Tuesday, February 26, 2013

still grinding away

first of all, i am reading online about suspending tmobile phone service, and i will call and check on it once i get back in my room (been in here too long and about to go back out to the VBJ. am up $40, new roll $856). Not sure why bigshow wouldve thought i would even know this option would exist, truthfully i dont think it will exist, and i dont know of a single other person reading this blog whose ever been able to suspend service and avoid a lot of penalties and cutuffs when they got so broke they lost everything and couldnt pay none of thier bills. so im shocked why he would think id know this option existed, and naturally im going to think the only thing to do is cut off automatic bill payments thru my bank, and then just be unable to pay, and without auto bill payment, no way they can charge me. i do need to do this right away, may already be too late, might actually have a roll of $90 less than i think. i dont have too long to go on the tmobile contract, is supposed to expire in Oct, and then my bill will go down to $50 from $90. big savings.

i see they created a seperate thread for me to post about my VBJ plan on roughing the punter and to ask for advice in bet spreading. wish axb001 from AVP was still around.

----2 hours later-----
went to play 1 more session, won $9, new roll, $865. went to eat the buffet. played a very short time, with the full intention of quitting the second i was up 1% of my roll, providing of course, the count was negative at the end of the hand.

a bigger concern is the wisdom of cutting off my phone. how would i stay in touch with sickcallmggee as much as ill be needing him? Him, kingofdonks, and lightning have proved themself to be true understanding friends. also without a working phone, how can welfare and ssi stay in touch with me seeing i dont have an address? sickcall said i was welcome to use his address. (for getting mail that is). i cannot afford one, but i need one to live.

and an even more important thing i need to live is to keep my bank acct with enough money in it to stay functioning. for without a working bank card, id be unable to get hotel rooms at all once i leave Jean. and what should i do with my walmart debit card? it has only $7 on it, and $3 is about to come out march 1 as the monthly service fee unless i spend the whole $7 before then. if the balance goes below $0 it stays that until money is added. But it wouldnt close like my bank acct would. am wondering if i should spend that $7. and if theres not enough in the bank to cover an automatic bill payment deduction each month, is that treated like a bad check with a huge fee, or does it just get reversed without a fee?

i get charged $14 a month by my bank, which id never have to pay each month and could save a lot of money if i had a daily average balance of $1500 or more. main thing is to make sure i dont lose the bank account or id have no way to ever rent a hotel room.

i am in no rush to find out about moving to canada, wouldnt have the money. was in no rush even when i had the money. although it would be nice to play on stars.

the reason i think right wing people are more nicer and caring than leftwing people even though they mostly dont believe in govt assistance is a lot of things. for one they give far more to the poor and charities. there's 2 guys in toledo ohio in a law office thats by a gay bar. or used to be however. one is named John, the other Kerry, and ive not seen either in about 20 yrs, nor do i remember their last names. its in a very old building and probably no longer there. they were both strong pro-life activists, and thats what they did with thier law firm, defending those out protesting abortion clinics. They also cared a lot about the homeless, and i was homeless a lot in toledo at the time. made my living panhandling back in the days people still gave, and also lived in a lot of $130 a month rooming houses. even though the city didnt really allow it, they let about 4-5 homeless guys sleep in an old room at nights connected to their office, and Kerry often slept there too. guy with a large beard and fat in his 30s-50s. i was one of those homeless guys, and i stayed there off an on within a year. they were very close to God and often talked about the rapture. This was back when i was going out to toledo mental health center to visit sue daily after i was done panhandling. they also knew i gambled every weekend at all the catholic church and VFW monte carlo nights for charity they had way back then. back when i first learned poker, and played stud, 50c $1 and $1 $2 fixed limit. also pineapple.

the other homeless shelters i went to (often in areas its not good to go to after dark on foot) were mostly run by Christian organizations. not govt shelters, but ones where u had to listen to a gospel service. i often wouldve preferred to skip the service and just go to sleep, but i didnt resent it like an anti religious person would. But now that im old i just dont want to do that anymore and thats why i am so scared of being homeless now, and it seriously effects how i manage my finances. been too many years ago and im too old. but i thought giving a little background would help others understand where i came from.

almost all the jobs i ever got were thru panhandling. i never had any luck getting called in to be hired the regular way, with the exception of that one place in cleveland called RL Polk. (a mailing firm). a secular homeless activist who let me and Sue live with them for a week gave me that job, and of course she didnt have permission to leave toledo, and went back. and that also violated my probation, leaving toledo myself. the job lasted over 2 months, and i found a room for $60 a week on lorain av.

the way i got jobs thru panhandling was people would drive by, see my sign and offer to put me to work. since i sometimes took the work, (when none of the other bums would) i have always felt to this day a sense of superiority and am unable to believe i "refuse to work". one of the jobs lasted 3 days in a furniture store in wichita ks, one of them a week at a warehouse in memphis, and some of them in clarendon Hills very wealthy suburb outside chicago helping an elderly lady around her house. am too uncomfortable to do that anymore, not after a guy ripped me off once by not paying me after id done the work. one day i went around knocking on doors in iowa looking for odd jobs to earn money too, but thats an idea from the old days, nowdays its no longer safe. i did get offers a lot of stuff i felt physically unable to do and thats why i would like it to be something that didnt require a lot of strength, sometimes indoors simple and easy like the RL polk job, something where i can use my mind, for its still sharp. and truthfully the only jobs that fit are playing VBJ and playing poker. its the only skill i have, unless i was working at milton bradley inventing board games.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thank God for sickcallmggee and all the help he gave me

down to about $930, wasnt a good night, lost $107 trying to get out of the hole. played more spots than i should, not nearly all the time, but had money in 4 spots after Cutter left. That wasnt why i lost, it was because i bet too much, at one point betting 4 spots of $15 on plus 13 running count on what was the final hand when im supposed to spread to the max, but i dont have the roll to bet that high, and i wouldnt have if i wasnt sick of playing by then and stuck. room is now paid up til wed instead of up til monday, leaving me with $9 comps remaining. goal is to prepay about a month (total of $405 for 28 days) and have about $500 in comps remaining, which is the max in comps u can store on ur card at this casino. that would take a year or so and or a lot bigger sized bets.

even though i know i shouldnt, its so hard not to put out that final bet when stuck so much frustrated of never being ahead all night, and knowing the edge in ur favor is about as high as it gets. and i feel like in the long term it will benefit me to have the money on the table instead of in reserve. but maybe thats not true when im this broke?

and the $91 on lock is now sitting at $108. very nervous leaving that much in there when they could shut down, but need enough to work with. But its such a significant portion of my total worth.

whats this is hear that NV finalized approval of online poker and the gov signed it a day or so ago? so cant they start now no more wait?

so now my laundry is washed, folded, dried, at sickcalls favorite laundry, and $8 was spent on some food items for the room. will keep me going for a few weeks. i will reimburse sickcall by sharing the revenue from samstown freeroll chop mar 10 which he will bring me to, along with my welfare appt march 13.

at first we went to the wrong welfare office, state office instead of county. (didnt understand the county had its own seperate from the state). the state is what issues food stamps, county offers a medical program. so then we went to the one on martin luther king in north las vegas, where Vince said to go and sickcall lives. while waiting in there, the building had to be evacuated, a fire truck showed up, and they came and said they wouldnt be taking any new clients today, so we tried going to their other office after an employee said it didnt matter which office i used since im homeless. thats the one on pinto lane close to UMC.

much nicer office, and eventually got called about 3 1/2 hours after we went to the first office at 8am. and i got an apt to return march 13 at their other office to get the medical card. they will accept my louisiana id but only for 30 days, which is all i need to see a dr anyway. another thing im supposed to do is get a status letter from ssi showing i have a pending case thats on appeal. That can be picked up at any ssi office without needing to be mailed. sickcall said he could run me by there too.

we never did go by the harcrock, we left that for vince since we didnt want him going there and getting pissed off with it claimed already. if he hasnt picked it up he better hurry it ends sat night at midnight

Friday, February 22, 2013

me and sickcallmggee have a big day ahead of us today

If i was to check out of my room right now (friday morning before 11am) (room is paid with comps up to 11am monday morning) i'd have $66 in comps, exactly $16 more in comps than i came with, and $1086 cash (includes bank and debit cards but NOT money on lock) which is $106 more in cash than i came with. Which means so far the trip to Jean has been a success, and has saved me from being on the streets of vegas completely penniless, and of course since returning to Jean, i never once played another video poker machine, or any machine without a plus EV. still have $92 on lock also, give or take the results of the $6 sng im currently in. My monthly internet bill will be coming out anytime though. Jason (cutter) and his friend Benny from roughing the punter left to go to mesquite, and Benny seems like a nice guy, not a bit like this other guy on roughing the punter, who im assuming might be bigshow5404, blurred, tripjacks, not atilla, wec, dudeobromy, anyone of those people or anyone similar whose been banned on the forums or whereever from the past, a lot of those people might even be the same person.

this is what Mad lib on roughing the punter said--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

I despise TBC and hope he winds up homeless and soon thereafter, dead. Not even joking.

"posted by Mad Lib"

"Originally Posted by kimlee '

Why? Yes, he is selfish. But he is also autistic or mentally ill. The alternative seems to be some menial job with extensive (and expensive) supervision.

"posted by mad lib"

- He is a bigot
- He is a right-wing, bible thumping fanatic
- He is a hypocrite. He hates gays even though he has sex with men, hates minorities when he isn't caucasian, and hates people who take welfare when he is a bottom feeder himself
- He is a dangerous and unstable psycopath who endangers other customers and employees
- He is a horrible son and father
- He is a thief
- He is an unfit member of society. Doesn't bathe, doesn't contribute, and is a general parasite

Basically the guy is a total piece of shit and the world would be better off without him. Plus as he pointed out, if you can't make it gambling you deserve to be dead so I think he would agree with my feelings. My biggest hope is he goes busto, gets a stake to get back to Kansas, then a meteor crashed on his Mom's house with them inside and wipes out the entire Bigcharles clan.

wondering who will fess up to being the asshole who left all these comments.

anyway, sickcallMcGee and i have a big day ahead of us. gotta do the laundry before the welfare dept opens, try to see if i can get that medical card the same day like Vince and his gf (who gets assistance) claims i can, and pick up $10 in free play at the hardrock, things from any boyd
gaming property gift shop, and some food at walmarts. Then sickcall needs a room here in jean, he dont get to move into his apt in vegas from laughlin til march 1.

A lot of the good bloggers have disappeared (think Josie, Stump, Man in Black, etc) and theres not as many good blogs as before. only people like me, Lightning, PPP and Rob are pressing on. Ive too often gotten fed up with the blog, and wanted to quit it, due to all the negativity. No one ever defends me in the blog when i do something good, or tells someone else (other than me) they are wrong when they say something thats inappropriate. Why do people think its ok to bad mouth my mom and son, and say they hope they die? not attila is an asshole for posting that comment about the westboro baptist church, we both despise that church because of the way it treats our soldiers and our military. Mom taught me that God loves homosexuals so much (not that God hates fags--which u see on them signs) that he sent Jesus to die for them and to save them, and that the way we show his love to homosexuals is to help them turn away from their sin. most liberals are far greater bigots than those who oppose gay sex. the left tries to force others to believe and think like them, instead of believing in free speech, and the right of us all to think for ourself. they want to control how we feel about whether its right or wrong, and try and force us to believe things in violation of our conscience, a far greater crime than telling a gay person she cant marry another woman. I'd think even some gays would agree. I wouldnt care so much about it, except when im browsing womens profiles on sites such as myyearbook.com and tagged.com so many of the women in the news feed u go to click on their profile and they are listed as bisexual. why are about 2% of men gay and about 25% of women? this is extremely lopsided and unsustainable.

Michele Bachmann and her husband were great in following God and trying to obey his commandments to love thy neighbor, they opened a clinic to help homosexuals who were struggling with their sexual orientation and wanted to change, and yet they were condemned for running that clinic. Almost no one makes the decision to become homosexual unless they were molested as a child. i was never homosexual, but that dont mean an adult never took advantage of me as a juvenile when i ran away from home and was in Georgia and Florida at the age of 17. Believing homosexuality is condemned in the Bible dont have anything to do with hating gays, and being afraid of certain people and neighborhoods dont have anything to do with being racist either, so no idea why i often get accused of this. the same people who call me racist are also too afraid to live in them same areas, due to the ethnic population of the other residents, but yet they claim they arent racist. theres certain areas of cleveland and detroit they wouldnt enter at night either.

im not sure why Mark at the riviera dont promote his room on my blog anymore, but he still does on twitter. seems they had a mixed game today, (tried to check bravo but couldnt for some reason) and the 28th is when they are supposed to start offering $2-20 spread limit holdem thurs-sat. if i lived in vegas and wasnt so broke, id want to check it out. im so broke i dont even think i should go out to the suncoast and play $2 single blind 0maha8 at the suncoast, if Mcgee was to suggest it today.

doing ok in the 6 max $6 and $15 don sngs though. not making great progress but generally holding over the $90 mark. still have not been playing multiple ones at once as vook suggested once. 6 max isnt as easy to multitable.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Low stress here, for the most part anyway, but of course im not going to grow my roll either unless i do it on lock

sitting in my room reading this article http://www.wikihow.com/Wash-Clothes-by-Hand and playing some $6 DON 6 max sngs. how many of those would vook recommend i play at a time? been playing 1 because 6 max is a little more complex than 10 max. am still only in the $900s, but i managed to recover $67 today, im exactly $12 better off than i was when i first got to Jean.

played a ton of hours tonight, and still only earned $15 in comps today. saturdays room is always so difficult, to earn $30 in comps at these microstakes. yet its the only casino in the entire world giving FREE rooms on a saturday for only $3000 in coin in. theres been many times ive put in far more in coin thru than that in vegas casinos when i had a big roll, and got nothing in the way of comps. Most people in vegas would love that kind of deal on a saturday. im sure PPP put more than that thru at harrahs in 1 day and got very little. his 1200 tier credits was $12,000 coin thru. But think how easy, and fast these rooms would be and how quickly id pile up the comps if i was out here with a $20,000 roll.

Ran into someone i think id seen before, possibly George from Roughing the punter, but not sure now that i think about it. he would be the one to turn to for advice on what to bet and to ask a question about the play of a hand if unsure. Thank God for Cutter telling me about this place. Just wonder how id do here even if i had a roll as little as $5000.

oh and its nice to be able to use the net without constantly getting disconnected and being told i have an IP conflict with another computer, which used to happen quite a bit when living in large apt complexes. im so far away from others computers i no longer have that issue anymore. and i dont think anyone tried to open that X i couldnt open in the previous post since no one mentioned it.

yeah the only way to really grow the roll would be to do it with the money that was sent to me on lock. have $97 there, give or take, depending on the outcome of this sng. Its not really a stake because all im supposed to do is pay back the $50 whenever my roll gets back to 4k, so its really a loan of sorts. Still ill need to withdraw some of it off if i start winning a lot and it starts getting high, ill be damned if this site shuts down on me while im got significant money on there. im thinking maybe keep $150 on there, (10 $15 buyins) and just withdraw whatever is over a little at a time, that way i get steady income like maybe $100 a week if im winning. Remember a lot of what grew the roll last time i was in Jean was wins on lock, about $200 worth or so.

an automated email went out by Grump to everyone, that listed his new email, etc, and it also included his cell. (i'm wondering if he realized that when he sent it to me?) of course hes got nothing to worry about, id never publish it here or misuse it in any way. I doubt he personally selected who received the email, seeing Claudia's email listed as one of the recepients, i think it got mass mailed to everyone of his contacts.

and since when did stump develop an interest in wanting to be a poker dealer? was surprised to see his twitter feed yesterday. also would like to know in advance whenever anyone is driving thru Jean on the way to cali or vegas.

Monday, February 18, 2013

got my work cut out for me thats for sure

managed to eke out $27 profit tonight, so thats a total of $68 GAIN on the VBJ machine here since returning to Jean. still at one point tonight i was winning $80 on it instead of $27, there were 2 drunken mexicans who were the most horrible players id ever seen. constantly hitting hands like hard 17 and hard 18 against the dealers bust card. managed to somehow get a food ticket, been lucky they've still been giving me those. So my rolls still in the $1000s. I really worry soon though about my monthly $80 internet bill coming due in about 5 days. wish i could somehow shut off 100% of my expenses, and i really wish there was some laundry facilities nearby.

the entire time ive been here my total bets have been so little ive only earned $11 in comps, meaning the entire total of everything ive bet in the past 2 days has only amounted to $1100. that will give u an idea how small im betting since i dont wanna go broke. i just cant bring myself to bet more than $1 one hand on negative counts. yet i must somehow step up the pace, for had i not had leftover comp dollars from before, and a free night coming to me i didnt know about, the total amount in comps id been charged for fri nite, sat nite, and sunday nite so far wouldve been $57 in comps. now i know that sounds really cheap for a holiday weekend, but the sad thing is i only earned $11 comps betting so small, so somehow im going to have to be putting in a ton more hours, maybe even try to sit there for 24 hours straight. im seriously worried about running out of comps, and no way oculd i ever pay cash, then the rooms are about 3x as much per night. at $2 a bet instead of $1 or 3 hands even without it being a plus count, i still am over 100% using comps and my theoretical loss is only 35c on every $100 bet so maybe i should be willing to bet more just so i can earn the comps a hell of a lot faster instead of trying to make sure i turn a profit besides the comps. i wonder what sbr would recommend and the chaperone since they are the ones familiar with the VBJ, but they probably wouldnt know since theyve never been short of money.

seriously about to run out of food in the room too, im cooking one of the remaining 5 ramon noodles using the coffeepot. thats why i need to get to a food4less or a walmarts, where i can greb about 30 of them at 28c each, and like 5 $1.29 boxes of crackers to piece on. Would be eternally grateful to anyone who can assist me with food or laundry. I had no choice but to go to Jean, and to go immediately when Vince offered after work fri nite. otherwise i was so dead tired and nowhere to sleep, and my $980 i made it out of vegas with would be far less right now. I knew i had no business playing anymore poker without a lot of rest, a break, and a good plan of where to find a beatable game i could still afford to sit in (omaha8 maybe?). also people shouldnt worry about me not blogging. i should still be able to blog unless im so broke id lose internet access.

i dont know why that camstudio recording wont upload, maybe its because it told me it had to save the audio and video files seperately. going to try this new program (instead of camstudio) someone recommended, delete the other video, and try it again. the video was way too long anyway. the upload is in the big box on top with the X in my previous post if anyone will click on that X and try and figure out how to open it.

down to $4 on lock, so im too low to play multiple sngs at a time instead of 1. am in the $3 DON 6 max right now with 4 of us left and praying i survive so i dont need to redeposit. even though maybe i should, maybe i should deposit $200 so i have a way to earn $30 or so a day from the room online, but then again im taking on more risk than im comfortable with right now. i think i should just put in more hours on the VBJ so i can build up the comps, but just make sure i dont bet too much. have cut back to 3 spots at once at the most instead of all 5 spots at once.

i still think id have enough, and not go broke at poker, if i could simply spend all 24 hours playing $1-5 no ante stud. there is not a single casino in the USA anymore it goes all 24 hours no ante, and very few it goes either no ante, or 24 hours. theres a few places left with no ante, and also a few places left theres a 24 hour $1-5 stud, but those arent the same places. all the 24 hour games have antes. and the no ante games it breaks up. i really really miss the good old days of poker. sure i was often with no more money than i have now, but at least i could afford to sit in the poker games, and rent a cheap $50 room somewhere per week in a rooming house. living in a rooming house with community bathrooms is a lot different than living in someones home. most people would feel safer in someones home. i felt safer elsewhere because i liked the idea of not being around other people, and having a lock on the door.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Outside of Vegas

my room here in Jean is taken care of up til 11am wednesday morning, and im happy to report with todays $25 win, my roll is back in the $1000s instead of the $900s. of course that includes the final $17 i have on my walmart debitcard thats not enough to take out of the ATM, but can only be spent on purchases. (while at the stratosphere, i removed the other $260 off the debit card, costing me $266.) i didnt lose that at the stratosphere, only lost about $10 there, all the loss was at TX station, but i did use the ATM there.

am spending way too much time in the room online, and not nearly enough time grinding out the VBJ machine for comps. i only earned $2 in comps today for all the time i played, and ive got to earn $12 a day comps, $15 fridays and $30 saturdays to have my room.

is there a way to record a video of me playing an online sng? i dont see how with only a built in webcam, and the revolution network (lock) dont make it easy copying and pasting an entire games HH. maybe theres a way to copy/paste but im not familiar with it. things like this were so easy on stars.

all i really want is to know if i am playing the hyper turbos correctly, because if not, i should only play the DON sngs. i played a $7 one (too high i know) for the $26 i had on lock, and lost it. an earlier today a guy offering me free coaching on twitter, but he told me he wouldnt be the right guy for sngs, he is a deepstacked cash game player for holdem, and thats what he was offering to coach me on, supposedly online id guess.

anyway first hand of the 300 chip hyper turbo. (whole table starts with 10 BB and levels go up very quickly). not sure how many readers besides vook is qualified to answer. i really have no idea who plays a lot of these. these are also played 6 handed instead of 10 handed. i am on the button, and the SB is 15 and the BB is 30. everyone folds to me and i have 89 suited. i shoved, both blinds folded. correct? i am pretty sure i dont make a min raise or not be aggressive.

sometime later, there are 5 of us left, top 2 get paid. one guy is short stacked with 120 chips, 40 of which he posted in the BB. the small blind has 405. everyone folds to me again. i have 260 chips, blinds are 20-40. i still believe aggressiveness is the correct way to play, so i shove. i had Q8 offsuit. SB folds, BB calls with 99 and im suddenly down to 140 in chips, and exit shortly thereafter. steve G was on the phone with me later for about an hour, and he said to never min raise in these. although im sure sometimes u should, probably with monsters.

steve G has been talking to me all week about moving my blog to a website hes going to buy, and later creating a forum on there again to improve the comments. He said that him, I and possibly seattle irish would be the moderators. and for whatever reason he dont seem to like WEC and was surprised wec and poker.24amp was the same guy. he kept saying he would WU me $100 upfront to buy it, but is seriously now not that interested because he didnt like my google analytic stats, the fact i had not that many twitter followers, that 90% of the blog readers are just repeats, and he claims a certain website claims my blog is only worth $56. also now he claims i will probably go bust, and then fears i wont blog because id have nothing to talk about. the old plan was for me to not tell the readers til after it happened, and to then give him the password once i received the WU, and he would fix things so clicks to sevencard2003.blogspot.com automatically got rerouted to his new site. and of course i was to have full control over what i posted. and the ability to ban assholes. most of which i dont ban anyway. he also wanted me to make a video in which i talked for a while, and i dont know what to say or how to do it and wasnt that comfortable because i felt people would use it to make fun of me, but of course for the $100 i mightve. i just felt like i needed a lot more upfront, and he said the blog isnt worth that, and that he would later on share in the google adsense and other revenue he could receive in the future. for some reason, he thinks that video would attract far more views, and i think it would not make a bit of difference. he was also afraid id lose interest in blogging after im broke and said he really wishes i could somehow stay over $2500 so id keep grinding on. also he said donkeytax had to be lying about his $2-6 results for the 500 hours, and that no one could beat that for $17 an hour longterm.

will be down to $4 on lock instead of $14 left if i lose this $5 10 handed DON. i lost a $5 one a while ago after losing the $7 hyper turbo. and also a $2 one. i might consider redepositing to grind poker in my room if thats a better way to make money, but the big question is how much as little as i have. i do need at least 10 buyins, so would $50 be too much, or should it actually be more? if thats all the poker im playing maybe i need more in there. what game should i sit at if i want the other guy to watch and give the free coaching?

shouldve found a way to do my laundry before i came here, down to the last 2 clean shirts now. also i wish i couldve got more food on the way here, only got 2 cans of tuna and 7 soups. food costs about 6x as much here as the food4less or walmarts.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plummeting towards $0 and ive moved out of my apt and no longer have anywhere to live

well, not entirely true, have a room 1 more day here at tx station until fri, after that im not sure where i am going. cant find anyone to drive me to Jean, and offered $25 gas, or a carton of cigarettes with boyd gaming comps, which costs me $90 comps but no cash. vince says he can on sunday, that dont solve the problem of the weekend. also have considered an airport or bus out of town, if i go broke, i do not want it to be in vegas, but in somewhere fresh.

people will be happy to see i have several hand hisrories i want to post this time, because i am seriously questioning and second guessing all of my plays. the variance everyday to day is unreal and is killing me, and thats why im not keen at all at working on getting bans lifted to play on looser games on the strip like a few misguided and well meaning souls keep suggesting, thats something i should do when i can afford those strip games and not until. as we have found out before its also something its not a good idea to do until i am positive my mailing address will remain the same for a LONG time. and now i no longer have an address for my bank again.

new roll is $1200. and not one dollar over which isnt usually the case. usually when i say $1200, its actually like $1273 or something. one of the reasons why its so low is tonights $71 loss, and the $30x 3 for my rooms here up til friday checkout, and the $93 phone bill being deducted out of my bank acct. its understandable why my emotional state of health was so much better in Jean not having to deal with the constant stress of being homeless, and why i want to return. i was under a lot less pressure there and was a lot happier, and often told claudia that, and didnt get angry and bitter til she started talking less and less. actually what really made me give up on her was her call about a week before the end in which she was saying how i needed counseling, and shouldnt ever gamble at all, not even at poker. i cant handle a woman not having any faith in me to do what i want more than anything to do with my life, and that really made me upset. and i never really got to talk to her about my feelings because she never let me talk anymore. u see, i always felt the whole concept of writing the magazine article was to say how people like me should never gamble, instead of to support and encourage me in my choice of life style that makes me happy. she was so worried about not getting hired for next years wsop if people thought she was associated with "that crazy person" (me) her words, not mine, and of course she too sees a counselor, which is why she has such an obsession with me getting counseling. but what good did that do when all the counselor said was that i should have friends that i should call when i felt the urge to gamble machines and needed someone to talk to instead of her? and then when i did try to talk to the friends instead, they said to call the counselor. But lets get on to them hands

i was dealt 99 (and i had a NL overs, about 70% of us did) and i raised a $4 straddle to $10. got 4 callers. one of which is a regular, and was on my left and had the button who i wanted out. id seen him once earlier check the 2nd nuts of a flopped flush all the way when out of position. flop comes up 569 with 2 hearts, i have 9 of hearts. i make a $6 bet, and they call. the one guy without the overs button folded on the flop. turn comes Qh for a possible flush. they both check, and i worry about the asian who likes to check monsters and the guy behind me too. he didnt take an overs button at first, and i was wondering if me adding the other $100 when a lot of the first $95 was gone had something to do with it. thats when he took it. i dont think i should play overs anymore til i build up the roll. anyway i think i made a mistake checking here, thought the asian mightve flopped the straight and the regular behind me turned a flush. guy behind me checks. river comes 2c total blank, and asian guy bets $27. next guy folds, i call and am relieved the guy behind me folds. asian showed a total bluff of a busted straight no pair and i won.

another hand, i had JJ and raised to $8 preflop. 2 guys called, both with overs buttons and both could stack me. had just gotten back to being stuck $6 from being stuck alot more. but started giving a little back in the last 2 rounds. flop comes AK4. both check, i check in last position. theyve been playing a while and know i dont play almost nothing unless its a strong hand when i raise, and also i can lay down a good hand (which is why i shouldnt show folds). turn comes 9, guy checks, other guy bets $12 and heres where i think i made the mistake, i raised it to $35. why? because it makes it look like i sandbagged a monster on the flop, and i thought he would then lay down a weak ace or king hes betting. and id look like i had ak for 2pair at a minimum. instead he shoves, i fold, shocked he shoved, and after i folded he showed the a. so i didnt have to worry i was bluffed again. never did see his other card.

took so long to compose this now im tired and cant go and respond to all the comments i wanted to in the previous blog but i will sometime i swear. i do feel i need to spend more time playing and less in my room online. been told i must get the hours in and not be lazy to get my money back. although i really miss the apt where i could just play online in my room. really am worried about what ill do when tomorrow night gets here, i have no money to move back into another place by the week. also i have no food comps here because ive always turned all comps into immediate free play which is the same as cash almost. so ive only ate the 1 bag of chips i came with in the last 30 hours and nothing else and when i wake up ill really need some normal food.

what makes things tougher now than when i was this broke in the past, is prices have gone up, casino room prices are more than 2008, cheap rooming houses no longer exist, now all that exist are rooms in others homes, and i have no comps anywhere like i used to. since im not playing big money anywhere, not getting any more big free play offers and room offers like binions used to give and others.

Monday, February 11, 2013

how to play $2-6 limit correctly

One big problem with reading hands in $2-6 spread is the old men who sit on their hands preflop and it fucks up my game. hands like AK for instance, they dont raise, they just call the $2. everything id learned says that "aggressive poker is winning poker" instead of passive poker, so how do they beat me by never betting their hands preflop?

anyway here is todays hand history. there is 4 out of 6 of us with overs buttons, and 2 of the players are terrible. the other 2 are a good regular (winning about $550) and an asian named Kenny i won $1200 off in one pot at binions a couple years ago when i was doing good, whose generally an experienced player, but tonight he was on tilt and loose and short of money, talking about a dollar loan center place. his roll has dropped substantially like mine. i do NOT have an overs button because i cant afford risking $200 of my roll, especially not when i bought in for $40 and desperately need that win to get my roll back to $1600 from $1400. I'm only still sitting there hoping to hit aces cracked for $100. (the safest way to grow the roll).

so i get AJ offsuit, and remember the game is 6 max. i am in middle position and raise to $8 over the worst player at the tables limp. kenny, on my left calls. (which i dislike). he says he was going to raise if i didnt, and hes been pretty honest and open about what he has. everyone else drops but the limper, whose stuck about $700. Flop comes K93 offsuit, and the limper, whose a notorious bluffer, but tends to check on the turn to me if hes weak, then bluff the river or bet the tiniest of pairs for value. anyway he bets the flop, and im worried about kenny behind me, so i fold. kenny calls. and continues to call on every street. he wins with AT high, no pair, and im wondering if i messed up.

No point in posting hand histories of hands i know i played well, (except maybe to get stakes) the only reason to post hand histories is the ones i played bad to see if i did anything wrong. agree?

i think donkeytax wouldve loved that game, but he hadnt said hardly a word all day, and didnt answer most of his texts. i am not sure if he played the ceasers tourny with vince dealing or not, i know he was going there at 10pm. And of course, no one wanted to hang out with me on my birthday.

out of frozen meals, pot pies, fruit, icecream, lunchmeat, all ive got left is stuff that has to be cooked like noodles, macaroni, and stuff like mashed potatoes u cook in the micro and soups. I need to grab food at walmart, but im so broke i dont really want to keep this another week come wed. i cannot handle any more of these $174 payments. if i drop any more, things will get much worse, ill lose everything, phone, net, etc. hard to play well when under such pressure. got to get these remaining expenses shut off or a ride back to Jean by wednesday. Laundry is about to need done again, dishes need cleaned, and the microwave desperately needs it, and i still wish i was living an easy busride (NOT multiple bus rides) from an omaha8 game.

Friday, February 8, 2013

why do i keep having all these strange dreams? Seattle Irish?

went to sleep about 12pm, and finally woke up for good about 8am, after waking up numerous times due to various dreams, and phone calls. Dreamed about riding in a car that could only go backwards, then the driver getting out in the country, and me ending up having to carry a wolf and wait for its owner to return outside his house. Then dreamed about me riding a train too far to spend more time with a female employee who liked me. was going to ride to the end of the line at the casino in kansas city then back to my stop. We stopped by a big walmart store in a mall that was either inside the station or the train itself. I was walking thru it noticing all the stuff and no one around and how easy it would be to steal. it looked nothing like a walmart store, just like a bunch of small tiny mall shops without any employees. and it was in train cars. Then a guy was talking about his ex wife, and about how she shopped at a store called "choices" and i was thinking, ive heard of that store. he was complaining how she had stole all his money. at least it wasnt the normal dream about my mothers house, and being in large houses with someone after me.

Very nice of grump to let me know last night he had $62 in comps at hooters he wanted to use up, and pick me up at samstown and drive me to hooters, we ate in the restroom and i ordered a water and milk and a hamburger. he took a beef brisket. he paid with comps and left the waiter an enormous tip of $5. and then we went to the gift shop and i spent the remaining $39 of the comps on food and hygiene supplies.

we played no poker, and i won $47 earlier in the omaha game at samstown, but im doing really horrible at poker. down to $1400, and lost 6 $50 NL buyins in a row this week. mostly when out with lightning or donkeytax at places like stratosphere and hooters.

but not one dime was lost on video poker in the past 5 days, the whole time while lightning was in town, and not since he left either. the big $400 drop between VP and VBJ was before he came, the one that took me from $2000 to $1600 i never recovered from.

bad news about moms package, she accidently mailed it to the wrong address, my old box at the flamingo and thats cause she is old and forgets, which surprised me because she mailed the check to the right address, but she forgot to change it in her address book. she was very upset with herself, and after paying the postage twice, she just didnt want to do it again, and i think i need to move out immediately next week anyway. it contained the glasses, some food items, and 2 new shirts, etc. she didnt realize the mistake until today when it came back to her. if she wasnt so old she wouldnt have made the mistake and her mother had alzheimers. she is 70.

looking forward to my birthday sunday, am playing the 1pm freeroll samstown and later in the day will see donkeytax to go to texas i hope he shows up. hopefully i get something out of the freeroll, its usually always chopped. sure was glad i finally had the chance to see grump before he left town for good. and i guess ill be over at samstown today once this is posted. im worrying about it posting it keeps giving me an err message when trying to save. it better not eat the post, and to try and stop it ill try to copy and paste it elsewhere in yahoo notepad.

and for todays blog post hand history. this is in the omaha game. i had aa38 double suited preflop in the SB. i raised about 7 of us, and they all called. (i think playing a good omaha game like that daily might be a good idea). the flop comes up 256 rainbow, and i bet and get 4 callers. turn comes 6, and i bet and get 2 callers. river comes J. i bet, get 2 callers, and i won the low without having to split, a boat won the high.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When lightning dropped me off at home tonight, i went and paid the rent, and checked to see if moms package ever showed up, (it hadnt). This is about the lowest ive been after paying the rent since i moved in about 6 weeks ago. down to $1600.

yeah, things have not been good. guess we shouldve stayed at samstown where i was winning over $200 once, and left the poker room while still up $132. at least with lightning around ive not been playing any machines. That $1100 ive lost since returning to vegas on machines in the last 2 months would do wonders for my roll about now. Instead of me coming home with the profit, we went over to the stratosphere for the 2nd day in a row, and i do worse in that poker room than i do in any other poker room, almost all of my losing sessions are in there. again i lost $139, just like the $50 i lost last night in the strat. i really should not listen to others advice who say to play it, and leave it alone til i have the bankroll. i cannot figure out why i do so much worse in the strat than in other rooms. lightning too lost heavily but on a flop/turn of 8866 when a young asian whose been winning check raises his $35 bet to $70, he shouldnt shove allin with 10 10 for over $100 more. of course the asian guy insta calls with his full boat.

and my own hand history here isnt much better. yesterday i lost shoving my AQ suited short stacked into lightnings AK suited. ive not seen lightning raise preflop once this whole trip with less than JJ. (ak suited is NOT lower than JJ). i was getting tired and i thought i should shove more liberally when low stacked.

anyway tonight, ive got about $45 in front of me and a lot of people limp in and im in the small blind with AQ clubs. i made it $16 so as not to play out of position against a ton of callers. (i think that was an err?) a guy went allin for $51, and im the idiot who calls, he has Kk and wins. maybe that was mistake 2? and there is todays hand history.

i should recover a little over $100 in the sunday feb 10 freeroll at samstown, they usually chop it up early. and i guess ill play there on my birthday, dont know of any special birthday promos anywhere anymore.

i was telling lightning how uncomfortable i felt walking thru that stratosphere garage late at night, and he says i worry too much about things that will never happen, then i hear there was a shooting at the MGM mirage garage from AKgal on twitter.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

today just wasnt that good of a day, out 20% of my entire net worth or more, and im not in the best of moods

sitting at home, playing $2 PLO8 double or nothing sngs. i dont think i can play good poker anymore, but im still considering riding the bus to boulder station later.

Finally am cool enough to turn the AC off, its so odd how the bathroom is always so hot from keeping the lights on all the time, and how i have to turn the ac on quite a bit to cool it in this house, but never have to turn on the heater almost never. And my mom asked me on facebook if my birthday package arrived yet, but the office said that i had no mail. am proud to report its been well over a week or so since i last saw a roach, anyone have any theories as to why they all disappeared? they came in and sprayed once or twice and i used up the $3 boric acid from walmarts.

i dont even see how ill maintain my place long enough to make it to chop my sun feb 10 birthday freeroll at samstown as broke as im getting. i cant afford to stay here, and the only way ill be able to survive and get off machines is to get out of town. i have no self control or discipline, and i wish my true friends would drive me around and find me a counselor who will accept me without cost.

and someone who gives me BETTER ADVICe this time. for the last counselor, being a woman, advised me to talk to someone else other than her--actually what she said was to find a friend i could call anytime i felt the urge to play a machine, that would talk me out of it. and the other advice was to "write down my feelings". of course i followed both of those pieces of advice religiously, and all my blog readers and people i texted were turned off by me publishing emotions and feelings, and talking nonstop about my problems with grump, Josie and Claudia is what drove them away, and made them say they couldnt handle it anymore, and im sure lightning will feel that way soon.

I dont feel like i have any real friends. not only will no one hang out with me if i dont spend the entire day traveling to them on multiple buses, a real friend is someone who will get out of bed at 3am to come bail u out of jail. at least thats what ive seen on multiple peoples facebook statuses in the past i am supposed to repost, but never do since i consider them chain letters.

i figured its been long enough since i talked to Claudia that she should forgive me by now, but of course, not being Christian, she doesnt believe in forgiveness as taught by Jesus. i found her number on a search online, her home number instead of her cell, because i dont think she still has the same cell. its the right number all right, the answering machine answers in her voice, and on the cell it does NOT, just an automated voicemail, repeating the phone number instead of her voice. her home phone answers in her voice. someone call it for me and find out why she didnt forgive me when i tried to be nice and quit talking about her in the blog, for she wont talk to me. (edited by author)

truthfully she could be charged with attempted murder, for calling the police on me when i was in Jean. for anyone knows the police value human life no more than she (or any liberal) does. This is why i hate liberals so much, they place no value on the lives of others. especially those with mental disabilities. The police a lot of times try to shoot to kill anyone they perceive as having a mental problem without cause. they have committed a lot of unjustified murders of unarmed people in vegas u can read about online. and Claudie put me in a position where they couldve opened fire into my hotel room without warning as i lay sleeping. I know the Lord Jesus wants me to forgive her for this, or he wont forgive me, but its not easy. wouldve been easier had she eventually talked and described how she was feeling and why she did it. alot of police work for Obama, they have no compassion, only the oathkeepers organization can be trusted. i was lucky that nice understanding officers came.

her initial words, back in the old days when Josie was warning me to not sign that contract i signed, still haunt me to this day. about how she said to not think of her as a friend, that she was only doing things for me like my laundry to try and get an article out of me. why she later became intimate ill never understand.

anyone know why all the MGM properties suddenly started listing their games on bravo?

and it dont seem the room at the pioneer in laughlin exists. at least there is nothing about it on their website. i dont put too much stock in that guys word because he also said arizona dont have any spread limit NL games with the $500 cap. and he claims he is from phoenix.

and now for how i lost all the money today, knocking a $2000 roll down to $1600, and todays hand history post. i will admit dablackpimp is right, ive not been posting near enough hand histories lately. it all started out when i sat down about 11.30 in the stud game, and i seen it had different players and was loose, and i actually started off doing good eking out a $35 profit, then had to wait for a holdem seat, but eventually got one. but man did i lose money fast in that holdem game. i did what had always worked for me before, (raising with whip-it hands to try and steal the antes and get the extra $25 in promo money). 2-6 offsuit, 2-7 offsuit, 2-8 offsuit, 2-9 offsuit and 3-8 offsuit. But today i got called every time. and was out the whole $119 within 90 minutes. i dont think i played well.

i got 2-7 offsuit, and made it $8 in late position. 2 others called dammit. flop comes 256 and i bet $6, get one caller. turn comes 8, and i bet and get raised, i call. river comes J, we both check, and he has KK. and two other times it was a similiar situation, all because i kept trying to win the promo $25 extra with the whip-it hands. they are even out of them donkey tshirts and this was the last week for the promo. i have no idea what the promo will change to next saturday.
i dont feel the old men play the promo right, they either fold or call with them hands but never preflop raise.

so i walked out $84 stuck after losing the $119, thoroughly pissed off. went to the bar (only VBJ machines) with the even money BJ but at least they allow doubling and splitting unlike all the harrahs properties. bet 25c, 50c, on up to 20 credits on the $5 denom of $100 total, which is idiotic of me to not go to a table for the final few bets since it pays even money, but when out a lot and pissed, its hard to think straight. u see i am too emotional of a person and its my downfall, and why i need the counseling but its got to be from someone who really wants to help make a change this time. preferably a guy counselor. For if a woman finds u unatractive sexually, she wont try to help, but instead to get u out of her sight as wuick as possible. if a guy counselor finds me unattractive sexually, i will not let it bother me, for as i told claudia, i quit having sex with men over 20 yrs ago.

yeah im so much a fool betting $100 where im getting paid even money, i must learn to not do self destructive things out of sheer angry worry and frustration, and i must quit playing in games so small i feel like i must "force the action to make any money". but what else can i do? i cant afford to play NL. seriously, i need to be looking for a loan