Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Poker with the Trooper97

December is turning out to be quite a good month. i'm even up on VBJ on the not so good type of VBJ in the el cortez. even with this mornings $493 loss on it. this month is almost ending, but ive won over $7000 this month, just off poker, with over $32 per hour winrate for december. this is increasing the overall winrate, which is now over $18 per hour for the last 2500+ hours played. (all forms of live poker combined, in all locations combined). so its no wonder the $21,000+ i arrived in vegas with is now $24,000+ even with the $750+ i spent on hotel rooms over the dec 26-jan 3rd period til Vince returns home from NJ on Jan 3.

I think games have improved tremendously in vegas from the slow period during the economic crash of 2008-2009, which obama helped to cause long before he got into office. (acorn --he heavily supported and was involved with--was threatening to sue banks if they didnt make bad loans to help the poor and minority communities). these loans caused the crash. naturally, they blamed Bush. Plus the new players entering poker are much worse now, without the help of online poker to get better.

a lot of us who play for a living got out, but im still doing my 25+ yrs of service for the community. one of the oldest of the old timers who used to play 7 stud. Grinders quitting to do other jobs is why the games have gotten better. but lets not deceive ourselves, vegas is still the worst place to move to to play poker for a living. i still cant win in the Wynn. spent 4-5 hours there the other morning, and lost $39. ive had multiple $500+ wins in the nugget this week.

Most grinders use less good judgement than me, (they look for the fanciest looking room to play in instead of the easiest game with the best action). theyre in the wynn, while im in the poker palace in north lv, where i won an easy $380+ friday evening over 4 hours or less in a very action packed game with NO other good players.

now yesterday i was up about $600 in the golden nugget off of my $200 buyin. because of the increase in my bankroll, ive decided to do away with my standard $120 buyin and raise it to $200. and i left the table to use the restroom. when i return, i find the Trooper sitting in seat 1 on the other end. im in seat 7. i fully expected him to immediately request a table change, since hes never sat on my table in the past. in fact, hes actively avoided this, and said many quite negative and unkind remarks about me being weird, although less so than himself. but he is unable to accept anyone whose different mentally. if u see his vlogs, which i do religiously, (seen more of them even than donald trump rallies) he often talks derogatively of anyone he considers crazy. Kind of like ur schoolhouse bully. but no, he didnt do this, and starting raising lots of my BB. he didnt add to his stack, he kept it at $300, when he dropped to $200, he added $100. so he wasnt out to cover me, probably due to his roll being so much less.

a lot of people say if u are going to be an ambassador for poker, u need to do whatever u can to create better game conditions. this i do and have been told such by others, including a guy this week meeting me for the first time. but he wont talk, hes sitting there silent as a mouse to everyone. interact with the fans. he never straddled either. he didnt even bring his starbucks coffee with him to the table. but his hat and blind squirrel sweater is why i recognized it was him, otherwise i wouldnt.

u will notice on twitter how he tried to deny it was him at first, and he tweeted he was in the MGM. but if u look over all his tweets, u will see the ones saying he lied too. i took a photo but it didnt come out too clear. found it quite odd i didnt see his camera with him. i dont think he filmed it, so if he puts up a vlog ill wonder where he filmed it from.

let it be said, unlike many trolls on 2p2, i've never said one bad word about his poker game. in fact i quit once i caught myself in a poor attempt to bluff him for psycological purposes since he tilts easily being so emotionally invested in me not winning off him. i shouldve known he had very strong hands, and wouldnt fold. so i left the game while still up $484 instead of the $900+ i once was up. i wouldnt been up that had it not been a very lucky hand earlier. he got aa more than once in a very short period of time, so i felt he was raising to steal, when he wasnt. i then worried i would tilt off to him all my winnings, so i decided to leave while still up good. plus the table had just combined, and 2 older guys from the other game, both with over $600 had just moved to my table. they appeared they might be a gay couple, and rooted for each other against me, and seemed to be mocking my play when i lost.

the big pot id won earlier? it was against the asian lady in seat 5 who looked vaguely familiar. she was with her husband on another table from CO. she wanted info on good golfing in vegas, and i suggested maybe it would be good idea to give her over to @onechiquita. but i thought maybe she might be CKBWOP. ill never know. not sure why i think she looked familiar. he looked like id played with him before too.

when i first sat the asian guy in seat 6 had John 3.16 written on an index card next to him. i asked and he said he was christian. i suggested he should find Ray on twitter, but he dont use it. he was trying to start more christianity up among poker players.

on the flop of A26, everyone checks. i've got 44. turn comes A. she is last to act. we all check i forgot how many in the pot. she bets $20, i check raise to $80 because i think she dont have the ace, and im wishing to show a bluff since the trooper is present. i dont think he respects my game as much as i respect his, and im wishing to correct this. she calls, so i then know shes got the ace after all. river comes 4. my miracle card. so i bet $200, thinking shes got over $300+ behind. (really was $400+) i bet very quickly without thought. she called just as fast with AQ, and i could only think i didnt bet enough. i got lucky.

deposited $2000 more of the winnings in the golden nugget cashiers cage, so ive got $7000 stored now.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

it was good to see so many friends in vegas

well rooms sure are cheap in vegas around Christmas. games break up early, and theres much fewer of them. what a difference this week is from the week which is going to follow. about the only thing bugging me tonight is the fact im now out of clean laundry again. Lyft was used multiple times today, making my life much easier.

next week will be 3-4x per week the cost of rooms this week. so glad Vince will be in town on jan 3, wish it were sooner. i still might fly out. not sure where im staying but im not tying myself down booking it before the last minute. wish i had comps here. Vegas wont offer them like other cities do. Vegas is getting very tight. but the poker games are much looser now than 4-5 years ago. but the VBJ good machine era is gone. wish i had the roll then for the old VBJ in el c or Jean, i couldve done well with this $24,100 roll.

so since taking my bus here from Phoenix, ive met grrouchie, Rob, AC and vegas DWP. played poker with all of them, and im sure at least 2 of them will write blog posts soon. im playing much deeper than in the old days and winning much more too. but i think ive been running hot lately. u see over $1000 of my winnings were on the el cortez VBJ (they moved it to the keno side) and this is unbeatable in the long run, but the house edge is very small. shuffles every hand, and the points suck since it takes 20x as much play as it used to to earn the same amount of points.

i forgot the hands so i asked Rob to remind me. and i still dont remember. seems i beat AC with a full boat i dont remember, (but she might) for a lot of money, and another big pot where i river the flush on a missed str8 draw.

and i still need to figure out how to get an experienced atm bitcoin user to accompany me to a bitcoin atm machine. seems quite a few of these exist in vegas, and theres no way to get the owners of them to assist u in person or show up, most live out of state or its not worth their time to help a new customer. ive got to find out how to get it to work. perhaps Ray will also talk of how he tried the one outside detroit and couldnt understand it either? he too seen the online instructions.

tonights NL game in the poker palace was incredibly loose with lots of bad players. and i won over $300 in it. won $34 in the $2 BJ live game while waiting for it to start. u know the one which pays 3-2 and lets u double down after the 3rd card.

never dreamed the day would come when i use city buses as seldom as i do today. Grrouchie, like ac, was nice enough to drive me home and unlike ac, without complaining about it to vegas DWP. we played quite a long time, and i won big in both sessions with friends. i did need to pay $21 when in the game with the 4 of us, had to pay someone to switch tables or id never got to join in the game.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

why I would pay $90 for a hotel when cheaper options were available

So yesterday, when my plane touched down in phoenix about 25 minutes early, it was no problem getting LYFT to talking stick. nor was it any problem storing my bags and i was originally thinking id take a room there. (for the $98 price on priceline where it dont show the name of the CASINO HOTEL IN SCOTTSDALE). not the $111 price otherwise on priceline, or the $129 u would pay the front desk without using priceline. but i heard there could be a $99 poker rate too, not sure. Then i went to get a copy of my players card and went straight to the poker room and sat in the $3-300 at table 2 in the corner of the room. was so much in need of water i tipped the male server $5. Proud to mention i never went near the BJ tables to investigate the rules and payouts. never found time.

i managed to beat the game for $109, but kept forgetting to post $2 instead of $1 in my SB. then they drop the $1 immediately to confuse people more who arent regs so it looks like u only posted $1. so i would fold hands preflop thinking im 1 3rd of the way in instead of 2 3rds. but i didnt like it when on a $9 pot, they dropped $2+1. $1 on a chop too.

i felt it way too late in the morning to get a room and i only wanted to sleep. plus id rather been elsewhere than Phoenix. so i looked up the buses for gotobus.com and the mexican bus, then took lyft downtown phoenix for another $23. the bus was late, was full, but i got a seat alone cause the lady i sat next to moved to the seat across the aisle with her friend, so i got the seat to myself to lie down and sleep part of the way in. i sure wasnt going to use greyhound. so i only ended up being in Phoenix less than 4 hours.

and once i arrived i still needed sleep. so i didnt go play poker. used a lyft to get a room in a casino i didnt mind bringing my bags to, which i knew would store them, but they gave me a room since many rooms were empty last night about 8.30am. surprised me. i figured id have a problem getting a room this quick, so i might need to check out other hotels.

good news is ive still got $21,200 much less than the $25,500 i left shreveport with, but it is a comeback from $20,300. well over $1500-2000 went to expenses. this is why i must quit traveling. shouldve just went to rays house to cut off expenses. i was worried poor weather would keep him from driving to detroit.

And this hotel im staying in for $49+ $30 resort fee? at least theres wifi, nice bathrobes in the room, and free bottled water.

and make sure u dont overlook or miss any of my blog posts. after not posting more than once per week, this is the 3rd post in about 4 days.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Pokeroom managers need to learn how to take better care of their customers. Disperse with the annoying rules.a

Most all poker rooms in Vegas or reno play 9 handed, not 10 handed. This is due to most of the $1-2/$1-3 NL players greatly preferring it. much more room at the table, and people not kicking ur chair or brushing their leg against u constantly. i would prefer to have no one sit close by me period, and be in a 7 handed or less table. this way, i dont need as often either.

so why do all these rooms in st louie, just like shreveport, atlantic city and philadelphia, play with 10? u see this all over any area outside of NV or at least further east than NV and it sure is annoying. is probably why i started losing due to the black guy on my left, who kept bumping my leg. him and another black guy almost got into a fight. (he was challenged to go outside and talk with him). Far more blacks in this room than ameristar since its reachable without needing a vehicle.

and the way none of these rooms follow the examples of the peppermill wynn or the golden nugget on the button straddle annoying too. every room out this way makes the SB act first.

and the weather. its horrible. u cant trust the cabs not to shut down, maybe not in the main part of the city, but here in the suburbs u cant trust them not to. theres no reason the ameristar cant offer free rides to people in the hotels top of the hill. so tomorrow when my $67 plane leaves (but NOT to vegas) but i will be where the weather is much warmer than here. at least they have lyft. it wouldve sold out had i not went ahead and booked it, so i now have to use it. no point in flushing $58 down the toilet like i did with my Peoria train ticket. of course i still need to pay baggage fees.

So a guy who i suspected of being a dealer in the ameristar, he bets $15 on the flop who limped in EP, then called my $15 raise preflop. flop is A68 with 2 hearts. i have AQ with the queen of hearts. i make it $35, getting everyone else out, then he puts me allin (almost $100 more to me). hes in for more. i know he dont have AK. or AA. i put him on the ace hi flush draw, so i call. im right. he had AJ of hearts. knew he had a lower kicker. of course he rivers the flush. so i left broke to go play BJ.

i should've had a lot more cash in the bank than the $6000 i had on me, but i dont like my cash all being in 1 spot. i found a pretty empty shoe game 3-2 payouts. same rules as ameristar, but if u play 2 hands, u dont need to double ur bets. eventually after moving tables twice, i came across a good shoe with the running count of +7. started buying more, betting more, and im pretty sure they didnt know i was counting the cards, or they wouldnt wrote me out a buffet comp, got the host to give me 1 more nite free (plus his business card), and since id booked the room thru priceline for sun nite (meant it couldnt be comped off--$22 less originally is why i did it this way) the host offered me a free coupon for $100 bet. of course once i returned from the buffet to pick it up, i lost it right off. he realized id been martingaling bets, which is why he was so generous with comps, and flagged down a host hed seen walking close by. but when i returned from eating he was surprised i didnt wait to use the $100 free bet, once i lost smaller bets. but i used it right off cause i seen a running count of +5 late in this shoe as i sat. but i did recover over $300 over the next 3 shoes and the black guy dealing unfriendly cause he wasnt getting tipped dealt to me far better than the dealer who looked like claudia who cost me $4000. then i returned to poker, same damned table, worse seat, and lost once more. lots of people complimented me on my donkey cap. but i lost close to $4000. the final hand before i went to eat was 2 bets of $900 each.

at least this hotel offers the free shuttle to the airport. but it stops running at 8pm. then starts back up at 7am. so u sure cant book early morning flights.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

ameristar st louis trip report

$20 tip $5800 cashout BJ. $920 in poker losses. iron mike sharpe and the guy who blew up. finding out room prices, girl who looked like a hooker. 100 play lockup and 50c min. 3-2 missouri law. free drinks where u get them. no big 0.

First off, i must say, this trip was extremely poorly planned out. i didnt decide where i was going to, or even that i would leave on thursday (instead of a later day) til like less than 2 hours before the shreveport departure time. Then the room i took for free in samstown was good for both thurs and fri nites, but i left thurs afternoon, 3 hours after i checked into it when checking out of the room id been in the eldorado tues and wed nites for free.

but unlike the eldorado where the free ride ive earned from having the black card u have to set up with a host (and sometimes there wont be one on duty til the following day) anyone staying at samstown gets an airport ride immediately thru their valet dept. so being in samstown made it much quicker to go to the airport without riding in a cab with several thousand in cash plus a $7000 check.

Once i reached the bank in st charles MO, i walked right in and deposited the check, along with some of the cash. this is why its good i arrived on friday.

id originally bought the tix to st louis, then before i boarded the train in longview, paid $58 more to change my destination to peoria. while in st louis, in my private sleeper car, at the last possible second, i changed my mind, and got off. this was due to lightnings inability to meet up in peoria, and their room not being 24 hours. i figured there would be more games in st louis/st charles, particularly the $1-2 big 0 hilow i thought existed in the ameristar. id certainly seen proof of it on bravo enough times.

but it turned out they got rid of the game just this week. now its hi only. the staffs excuse was it divides up the player pool too much. when im sure the truth is the dealers arent smart enough to figure out the low and the pot size both at once. but i played it for a short time anyway. lost $200 in it. not nearly as much as the $820 i lost overall throughout the day in the $1-3 (which was much looser than id expected).

i was losing to the 4th different guy id guessed was iron mike sharpe on twitter and roughingthepunter. by the time the day ended, id guessed 7 different guys to be him. some i discounted due to the twitter picture. none of them were a perfect match of the picture. some i discounted when i first seen the picture which lightning pointed me to. but the first guy id guessed, though he was tall like lightning said, he looked nothing like his picture, and he couldnt been him, for he wished me good luck in recovering the money in BJ when i left down $620 the first time in the $1-3.

i went to a live BJ table, found out theirs no surrender in MO and the state forces them to offer 3-2 on all the tables. (told directly by the pit boss--the same one talking on the phone using my name when buying in $4000 during a good count to make much bigger bets) when i quit the game, id won $699 so i was now slightly up. it couldve been $799, i never was sure of my buyin totals, id bought in more a few times. but when i got to my room and found out what id lost for the day overall, $699 feels more right. the pit boss did look in the discards right as i went from $10-22 bets to 2 hands of $335 each, during a point in the shoe the running count went from +1 to +7 more than halfway thru. then when i lost, including with a double down, and pulled out $4000 more to bet 2 hands of $846 each plus tip, the new count was +11. so im sure he suspected me of counting, i was afraid he would say shuffle. the law in MO is u cannot ban counters.

luckily i won this hand, then i quit and went to play poker. the cage needed my ID and it took forever to cash in. guessing they filed a currency report to the govt.

now the guy i lost to in PLO, i had only $45 left and made it $30 preflop with KKJ9 single suited. in late position. he reraised with K562 single suited, simply cause he was the maniac all day long and sucked out on me repeatedly in $1-3 too. he said he only did it cause im short. sure enough he hits the flush and wins.

the guy earlier who said i should write a blog looked nothing like the picture of him, so he couldnt been him. this was in $1-3. i did as horribly in $1-3 there as in coushatta. there were lots of guys in there who seemed like a gay couple too, but none i suspected of being him. for i think hes straight.

went and investigated on nearby housing. some hotels u must pay 1 month upfront to get the biggest discount ($250 week instead of $363). some u dont for $279 week, then the monthly craigslist special for much less in value place. the lower prices are like 3-5 miles out, u need a cab. then theres the old harrahs boat, now owned by hollywood ive not been to yet since it was harrahs and i lost big in BJ on it once. this one girl in the lobby, i thought she might be a hooker, so i looked up her pic on craigslist and backpage. couldnt tell if it was her.

now after midnight when dead tired the cabs stopped running due to poor weather. at least the valet guy swore to this. so not wishing to walk, i got him to do something they wont do. take the shuttle off their property to drive me up the hill to the motel for $20. outrageously high tip, but it worked. i dont feel safe walking after dark, carrying money or not. and its bitter cold out, will get worse tonight. i'm also $1000 worse off than when i left shreveport. some of it on expenses, (train, hotels, and some from gambling). this includes the $100 lost in the gemtiles machine. and their 100 play VP? it sucks. u cant martingale because its 50c bet minimum, unlike the ones in vegas or samstown. MD live has the min bet too, but there i think its $1. plus its 1c and 2c only. not only that theres 1 machine in the entire casino (which is quite huge) and while going to eat, people with higher level cards can lock it up from 2-4 hours. (which they did)

the lucky maniac from PLO and $1-3 (some people called him mike but he went by 3 other names too) he answered to both kevin W and merza on the list and one dealer called him matt, another mike. im sure he was stealing seats of those who left. he got so mad when he lost so heavily he threw his phone in the trash, then couldnt find it, then when he finally left, he said, ok now its fine for u guys to talk about me now--im gone. he said he normally plays $5-10 NL or $20-40, i think he mightve went there once or claimed one of the $20-40 names but i didnt see him play it.

there is a nice big grocery store and bank of america right next to the hotels up the street from the casino. it closes early being an aldis store. tonight, there better be cabs.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Preparations to spend the holidays with friends

well, i moved out of the place i was living at for about $350 per week here in shreveport today, and when they asked me at the desk, i gave them a good reference and might use them in the future if i return. if i was to go suddenly, i didnt wish to have to make a special trip there to pack my stuff, plus get my deposit back in the middle of the night. i did leave close to $40 worth of food behind, and plenty of things that wont fit on a train or plane.

so ive got some free nights in the eldorado and sams town im using. and it seems in january my free offers are finally finished at samstown, making living here less valuable now. but im doing so well here. only half the month into december, and im over $4000 up JUST FROM POKER in the first 15 days of this month. new roll is $25,500.

glad to see my $5000 mailed in check i deposited from the casino cashiers cage safely reached my BOA acct, and my family got the money and online gifts i sent successfully too. i put the wrong address in so i was worried. i was so focused while in the post office with the check id just brought from the casino, my mind was blank. but i did get it safely sent via priority mail. even though the clerk watched me put $100 in the envelope to my mom, she didnt steal the cash for Mark's christmas. Jason finally helped me figure out how to use the deposit by phone app successfully for in the future.

so today, tomorrow or friday afternoon, theres 1 morning trip into dallas via amtrak for only $24, (where theres tons of cheap planes to many cities, some under $120) then theres the afternoon amtrak into st louis/chicago on up to toledo. st louis is usually less than $100 if u dont pay for a sleeper. then theres the friday afternoon allegiant into vegas for under $250 but it might sell out. ill need to get another check, i dont wish to be traveling with close to $13,000 in cash.

tonight i played $10-20 full kill o8 and won close to $800. at one point, i was up $400 more. i was hitting mostly everything. had lots of good wins lately including from another guy named Tony who insisted i mention him in the blog. this was the day before, so ive forgot the hand of course. i need to learn to write them down so my blog becomes more like all the others on the blogroll u see on the right hand side of the page. (if u are viewing from ur computer instead of ur phone)

hopefully ill soon be living around friends near some good $2-5 games i can finally afford again that dont exist here, and be taking some road trips. its been verified the casinos near Ray will let me store money. too bad most dont have boxes instead of just the cage. im now in the process of finding out where in florida offers boxes. seems only foxwoods gives them out easily.

as far as WEC is concerned, the advice he gave was to buyin for more. well im still usually starting off with a buyin of $120. this works best for psychological reasons. but once it starts dropping im quickly adding $200-300 or much more depending on whose in the game and how deep they are. i often get it back, if not in the poker game, i will in the BJ tables. so ive gotten plenty of experience in playing much deeper stacked as the bankrolls gone up (i stay sitting in the game much longer without leaving). overall my sessions are only half as long as they were in my early and mid 20s. when very broke, just playing $1-5 stud.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I knew it was coming, and it couldve been much worse.

well, im down to $22,400. now if u looked at how i stood when i left Reno this summer, u would think this is great. But im looking at it considering how i was only $15 shy of $25,000 not much more than 24 hours ago. in fact at one point (before i cashed out) i wouldve been over this.

i'm glad to see as im passing 1114 hours in shreveport im still at $27 per hour. years ago, i not only never dreamed i could beat $1-3 NL for $27 per hour, i didnt think anyone else could either. i used to think id be forever condemned to $8-12 per hour, and i thought two things. one, that this was doing good, and two, that would be plenty to live on. but now i worry how ill survive if my $27 hourly goes down. which of course it is, remember, this is including the $39 hourly from the previous months of april and may. the sept oct and nov hourly were $15, $18 and $19.

my life much much different than when i was in my early 20s. i dont sleep outdoors, hell i seldom even ride a city bus anymore. i sure dont ride greyhound. All the inexpensive places by the week i used to rent i no longer feel safe renting, i pay premium prices for nicer rooms anymore. My last rental property eviction in vegas was way back in 1999 or 2000. i fly everywhere. i dont use amtrak even without paying tons extra for sleeper cars most of the time.  i feel like putting in very short poker sessions, not long ones and is this due to old age, ill health due to my teeth, and eyesight, or just burnout and laziness of not wishing to ever give back decent size wins of $200 or better. and only recently do i take mini vacations. (my definition=having 2 rooms at the same time). for example 12-14 free nites per month in the 2 casinos next door to each other at the same time im paying to live elsewhere. in the old days id move out of where id be staying to take the free rooms. i dont do this here lately since the rolls gone up, too much work, hassle, and im storing things there while im sleeping in the casino hotels to avoid cab fees and to make shorter and more frequent trips to the poker room.

today i actually not only bought in for $300 when i first sat (instead of $120) due to yesterdays big loss, and starting winning lots of hands. i broke the game up when 4 handed, after folding a winner, due to fear of his stack size and wanting to cement a win. but im in my room, up $281, and $22,400 is certainly better than the $22,100 i woke up with. so far ive only played 2 hours or less. and im not even sure the game will still be going when i leave my room to return. when the game broke, there was one other full table.

im ashamed of yesterday, i was stuck from poker, (under $100) VP in the bad machine in samstown, one reason i wish to leave this area, to keep myself off it. u see, in reno and vegas, theres much better paying 100 play deuces wild games, so no temptation to play poor paytables. close to $300 was lost from the VP. then i started playing BJ, and at one point got stuck over $1800, so in the middle of a good count, divided up my money to bet $1830 (between 2 spots) after getting $6000 from the cage in case of potential doubles or splits. 2 hands of $915. the hand won (after pushing 3 times, one spot paying the other). and i sure was relieved. even the elderly black lady who didnt know what she was doing (yet criticized the other black kid for doubling on a hard 12) was happy for me. and both of them didnt like me going to 2 hands at times, then back to 1. they both bet the sucker side bet nonstop and misplayed lots of hands. its rare to ever see a BJ table without the side bets, or people not playing it. this is nowdays how the house gets their edge unlike the old days where their edge came from the game itself. i would love to see tables without this feature.

went in the poker room, up close to $60, started playing Monday night close to 11pm, and showed them $4000 in purple chips and spoke of the miraculous recovery on BJ. then i started winning. the $223 i bought in for in oddball chips got up to $390+ and i was considering walking back to sams town to go to my room. (somehow got 4 free nites this week instead of the usual 2). Then one of the regulars on the night shift which is mostly black (a young black guy) and most of them all like me, one of them reads the blog whose pretty much their leader. at least 2 of them claim they could find me a woman whose affectionate if i wanted them to.  the white guys not as much. the asian regulars, they really hate me. This regular, he called my raise with AA preflop with K5 suited. he had me covered too, so i took the seat on his left in seat 3. i was swearing to little Joe (black guy who reads the blog on other end) i had QQ and i think he believes me. 3 of us seen the flop which comes K and 26 of hearts. hes got the K5 of hearts. they check both of them, i bet $55 and say i hope neither of them hit the king. both know me to bluff and continuation bet often, though i see few flops. Joe calls ALL my bluffs. Joe folds, the other guy goes allin. i call, then he shows his hand, as do I, and on the turn the damned 5 comes and he wins. i rebuy $100, lose it quickly, then $500, lose most of it, then return to BJ.

which i then start losing much more, and eventually quit over $2500 down, then lose $380 more in VP. im feeling sick since i once got it all back on BJ. in fact id recovered much more often than i shouldve on BJ or VP up til last nite. this is how i got the money up to $25,000 much more rapidly than i wouldve had i only played poker.

wont be no more bitcoin losses on BJ since bitzino shut down. i used to play it lots while at the table on my phone. since the huge win long in the past id lost more than $500 in the last month or so. still looking for alternatives.

since buying $60 worth of books, ive finished 2 so far. i miss ray and vince, and am tired of this place. especially since both ray and vince are up to doing road trips. but moving outs a big process. im sure my stuff wont fit in 2 suitcases, then id need to get a check from the cage, then id worry about my bank having to report a huge $10,000+ deposit to the gov, then id worry id lose it before i got to the bank, then i worry i might not get my deposit back when checking out right away if the wrong time of the night, etc. then id have to book in advance and few flights out of here and the trains dont fit the schedule too well either.

if i go out of town, i will really hate having to waste money buying food in the casinos too. ill never have these meal offers i get here. or the free $95 weekly.