Saturday, March 31, 2012

well i was able to get Mark (new poker room manager at the riviera since Christina dont work there anymore) to give me the $20 room rate for saturday and sunday, (normal rate for both days wouldve been a total of $219) but with the poker rate and tax will be $66. surprised more people arent doing it. they are so slow they dont even have a game going now, but u still get ur hours in as long as u are sitting at the table waiting for the game to start. (which im doing).

last nite i was hanging out with Grump at Binions, who was with some friend of his named Eric, and i managed to turn $149 buyin into $340. and i never ended up playing any VBJ at all. while i was sitting there some girl came and sat in the seat next to me, found out she was a local and owned some businesses with her husband. she started drinking a lot, and ended up getting thrown out when she got very disrespectful to the floorman after showing her cards when the floorman told her she couldnt.

and the lady who replaced her in the seat and sat down after she left was the same lady in NY i talked about a few months ago who sent me the $100 bill in the mail on my birthday who id never met before. she introduced herself to me and Grump and played at binions a few hours with us. then her and i went to eat in the Golden nugget, and then she told me she used to be Chritinas roommate during a wsop event they dealt. so her and i went over to the riviera in her car, and she found out about Christina getting fired.

we played for a while, i lost back $123 and then she left and drove me back downtown while i got plenty of sleep til checkout. she is staying with a friend over in summerlin and might see her again today.

Friday, March 30, 2012


earlier tonite, before i was finished playing poker in the golden nugget, i was looking at dablackpimps website, that only exists to make me look bad, and there was not just 1, but 2 stories about me on the website written by 2 different people, neither of which was true. The first one everyone already knows about, since it was reprinted and posted by someone in the comments here in yesterdays blog post. (if u dont, u better go back and reread the comments). It claimed it was written by Mauihaole, (i mentioned it to him and he knew nothing about it, or even the guys website) and it claimed id threatened a lady and got 86ed from binions and hed seen it happen on his way into work when i was playing on the VBJ machine. not true, never happened.

and the 2nd story was written by dablackpimp, or someone else claiming to be him. (man there sure is a lot of people claiming to be others over there.) Josie, Tatude, Grouse, Koala and others arent posting over there, and neither am I, and yet a lot of people are claiming to be both them guys and others. And me. And possibly also local rock too.

DaBlackPIMP said in the comments section, that he came to Vegas for a surprise visit, to find out who the real me was, and thats why hes gonna be away from the site for 10 days. and that of course, he wasnt gonna let me know who he was, but to just observe from a distance and draw his own conclusions. and he said that i was out playing at the redrock with donkeytax. and that donkeytax had took me over there. (none of which of course was true, donkeytax hasnt been willing to hunt me out and hang out in months). if he did, it might improve my game. and he said a lot of good things about donkeytax, maybe the report was written up by donkeytax?

now i dont know why he claimed this, but he claimed i won all his money and seemed to be an allright guy and a fairly decent player, with a few flaws he went over that i needed to improve upon.

But heres the really weird part, when i came back to my room later, and went to look at the comments section one more time, the post had disappeared, although the other earlier fake post was still there. couldnt find hide nor hair of it. now he swore he didnt believe in censorship and that no matter what that anything he or anyone else posted in the comments wasnt going to be deleted. and it turns out that is not the truth at all, and he is just another hypocrite. Seems like if the comments negative or untrue towards me he leaves it, but if the comment is negative or untrue towards him or a friend of his, he immediately removes it? what a double standard.

anyway heres how tonight went. not too badly since now my rolls back to $4500 but it couldve so easily went the other way. I ended up taking some real chances.

i bought in $117 at the golden nugget, and they had a sewer leak in there that came up through the floor, and forced them to move all the tables into the back of the room and close off the entire entryway so they opened up the side door thats normally always shut. i got seated into a good seat but as always i wasnt getting cards and after an hour started getting bored. got away with one bluff, but the 2nd time, same guy, i had the same hand QT suited, and the 2nd time i got a fairly decent flop of QJ8. so i shoved, he called with 9T for nut straight, and then runner runnered a backdoor straight flush and i just left, thankful that id only bought in $117. i think as lousy as ive been doing at poker i need to start LOWERING my buyins instead of raising them. would keep me from going on tilt for a large amount if i couldnt raise my buyin after a loss.

So i went into Binions, and ending up sitting in a 4-5 handed $3-6 limit game for 30-40 minutes. no idea why i sat there, but i actually won $22 in that game before it broke.

And i wish u could order regular food between 3am and 6am at binions, i hate the way they shut down at the only times i really enjoy eating (when the cafe isnt crowded as fuck). my fridge is empty now but considering i must checkout saturday for sure not a big deal.

and i had my host arrange it today to check back in on monday for 14 days again. ill only owe $162 for the 2 weeks, and the normal charge is $245 a week, just goes to show u how many of the days they picked up for me. and since i now have about $515 in comps, ill have no problem paying for it with comps. they always make u wait until u check out to settle up the bill.

I play too much and earn more comp dollars than i really need or can use, and i should play the VBJ much less. only enough to earn 300 points a day and thats it. I do need $10-15 a day for food though. and i could eat up $20 since i have a fridge.

and after 2am, when i left the poker game at Binions, i walked over to the VBJ machine and Thank God that time it was empty. so i put my card in all 5 spots, and $100 in each and started playing, varying my bet and starting off with 1 hand of $3 minimum bet. I did NOT use the notebook and flat bet because i just didnt feel like it, and decided to wait and do it tomorrow because tonite i was stuck and needed to recover some money. so i start off ok, and am actually winning a little bit, when this one very young and very good looking girl walks up that looks like she could be working as a hooker or in need of money. she was wondering if i had a seat i could give up on the VBJ, and i didnt want to, (i was a little afraid she only wanted to play cause she seen how much money i had in there divided among all 5 spots---over $1000) and she then asked me how long id be on it and i said about 15 more minutes, not knowing if that would be true at all. although i was planning to get off it while up a little bit. She told me she had driven up there from Rosamond CA and i dont know where thats at in cali, at first i mispelled it too. and then she said she knew thats a good machine to play.

hmm, i was wondering after she walked away, just what she meant by that.

anyway i continued to win, and at one point hit up all 5 hands for $56 each, and the dealer busted. got back all id lost in both cardrooms for the day, and actually got back some of the nites loss yesterday. i made around $500 on that machine which id not have made had she not walked away. anyway i seen her on a regular reel slot machine close to the cafe, when i left the VBJ, and there was also 1 other very good looking young woman with her. now i didnt know if they were a gay couple, a couple working girls or strippers up to vegas to work, or just what. I told her the machine was available now and how good id done, and how happy i was to win and how much i needed the money and a little about me and why i couldnt go play the machine up the street at the las vegas club, and how i made my living. i got her email address and her facebook info, and sat and talked for a few minutes, she said she hasnt been up to vegas too much, and didnt really know the correct BJ strategy when quizzed, but she just likes that machine. also she said she sometimes has gone to casinos in cali but not much. she is 28. looks younger. she said she comes up to vegas about once every 2 months for a few days. never did ask what she did for income. asked her if she had played poker and she said no. she said i had way more money than she did. but she kind of understood why i worry about money, and she said she realized i was using some kind of system on the machine so she didnt press the issue about sitting down and me giving up a spot. she gave me a hug goodbye and was very friendly and nice. but i dont think they were hookers, they didnt wear the right shoes. although she seemed to understand what i was talking about when i explained how a regular gf would be way more fun and affectionate to meet than a hooker would be. i asked her when she would be able to see her email and she said when she returns home on sunday. she probably thought it odd i asked for that instead of a phone.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


in my room, just ate a potato salad, i dont like the way binions closes the grill between 3am and 6am when its the only place to eat with comp dollars in the middle of the night.

sickcallmggee picked up his car, and he wasnt honest about it being parked here. it was parked at terribles the whole time. he had moved it and i didnt know. and now he is back in laughlin, him and i went by the hard rock and wynn earlier. i lost $155 in the poker game at the nugget and i was ahead over $40 once. made a dumb bluff, wasnt getting nothing to play and was stuck.

he can post his version in here, in fact i hope he does.

dropped me off back downtown, and i soon went back out after spending a little time in my room. went and played at binions, and lost $126 in there, and am keeping track of everything in the notebook.

went out after 2am when the game had broke at binions to the VBJ and flat bet $4 a hand for 600 hands til i had the 300 points. this time i lost $158. seems awful big and mathametically an enormous longshot when betting only $4 a hand. and this time when doing the spin i got the $50 in free play.

so for the 2 days, i lost $158 and won $48 for a total loss of $110 cash. now with the $15 cashback i can get back for them 2 nights, its really only $95 lost in cash, and i have $50 in free play coming when the slot club booth is open. so lets say im down $45 cash, and have gotten $30 now in comp dollars gained from those 2 days play. so with $30 back in comps, im actually out $15 in value. of course this still isnt a large enough sample size to mean a thing. a month might give an idea though. id rather get the $50 free play than food vouchers anyway. but it sure does take up a ton of time to sit and flat bet forever.

in my room throwing away $110 i have on BCP if i bust out of my tourney soon, and i lost $60 earlier on BCP, about $40 of the $110 i had it up to is left.

and my host Linda at the river palms wasnt in today so ill have to call her tomorrow. i hope she will remember me settling the bill in cash in her office.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

starting to grow again

finally a good day, but im still far far worse off than i was the other day and im getting some bad news from my bank account when i checked it online. seems like the money i remember paying in CASH in laughlin in the hosts office so it would NOT show up on my bank card, over a full week later after i checked out of my hotel, the charge was finally finalized on my credit card, and i got charged the exact amount all over again. this is why i really hate it when they make u wait so long for the charge to finally show up on ur card instead of it doing it right away so u can catch mistakes, and now im afraid she wont remember me paying her in cash, will call her first thing tomorrow but im not even sure if she works that day of the week and i think i can only reach her like 11am to 7pm.

i found my 2 unused extra tiny notebooks and wrote down todays results at poker in one of them. the other one is for VBJ and i have not played that as of yet today, was waiting til after 2am since i already did the spin for todays 300 points and without the spin i shouldnt play. besides the machine wont be nearly as likely to be full of people after 2am either. they took out all of the machines but one when they made the payouts better. what i was going to do was try something ive never done and am uncomfortable with, just as an experiment. i was gonna flat bet 800 hands of $3 each, (but do 5 hands at once to vastly speed it up). and then quit once the total bet reaches $2400 for the 300 points. i hate flat betting, but ill see if it helps to reduce variance. what i should expect for $2400 in total bets is a loss of $9.60 in cash, then get $7+ cashback, almost $8, and over $15 in comp dollars. and also get maybe a $10-20 food voucher, and if im lucky $10-50 in free play. which is why i say it will pay out over 100% if u count the value of all the comps.

i hear now that arkansas also has poker rooms now, but its all electronic games? (plus vbj).

so yeah i thought id improved my bankroll tonite to $4700 from $4200 but it looks like all i did was improve it to $4600 unless this gets fixed. i did improve my BCP balance just a little, its now at $78 from the $57 i last deposited onto it yesterday (which was part of the days drop).

readership sure is growing on here. up to 66 subscribers now, more than Josie or Grump. and im still wondering what ill be doing on saturday when my 14 days here is up and i must be out for 2 days. of course i dont have to be hauling any luggage around, i could leave that at the bell desk. and just bring nothing with me but a laptop and 2 shirts.

the other day, when i passed $6000, i felt rich again and felt like i could finally take a night off if i wanted to, and hang out with a girl from online, but now i feel dead broke again and will until i get over $6000 again. so im not trying to talk to anyone ive talked to before anymore this week.

oops, i went and hit submit post way too soon by accident, so now im fixing it. everyone will have to read it twice, if all theyve seen is the above. i wanted to talk about tonites $450+ win at the golden nugget, where ill probably be heading back over to soon. originally i sat at a table seat i didnt want, and Nate offered to move me to an end seat at any table soon as one opened. very nice guy. one soon opened at the main front table, in seat 3, so i took it. now the guy in seat 4 was over too far my way, i hardly had any room to get my chair in because his was in the way, and he falsely claimed the previous dealer said he was to be centered between the cup holders instead of in front of them (not true). anyway i finally got him to move over a little, and then the lady in the 2 seat came back was kicking my foot under the table and then looking under the table instead of apologizing to me, and i always hate it when people do that. and she moved seats to the table her husband was at a few minutes later, and she always seems to move from my tables and that pissed me off too. i moved my feet over in case they were in her way, but id felt more like doing it had she said something like she didnt mean to kick me. as soon as she moved i moved to seat 2 which had way more room. it usually does because the guy in seat one usually dont try to seat closer to seat 2 like the guy in seat 4 always seems to sit as close as possible to seat 3. but the 1 seat usually tries to sit close to the dealer instead of seat 2.

anyway i made a bad call preflop with TT after raising to $15. (id only bought in for $143) about 1 30th of my new roll. 3 limpers, then an older asian guy makes it $80 after wanting to know what i have behind. 5 of us see the flop. and i really feel like i should fold instead of calling so much of my stack. flop comes TJ4 with 2 diamonds. i shove, everyone folds to him, he calls. and my hand holds up on the river and he mucks and i ask to see the muck and it turns out all he had was AK of spades? good info to know for the future and i dont need some jackass giving me a hard time for asking to see the hand.

and i also cannot remember any of the hands as usual, but i flopped 1 or 2 sets, and also won a pot with aa when i was worried postflop my aa might no longer be good. somehow and i cannot remember how but i somehow got it up to $615 when i finally cashed out, worried about the big stack in seat 3 who played with me lots of times and is good.

one bad fold i made to seat 3. i had JJ raised to $10 preflop, got like 3 callers. flop comes 336. i bet seat 3 raises, and all fold to me. i folded my overpair after he says he will show me because i was totally convinced he too had an overpair, and i thought preflop he was thinking of reraising. sure enough, he did have an overpair i read him right and made whats usually a good fold, only not this time as his overpair was 10-10. still i think in the long run thats a good play.

and i started to realize i had way more money on the table than i should for as low as ive let my roll get so i decided to leave. also sickcallmggee will be picking up his car thrusday finally heard from him.

short and sweet

im gonna head back out so i wont write a long post, since i dont have any money on BCP. got my host to extend my room 4 more days so instead of my checkout date being mar 27 it will be saturday march 31. (14 day limit) not sure yet what ill be doing saturday nite. patrick also offered to comp some of the weekend days so ill owe less than the $245 a week, more like $145 a week. and of course i have the comp dollars to cover it, $438 in comp dollars now.

i am down $123 for the day. but had i not played the VBJ machine, i would be down MORE. u see i lost $203 in the nugget poker room, and then lost $210 in the binions poker room. made it looks like close to $300 on the VBJ, and overall im still up on binions VBJ machine since returning to vegas.

new roll is $4700. and although i wish will would posted that HH on my blog instead of the other guys blog, i dont remember the hand its been too long ago. as far as that goes, if i ran into will, i wouldnt remember him either. i do remember a hand at binions today. i had 66 and limped under the gun. several callers, and then the button straddler made it $19, which i knew he would do no matter if he had a hand or not. 1 guy calls, i shoved allin for $144 to make it look like AA, and the button straddler exposed his J5 and instantly called. well if i cannot win outright id much rather be up against J5 than J7. finally after taking forever this one black guy from cali folded who lost over $1000 in the game and was rather loose. it was a good flop for me, no facecards, no 5, turn was safe, and then the J hit the river. then the guy said he only called because he knew me, had played with me, and knew i was a idiot who didnt know how to play, in which case the floorman Paul then told him he cant be saying that.

also, ran into david shapiro standing in line at the slot club booth picking up my $25 free play from the daily spin to win promotion for getting in my 300 points. and also i got the $20 food voucher, which i used for tonites food which i just ate.

Monday, March 26, 2012

well heres the bad news uve all been waiting for.

new bankroll of $4800. and NO i didnt lose most of that on the VBJ machine. in fact on the good paying 3-2 VBJ machine i lost just a small percentage of that. about $200 of it was lost on the much worse paying VBJ even money machine because the other machine had people on it and i still wanted to play.
$30 of it was lost depositing more money into BCP and then losing ALL of it. But most of the money was lost at poker, and if im gonna lose money at poker staying off the VBJ and going out to the east coast isnt gonna help me a bit, nor would living at home playing online.

yeah the large majority of that money was lost in that golden nugget poker room. when i left my room the 2nd time after losing all the BCP money in all them small tourneys that take too long (thats why i shouldnt play tournies, i dont like things to take forever and im not good in the ones where blinds go up too fast) i had $106 on me from the $513 id had on me at the start of the day. so i first went to the safe deposit box at the hotel desk, took out $1000 more and walked into the nugget with $1106. i originally bought in for $306 and left the other $800 in my pocket. got seated in a game that i couldnt tell if it was breaking or just starting, seems it had broke and had just restarted. i got dealt into the BB putting me on tilt but it was a new game so i couldnt come in behind. and a player with a lot of chips sat down on my left, and didnt leave me much room and i didnt like that either. i ended up wasting $150 or so trying to 3 barrel bluff a european whod played with me yesterday who flopped middle pair with J9. Then i decided to move seats and told them it was cause i didnt want a loose aggressive player to my left, and i said i didnt want a good player to my left, and went and sat in the open 8 seat on the other end. now a guy and his woman were in seat 9 and 10, and he told her to watch the clock and what i sat with, and said to remember what i said about moving to avoid having a good player to my left. (he was now on my left). i rebought for the other $800, and sat it under my chips. so now i had $0 in my pockets. Continued to not make hands. hands i thought was good, in which i twice flopped 2 pair, ended up not winning. but scary boards slowed down what i mightve otherwise lost. and the guy and his girl was really getting under my skin as affectionate as they were being, and he even claimed she was his wife. they kept cuddling up so close to each other and touching making everyone else feel like shit and worthless because they didnt have a woman to be that way with them. and thats why i hate spending money on hookers so much, i just dont think they are anywhere nearly as affectionate as a real gf is. why a guy would rather be with them than find a gf is something ill never understand. both were from CA and knew of my blog.

anyway i was down a little, but then finally won a big pot, and i was all the way back to $986 from a low of about $736. the hand i won, i had A9 spades and called a raise preflop, and the guy on my left also called the raise. flop comes 932 and there were 4-5 of us. with 2 clubs and 1 spade. original raiser bets $35 and i call. guy behind me calls. turn comes A. original better bets $75, i bet $500, and both had me covered, or somewhat close to having me covered. both players folded and one paid me $1 to see my hand.

and shortly thereafter, heres the hand that really hurt. guy from europe bets $22 preflop and i make a big err. i called with QK diamonds. now i dont care how deep of stacks we have or what the HHJ is, i shouldnt call right? a few others also called including the guy on my left. flop comes 29T with 2 diamonds. original raiser checks, the guy on my right goes allin for $107, i call, guy on my left folds, others fold, and original better shoves for $635. well i feel im getting the right price, desperately want to be out of the hole and leave that game, because i really dont have any business buying in near that much in the first place. so i call. someone can figure out the math if the call was right or not. i had to risk like $500+ more to win a pot of $1500 about. of course i missed totally and his set of tens won. the other guy had JJ. so i walked out of there with my last $200 or so and wasted it in the very poor paying one at binions. then went to buy mcdonalds, have $437 comps at binions now and just didnt feel like eating binions shitty food so i went to mcdonalds and then back to my room.

and my friend at bills that one day ive not heard back from her either, shed bored anymore watching poker too. she was gonna come to laughlin once but never did. she seems pretty distant now for whatever reason.

but she was more overweight than the other girl and yet i was willing to hang out with her. i wouldve gladly hung out with the girl from the night before too, but it was Her that rejected me, seems the wrong impression was given out i was the one who rejected her. she just didnt think i had enough interests outside gambling since she dont gamble, and she wouldnt take my hand when going for a walk either. and of course since holding hands and kissing much more important and meaningful and enjoyable than sex, a woman who wont do that really bothers me. Tired of narrow minded bigoted people who think theres something wrong with earning ur living gambling just because u dont win much at it. women are especially bad about this, a man dont really care. all i said was it would be nice if a normal woman would like me like Britni, Josie or Amanda or Carmen or April or Lexi or Vicki or Melissa or Jennifer whose decent looking instead of all these women 100+ pounds overweight. and of course i dont mind if a womans overweight. the girl living in henderson who might come up to vegas and see me next weekend is probably also a little overweight but not nearly as much, id guess about 30-40 pounds. at least that girl loves computers and is looking for a relationship with old fashioned traditional roles.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

still winning.

am sitting in my room playing an online sng while i update my blog, and my rolls now up to $6200. won $99 today at the nugget pokeroom, although at one point i was up $185. made a bad call with AQ no diamond on a board Q hi and 3 diamonds. a guy bets $50 leaving $40 behind, a young kid from OK with some friends and theyd just sat down and i had no idea how he played, still i shouldnt have called. they looked like just a couple of good old boys from the south. a safe turn card comes, so i put him all in, and of course hes flopped the flush.

but i still left with a profit, and it seems like once i start having winning days, (or losing days) i continue to have winning days (or losing days). everything seems to always come in streaks. lets hope this one continues as long as possible. games are so good downtown i dont need to go out to the riviera and have to deal with the city bus.

the woman from facebook i met last night didnt work out, so i removed her from yahoo messenger and facebook, no point in bugging her if we arent compatible. why is it the only women who ever write me except for Britni are ones severly overweight? i dont mind if a womans somewhat overweight, say 10-50 pounds, but why always 100 or more

and last nite, after i made the earlier post about the $1000+ win, i went back over to the nugget and won about $600-700 more. thats why i have as much as i do now. a bunch of it was won off the same syrian russian guy as before. its been my biggest poker only win in 1 day in a very long while.

and i ended up giving mom $50 on farmtown for her birthday and i readded her to my friends list on facebook.

Friday, March 23, 2012

some good news for a change

went over to the golden nugget and sat down with $120. as usual wasnt getting many hands to play early on. finally the crazy russian guy from syria with the very large roll who also likes to be gone a long while playing pit games came and sat down. the one who said the other day how he hated right wing religious republicans so much, not knowing that im one.

anyway by that point i think i was up, but i dont remember how much i had in front of me and what id won with. i do remember this guy does an enormous amount of heavy betting and bluffing. i called and won a big pot against him once with AQ (it was nice to be on the button on his immediate left). he bets $17 preflop, i call. flop comes QQ6 and i call $45. turn comes 3rd small diamond 7 and i call with my lone ace of diamonds his allin. he only had a9 offsuit.

another hand i flop 2 pair with QT and raise his $15 bet to $50 and he calls with nothing but bottom pair with his 58 offsuit. turn comes 8 and he shoves, i call, luckily he doesnt have a set or striaght and my 2 pair beat his 2 pair, and i boat up anyway.

by then ive got over $750 in front of me. (this guy i think lost $1000-2000). and i order some food and while im waiting forever for them to call and tell me its ready, and worry about giving back the entire win, the final hand comes up against this guy and right afterward the game is so shorthanded it breaks and combines to other tables.

i call his usual $17 preflop raise with KJ clubs and the table is like 5 of us. flop comes K92 and i call $40. (am wondering if im doing right by not reraising him and only calling all the time, but i get worried about getting reraised). turn comes 5 and i call again $125. river comes 9. he shoves allin for $253 more. i sit there thinking forever because i think this time ill be beat and give back most all the profit. surely he knows i have a king? so i ask him if he will show if i fold. he says nothing, bad sign. i finally show my K again he says nothing. then i finally show my KJ. by then its been well over 2 min, no ones asking for the clock yet and they normally dont allow a clock here. he tells me i keep worrying about the K and what i should be worried about it the 9. ok now i know he wants me to fold. then he tells the dealer my hands dead cause i showed. no its not dead and the dealer tells him its not. now i think hes hollywooding and wants a call. anyway i finally call. he only has 77 and i won, and then he asks the floor to rule my hands dead. the floorman says my hand is NOT dead, and gives me the pot. only at hooters do they not let u show a card, maybe tx station also. i dont know of any others. the guy kept saying i folded by turning over the cards. yet if he had won hed said nothing and took my money. what an angle shooter.

and he left broke after that hand. and i went to pick up my food and carried it to the room. now im gonna go back out and hopefully find a friend been waiting to hear from on facebook.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

gotta make this quick, vince will be here soon, he might even come before i get this posted

vince said hed be downtown sometime soon this afternoon, have some mail and some free play to pickup.

and i just left the nugget with $25 profit, and at one point i had $130 profit. still however, i do not feel like i played the following hand bad.

there was a beautiful young girl from denver in the game who i think has done a lot of traveling, to places like LA and florida and plays in blackhawk. she must be taken because shes always referring to herself as "we" although i didnt see any guy in the poker room with her. really reminds me of Britni, looks a lot like her. seems to be a very good player, moved just to get position on a guy away from the table who was very loose who never came back by the way, and didnt play anything but blinds her first 2 orbits.

anyway on the following hand, i have KT diamonds and call $2. someone raises a small amount, cannot remember how much and about 4 or 5 of us call. most likely $10 or $7. flop comes JQ3 with 2 diamonds. i check, one older lady bets who was a new player, the girl calls, and maybe one other player but probably not. i then shove allin, and the older lady drops, (who has me covered) and the girl (who was shortstacking with $100) calls. she has AQ. and i missed all 15-17 of my outs.

but i feel like i played it right. for one, its possible everyone couldve folded and i couldve taken down a sizeable pot without a fight. two, even if im called im still close to 50-50 to win the hand. three, i might even get 3 way action. and the most important thing is this, if i do not reraise allin, i might be priced off the hand on the turn if it misses. or i might hit the turn and get no action which i wouldve got on the flop before any scare cards come. so how could i have played it wrong? sometimes u just have to get ur money in and pray.

left a few minutes later on my BB with still a small win.

ok theres poker content in this blog tonite.

not a good day, i started the day with $5000, and ended it with $4300, although at one point in the day i was at $4000 only. and of course, ive still got $0 on BCP til i break down and deposit. i lost over $650 of it on the VBJ at binions, the same VBJ id made about $200 on since returning to vegas. that was AFTER id lost $320 in the binions poker room on tilt from losing the first $200, and then later i lost the other $450 or so.

one hand that really hurt me at binions, a guy raises preflop to $8 and i call him with AQ hearts. flop comes a23 in clubs. he bets $20 and i have position on him, and made it $65. and he comes over the top for about $80 more. now i didnt think he had a flush, so i was surprised by his reraise. i was stuck too much to fold, so i called, called another $100 on the turn of 9 diamonds. and K hit the river, which i didnt like, because i thought he might have KK with one club. turns out he had a3 suited for 2 pair. we both checked the river. after leaving binions i went back to my room, after id left on the machine that is. i went back to my room with food to eat from the $20 voucher i got by doing the daily spin promo for 300 points. i got Nicole to pick up 3 of my nights, so i now will owe about $260 instead of $366 when i leave march 27. and i have $400 in comps now. (Had $317 when i came back from laughlin). earlier in the day id went back to the 4 queens to withdraw $1000 more out of the safe deposit box in the lobby.

sat in my room earlier and seen Josie win a lot of money in a tourny. that was before i left about an hour later and sat in the game at the golden nugget with $207. (this was right after id sent grouchie an email intended for Britni). i wasnt playing hardly any hands at all at the golden nugget early on and the table was quite loose as usual. more so than usual. i had the $207 up to $229 at one point, and slowly was drifting away to under $200 again. and once i laid down 44 in EP knowing there would be raisers, and sure enough a guy makes it $10 and 2 call. flop comes 246 and theres all kind of action, then 8 on turn, and 9 on river, and id have won a monster pot, JJ took it down.

another time, i folded AJ where id limped in eP to mid position, and a guy made it $12, i folded, and the flop comes AAQ everyone checked, turn comes J, original raiser bets, and the other guy folds.

but heres the hand that got me out the door with $471 as soon as the BB got back to me. id just stole a guys straddle with $15 preflop, 2 callers, and a continuation bet of $35 on a flop of AJQ (had Aq suited) took it down. anyway the very next hand, i had KK, and raised again saying i had an even better hand this time, and i got 3 callers. flop was 79J, not the best flop and all check to me. i bet $48 2 callers. turn comes 3 and theres a flush draw out there. checked to me, and im a little afraid but i shove, i do not like to give free cards, and have often wondered if thats one of my leaks. one guy calls, and he never showed but hed been winning a lot of huge pots, and i thought he might have like AJ JT or lots of outs with like AT with the flush draw. hes the guy who laid down the winner earlier when i tried a failed bluff. and i got called too, and A6 no pair had me beat. and 9 paired the river and i won a huge pot.

and now im in room resting and updating my blog before i forget the details. also a women id talked to a few times last year from cali contacted me online out of the blue, someone she knows is in the hospital in vegas, and she told me she might be downtown late tomorrow afternoon. someone i used to think might be taken but dont seem to be anymore. she asked me how i was doing. ive not talked to her much at all, but met her online only before thru an online site.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

lots of things get me really pissed off

sitting in my room eating 1 of the 3 cobb salads i purchased at binions this morning with the voucher from the daily spin to win from my points. Just left the game at binions, and i should be happy with the results of the day, but really im not at all. my rolls back to $5000. but when i sat down in the game i was up $78 from the VBJ machine, and by the time i left the poker game, i was up $98 for the day. and at one point i was ahead well over $300 in that game, but i went and gave back almost all of it. not sure exactly when i shouldve got up and left the game, felt like it was too soon to come back to the room. and then when i did come back to the room, i lost the entire $25 on BCP again.

enclosed is one of the hands that took a large portion out of my stack. This one black guy and his black gf sitting behind him on the other end of the table. guy is dressed like he has money, and has several $100 bills on the table. flop comes up AJ5 and he had called my preflop raise to $15. (i had AQ). i bet $25 on the flop and he calls. everyone else got out. turn comes J, i checked, and he bets $50. what should i do here? i'd caught him bluffing once, as had others. i called, and the river is 9. i checked, he bets $100, i call, and he has the J.

and i had already given back over $100 before that hand, and after that hand i left on the next BB.

when i first sat down, i was wondering if that guy had stole my seat, and when i got seated i was in the 10 seat and moved to the 8 seat about 30 min later at the first opportunity. (i was first up) and from s distance near the snack bar, it looked like him and his gf just walked up to an empty seat, but i wasnt 100% sure they hadnt already been playing. but if they sat without the floors permission, i shouldve had that seat to begin with.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ told you that I do not want nor understand these dumb cards and at my age I cannot handle the stress of using them. I am under enough stress the way it is and any more stress is dangerous for me.
I will use it tomorrow for grocies at Walmart only if u activate it for me before 8pm central time. If not I am going to send it back to you and do without a birthday gift. The phone # to activate it is xxx-xxx-xxxx.
The front #is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx whatever that means and the back # is xxx whatever that means.
would much rather send it back to you and have you just give me $40. worth of farm town cash. that would be much sweeter and kinder of you and make me a lot happier for my 70th birthday.

----- ----- and some other similar messages. now after going to all that trouble to make sure she could order things online without ever having to bother me again (and also to have a way to transfer money to her without having to go thru the terrible inconvenience of mailing it to her) all my efforts are nothing but a big waste of time and sickcallmggees time. and i used to get pissed at Britni for something similar, (Britni also never would go out and get one of them prepaid debit cards to give me a way to transfer money to her when she needed it.) nor would she ever go and pick up a WU. (and id have to reclaim it). she claimed that wu had said it didnt exist. this was years ago.

and last i heard mom is mailing me BOTH cards the walmart moneycard company sent her, both the one in my name and the one in her name. at least i have an address again since im back in town.
I don’t want to mess with the card period. it is to confusing and frustrating for me. So I already put both cards in an envelope for u 10 mins. ago and licked it shut and then I taped it also to mail back to you.
From: Tony Bigcharles
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 6:59 PM
Subject: hi

if u dont want to use the card to make ONLINE purchases, just take the card to a local store in lyons and buy food with it at the grocery store or u can do that at walmarts too. u have $37 for ur birthday, maybe $35-36 if theyres a small fee to use it. i dont have any more money available to spend other than what i already spent. and send me the other card i need it as a safe way for ME to store money without using my bank acct to store it. up to several thousand cash can be stored on these cards.

and i cant use the card to put $40 on her farmville because theres only $37 on the card because of the $3 monthly fee. all i can do with the card is store money on myself. i cant even use it to deposit money on BCP because it only allows VISA to deposit instead of mastercard.

i did find out one piece of good news. the annoying paper i found underneath my door, which i once found under my door at the iP last year, in which its all a scam and claims if u watch a travel presentation video for 60 minutes, u will receive $200 in casino free play or $100 cash and some free show tickets on the strip. now of course that isnt true, and they do all kind of things to disqualify u, although it says that anyone can do it on the paper. u dont qualify if u arent a married couple, or have a cc instead of a debit card, or an income of at least so much.

anyway the point im getting to is i always used to blame the CASINO for passing out the flyers. but the security at the 4 queens said they dont have permission to put the flyers under the doors, and if they catch them, theyd go to jail for doing it. wonder if its the same at IP?

i just asked if they knew anything about what was going on last nite in my hallway but i asked a guy at the desk on a different shift, he said he didnt know anything about it, and since i noticed one of them flyers on his desk, i mentioned the flyer too.

anyway i am REALLY GLAD that the casino management is not taking part in promoting and encouraging this fraudulent practice. and is anyone else annoyed by these flyers and possibly also unable to do them, or receive any free money as advertised?

also im mad at google and need the assistance of missing flops, or PPP the attorney. google CLOSED my adsense acct and refused my appeal. and they never were willing to show me once in the terms and conditions no matter how often i asked where i violated the terms of anything. i never once clicked on any links i wasnt supposed to. and how can they legally block checks on the way (says they put stop payments on them) for money u have already earned fair and square? i explained why the blog was made private and that i was soon opening it back up, and i never did anything wrong. and once google does this u cannot ever contact them in anyway to ask what u did against the terms and open another adsense account. i should have had the right to shut down the blog at any time and still get paid for previous money owed to me.

i dont see how mom can take good care of mark, with him being an adult and still having the ability to do it 5-10 yrs from now, if shes too dumb to be able to use a debit card. and its totally unfair of her to always expect others to do things for her when she could order things herself with a debit card.

and besides the 4 things i talked about in this blog pissing me off, heres an asshole comment by wec on that other site.

March 21, 2012 at 4:47 am

I see TBC does not disappoint his readers with some fresh bigotry and racism. Maybe I will send TBC a care package that includes a White Sheet, so he can feel close to the group that can really embrace him.

seems WEC doesnt care about the life and safety of a woman whose being attacked, and thinks its "racism" if u call the police and make sure she is ok. for thats what he called what i did last nite, is racism. now maybe if the attacker had been white instead of black, i mightve been more inclined to think it was none of my business to get involved, because the girl wouldve felt like someone elses property instead of mine, but the point is all that is MOot because when i called security i didnt know the guy was black. all i heard was a woman yelling for security. im just saying, wouldnt any woman want a guy to call security for her? even akgal if she was being attacked, or would she want me to just let it go as long as the attacker was black?

i just dont see how any thinking woman in her right mind would think im guilty of mistreating women, as much as ive done to try and take care of them all the time and make sure they are always ok. women in the old days used to want a man who would love them and stand by them no matter what, why arent women like this today? have they all been brainwashed by the liberal pc crowd?

also when i was on the VBJ, at one point i was up over $120, but a guy walked up (some foreignor with 2 women) and started to sit in a spot i had money in (cannot believe people really that blind and dumb not to see a card and credits in a machine). so he then sat in the spot on the other side. then he made a dumb hit on 12 against 5 and it caused me to get a 4 on my 11 double down instead of the 10 he busted with, and then the dealer made a hand when she wouldve broke, and what pissed me off more than losing the hand was the one other player on the far end whod been winning along with me and not saying much up til that point tell him no worries that he was ok he messed up the hand, when to me (with all my goddamn money at stake) its not okay at all. if u dont know how to play, dont sit at a machine with other people.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

life back in vegas

last night started off with me making up a little after 5pm, and poker grump sending me an email that he was heading out to the Trop Cannon game, and wanted to know if id like a lift. so at 6.30pm him and i went over there. shannon herself was feeling sick, and only her husband and the other players were there. and also some big horse tourney was going on, with several pros, such as kathy liebert and lacey jones in it.

grump and i played for a few hours, and he left with $37 profit, and i left with $181 profit. and then he asked me if i wanted something to eat, and he drove me by a taco place and bought us both food on the way back downtown. which was nice of him, and i was sure to thank him.

after a few hours in my room i left and went over to the golden nugget, and won a little in there, but it took a while before i started winning. Mjpitts and some trop, formerly IP dealers were along with him and also playing at my table. and the game was pretty loose, there were some others who wasnt that good at the table also.

by the time i returned to my room, this time with food from binions to go to sleep after 6am, my roll was back over $4900. also it seems like Josie no longer runs a private tourney monday nites?

while playing some online sngs, there was quite a bit of commotion outside my room at the 4 queens. i heard a woman yelling for security but i couldnt tell if it was in the hallway or another room. so i called them on my room phone, and a couple minutes later i heard an officer in the hallway, so i finally felt safe opening the door, and i seen another security officer holding some black guy against the wall. and some white woman down the hall who looked afraid. the officer yelled at me to go back in my room, after id commented "just curious whats going on out here". (actually i opened the door because i was curious what the woman looked like and the guy, and wanted to know who they were if i seen them again that day). i listened inside the door for a little while, seems the black guy had hit her, and i heard him telling security it was his wife and they had 6 kids. and he claimed that she had also hit him. last i seen they were taking him downstairs no idea what ever happened. i only looked thru the keyhole and never left the room again.

experiences like this, which ive seen a lot more of than others whove never spent a lot of time in very bad neighborhoods, have a lot to do with why i feel the way i do about certain issues. that is why i want to take care of and make sure women are ok and not around black thugs. sickcallmgee claims its not really blacks i dislike, which might be true since mark (new Trop tourney dealer) has always been nice. who i know from bills and osheas. scmg claims its young thugs that i really dislike and dont understand why women flock to them. which is true, because i am afraid of young thugs myself and am afraid of lots of whites once i see they are young, and like booze and drugs, and like to fight. so yeah i am afraid of thugs, mostly because they always picked on me as a kid in school, etc.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

this blog is way way overdue for an update.

not sure how many of u have realized this, but i am back in las vegas now. i thought it would be in my best interest to be somewhere where there's good poker, available anytime day or night, (so i could go back to being a professional poker player instead of a VBJ player.) for if i cant depend on poker for a living anymore, im really xxxxed anyway. and i knew i had 10 days worth of comp dollars at the 4 queens, but of course ill earn more, its just they have a 14 day stay limit this time of year til the wsop starts up which is a little bit of a pain in the ass. no point playing at harrahs anymore if im no longer getting free rooms with the diamond card, i really hated dealing with that strip bus. its why i so seldom played in the cannons trop game, and she was nice enough to say hi to me at binions today and remind me about her game. its a little too far out to take the bus.

well sickcallmggee is on the greyhound bus to omaha. and his car is parked in the 4 queens parking garage, with a parking pass prominently displayed in the window. and he will pick it up thrus when he returns in his other car with his wife and kids whose moving to bullhead city.

i knew i needed to quit playing them machines in laughlin before i took a big loss. i did lose a few hundred playing them in the pioneer when i went to get me a card there. and i told sickcallmggee about it when him and i sat on the machine at the river palms.

he charged me $80 to take me to vegas this time. and we picked up all my free play i could get later this month once we hit vegas before i checked into the 4 queens. and today i got my mailbox keys back from vince and now ill be able to get my mail again too.

and i also deposited a little more into the bank and took the other $3000 with me in cash and locked it up at the front desk here at the 4 queens once i got back to vegas.

Now today i was probably carrying too much cash with me when i walked into Binions. was hoping i might find Nittastic there, but if he saw me he didnt tell me who he was. i lost my $100 buyin twice, then rebought for $500, almost lost it, was down to under $300 at one point, but then recovered and eventually left with $590 when vince arrived outside.

Vince drove me to the lucky club with him to eat and me to grab $5 free play while he watched sports and i was warmly greeted by kathy and Cedric who said they hadnt seen me in a long time. Cedric is black and always very nice. and i told vince to not let me bet more than $50 on a hand under any circumstances, and he didnt abide by that. i lost BIG on that machine, when i raised the bet up to $20, $40, $80 and played several spots. i also told vince i wanted us to play poker together instead, but he wanted to play that machine instead of poker.

now my rolls only $4700, and thats not good at all. but my room is paid up. and im still a lot better off than a lot of 2p2 posters whove moved to vegas to grind out a living at poker with a roll of over $2000 less, and without all the room hookups and casino hosts from past experience of being in vegas. that should be enough to get started, but ive got more leaks than most people. and im on such a bad run and everyone knows it and the games here are far tougher than they used to be.

let me end by sharing a few hands of poker, something which has been sorely missing in blog posts lately, and which needs to be done more of because its critical i start improving my game as much as possible. and even more than i need to improve my poker game, i got to fix myself of always getting so desperate to recover losses immediately, its why i made such a big bet at the lucky club, and why i rebought $500 at binions once out $100 twice.

im very worried as to what will eventually happen to me if i cannot fix
that. counseling didnt work.

i dont think that me playing machines would harm me much at all, as much as this one at binions pays back now. only losing 39cents on every $100 ran thru, and then getting back 33c cashback and 60c comps, isnt going to break me. what broke me was playing machines where i kept getting back $96 on every $100 i ran thru it at harrahs properties etc, and then constantly running the same money thru it over and over. also what broke me was betting far far too much. should never be betting over 1% of my roll on any given hand ever. i cant ever quit when im down and thats a terrible fault for a gambler to have.

oops, almost forgot about the poker hands (beats) i said i was posting. one time i had aa and made the usual mistake of limping early position. now i just couldnt get guys to raise for me when i limped that down at this table. and on the flop of 972 with 2 spades, a guy in the SB bets $8. i made it $20 and only he called. turn paired the 7 and i was glad it wasnt the 9 that paired. i shoved my remainging $55-75 and he called so fast with his 68 i thought for sure i was already beat. but no it was after the betting was all done, and he rivered the straight that i was beat. and it seems to me very few poker players wouldve called there with the paired board possibly drawing dead, but he said he did it because id advertised that i was running bad?

and later on i also lost with aa. that time i also limped in EP, and on the flop of 234 a guy min raised, (sign of strength) and wouldve folded but for 2 to a flush on board. and i thought he might think a high pair of his is good. sure enough, he had 333. i dont remember the exact bets turn and river, but nothing scary came. hes the same guy who i wouldnt fold a set on a board of 678,4, J because i knew he wasnt calling on the flop with a 5 in his hand. and he wasnt, he had 9 10.

also its nice to know people trust me with their money. poker grump gave me $200 to deposit for him on BCP since his bankcard didnt work, and today he found the money on BCP.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

well tonite i tried to do the right thing

and no im not referring to the 10-14 people i decided to add to my blog. im referring to getting off the VBJ machine, and heading to play poker instead. i got off the VBJ with a relatively small loss of $236, (which couldve easily been a lot bigger loss if id then made some much bigger bets.) i first went to my room, (ended up losing ALL of my BCP money, but not all the first time). i got in 3 omaha8 tournies, and 1 $50 don sng with vook, and lost all of them, and i thought i had a good shot for a while in a couple of the tournies. what bugged me was the more expensive $11 rebuy tourny had faster blinds than the less expensive tourneys, and the blinds just went up way too fast, but i got close to the money in 2 of the ones i busted.

went back downstairs with only $80 left on BCP (now $0) and sat back at the VBJ for a little while, won back over $150 of the earlier loss, and then decided to walk over to the $2-5 game at harrahs since i saw 2 of them going on bravolive. i bought in $160 hoping to double it and leave and be unstuck for the day. but i never got it above $210. by the right thing, im referring to walking over to that $2-5 game instead of just sitting at the machine til id recovered the whole thing.

first, i got a little pissed when the floor didnt keep their word about seeing if we wanted to combine tables to move to where the auto shuffler was. they first said it was optional and then a minute later made it mandatory. notice apollo also dislikes this from his twitter feed. no one wanted to move tables. so when we had to move instead of the other table, i was on the opposite side of a certain player.

now i got AK spades, and i made a raise to $20. one guy calls, and the BB decides to make it $60. and i decide to just call because i have position on him, and have a fair amount of chips then (being up just over $200). not up $200, but up to $200. (this is why i dont like ron and others claiming i always shove ak when i know good and well i dont). only when out of position and need to make sure i see all 5 cards. other guy behind me also calls. flop comes AJ5 and the raiser bets $100 on me. now this is a cowboy whose been playing an awful lot of pots. and i have a backdoor flush draw. i shove my $150, and the guy behind me shoves, and im wondering if i made a mistake not shoving preflop, letting him in with AJ or 55. but it turns out he had JJ, other guy had QQ and also called. and the set held up.

i really dont see how i could fold on the flop when the guy comes out betting ive got him beat, i dont fault my play at all. i do think i belong back in vegas so i dont feel forced to play $2-5 NL if i want to play poker instead of a VBJ machine. really worried about where ill stay though. i make so little per week in vegas when im working off a short bankroll $240 a week is even hard to win.

any comments are as always welcome, positive or negative. some of the guys id like to see post the most i dont think post near often enough. the #1 thing is to make sure my poker game is in order, only that will give me a chance to build up money and get into a better standard of living and less stress. i dont want Josie to be disappointed who thinks i play good poker because ive lasted so long without ever going broke and still spending about 15-25,000 a year.

and id not lost my online money had i not wanted to sit in a good action cash game. just wish i could be sure no cheating was occuring the way that guy kept winning all the time. am holding onto $5200. and i woke up about 7am, i really must sleep. its 4.40am.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

why im afraid to trust people, even sometimes people ive trusted longterm do me dirty

before i get down to the real meat and potatoes of this blog post, lets get the smaller news out of the way. i spoke to my host today, managed to get renewed for another week tues to tues out of the way, and will be due every tuesday for as long as i am in laughlin. ($80 a week). she cannot do it totally free no matter how much i play, as long as im not losing, and before her records would ever show im losing id have to be down to like $2000. Remember a lot of my recent losses were at poker and also in vegas, not on this machine. actually at one point id been up close to $4000 on this machine, way way above average. today, im at $5200.

at least ive got more money on BCP now after final tabling 2 different o8 tournies last nite at the same time. roll on BCP is $154 now. so ill have enough now to work with, and play a little higher without having to make any more deposits. i know laughlin is not the right place for me, and im trying to make plans to relocate out of here. i dont really know what the right place for me is. here i can live for $80 a week for a long long time without having to relocate and move my room all the time. in vegas i cant find a deal close to that price, and i sure couldnt ever prepay a month upfront to take an apt, and deal with the hassle of commuting back and forth daily, worries about safety, not without having far more money. even with $10,000 i cant really bring myself to put out the money to pay for a month upfront it just seems to dig into my roll too much. and the reason i cannot bring myself to change is because i feel thats how ive survived and not gone broke. otherwise id feel like id probably have $0 today.

however, i do need to be somewhere where i can play good $1-2 NL games all 24 hours. thats very important. or at least 20 hours like some states are. not a place where i can play 50c $1 NL or $2-6 spread limit about 12 hours a day. so i need to be in a city like vegas. now it dont have to be vegas, granted theres many of places on the east coast where winning would be far easier for me. but its the pain in the butt of traveling to get there and the much higher cost than i figured it would be to get there. seems prices have really gone up.

i would love to know if anyone can still find a very cheap price under $240 on amtrak. i sure couldnt. u cant just ask whens the lowest fare,like u can when looking at plane reservation sites. it makes u search each day one at a time, and is a terrible lot of work. i gave up.

herschel w is one of the guys i used to trust and hes never done me wrong that i know of, so maybe if i made it to jacksonville where he is, he can try to make sure i dont do any dumb things after i get there. i no longer would trust parisron and with good reason.

for the longest time, i didnt realize that parisron on 2p2, ron200sx on twitter, and wsop2007 from my blogsite were the same person. (shouldve known since his email was something like biloxiron). i know that wsop2007 said something i found offensive on my website, and his comments as of late were getting more offensive so i removed him, and then seen him posting on dablackpimps website. So last nite i found him posting a link for this offensive video with a cartoon character posing as me.

Now ive got to admit, i dont know how he managed to create and make the video, but he seems to have some kind of skills with websites. what i do find fault with is the content of the video. i dont consider it to be accurate, because it makes fun of how i sometimes play AK, but i dont play AK that way all the time. only when the math and pot odds dictate it to be the correct play, and when its not the right play, i never make it. i feel like if they are never playing ak that way, its a fundamental mistake in their poker game, is it not? also it misrepresents my counting system on the VBJ and why i have faith in it. its not because someone said something to me about when it shuffles, its because thats the only explanation of the shuffle point thats logical and makes sense. (for a new shoe to start once the 1st player comes up and inserts money into the machine thats been sitting there unused for ages without any money in it since someone last cashed out).

Since my count never gets way too more positive, or way too more negative than the odds would dictate, it seems to be about right. it does tend to basically even out over the long run, and remember im reshuffling it every 208 cards, hopefully on the right times. if it is off somewhat, its not off by much and i wont be too far off the right play to make or the right bet to make.

and theres other things in there i find offensive too, which u can see he only created to mock me and make fun of me, and only because i am disabled. u see, to mock someone and make fun of them for things they cannot help, is a terrible sin in the eyes of God. ive been bullied all my life, starting off in school as a kid because the other kids were picking on me, and they knew that i was afraid to fight and to defend myself.

so i sent him a message on twitter telling him to suck my dick. and AKgal seen that message, and then she posted that she unfriended me from her facebook, (i would assume due to me sending ron that message). i dont know for sure. now i agree that its a sin to use that type of language in tweets. but the people i use it to dont consider any of it to be sin, for they talk that way on a daily basis since they dont believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and make fun of me for doing so. (and for that reason i cannot understand why most poker rooms dont want people using the F word). for they are not Christian, they encourage people to gamble recklessly and over their means, and to get drunk, so they certainly do not have any moral principles. Even the cocktail waitress isnt as friendly if u are ordering a non-alcoholic drink as an alcoholic one. so how they can be such hypocrites as to ban swearing of all things, one of the most minor of sins compared to all the far worse sins they dont find to be a sin such as abortion and homosexuality, is beyond me.

but its still worse to needlessly curse, especially when u are not angry. when u are angry its a little understandable why u would curse, but to just use those words as a matter of course? and also i dont think it was right of me to make some of those angry blog posts of years past full of swearing, nor is it right for me to swear in the chat box on BCP when i get beat. its just i cannot handle losing money, for i fear becoming totally broke, homeless and on the streets to be forced to panhandle. So i feel like God will understand me and forgive me. and thats another reason why i dont want those things being copied and pasted and spread about all over the internet, and want them removed. u see, im very ashamed of what i said in a lot of them old blog posts. i said them at times because i was angry, and i really fear the next time im really angry at the time i write a blog post ill do it again. lucky im not angry today though, for im up $100 for the day. yesterdays total was $5100, and todays total is $5200.

now another thing really bothers me. its people who are supposedly in a position of authority, like security personnel and poker room managers. now they are supposed to be professional at all times. and theres a certain poker room thats not aware of me being banned by a security guard years ago far away from the poker room. some supervisor on the evening shift. had to do with me falling asleep in there once, and also getting into a dispute with the bartender. yet theres never been a problem in their poker room, and they really dont know me all that much as seldom as ive played there. But what im trying to say, is the security supervisor was very hateful when he seen me walk thru there about a few years later, thankfully i wasnt playing in the poker room at the time. he asked for my ID and i didnt want to show it because i knew my name would show up in the computers so i walked towards the door, said i didnt have it and was on my way out, he followed me clear outside and halfway up the street, cursing at me, making fun of my speech defect, and telling me that was why he remembered me from years ago. i felt like calling his supervisor the next day to complain, to say how unprofessional his actions were, but it would only make things worse for me when i try to get reinstated. poker grump offered to help me with that, but ive never got around to getting anything done. figured for my best chance of success, i should wait til i have an apt and a larger bankroll first.

now scmg keeps bugging me on the phone wondering about my new blog post, but its taking several hours to type. so i didnt answer the phone, and went to hit the automated reply button instead, only thing i could come up with similar to im typing a post still is "im in class now" so i hit that. other suggestions were "im driving" "eating" sleeping, i cant remember them all. its on some new phones where it says 'reject call with message' for those who cannot answer phones because they are busy. i hope he knows i will let him know whats up as soon as i can, but its taking so long to type this blog post i need to finish it first.

now akgal also dont believe me and says i lied about her boss chris coffin sending me the email with him using the F word directed at me and how he would handcuff me himself if i ever came in there when i asked once if i could attend an avp meet. i told her i had a copy of the email and would show it to her, but i cannot find it anywhere. a lot of really important emails i had saved in my computer and a lot of talks with britni years ago, suddenly disappeared from my computer in dec, and since britni wasnt online any more, i was wondering if she had anything to do with them disappearing.

maybe she just wants to believe the best about him, and that he would never do that. maybe her boss dont remember using the F word. but i remember because its not the first time someone whose supposed to be professional at all times has been unprofessional towards me. and ive also had poker dealers swear at me. she said on twitter (we've had no real conversation in private) that was one of the reasons she took me off facebook.

now me, i am really hurt by akgal. which started with her negative posts about me apperaing in dablackpimps website. for she was someone i used to always feel i could trust, and i made a real effort to never be unkind to her and do her wrong. she even went to see me while i was in the hospital, bring me food and a poker book, so why she would turn on me like this for no reason i dunno. i was never mean or unkind to her first, and its really none of her business how i am towards anyone else but her. if i have a problem with friends of hers, thats strictly between me and them. id never have a problem with anyone til they are unkind to me first. anyone who can think its ok to make fun of someone for their disability is not a true friend anyway. and i could never trust anyone who ever made a post on that new website who isnt vehemently disagreeing with the purpose for the site and telling them how awful they are for making a sight just to make fun of me for having a disability. i didnt realize akgal thought it was ok to do that, but i do know that she isnt about treating others with respect simply because of all the pictures she posts on twitter making fun of people, both those she meets at the tables and various dealers before at the golden nugget. (in which she made fun of a female dealers hair). she has taken numerous pics of people at the table without their knowledge or permission and has posted it on twitter.

Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1Reply

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I unfriended someone on FB for the 1st time ever. Wish I'd never accepted in the 1st place...then he wouldn't have my phone #.

now ak gal of all people should know ive never misused her phone number in any way.

AlaskaGal1 and i never will be to people that are assholes to me. to those whove never been though, ive always been loyal to them.

In reply to Kristi Smith

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@sevencard2003 yes, but you aren't really nice in general.

In reply to tony bigcharles

18h tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003

@sevencard2003 @AlaskaGal1 never was anything but nice to u

In reply to tony bigcharles

Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1Reply

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@sevencard2003 I quit reading your blog long ago but lately have seen some copied segments and some of it pissed me off.

Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1Reply

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@sevencard2003 you lied in one blog and said my boss sent you a "profanity laced" response to your request to attend an AVP meet. Lie.

Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1Reply

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@sevencard2003 you are disrespectful to women. You are racist. You are narcissistic. Why would I WANT to be your friend or loyal supporter?

-------------------------------------ok thats a small portion of twitter exchanges between me and akgal. i couldnt really talk on twitter easy because i was in the middle of 2 important online tournies at the same time.
but i dont think i am guilty of the things she accused me of. i dont think i am disrepectful to women, (and i do think some black guys are by making them work as whores instead of treating them with love and respect. instead they violently beat them up if they dont bring in enough money). i think i am very respectful to women. i want a woman for a real loving longterm relationship, not just for casual sex. i want to make sure the woman enjoys herself if we are fooling around. i get offended by unkind comments others post to women on and always go to speak up in their behalf if others make crude sexuals comments, and yet still i get blocked my women there because so many cannot stand the fact i dont agree with the new liberal culture celebrating drinking and gay marriage, and when i speak out against sin and wickedness, they block me. even though i am thier greatest defender. and i dont believe all the lies people say about rick santorum either. any man who dont believe in sharia law and honor killings and votes republican to stop those things from ever taking place in america is a good man. if people think Christianity is somehow anti-women, they need to read their Bible a little better, and look at how moslem cultures treat their women. but whoops i cant say that to akgal, it would make me "racist".

and thats why things dont change and people dont speak out about mistreatment of women around the world. people are afraid of being labeled racist. i only tell women that id like to meet them become friends and get to know them, and that i want a real girlfriend and someone to fall in love with, and simply cause they dont like my picture, or think im socially awkward, they block me when i try to make friends. having to live in a casino and meet them there also tends to give them wrong impressions. i'm less racist than others, because id be willing to spend time with a woman who isnt white. lots of blacks exclusively date white women, and treat black women like dirt. and thats one of the reasons im afraid to trust black men, until i get to know them rather well, like the young mark who plays poker at bills, and was cynthia the dealers bf at osheas. (not the same cindy at IP). totally different woman. also adrian the dealer at the nugget is a very nice guy, and Quentin the dealer at the IP. all of whom are black.

my favorite floorman ever was leroy from the president in st louis, hes black. and my favorite teacher in 9th grade in great bend ks was mr whitfield, he was black.

i dont think i am racist. i just was mistreated a lot by blacks in prisons, homeless shelter, mental institutions, and out on the street in very bad neighborhoods so i have a lot of fears. i would think anyone would be able to understand that i dont judge others by their color the same way blacks and liberals judge me by the fact im white. political correctness has destroyed and ruined this country.

akgal thinks that because ive always wanted a woman to have her free time available to spend with me in the casino instead of having to work. but arent there still women that dream of being independently wealthy, not having to work, and be a mom and a wife instead of a career person with no free time? who could play poker as many hours a day as me? i would think that means i want to be very good to my woman. and since i feel like i cannot do this without money, it also works to make me more bitter about the fact i have no money, be bitter towards those with money, and be more desperate to build up my roll.

only way i see my problems will ever get solved is if i have a far far larger roll. and i want to do anything i can to make my poker game better, so i can grind out a large amount of money. and to stay off machines which are bad for me, and to learn a lot more selfdiscipline to not let things that annoy me to get me so upset.

u see the problem with that other website is the people posting there dont want me to do anything to change. they want me to continue as i am, to constantly behave worse and worse, just for their entertainment value, and to get me banned. if someone posts there, unless they are doing it to stand up and defend me which i wish more people would since me and josie dont want to post there but ignore the site instead, it makes me wonder about how they really feel about me.

and u know norcaljew and ninjaturtle on 2+2 who didnt want me around anymore and to be friends when i went off on the dealer over posting $3 blinds? i was originally trying to be friends with them too, just didnt know how to go about it. i got so angry over all the beats which took about $500 out of my $4800 roll down to 4300 if i remember right. and they shouldve been a little more understanding as to why i was in such a bad mood. i dont know how to tell when people are being mean, and i just thought the dealer was being mean. lots of others have told me he wasnt, and i accept that now, but how the fuck was i supposed to know that at the time?

and socorro or someone said i shouldnt only let positive people view my blog and not allow any criticism? ive got criticism of me on here left and right. ive not banned critical comments at all, only unkind comments. i dont think he really understands me. and i did show up at the nugget unlike what he said in that pm. i never could tell who was him, i got to thinking i couldnt trust him anymore to not be unkind. i couldve been wrong, but i cannot tell who to trust and whom not to trust. all it would take is one person to show them my new blog.

------Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1Reply

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@sevencard2003 You might have more friends/supporters if you simply learned to treat people how YOU want to be treated.

tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003Reply
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@AlaskaGal1 i pretty much do treat people that way until i feel theyve done something horribly unkind to me and way out of line.

tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003

my only problem is due to the autism, i cannot always tell whose being unkind intentionally and whose being unkind intentionally.

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@sevencard2003 Like being black?

In reply to tony bigcharles

18h Michael Reed‏@merchdawg

Alright, think I will go to sleep now.

18h tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003

@AlaskaGal1 i pretty much do treat people that way until i feel theyve done something horribly unkind to me and way out of line.

In reply to Kristi Smith

18h Michael Reed‏@merchdawg

All of the Kostitsyn's with stars tonight. Andrei getst 1st, Sergei gets 3rd, Erat gets the other.

18h Michael Reed‏@merchdawg

#Preds are now only 2 points behind the Wings.

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@sevencard2003 You might have more friends/supporters if you simply learned to treat people how YOU want to be treated.

18h Michael Reed‏@merchdawg

This Kostitsyn interview, I just do what I do.

18h Julian Rodriguez‏@jae811

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAUAHAHAHAHART @fountainnnn He only goes to great teams though RT @YvesAVENGERZ: Time for Phil Jackson to return to the Knicks

18h Peter Sanders‏@psandman

@AlaskaGal1 well if you invite the crazy violent, racist, homeless guy into your life ......

In reply to Kristi Smith

18h Apollo @AVP‏@apolloavp

@AlaskaGal1 I really dig the Ooma blacklist feature. I can give out my number and just blacklist abusers so the get a disconnected message.

In reply to Kristi Smith

18h Michael Reed‏@merchdawg

Thank you Pekka. Hands go up! #Preds

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@sevencard2003 not interested. Talking to you is like talking to a brick wall. None of these things haven't been said to you before.

In reply to tony bigcharles

18h tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003

@AlaskaGal1 how can u prove it? would u like to see what he sent me>

In reply to Kristi Smith

18h Travis Netterfield‏@FuBaR1218

@sevencard2003 post it or GTFO

18h Michael Reed‏@merchdawg

Pekka coming up big. #Preds

18h tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003

@AlaskaGal1 i dont think any of those things are true, why not talk to me about it in a private email?

In reply to Kristi Smith

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@sevencard2003 it is a lie.

In reply to tony bigcharles

18h Michael Reed‏@merchdawg

AK46 everyone. #Preds

18h tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003

@AlaskaGal1 not only is that not a lie, i saved the evidence and can post it

In reply to Kristi Smith

18h tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003

actually im not doing all that bad in the other tourny either. the most important tourney is 2 off the money in hand for hand.

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@PokerGrump @psandman LOL, definitely not the same thing as getting my passport stamped.

In reply to Poker Grump

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@sevencard2003 you are disrespectful to women. You are racist. You are narcissistic. Why would I WANT to be your friend or loyal supporter?

In reply to tony bigcharles

18h David Brent‏@CoolDave88

@MissingFlops Try this link:

View media

18h Chris Choy‏@chrischoy

dunder-mifflin, this is kevin. please hold

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@sevencard2003 you lied in one blog and said my boss sent you a "profanity laced" response to your request to attend an AVP meet. Lie.

In reply to tony bigcharles

18h Robert Woolley‏@RandomlyBob

Grocery list currently has 4 items. 3 of them start with "p." Might have to delete "butter" from the list to keep consistency. #ocd

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@sevencard2003 I quit reading your blog long ago but lately have seen some copied segments and some of it pissed me off

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@sevencard2003 you have actually been disrespectful on a couple of occasions.

In reply to tony bigcharles

18h Michael Reed‏@merchdawg

That 3rd period looked like the Kings game last week all over. Just horrible defensive period. #Preds need to step it up in OT.

18h Poker Grump‏@PokerGrump

Sounds like a sexual euphemism to me. RT @AlaskaGal1: @psandman the dog finally ate the gravy.

18h Travis Netterfield‏@FuBaR1218

Can we piece together that @sevencard2003 was the first unfriendly of @AlaskaGal1 ?

@AlaskaGal1 and i never will be to people that are assholes to me. to those whove never been though, ive always been loyal to them.
@AlaskaGal1 95% of americans are taught to hate me due to my color and disability and im the racist and the bad guy?
@AlaskaGal1 and deserve special rights not given to whites, jews and native americans
@AlaskaGal1 all races are equal in Gods sight, and im sick of the far left wing PC crowd saying blacks and mexicans better

In reply to tony bigcharles

18h tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003

@AlaskaGal1 why do u think black men are morally superior to white people and should be treated as gods and whites should be demonized?

In reply to Kristi Smith

18h Kristi Smith‏@AlaskaGal1

@sevencard2003 OMG... Please stop.

In reply to tony bigcharles

18h tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003

@AlaskaGal1 i am not anywhere near as racist as most black guys are. black guys think black woman are inferior and wont go out with them

In reply to Kristi Smith

18h tony bigcharles‏@sevencard2003

@sevencard2003 @AlaskaGal1 to write down all my thoughts no matter how crazy to help me with healing.
@AlaskaGal1 i dont think ive ever been unkind to someone in person whose black for being black. things i say in blogs, my therapist said to

------a little out of order, but im not good at copying and pasting off twitter, and im sick of being online, been typing this post over 2 hours now.

so can i trust socorro01 or not? i cannot find what tatude is referring to i looked thru all his twitter feed, it must have been posted on either avp or dablackpimps website instead of twitter.

Monday, March 12, 2012

finally waking up at a better time for laughlin that is

waking up with only $4900 though, so i really need to get out of here, no matter how nice it is to live cheaply and not have to move rooms, and go somewhere where i can play poker 24/7 like vegas. id still like to go out east but it looks like id have to take a plane, and i didnt want to pay over $208 either. the bus would just be too much of a pain in the ass.

i ended up betting too much on the VBJ once i got stuck in a desperate attempt to get even shouldve done what scmg told me to and limited the bet to $60. yeah i had 6 bets of $100 out (with double downs and lost) trying to recover the loss of about $500. so i was out $1100+ yesterday. and if anyone knows who herschel w is, ive heard some good things about the poker room in jacksonville.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

sure wish i had some money on BCP

just got back from picking up my laundry with sickcallmggee, and he convinced me to throw away a shirt thats got a hole in it. i dont like doing that, because the less shirts i have, the more often i have to do laundry but he thought the hole looked bad. also since im broke again on BCP, i dont want to be in my room too much cause i get bored posting if im not able to play online at the same time. but at least now ive got a large supply of clean laundry again that wont run out for awhile.

heres an important thought, who are people who i can add to this blog, who can be trusted not to copy and paste it onto the other site?

still living at the river palms, but really need to talk to my host when she gets back in on tuesday to see about if my $80 a week offer is still good, she is surprised im not losing, and i hope i dont get banned from getting comped because im winning.

i hope i wont be charged $155 just for those 5 days. and im barely hanging onto $6000. a lucky $400+ win a couple days ago helped considering the money i spent on mom, laundry, paying $89 for 4 of them days, and the $100 i lost in yesterdays tourney.

i decided to get in on the last minute becuase scmg talked me into it. it was a good deal, over 200 people, and not the usual tourney players. and it was pretty deepstacked and slow blinds without the huge cost it would be in vegas. thought it a good way to get experience. started off doing good early. then got bored when not having any decent hands, tried to bluff with 55 once when i thought a guy was weak who probably wasnt as weak as i thought, and then later with a bad allin against another raiser with 67 suited.

u cant lose ur patience when playing long tourneys and u shouldnt try to bluff either.

still dont think laughlin is the best place for me long term, but i like not having to move rooms or commute. the poker here is so lousy i really need to be if not on the east coast, at least in vegas. im just afraid i might be tempted by much worse paying machines if i leave. But here ive been playing too much, and what if i take another loss to $5000? i have been playing lower stakes and not raising my bet at the first sign of a plus count, now ive waiting for a much higher plus count. could be whats helping, or could just be variance. a total of over $40,000 run thru the VBJ, and still up over $3000. (last 3 weeks altogether).

also scmg introduced me to buying some kiwis to eat when he stopped at walmart. ive not eaten those and they are really good.

i wouldve liked to had gone out east, but it seems like the fares have really been raised for amtrak and its often sold out. even planes are high if u dont commit to it way ahead of time, in which i cant change my mind. but i do know ive got to get something done about getting new id by may. if theres anything i left out that i should post, will probably get around to it later.

what does everyone think i should do so people wont make them kind of websites, and how can i get rid of all the things i mightve posted in the past id rather not be seen around the web. if i ever became famous for winning the wsop, i wouldnt want most people i am sitting at the table with to know all of that. my beliefs shouldnt be anyone elses business.

Friday, March 9, 2012

ive got some decisions to make

sitting in my room, playing on BCP with the $20 i just deposited, tried to look for josies reload bonus code but gave up, while on there i started browsing a few others blogs ive never read and started reading. and i see that other sites already made a new post about me, but ive not yet read it, or any of the emails ive received in the last hour since sending josie and mom that final email. and most of the last hour or 2 before i went back to my room i was downstairs on the VBJ machine, where i managed to win $100 approximately and now my rolls at $5800.

i feel bad about the following email i sent mom on facebook, right before i changed my facebook password, blocked her on facebook so she couldnt message me, (i got so tired of all the things she posted on my wall also people thought were from me, and her talking about Jesus to a girl id met at the poker table and the girl and her friends probably thinking it was me) but she needs to GET HER OWN DEBIT CARD, and not try and force me to order things for her all the time. i really should do something for her birthday but what? id like to buy her a debit card and send it to her, and i certainly cant afford the $103 it wouldve cost me to buy them 4 pairs of shoes she wanted me to order. and since i may not be around and be on the road, i dont want to be stuck sitting around this area waiting on a check either. dont want to have to ever go back into vegas at all. tired of being where people know me everyday. it effects my poker game, and seriously effects my chances of winning. would be very easy to win out on the east coast. also im afraid the temptation to play that machine in vegas, now that the payback is much better and with comps would pay over 100% would be too much for me.

sickcallmggee will be taking me to the laundrymat any minute.

--------------removing u from facebook friends list and blocking u, have changed my password, and deleted my farmtown and farmville accounts since i never used them. also called up tmobile and had them change my phone number. ive got friends upset with me i play poker with because they think its Me preaching at them instead of u. i dont need this aggravation. im 43 years old, no one has the right to boss me around and order me to do something i dont want to do, and instead of just accepting the word no, u want to try and hold a knife to my throat and force me to do it against my will. thats not gonna happen and ill get on ur wall and post about it in detail to all ur friends how u dont believe its morally right to use a debit card and they will think u are a fool.

also im dropping out of sight. closing all my online social media accounts. (dont think its because of u.) planned this 2 days ago. someone has been harrassing me online, and i need to disappear. closing every website i post in, and all the websites i use to communicate with people, and i hope those few hundred thousand readers all forget all about me before any more problems are created for me. no longer will anyone be seeing things i post on various sites and know where ill be playing poker at if they want to find me. am boarding the amtrak to the east coast later today and disappearing out of sight and will be playing poker will no one i dont want to know will ever find me again. will find cheap housing in a small town near a casino in the middle of a state thousands of miles away where all my regular readers and followers everyday who post deragatory insulting comment about me on a poker webblog i follow will never know how to reach me ever again. just wanted to say goodbye. its why i wont be able to receive any mail anymore. took all my money out of the cage at the rio when i left vegas, and am not ever coming back.
the above (between the lines) was the message i sent mom on facebook before i blocked her and now i can no longer send messages. and this is what she later sent me.


Am so sorry to hear all of this. By blocking me u caused face book to not let me invite friends for the next 30 days which means u caused me a lot of trouble and I really don't know of anything I did wrong.
You know that I deeply care about you and want only the best for you. I over look most of your wrong thoughts and comments to me and about me because I realize that you and Mark have a serious mental handicap where neither of you can understand things correctly. My heart has always went out to people like you and Mark. Believe me Tony, when I say, I only want the best for you and Mark. It is so hard for me to keep silent and let you and Mark destroy yourselves. I can understand why u have so much trouble communicating with others. That is due to AUTISM. Autism is a communication disorder. That is why I bought special literature to teach Mark the difference between how, when, what, where, etc. words. Other people in the world do not understand people like u and Mark unless they have been trained to understand or u nless they have had someone in their family with autism.
Wherever u go son, please stay intouch with Mark and I . You owe that to both of us. We care about you and like you. Please don't hurt Mark more by not letting him know where you are.
What do u want me to do about the shoes? Shall I give Roy a check or

------------------------now why would she still ask about the shoes, when i made it obvious i wouldnt do it and that was the cause of the whole issue in the first place?

and as far as mark is concerned, im furious about the way she raised him to believe gambling is wrong and a sin, and he has no interest in my poker life. which i guess is Me and my life since thats the only life i know and i have no life outside of poker. would like to someday have a son who could share my likes and interests need to start fresh with someone else if im ever married to Britni. u see i feel like im not accepted by him because of his religious beliefs. (same as some people feel about me i guess which is so funny). and thats why i dont really want anything to do with him until he no longer believes gambling is sinful.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

in sickcallmggees car on the highway back to laughlin

always knew id be coming back to laughlin anyway, (after grabbing all the free play and the $2000 stored at the rio) because my room was still good in laughlin til friday, and i left all my clothes etc in my room here in laughlin cept for 2 clean shirts and also becuase i left $3000 of my money stored for safekeeping in my safe deposit box here at the river palms. this was something i had to do so id be free to leave laughlin immediately for the east coast where they dont have the VBJ machines. besides i have to go to louisiana before may to try and get my new uptodate id before it expires.

anyway i decided to leave as soon as i took a big drop at VBJ at the river palms, which i did yesterday morning. (went down to $6300 from $7200). then i paid sickcallmggee another $150 to ride me up to and around all over vegas, plus i gave him one of my 2 free rooms. and if i return to vegas i still have $314 in comp dollars at binions to get about 10 days worth of rooms. arrived in vegas with about $6300 and after paying him and claiming all the free play, i was over $6450. slept about 5 hours at the rio, and then he came to pick me up and take me to the golden nugget after he slept. and i sat in a good loose action game which he talks about on his blog.

i lost the rest of my stack with AK vs AQ, all the money went in preflop and the action player sucked out. sickcall was saying what an afwul player that guy was. earlier id tried a bluff at his suggestion that didnt work out. he claims i dont bluff nearly enough.

and then i went to check out the info on the VBJ machine at binions. sure enough, the payout has been changed to 3-2 on it and im surprised, because they give 0.33% cashback compared to laughlins 0.10% and also they give $2 in comps back for every $1 cashback. only difference is thier machine shuffles every single hand, making counting useless. and it also stands on soft 17. so its $99.61 payback, plus 0.33% cashback, and comps too making it over 100% but only with comps, cashback isnt over and u cannot count the cards. but u lose only about 5-10cents for every $100 ran and u get more in comps, so its good only for getting rooms. but u must play very low stakes. and dont forget the added small value of doing the spin to win promo, sometimes u win free play doing it once u run $2400 in total play through their machines. (300 points) its one point for every $8. $320 in total play which is 40 points equals $1 cashback and $2 comps.

so theroretically i would not be hurt playing that machine, as long as i needed rooms. but thats if i had the discipline to limit my bets to small amounts like $1-10 which i do not. for i bet too much and he seen me lose 5 bets of $50. so now my rolls down to $5300 or less (also got charged cell phone bill) ive lost most of my money on machines due to severly overbetting for my roll. i did it after losing $360 at the nugget in a good game, not being able to ever get any good cards.

whoever posted that on my blog, im surprised theyve even looked at the payback and knew about the new payback, since they probably dont play themself. not really sure which machine is better, the new binions one with much better comps and cashback, or the one in laughlin with poor comps and cashback, but doesnt shuffle every hand giving u a chance to track the cards.

really not sure how long ill be in laughlin or where ill go or what ill do to not go broke. $5200 isnt too bad of roll for poker, ive been worse off in my life. wish i could discipline myself to not bet so much when im behind, could still use some counseling. will be glad when NV has online poker up and running. and i see the lights of laughlin coming up in 2 miles. finally got internet access on my laptop again from his car. its spotty out in the open mountains.

also i still need to talk to an attorny too about suing a guy for defamation of character and misusing my name without permission. wouldnt be neccessary if people would work with me instead of being a jerk. and first things im going be doing all day is getting an awful lot of sleep.