Friday, July 28, 2017

from the lobby of LAS international airport

    Most of the day today was spent unsure if i was going to renew where i was living in for a longer period of time or not. it's not easy to VOLUNTARILY move out of one of the nicest and most comfortable safest places ive ever lived in. but i know in the end its very difficult to win more money in vegas than u can in other cities and is the worst of possible choices of cities to pick if u wish to earn your living exclusively from live poker. i won only $1200 in July in poker. and spent well over twice this on this months living expenses. i dropped from $19,200 when i moved here for 5 weeks, to $17,300 today, so this isnt the route to success.

But where should i go? hmm. I would love to visit albuquerque, hawaiian gardens, missoula, miami, new hampshire, Moline, Blackhawk, and 1-2 other places. but im probably better off in reno or shreveport or detroit or tampa or st louis if i really wish to increase and grow the bankroll.

the goal today when i started the day with $17,900 was to win $1300 so i wouldnt lose any ground. (or at least win 400 so i could renew my lease 1 more week which would kick the can on down the road a week). i started off not doing too badly, i bought in $113 in the wynn (where i went because i knew id need to close out my box before i go out of town) though i know the game sucks there. the choices of varities are among the best in town, but certainly not the quality of the games themselves.

in the first 30 minutes i had it up to where i had $243 on the table. then i started losing, and eventually was in the game for $583. briefly got up one more time, and had $631 in front of me. but when i dropped to $468, i left for the $1-2 PLO. i think i wouldve been better off trying the $2-5 NL.

i got tired of never getting to see the river in the $1-2 PLO. due to fact its usually raised preflop to $15, then re-raised to $45. i seen very few hands, much tighter than the field. especially with the $5 bring in. (why its not good for the game). one flop i seen the $15 with ak clubs 45 spades and flopped the wheel with the diamond flush draw out there. checked to me, i bet (u dont slowplay in omaha) no one called which shocked me, and i showed only the 45 of spades, convincing them the other 2 were 67 of a different suit instead of the ak clubs which is true.

then i never won one more pot. got dealt KKJT with 3 diamonds, made it $20 on the cutoff. one guy in EP reraised to $90. i called, flop comes J63 rainbow, he bets i folded. how would u played it?

then one more hand i got KKA3 preflop i only limp $5 being UTG out of position, no one raised this time. flop comes Q42 guy bets pot, i folded. turn comes 5, river 6, he won with 37. he turned the wheel though too.

finally after being there 2-3 hours, plus a few hours in the $1-3 im ready to commit with my last $261. i raised preflop with A4 of hearts KK, no heart. flop comes 359 rainbow, one heart. i check one guy bets pot, folded to me, i shove. no point in check calling, then folding the turn. made this mistake too much in the past. he calls and im still ahead at the time. the 5 on the end seals my fate and gives him trips. he had A567. he'd recently lost back the whole $1500+ in front of him and was looser than most.

i quit, cash out my lone $1 chip which didnt play. i'd rather go thru life paralyzed than give it to the dealer. got my deposit of $100 back, plus the $3000, and went home. no BJ in the wynn, for sure. $50 minimum if u wish to get 3-2. good thing i wasnt downtown mightve lost $3000 more in the golden gate if the worst were to occur.

cooked the last remaining can of chicken dumplings, then the can of green beans, and though i wasnt entirely full, that was the end of the food. maybe i shouldve used up some of my wynn comps. then i went about packing my bags, and trying to remember which pieces of silverware were my own so i didnt accidently take silverware which belonged to someone else. Turned the keys in to the doorman and left for the airport in Uber for an early morning flight elsewhere. i didnt figure id wake up in time if i went to sleep. im tired, not in the best of moods, and dont feel like saying much more at this point. either vegas sucks or i dont play in the best rooms. i think just like Rob does, that it sucks.

Monday, July 24, 2017

u cant win if u play in the wynn

     Sitting at home cooking food and eating it up in preparation to finish up and be ready to move out of town on the 28th of July. I thought i might wish to remain in town longer since i now have a safe deposit box, but its just too damned difficult to win in the Encore poker room. im not sure why but this is a common opinion among most players of the wynn being more difficult. they do have loose foreignors coming in dumping off $500 or so in the $1-3 but for some reason its not easy like the $1-3 NL in shreveport is. most of the same players u recognize everyday. at first i was winning in there, then 3 days all in a row i lost over $350, over $625 and over $800. so today i went back to the nugget.

it didnt work too well, i never got up more than $1, and eventually lost $181. no one bought in over $300 on the front table, (very unusual) and i left to go play BJ in the golden gate. considering i lost over $750 in the nugget live BJ table the day before, i know the golden gate offers the better BJ game if u count as opposed to playing basic strategy.

none of the BJ tables were empty, (wrong time of day) but the closest table to being empty was $10 instead of $5 and contained only 1 young black girl betting $25, with another immodestly dressed black girl beside her and it was obvious they were a gay couple. and that they both were rich. now normally i wouldnt play here, (although RobVP would). she also smoked, but at least she sat in the end seat and not a middle seat, giving u the chance to sit far from her. and always betting the annoying sucker side bet (which means u win if the dealer has an ace--side bet, not your hand) plus other possibilities. i dont like bets which cause the players to root for the dealer to get BJ or any card other than 5 or 6. im rooting for the dealer to have 5 or 6 up every single hand.

Plus she took her double downs face down every time, which is unfriendly to the other players also, because it deprives them of info to help them play correctly. she misplayed lots of hands one which caused the dealer to not bust, but as soon as i went to 2 spots, then when she lost she told the girl with her, "this is why i like to play by myself". i told her how much i preferred this too, but its the only game which wasnt crowded.

like my going to 2 spots would be the sole reason shes not winning. lucky for me when i got my bet up to 2 hands of $150 i finally won both and when i left to return to the nugget poker room, i was no longer down $181, but up $33.

ended up in the same game and the drunk on my left was gathering a huge pile, cracking people with JK suited for huge pots just like he did right before i left. he had well over $700. earlier no one had much over $300. i bought in $120, and soon had it up to $505. shouldve left then but i didnt til it dropped to $349, but i then wised up and quit. i should do laundry too but im tired and dont feel up to it. 3 shirts left.

yesterday i built up the right image by making it $125 preflop with 7-2 off (showed it) and picked up 4-5 peoples $15 preflop raise or call. but i couldnt get it to pay off for me. i lost BIG yesterday. my hourly is $8 this month, early on it was $22. last month the hourly was $15. this entire yaer the hourly is $10 only.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ending your session early

    When u are up a much bigger day's pay than normal, this is when its the most difficult to play your best (if most of the other players have u covered that is). and when u are stuck, its alot easier to play your best because then u will have "no fear" by this i mean, u wont be afraid to take risks by shoving (u might even take some foolheardy and desperate risks.) u wont be folding winners. but if u are up, u might make some very bad folds, worried of losing back the entire stack. or at least the win, and it will seriously upset u emotionally.

now when im up, but only like $50-125, usually i want to keep playing if its early in the session, but not if its going on over 8 hours. but when im up significantly, (say close to $500) i cant play well.

tonight in the nugget, about 4 hours in and after a recent table change to where the stacks were bigger, i won a pot with JJ i thought about folding due to his reraise preflop over my $15 raise to $60, then continued to bet $80 on a flop with 2 hearts when my JJ was an overpair. 10 comes on turn, ive still got an overpair. he puts me in for my other $140 or so and misses his ak of hearts so i win a nice pot. then u see, i wasnt up much before this hand so i didnt fear so much losing my stack.

once this hand ended, and i had well over $700, (when i won 1 more pot soon thereafter) i then folded AK preflop to a raise and reraise from the big stack, who had ak too where id split the pot. so i left. took the $2 CX bus to the wynn right outside Binions, one of my favorite city buses. on the way thru wynn into encore noticed some 1c weird baccarat machine i figured id investigate later id never seen.

then i took a seat in the $1-3 NL and soon had turned $115 into $378. then comes a hand where a loose foreignor reraises to $42 some other guys $15 bet. i shoved with QQ when i thought of folding but i had him covered by close to $80. only he calls and the board comes 9TJ99. i show QQ, hoping to not see aa or kk then he shows me J9 of spades. wtf?

so i dont feel like playing no more and cash out, nice to still be up from the nugget. on the way out i go thru the wynn, and lose over $150 in the VB machine. turns out the min bet on the 1c VB is $6. wtf? it plays 3 baccarat hands but is basically a slot with weird bonuses and u often lose partial bets even if u win 2 of the 3 hands. not like i expected at all. never playing it again.

they do have $10 UTHE there unlike the $15 min in encore if i ever feel like a table game next time.

hope this was helpful when showing when its a good idea not to put in enough hours everytime.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

explaining my twitter comments

well my time in vegas will soon come to an end, hard to believe most of the 5 weeks are gone already. lightning has came and gone, and Koala is still here for a brief while longer. when he first came to town, we played much more poker together than he is doing now. i still sleep weird hours much different from day to day, plus i always need to leave the game immediately if im giving back too much of a decent win. been playing more in the wynn lately, since i got me a safety deposit box. and im glad im back to being just over $18,000. nice to no longer need to carry cash on me. im home now updating the blog and cooking eggs.

Bitcoin is dropping like a rock, so the $190 i had left online i took off the BJ site and left only $20. and shipped it back to the bank, which is what finally put me back over $18,000. since its only going to go down til the fork problems coming up in august get resolved, its best to stay completely clear of it til then.

Koala and i played in the nugget once, the wynn once, and planet H twice. soon he will go to reno/tahoe for 1 week or so, then return. he keeps losing BIG in poker, then recovering the money in BJ. he isnt counting though, he increased his bet in the golden gate from $75 to $100 when it was minus 11. i started out very bad, out $324 that day, and so did he. but he recovered, the shoe got good, then i finished the shoe by myself and ended up winning over $150. briefly the shoe was plus 21. they dealt out 7 whole decks or more out of 8.

i was lucky to recover some of my poker loss in Planet H on the big split VP the other night after i left or id be $250 worse off now.

when i posted on twitter the other day to @onechiquita (alysia chang) that money was more valuable than anything else, i meant that without it u cant survive. u sleep outdoors instead of indoors when u are without it. u cannot eat. u cannot find relationships either, u are under way too much stress to. yes the love of 1 good woman who will stick with u for life is very important and means more than anything in the world. but without $ u wont find it. and she didnt mention a wife or girlfriend. she said family and friends, which are nice to have, but lower down the list. many marriages have been ruined because people put their family or friends over their wives and girlfriends. i'm the ONLY man who puts my girl first, i visited sue every day in the state mental hospital when age 19-21 unless i was out of town. even when homeless and needing to spend the entire day panhandling to come up with money for a shitty rooming house or the shelter i lived in sometimes. but i never missed seeing the girl who i loved and the ONLY girl to ever tell me she loved me when her judge wouldnt let her see me for a while due to her running away. and she did til she took up with a black guy in the institution the time she didnt want me to go to iowa/st louis for over 1 month. he later got shot by the police like 2-3 yrs later.

when i knew lorna and britni in my pokerstars days of 2002-2009 then again i wasted money trying to find love, putting their needs first, or at least i felt like i was. maybe not their true needs, but their money needs. though Britni would get mad and say i got her to spend too much time on poker and i think she later gave poker up for good. ending online in the US did this.

so to AC, yes the love of a good woman is number 1, but without $$ u will never get this. first u need to be able to survive and care for yourself or they wont want u. this takes $.. which is why i say $ is over all else. either this or u need to be good looking and the only women who ever considered me good looking were like before i was 21. (a few women i had sex with before i met sue or around the same time). i wish i had the picture of my newspaper with my picture in it while this age.

wonder how many of my readers seen the video interview of me Pure aggression did which i talked of in the comments section of the previous blog entry?

Monday, July 10, 2017

$2-5 wynn

yesterday started off poorly in the nugget due to me making a very good read, so i started off behind and stayed behind until the very end. this is how the good read went down, which took place right after i first got seated. i got dealt KK, raised it to $15 in late position, the button calls, the SB calls and the guy who originally limped UTG makes it $60. well i knew he had a monster hand, so i laid the KK down, everyone folded, he shows QQ. and since id just sat down, the most id lost wouldve been $100.

eventually i got stuck $316, and ended up moving tables more than once from games breaking. ran into a woman who reads my blog i didnt know about who was on 3 of my tables. i finally rebought for $700 the final time, (much more than i should) but i did better off the bigger buyin, which is almost always the case. i didnt recover the money, but i did cash out $964 of the $1016. then the game broke.

originally i decided to go home, but i ended up going in the wynn instead. the $1-3 was full, so i sat in the $2-5. a group of 4 guys who appeared to be middle eastern foreignors (mostly) came in and i could hear them talking from the desk about wanting to play $1-3 but they decided to also play $2-5 and they joined my game, making it 9 handed now. (about 10 minutes after i had sat). so when they called me for $1-3 i decided to stay where im at, thinking it might be a good game.

i get all in preflop with ak suited, with 2 callers. this is when im down to only about $130 left, and one of the looser players (who lost about $700 and left broke with his girl watching in a short time) had originally raised to $35. one guy calls, whose new and i shoved. flop comes AT4,6,4 and it looks like its getting checked around again on the river. too bad i couldnt bet the flop. then the first guy suddenly says he didnt check, throws out $100. he backdoored the flush with k3 clubs, since there was only 1 club on the flop he wouldve been out.

i rebought $262 (if u are wondering why i didnt rebuy $264, the other $2 went for bus fare to the wynn) and proceeded to do better off the bigger buyin. eventually i had it up to $403, when the big hand id been waiting for all night took place. i limped UTG with aa, a guy made it $30 another guy calls, the loose foreignor (only one of the group still there) bets $60, and i shove, hoping for only 1 call, but if not, the $120 plus in dead money will get me close enough to even to quit for the night seeing ive played many hours. everyone folds but the loose guy, and i dont remember the board but its 5 cards something like 367TQ with no flush out there. he looks at his cards so long without giving them up, then showing them to his neighbor, i fear im about to be slowrolled big time. then he finally mucks, what a sense of relief. i quit then of course on my BB.

got my uber, buy some food in the Vons store then go home. new roll $17,200. of course it was $19,200 when i took the 5 weeks, and its getting awful close to july 28th when the 5 weeks are up and ill need to be back to $19,200 by then.

i finally got to meet the girl in person cdizzy wanted me to meet back in January. a girl named amber from austin tx who plays lots of tourneys in OK cali and vegas but very little cash. shes friends with some famous player named aaron fong whoever he is. her and her friend cheryl were in the Planet h tourney and i stopped by to offer an icecream sandwich and say hi. she said she would see me downtown later then never did the next day she said she would meet up, then the next thing i knew she returned to austin without ever doing so. i wouldve sworn cdizzy was very sure she wasnt taken and liked my photo, but it didnt seem this way from seeing ambers facebook posts. seems she was in love with some guy in vegas this year which recently ended. i think ill have ray find me a girl, its better is moslem or other traditional countries, where men dont need to look and a girl is arraigned for them when they turn 21.

Monday, July 3, 2017

what happened to the 15 winning sessions in a row?

I've noticed patterns lot while playing poker. seems both winning sessions, (and losing sessions) all come in streaks. Since i moved in here (must leave on July 28th) i needed to win at least enough to get my $17,100 i was down to after moving in back to $19,200 so i wouldnt lose ground if i tried to see if i could stay longer. instead im down to $15,600. The only bright side is i won $3500 in poker for the month of June. (july isnt out of the hole yet). Since i only track poker cash games, not tourneys since it would not work right mixed together, i really won like $600-700 less in June. normally i never play any, so no need to track them. this of course doesnt include BJ wins or losses either, nor should it.

Is seeing lightning, Koala, and other friends worth thousands of dollars which i desperately need for my physical health, other important needs, etc? i dont think so, i need to go back to Ray's house. its embarrassing to admit im too broke to afford $420 per week in housing when u break it down to the week. I'm not even convinced im taking in enough income to afford housing at all, even at the rate of $200 per week.

its a good thing i won those 15 times in a row, or id never got up to $19,200 before i spent the money on housing, then started losing on poker or BJ. (1800 on BJ, $400 of which has been recovered since on better types of BJ-live instead of a machine which shuffles every hand.) i've been told the sugarhouse real money website deals out 20% of the cards before they shuffle, not sure who could verify this.

i need someone in the MD live area to pick up $300 worth of free play spread out in $30 installments multiple times in the July period. and to give me a fair price too, im going broke here. the st louis offers i cant do without doing it myself since they involve the tables and i never returned there, but its for bigger amounts. $125 16 times per month. not sure if ill get it for July since i never went back.

the final hand tonight before i went home to cook the noodles i had 88. id been going from getting out of the hole to being up $90 (was in the game for $681) and my hours were getting close to 9-10 hours so i felt like retiring. one asian guy whose been losing and rebuying preflop raises to $12, i called with one other. flop comes 874 with 2 clubs, one spade. i see him look at the flop closely when i bet $30 so im wondering if hes drawing. turn comes J of spades. now theres 2 flush draws. he bets $30, and though i know he couldve raised preflop with JJ, i didnt think he was checking a pair on the flop, and i thought if he did have 9-10 or 5-6, both of which i felt werent nearly as likely as multiple other drawing hands, i knew i wasnt folding or letting him draw cheap, leaving me with a tougher river decision. plus he was loose. so i shoved over $300 to put him all in. he looks the board over real close like he might be overlooking something then calls with 9-10 and i missed the boat. no matter what u say, i need to win a big pot and go, im not going to only call and fear the monsters under the bed syndrome.

im sure lightning and Rob will do a better writeup than me of the game in planet H the other day, and me and lightning played there more than once, including the nugget too with DWP. i will say  Lightning cracked my aa with kk on the river when it went allin preflop for close to $500. i didnt go play slots or BJ that day instead me and lightning went to eat. maybe lightning will tell u about the deaf uber driver. me im lazy and anxious to finish this post. today went home too without playing anything but poker. i did sell $11 worth of foreign currency though, to slightly lower the loss.

cooldave seen most of the beats i took early on in the nugget, perhaps he can describe them i remember the ones later in the night long after he left easier. i think one of the early ones i had qq vs kk and one i turned nut flush draw, top pair top kicker she had kk too i had aq and i think she was the BF of the other guy, they all left to go play $2-5 cooldave said he was in the tourney with him and he is loose. i'm in such a hurry to get this post done and over with the least amount of work (unlike the trooper who prefers the most work possible) im keeping this short for once.