough J hit the river. i show my QK face up, the other guy is allin. neither me nor the dealer recognize this for a minute (and i forgot). dealer mucks my hand, and i realize im first to act and theres no more action, floor comes over and the other player says its his pot, i cant beat him and shows Q9 for open ended smaller straight draw. one of the other players reminds the dealer the guy is allin, (dealer kept claiming he didnt hear the guy check the river and said i was trying to muck-and that the other guy hadnt acted yet). floor gave me the pot, the other player didnt want to contest the pot and said that i had him beat and to give me the pot. i wasnt trying to muck, i showed my hand quite frustrated i missed my draw, and fully waiting for him to turn over a better hand. was shocked when i seen the dealer mucking my hand. the dealer was forgetting he was allin, and was thinking i was mucking before he had a chance to bet.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Promotional tourneys at the Peppermill, among other news.

Man was i writing a lot of blogs for a while. now i seem to be back to the old habit of letting several days go by without a post. At least i broke a short losing streak (after losing all of my poker income cell phone records) by winning over $100 in each of my $1-2 NL sessions today, and over $150 in the 2nd session.

Yes i lost all the cell phone records when i sat my phone in my pocket (i dont know how to lock it and i asked someone and they said they didnt know since they have an android). all i know is it locks on its own after a short time period expires that i can set for 1 min or 5 min or somewhere in between. so when i reach into my pocket for anything or pull it out, it starts touching buttons. monday nite when i got home from the atlantis, i found it lit up with tons of shaking x's and i shut it off but not before it had deleted tons of applications in the top 2 rows. (the only one that was really important with lots of stored data was poker income). i didnt mind losing the records on bejeweled of high scores, redownloading poker atlas, bravo, etc.

i thought the backup the apple store did for me on my laptop a while back would have most of the records, but i could find no record of it. my laptop claims i dont have icloud downloaded, so it mightve been something i erased. so i had to just log all of the results best i remembered as one huge 1669 hour session for 26,236 profit. (all i remembered was i was at $15.72 per hour and about that many hours give or take a few). so i used the calculator to get the figure of $26,236, which seems about right since i do remember it being just over $26k.

But when u enter it all as 1 big session. it now gives me inaccurate results on minor things. such as claiming ive lost more sessions than i won, (with several small losses since) and claiming my average winning session is over $3000, etc. But the major details are all thats really important and the 7+ BB per hour. also im down to only $15.32 an hour now. Pokerdogg told me this is the proper way to do it.

And then i also went and paid the landlord today. i wont say in here how long a time period i paid him for.

Its amazing how much money the people have in the $20-40 fixed limit game, and how many days ahead of time they sign the interest lists to play it, which i dont think should be showing up on bravo because it gives a first timer an improper impression that it might be a current interest list.

it wasnt the nicest thing to say on twitter, (something about it being a dumb game for mentally retarded people and if i had to play it id kill myself)  but im so used to people using the same unkind language when they talk to me how can i not assume thats how people normally talk when im so used to hearing it all my life? Anyone reading it can simply just see im frustrated with how NL is losing popularity because its the only game thats really beatable long term. when i was broke, i tried playing limit and hated it because the game cannot be beat long term, and if $2-4 limit cannot be beat long term, surely $20-40 cant due to a much higher quality of opposition. its just a time waster for rich folks.

what id like to see gain more playing time is games like PL mix games omaha, big 0 etc. but even there my results suck compared to NL as far as in dollars won per hour. i was lucky to get $92 profit all off one big hand before the game broke at the Atlantis on monday.

also now that i have a steady address, i need to send in the letter to the Eldorado Nick wrote for me last year, and also i should give it to the Tahoe Biltmore so they can mail me offers again. also i found out my landlord has had problems with charter in the past and a strong dislike for them and says i cant hook up charter. he says to hook up att if i want, and its cheaper but their website says u must do a 1 yr commitment so i worry id need a deposit. and what then happens when u move out early?

theres a good promotion coming up. 50 people will get $100 in drawings and u can win multiple times on May 5th. last time this promotion took place i never got pulled once and there was more tables in the room than id ever seen in my life, well over 100 total players in all. and i sat there most of the day. theres also the hours promotion which im sure ill get a $180 satellite seat in and no u cant sell it so i might be forced to win it and play a $1100 main event tourny may 21 which also cannot be sold. then if i couldnt sell my action, id have to just accept 100% of whatever id win on that day. but id much rather have 80% of $1100 in my pocket to add to the roll than a 10% shot of much more than that. i was surprised to learn u cannot sell ur seat.

by the way this morning i did learn the Revel was sold for 82 million and might reopen this summer.

also theres plenty of ad space for sale in this blog if anyones interested. it still getting millions of views.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I've never been paid so little on a straight flush in my life.

I just got home from the Peppermill (after paying $5 for a jug of milk on the way home) up about $250 for the day, which really isnt all that bad. But i was at one of the best tables imaginable, even before i invited Karen to move to it. So i really shouldve won far more. there were 2 extremely loose players there, both of whom were going back and forth between $100-500. i left after the big hand right after many new players had recently sat that i had no idea about. still think it mightve been not too bad a game. also Lance the dealer gave me a sack of shirts.

started off losing $73 initial buyin, then i rebought for $100. Just couldnt get any good hands to go up against the action, it was the type of game where bluffing someone wasnt a good idea. sat there quite a long time and eventually i got the stack up to about $250 or so and as always, ive forgotten what the hands were.

i do remember my final hand though. i flopped 9JK all in diamonds when dealt the QT of diamonds. now how do u maximize the value? theyres NO min requirement for the high hand, which is $150, and more if it holds up for the hour. i checked in mid late position. turn comes 6 of diamonds, and the loosest guy at the table whose able to fold when u show strength bets $15. only i call. river comes 5 spades and he again bets $15. im praying he has the ace and i dont think he will fold it so i go allin. would u?

he shows the 7 of diamonds and folds. and i show the straight flush. then i find out from the floor that someone else has a royal already. i took my winnings and left to take a break and buy the milk.

really not too bad off however, still being at $9317 when just the other day i went from $9500 to back to almost $8500 a day later had i not recovered right at the end $200.

theres a promotion i didnt know about and im sure ill qualify for it. u see, the top 50 hours getters in april get free seats into a $180 satellite in may 16 for the big $1100 main event on may 21. ten people will get seats, and im thinking u probably cant sell the $180 satellite seat, but maybe u can sell the $1100 main event seat if u win one? i have no idea. maybe someone else knows. Last time there was a similar promotion i was 2nd in hours but that time they were doing drawings so i never ended up qualifying if i remember right. also people with more hours get more than the $1 comp per hour, up to as much as $2.50 comp per hour.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

riding the roller coaster

No Vince, this blog post is not about u taking me for a ride on the indoor ferris wheel in Sparks at the sporting goods store. It's about swings in my bankroll. i dont know when ill ever have my bankroll to the point where i wont have daily swings of well more than 1% of my net worth. (which at this moment is about $93). I suppose if that day ever came, thats when i could finally start to be a lot more calm and relaxed at the tables while playing.

Even if my bankroll was $20k, id probably want to either play a little higher or buyin for larger amounts, and almost every day would still be $200 or more in swings. I dont know what other type of investments people have that have so many swings of more than 1% all the time, daily, and multiple times daily.

Not only do i have multiple swings in my bankroll all the time(lost over $500 sunday nite, lost $300 mon night, and won about $800 today) , i change my mind all the time too about what i want to play. (sometimes even what city i want to live in). Read verse James 1.8 in the Bible. This could be why im not really getting anywhere in life, and only surviving day by day. as i'm telling Koala, i have a hard time deciding whether to play or not to play, and it all depending on whether im winning, losing, or how im feeling at the time.

i left my phone at the atlantis last night, and managed to find someone who called and let them know to hold it for me at the desk and found where i had it charging. so when i started the afternoon, i had to go there instead of the peppermill. Started playing $1-2 NL, bought in for $181, and eventually cashed out $706 at the time the $6-12 omaha8 game was starting up. most of the money was won on 2 big pots right near the very end and of course, ive forgot what i had, but im sure one of the hands i had was aa.

then i sat in that omaha game with the $206, and eventually had it up to $399. there were a lot of big pots in that game and it was looser than u would expect for such high stakes. by the time i quit the game, i still had over $280 of it.

so then i walked out of the room, and on the way out of the atlantis sat down on the 100 play VP machine and that machine is even more dangerous than the one at the Peppermill. (reason being the max bet is 500 credits on the quarter instead of 500 credits on the dime for a possible much bigger loss on the final hand if u martingale it). i was lucky to get dealt 892JQ all in hearts (jacks or better 9-6 game) which i held instead of drawing one for a 6x payout (doubt Benny and Cutter wouldve approved) when i had one of my much higher sized bets at stake, and i was over $300 ahead when i left the machine. i hate it when someone sits down right next to a machine im playing, but its probably a good thing since i immediately left the machine still doing well. i dont understand why some people insist on invading my space, when the exact same machine is one more space over, where we both have plenty of room.

now the next step was to go to the GSR (grand sierra) and fix a mistake they made. (and while there i found out everyone gets a free buffet on tuesdays from swiping their card). the mistake they made was in charging my bank acct when i left the hotel instead of taking it off my comp dollars which i made sure there was in note in the system letting them know to do this.

so i went and talked to the front desk and they said it was being fixed and id see it back in my bank acct in a few days. then i walked over to the poker room, and for some reason i always have most of my losing poker sessions in reno in that room. i lost over $160 in that room before leaving and getting a bus home. a bitter loss was when he calls my $58 allin with nothing but Q8 offsuit and hits the 8 on the flop to beat my AK. u would think an old man would have more sense than that.

and now im sitting at home using my $28 on Bovada, playing in the $1 rebuy and addon. only pays 5 spots, theres not many of us playing, and i now only have $22 on bovada and doubt ill make the money.

this is why having as few expenses as possible is so important. with few expenses, u can just stay home if u want to and play online without suffering nearly as many adverse effects.