Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Poker content inside

I'm over at the starbucks at sahara and Paradise (closest place to the stratosphere to use the net) taking my mandatory 1 hour break since i cashed out $224 (from $89 in total buyins and addons) since i want to sit back down with only $50 of it. (this is what makes the commerce better--u can move tables and sit back down with less immediately--all u must do is post when u move a table voluntarily). new players dont have to post.

am glad to report my rolls back in the $2800s, was getting worried the other day when it dropped to the $2500s. but i won $99 in 3 days of grinding UP at Vinces house, mostly 50c$1 PLO8, last nights GVR plo8 live tourny (sorry to see that ending) and then 2 wins in a row at the stratosphere--last night and this afternoon. and ill be back over there soon once the blogs updated.

now last night, as soon as i sat in the game at the stratosphere (thanks a ton to 7-10 suited who drove me there from GVR--also known as Chris from AVP and twitter) i got KK almost instantly and doubled up to $99. didnt play more than about 15 min and then he also drove me to Vinces, and i think he went home or to the redrock from there. he only went to the strat hoping to play the 11pm tourny, not to play cash. it was a better game last night, lots of tourists.

and today the strat was a better game too--a lot looser than the horrible $1-2 NL at GVR yesterday so damned tight i dropped $73 in waiting for the PLO8 tourny. there were actually a lot of non-regulars from out of town in it. i bought in $50, later added $19, and finally about 30 min later added another $20 for $89 total. finally a big pot develops where the tourist raised to $11 who button straddled alot, but seemed to play a lot of poker and his buddy was with him. they're from IL, play on the boat at times, but oddly enough they didnt seem to know who lightning was. anyway i considered shoving for maybe about $60 more, but that wouldve been a bad mistake (considering the outcome) id won much less. i called, and so did 3 others. flop comes KTQ with 2 spades. he bets $40 and i shoved for a small amount more (not sure exact amount) his buddy calls, and he calls. 6 diamonds (blank) comes on the turn, and he bets his buddy allin, who folds, then he shows he flopped the nut straight. i rivered the boat when the K hit the board. i was also hoping to lose with set over set, for $160 jackpot payout, so i was hoping he has KKK and not the straight. thank God he didnt or the K on the river wouldve cost me the whole pot.

so as soon as the BB got to me i left, for $224 is way too much of my life's savings to have on the table unless im stuck.

i wish the 50c $1 plo8 went more hours online than just 3pm to 12pm most days and sometimes not even then, but i think its slowly gaining steam. Poker Kat disagrees he thinks its dying within 6 weeks he said.

got to meet Luke from twitter tonight for the first time, he was in my tourny at GVR last night, and its sad they are discontinuiing that tourny. its the last time ill ever get to play it, and its the only tourny im 100% in for 3 out of 3 cashes. turned my $45 into $250, i was the chipleader, so i suggested a chop that wouldnt be unfair to me--at least i dont think it was a bad chop. was it? i had about 40-45k, 2nd place aggressive young guy on my left i was afraid of had like 30-35k, old man had like 25-30k, and the other 2 had like 10-15k each. so for the chop i said $250 each for the top 3, and 4th and 5th $100 each, and everyone surprisingly accepted. now 2nd was paying $288 so was it a good idea for me to suggest the chop?

still wonder if i should be back in cali playing $40 NL, away from VP, but i need someone like Vince to live with in los angeles for $70 a week who plays at commerce. or if $2800 is enough to grind $1-2 NL in vegas, or to go to toledo or tampa, or back to Jean. or maybe i can grind online at Vinces even though my win rate per day is low. Poker kat is right about it being more if i wouldnt keep needing to leave when my stack gets too big.

yesterday at GVR heres a hand that couldve made me lose a lot more--but didnt. i had KT offsuit, and seen a flop for $2, i think in the BB. flop comes T97 and the SB bets $5-10, and i called. turn comes T he checks, i bet $10 other guy on end calls (old man). river comes Q putting a possible flush out there. i dont see the flush, and bet $20 and the old man calls whose flopped the straight and never bet. had he raised the turn, id lost more. maybe id also lose more if i check the end and he bets. also im not sure if the details are right. flop mightve been checked, and the SB mightve been the turn better, in which case i felt i made a mistake not raising more, but id still lost.

id update more frequently but if im not selling ads--i just dont enjoy the blog as much as i used to

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Back to playing $1-2 NL spread limit wont cut it without a good promotion like the Palms had--otherwise the rakes too high

Now yesterday i went to the Sante Fe to play, and to begin with all i could play was $3-6 limit when the AA promotion was going on, and i managed to win $67 in it. was lucky to do so, was stuck quite a bit when i suddenly won 4 pots in a row--2 were kill pots. and as soon as the NL opened shortly about 12 noon i moved.

couldnt get a hand for nothing in the NL, kept adding to my stack $20 or so here and there--and eventually was in the game for $208. was down to about $70, and then somehow worked it back to $196 (and really shouldve quit) when the following hand occured. for the longest while it wasnt a good game, but it was starting to loosen up finally.

guy straddles the button for $5, multiple callers, i call with 88. guy near button makes it $11. straddle calls, so does everyone else. i call. flop comes KQ8 with 2 hearts and i know giving free cards wouldnt be wise as much as is in the pot and as draw heavy as the board is. checked to me, i bet $60, and one of the guys puts me allin, (not the raiser or the straddler) i call (someone told me i cant fold there or even consider it) and theres so many hands i can beat hes right. figured his most likely hand is KQ, but no, he had KKK and didnt raise the straddle or the raiser. go figure.

and thats why i went out and threw away $217 in the spin poker 96% payback there last night. went home to vinces pissed, and slept. lost only $5 playing on UP a short time between last night and this morning. id play MORE on UP if the game selection wasnt so lousy. am still holding $928 on UP.

so today i rode the bus to the nugget, to play in better games and avoid the pitfalls of getting stuck in limit and then feeling the only way to get it back is to play things i shouldnt. (was hoping $2700+ was still enough to afford NL). i bought in $100, and slowly kept adding to my stack when i wasnt getting cards til i was in the game for $157. (eventually cashing out $221). thats when i knew i had too much on the table and went to take the break.

there were 3 or so bad players and a lot of regulars, and one of the bad players is who i won from. i limp the other $1 with K3 spades. flop comes Q97 with 2 spades, and i call his $5 bet. id commented about if i could get away with a check raise there (id just did it the hand before with trips and won a small pot off same guy)

turn comes Js for flush, i check, he bets $10, i bet $25. he calls. river comes blank, i bet $30, he puts me allin, i call, he flopped 777. everyone but him knew i had the flush.

but i still think the commerce is better--u see there i cannot play machines at all--and i couldve just moved tables for the min buyin--instead of having to take this hour or so break before i can sit back down with $100 instead of risking the whole $221. and not one person at the nugget mentioned my last blog post, and Crystal dont work that early in the day. i told u none of them read the blog.

Cizzle is a blooming idiot if he thinks im not the one posting. and i forgot when mormon in vegas is going to be in town. snevman will too soon i think.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

am i still a poker professional? do i need to have a blog more like Robs to gain respect at poker?

just woke up a short time ago, and had some weird dream--in which Alaskagal drove to Jean to pick me up and take me to vegas, and had a big van. Crystal (dealer i know)--NOT the famous songwriter with the same name-- was in the back of the van, and Akgal told me the reason she gave me a lift was because Crystal asked her to because Crystal wanted to fool around in the back of the van, and Crystal was asking me why Sahar told her i cant get hard. on the way to vegas--they drove off the road, and I started running for my life because theyd just stopped to pick up Grrrouchie, and i dreamed he wanted to kick my ass for fooling around with his girl (not sure if that was supposed to be Sahar or Crystal). then all of sudden it all switches around, im in a casino in Biloxi im banned at--(although they dont know it because id never been there before) and im wearing a disguise, and i'm about to steal a guys wallet who dropped it under the poker table, but i kept seeing Nick from Binions watching me too close.

so now that i have such a huge roll of $3176 and can go move into a mobile home park in AZ or FL and be on my own near a nice pokerroom, whats the most important thing to do now? is it to protect the money i have for life and never touch it--so im never below 3k again--or is the most important thing to keep growing the roll so ill have enough to play $1-2 NL comfortably?

i thought i hear once u have a large roll its more important to protect it than it is a small roll, but of course, im always the other way around.

now lets be honest--im one lazy sob--and i dont like to work much-and what may surprise u is i dont like to gamble any more than i feel i have to. in other words-i see it as WORK and a JOB and not as fun. i do it for one reason and one reason only--to get the money needed to survive. and pokers a lot more work--and harder to win at--than VBJ is. so what this means is once ive had a small profit--im happy for the day and want to take the day off. u see, i dont get my hours in like i did when i was 15 yrs younger--before the internet came along. back then, if i wasnt broke and out panhandling to come up with some moolah--id be sitting at the $1-5 stud game nonstop.

and in cali for example--i keep taking frequent breaks at the tables with small wins, (quitting the game) and why i like it more than vegas--u can always move tables with the min $40 again. the only penalty u pay on a voluntary table change--is having to post $2.

yeah im over $3000--quite a bit over matter of fact--all the way up to $3176. never thought id win that much on the VBJ this past week. But do i really want to go into vegas and start giving that back in the $1-2 NL downtown just so i can have clean laundry? thats still not a lot of money when its ur entire lifes savings. so id be quite pissed if i lost as little as 2 buyins.

So the question is--am i still a poker player? or am i turning into an AP, who will play ANY casino game in which he can get an edge--not just 1 game? and who has a better chance over the long run of consistent profits now that the poker games arent as easy as they used to be? an AP or a poker player?

one thing that really bothered me someone said in the comments--that i shouldnt be in Jean trying to develop better discipline on the VBJ. Hello? i thought one of my biggest problems was not having enough self control or discipline. so much so as a matter of fact, a lot of people said i should get counseling or not gamble at all anymore. well, if this is true--shouldnt trying to become as self controlled and disciplined as possible be the 100% most important thing i should be doing? this comment lost me.

so how am i doing on the discipline? no really huge bets, but is that mainly due to a run of good luck? ive had some losses, i did quit $159 down once instead of waiting for the next shoe, then betting $159 off the top on a neutral count to try and get it all back. but ive had some laspes in discipline too, such as the bet of $53 once and the 5 spots of $20 once. a lot of the time the games been so full last 2 days i had to only play 1 spot, maybe 2.

for some reason i feel my chances of BIG losses are better at $1-2 than on the VBJ--ive seen it happen. u see, the VBJ i can play for lower stakes--due to all the $100 min buyins all over vegas. and theres no good spread limit promotions now that the Palms is done. But since its true my overall win should still only be $10 a day or less in the long term with this low of a roll--ive also got a far better chance of making $100 a day (a decent days salary to live on and afford a nice apt to urself when u times it by 30 days) at $1-2 NL. especially if i get to the point i can ever buyin $200-300 a shot instead of $100.

the game has changed so much in the past 10 yrs, u really need to play a lot different than u did years ago. the days are over when weak players will call u down with top pair, weak kicker. nowdays u are always behind when called, and instead of making ur money by valuebetting weak players when u have a good hand, u make the money by forcing nits like me with poor postflop skills to FOLD. ive been doing poor because ive been having a hard time making people fold. and thats why i like playing in cali better. there i may not be able to get folds anymore than in vegas--but in cali u still can make money getting called by much weaker hands. its like 2000 again poker in cali.

so because of the way poker has changed--a big buyin is a lot more important than it used to be--and is why $3000 is NOTHING for $1-2 nowdays. u see nowdays the people who beat the game over the long run--arent the local rocks and grinders. its the donkeys, the tourists, the retards who like to straddle both on the button and under the gun. they can do that because they buyin for more and can play better after the flop. im handicapped because psychology has become more important in poker--and math a lot less so.

and thats why im better off at VBJ

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

it would probably be a good idea to get on out of here while im still in relatively good shape--but then again--when u get as old as me--a place to call ur HOME is kind of nice

im really lucky i didnt lose a large chunk of money earlier today, maximum possible i couldve lost wouldve been $572. but of course, i never had nearly all of that bet. but thats what i had on me in cash while playing. (the rest is in the safe deposit box at the hotel desk--and in my bank acct, paypal acct, coinbase acct, bitzino acct, seals acct, Ultimate poker acct, etc). yes im glad my $2900+ didnt disappear, and after multiple hours of play and comps earned--im now an additional $16 better off with $2937. And i thank God for it.

for the first time in a week of play i violated my bankroll limits of 3 spots of $14 each several different times. not so much where there were bets totalling over $100 spread across the board, but a few hands of 5 spots each instead of 3 or less, and once a bet of $53 on 1 hand 1 spot. (all that was left in that spot--but with 2 $100 bills on me for backup to double or split if needed). the reason for doing better this week is i think not only been lucky--far less playing of more than 3 spots--and no more huge bets on the first hand off the shoe when behind. those 2 things make a big difference--when the count must be +3 or more before any bets over $10 are being made. and not even then a lot of the time.

But i couldve lost a few hundred and i didnt--and im embarrassed and ashamed because i was doing this as an experiment to see if i could keep to the discipline. i was getting close to 3000, wanted to pass it, and after being stuck $63 off to a poor start while the deck was still at +9 and not yet shuffled, i started betting a little bit too much.

and then i did it a few more times in other shoes too--stayed stuck close to $100 for quite a long while, getting back to being ahead very slight, to being stuck over $75 again, to finally ending up just over what i started with, and then the new shoe turned negative and i quit right away.

so if i stay at Vinces again--id first like to make sure the cats better provided for--even if i must pay for it myself. (as far as litter bought and cleaned frequently). and that dog is such a nice dog for a pitbull. id like to have Vince snap some pictures of him and I on walks. and Vince claims he got me sneakers for my birthday, which was nice of him. ive not yet seen them. there was a long time in my life i was afraid of pitbulls i never knew one could be nice and totally nonviolent. but there was a long time i was afraid to fly too and now i want to fly every time i go a long ways.

But where will i play poker? i guess the nugget, or V, or omaha at suncoast the rest of the time. am hoping i got enough for NL now. redrock would also be ok. I dont think the Palms hardly has a game anymore.

also ive seen decent options to live cheaply in columbus from craigslist too.

and im also supposed to remind u of the new TBC forum at http://tonybigcharles.freeforums.net/thread/2/tbc-thread

contrary to what some said, ive never had any virus warnings there--and even UP software giving that out. of course IP addresses must be collected. how else does a forum admin ban troublemakers? the same thing as my old proboards and disqus did this--and there were never any problems. But actually i kind of prefer just my blog the best. the forum does work for immediate comments from registered guests who behave themselves. but people will miss seeing comments if theyre not posted here a lot of times right in the blog. its a different audience but then again maybe its not. the only posts thats been deleted were posts quite offensive to certain close friends--and people pretending to be someone else they werent. both of which were vitally important to shut down. none of the regular members criticism of me was deleted. just stuff thats offensive and trolling. same as on here. criticism thats not over the top in poor taste isnt deleted.

and theres a blogger tourney coming up on seals im invited to, courtesy of seals bryan micon (i dont have the slightest idea if he knows me in person) and the pokermeister for a substantial sum of 500 seals chips. ive been playing there and bovada lately and sent coinbase recently $62 of seals money. wish i could sent more--its still way overvalued. got to not sleep thru it like im always doing.

seals the players are weaker for the most part--and the game selection isnt any worse than on UP. u can find an omaha game cheap for omaha plo 2-10 chips all the time usually.


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Sunday, February 9, 2014

I need ur vote

well this blog will be a little more cheerful than the last blog. the last blog had me down to the $1400s, and this blog has me at $2306. Alot of the difference came from a hi hand hit of $220 at boulder, a players share of a BBBJ of $431, and $255 in total winnings on the VBJ since returning to Jean. also im showing better discipline, i never bet more than 3 spots of $11 the entire time ive been here.

now what i need to know is these 3 options. i asked, and Ernesto has seats available on the tour bus to los angeles that leaves at 9am. should i ride it for $25 so i can play poker at the commerce, and then be without a place to live? should i stay here so i can have the safety and peace of mind of a room all my own? or should i go back to living with Vince for $70 a week, to have a more permanent address, and deal with the riding the bus issues, and yet no idea what game i can possibly afford to play in vegas since the Palms promotion ended. there sure is a lot of drama on various threads about that Palms promotion on 2+2 and pokerfraudalert.com. and ill be honest about one thing--online poker is a rather poor option for me ive discovered. the only thing that would ever change it would be if i could play on pokerstars international site.

mom said if i came to Ks for a visit, its best i not come til better weather. she is having Mark walk to the grocery store and run errants because she cant drive in ice and snow at her age (72) and hasnt taken the car out of the driveway in ages, certainly not to go to hutchinson.

im going to try and decide whats best to do before 9am. all of the options have some bad points, and all of the options have some good points. one thing i would need to decide is if i go to Vinces, what type of poker and where would i play? the suncoast omaha8 game only goes 4 days a week.

the bus to Jean still needs the approval of someone high up in this casinos permission to stop there (or at the gas station) and the pit boss isnt sure who handles that, but its not been done as yet--so theres not yet any bus to Jean, although there is one to sandy valley and goodsprings now.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

its not good

down to the $1400s, after 2 lousy days between boulder station and Club Fortune, shouldve taken my room at texas or palace instead (or else went back to vinces or cali). wouldve even been better off going to Jean as long as i stuck to losses below 3%.

so im playing now with the $15 on UP in my room before i go to sleep, (and yeah thats part of the bankroll--its not extra money not included in it). thats off the $10 deposited at the cage at Boulder station.

Only place i won lately has been at Palms, and thats because of all the promo money. looking at Bravo live now, seems the promo is still being listed, but i hear its going to be taken away anyday, and i know Bravos info on the rake has been changed and is incorrect. its back to $3+2 instead of the $1+4 it used to be.

i couldnt use my $50 for $40 coupons in the poker room here like i thought i could--seems those are only able to be used at TX station. Also i talked to my mom--she isnt able to drive in bad weather, and suggested i wait til the end of March if i come to visit, and she will still put out up to $300 of the costs of a round trip ticket. (will actually be over $400 counting other misc expenses) so it wont all be covered.

yeah almost anywhere else in the USA it would be freezing bitter cold. am lucky im in a warmer place and not sleeping outdoors at night--worry things will get worse. for many years--even in the older days--i had a bankroll far higher than i do now. even back many years before ssi, such as 1998-2005, i was far better off financially and often was over $5000 almost all the time. winning seemed to be 100x easier then, and i often played live BJ too. i dont know if the players were that much worse--or if i only won because i had a better roll. i think one thing is casinos take far more out now that they never used to.

glad to report the new reading glasses i got in the 98c store seem to work really well for the low price, and i do look better with the haircut and shave, although of course, that starts going away within the first few days.

and im tired--i need to take a nap--got another chore to do elsewhere online-but too tired to do it right now.

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