Saturday, January 27, 2018

small win and i dont feel well. i mightve caught the flu

im worried about my health and definitely my health a few years down the road. the chances of me living til im 60 without a heart attack, stroke, or diabetes are quite slim. i felt quite sick yesterday so between 4.30pm when i finally fell asleep or so (spent most of the afternoon and late morning reading) i continuously went back to sleep, even waking up to use the bathroom less than usual. i feel like this could be because im drinking less water since i left Ray's which causes my urine to be much more yellow than it was in his house. this describes what i feel i have. my chest feels heavy in a way, and i feel it when i try to cough. but it dont feel severe enough to be the type which says u need to see a doctor, the other it says will clear up on its own in a few days. yesterday i felt worse in the afternoon before i went to sleep. felt completely stopped up. except for my chest i felt much better when i woke up this morning.

i do know my health is deteriorating because not only is my head sore from excezma all the time, and i have to urinate in very weak and tiny amounts frequently, i get almost no exercise and if i run the least little bit to cross a street or catch a bus, i feel very very weak and out of breath. even for the shortest of distances. it wasnt like this when i was in my 20s. plus i require 10 hours of sleep most days which isnt normal. and my eyesight supposedly i didnt need glasses, but i feel like wiping my forehead or eyes often with a rag. but i cant spend money to see a doctor and i dont ever want to take the risk of all my money in the bank being confiscated or id have no way to support my immediate needs of food and shelter. which means i could never ask for insurance. i might consider seeing a doctor if i knew where in vegas i could get an office visit under $100 without going to urgent care, which averages $160-200 in vegas with like an hour wait. but i mean a normal appointment with a long term primary care doctor, who wont rush u in and out. i wish i had rich friends.

the good news is i made slightly over $200 this morning in the golden nugget, which puts me just barely back over $15,000 from $14,800. i wouldve stayed longer but didnt feel like giving it all back. i made a mistake showing this one woman a bluff, who i think was part of a gay couple from Austin tx. both were playing on the table. i knew she took the money deadly serious and wasnt there for fun when she sat with $500 (unusual for a girl tourist) and i think ive played with her before.

id been playing quite tight, and been doing good about not showing none of my uncalled hands earlier this session. i had KT of clubs, and like i do a lot of the time if im scared to lose money i dont raise preflop. i will raise preflop when im stuck and trying to take risks, but i lost so much more than i could afford in one day just the other day, i dont feel like any risks at all. i even wish i could play live $1-1 NL even with the much bigger rakes ive seen it elsewhere, just to not risk more than $40-100 per day. i dont feel like taking swings no more. i know too i shouldnt feel this way. but i feel much broker than i really am.

AJ suited, and others, i too wouldnt raise preflop today. id just limp call. i often play vastly different from day to day.

flop comes J86 with 2 clubs. she bets $10 and i called. one guy called behind me. turn comes 5 offsuit. she bets $15 i call, other guy dropped out. river comes 7 offsuit. she bets $15, and appeared to not like the river. im taking a risk by going to $70, but she quickly folds and my total bluff won the pot. i only screw up by showing it. i felt like she might worry about the straight because if she hit it she wouldve bet more..

so because i showed this hand when i shouldnt have now i couldnt bluff no more which hurt me. 20 minutes later i had QT offsuit. flop comes KJ8 with 2 diamonds, ive got the Q of diamonds. she bets the flop and i call.

turn comes 10 of diamonds. she bets again, i call, now with a straight draw, a flush draw and bottom pair. river comes Q. she bets only $15 and i call, and lost to her K9. i might have been able to make another big raise turn or river and get her to fold had i not showed the bluff.

and one hand i played i had to fold AK of diamonds preflop. i was in seat 8 in a 9 handed game and an old man who plays daily in there was on my left in seat 9. i limp called $2 in early position and then seen he had KK and he too limp called $2. loose tourist in seat 4 is a guy i dont remember if i played with this week. he bets $16. the girl from austin calls and the guy on my right. i feel like i must fold because i feel the regular with make a huge reraise, but once i fold, he only calls with the KK. sure enough i look once more and i did see his hand correctly. the flop comes A26 with one diamond and i feel sick. same guy bets $40 lady folds, guy calls. and the old man with KK folds. turn comes J of diamonds, giving me the nut flush draw plus top pair if i wouldve stayed in. tourist checks, the other guy bets $85, and the tourist folds. then the winner showed AJ for top 2 pair making me feel better. the guy in seat 9 says he shouldve raised preflop.

when my time ends in 2 more weeks, i think i might need to return to Toledo, i need someone to watch over me and to control expenses. even if that would mean playing poker in toledo instead of detroit. when i get old ill need a full time nurse or companion, preferably a wife. or reno seeing theres so many games there where like detroit the min buy is much less than $100. but id need to know where to find cheap housing. theres lots of it nearby the peppermill for $450-650 per month but i dont see how i could be approved to rent. i wish Yoshi, Vince or Ray's friend Nick could help with obtaining it. and i dont mean renting out rooms either.

Friday, January 26, 2018

its going down, down, down. its going down, down down (set to music)

when u depend on poker to survive and have NO OTHER INCOME, its absolutely critical u maintain a sizeable working bankroll. of at least 6-12 months worth of income or living expenses. u cannot be depending on doing it out of what u earn that week, day or month, because sometimes u dont make shit.

today i spent about $20 in walmarts on boulder hwy by the longhorn. and i hate spending money when i dont have to (and im dreading the new phone ill need because my battery is getting worse and worse about giving out if not continously plugged in) but at least the money is there. i was once up close to $4000 in poker this month and now its only $1200 and when u count non poker expenses and losses, im down significantly.

i didnt even go to the wynn tonight, because i no longer felt like playing $1-3. and theres no more money in the box anyway. i went straight to the nugget to play $1-2. was doing okay, was up to $479 once out of $247 in buyins and rebuys. then i got dealt AT in the BB and everyone folds to the button, a newer guy, who bets $7. he had just sat very recently. i called. would u reraise instead of call?

flop comes A95. i wanted to know if the flop scared him so i bet $2. he bets $25, i call. and i also bet this is case hes drawing nearly dead with like KJ suited, or i want him to think ive either got a monster or nothing, but the hand i did.

turn comes 5. i check he bets $45 i call. i think here i should fold, i felt i could be behind. river comes 10 and i think i sucked out, so i bet $115. hes got like $130 and he only calls but pushes it all forward, loudly yelling call first. (saved me a bet)  he has ace 5 instead of a big ace? wtf?

so i catch the bus to the longhorn and win $63 playing blackjack. $2 min with good rules but they sure dont put the cut card deep enough. i was up more once and down more once too, when i rebought $100. they simply thought i was martingaling but i did run into some good counts. one time when they probably expected me to continue raising bets, i cut back to $2, i couldnt go no further with the poor count. actually this happened more than once.

and on good counts i was going much more than just doubling the bets at times. and the one guy with a backpack kind of looked homeless but id swear he might be an employee, thought i seen him go behind the pit once. he kept looking over.

where did the $19,967 disappear to and how did i drop it to $14,801? $153 on the VP in the Tuscany on the way home the day before. $500 or so in the wynn on poker. plus losses the 2 previous nights. some in the nugget. and even some wins mixed in. $15 in $2-5 in the bellagio, and some on vp in the wynn. close to $3000, possibly more in the big split in planet H where its so easy to martingale and i wish id not been carrying so much cash. the min bet is 10c times 2, and the max is 40 credits on the $5 for $200.

i thought the bellagio might have stud still, not been thru there in years and if i was asked to leave i was so upset by then i didnt care. but no one said a word, must be new employees than 20 yrs ago. i was in the $20-40 mix when it opened by guys named morris, magic, etc. some weird types of badugi and razz and stud. u get 4 cards, then discard 2 and it plays normal, and triple draw too. i think triple draw or badugi i played poorly.

but i dont think i played poorly when i raised with 678 on 3rd in stud 8. nor when i raised my 5678 on 4th street. i didnt know one had KKKA hidden i thought he only had a big pair. i didnt know the other guy had 4 to a nice low either, he couldve been high or paired on 4th. then on 5th he hits the low and i start to check call. it actually got checked to me because i hit a 3rd suited card on 5th. so i got one free round. but i was told i did.

they said the stud im used to ($30-60 or $15-30?) only goes on weekends now. it might not go then.

Monday, January 22, 2018

a technical computer question.

before i tell u of how much better than average im doing this January (last years January i won an awful lot too, but the difference was last year it came from BJ, (not poker) and then in February in reno it all got given back due to Blackjack too.) but this year, im up over $3500 from poker in January and over $26 per hour, more than double last years hourly of $10.62. and this month isnt even finished yet.

but first ive got a complaint. and im hoping that VOOK or someone else in his line of work knows the solution. i came home, to a computer which was asking me if i wanted to restart it now. and usually this takes very little time so i clicked yes. IT TOOK WAY MORE THAN 25 minutes,. and rebooted multiple times.

which is annoying when u need to not forget something u immediately wish to type. never in my life has it remotely took this long on any type of needed auto updates. here is the question. why wont it just do it--without me needing to be on the computer using it to click "yes"? how do i fix it, so in the future it will do it without me needing to be on the computer to do it? then i couldve returned home with everything being done for me when i was gone.

Other than that--my new computer works rather well. of course, when i watch youtube music or speeches of others, it still wont play them loud enough, even when on maximum volume, so maybe im missing a way to increase the volume i dont know of or understand.

unlike last year, im winning in the wynn, and ive got almost $1000 more than i came to town with. which is really something when u consider i paid up my rent. and my food, etc. so in the first week or so ive been back in vegas, ive won well over $2500. not quite all from poker, but ive been doing good about staying away from risking money in BJ. some of it was on some slots.

the moose tourney made the games in the nugget good when i first got to town, and as always the game in the middle of the night in the stratosphere is much looser than most. so was the vlogger game in the westgate $2-5 i attended albeit much too late. But the most unique game i played in was tonights game in the wynn, (its really the Encore now) with Jacob Israel Brundage.

theres an article on him in which he left a large sum of money in an Uber, and got it returned to him when he was in the WSOP. and when i first sat in the game, id realized id finally met someone more odd than I. i had the seat next to him, (and a seat change button). he waved his arms around wildly, with nonstop chatter, so it wasnt the best seat. what stood out, and i would like to know from guys who've been at his table before if he is like this also when hes in the bigger limit games than our $1-3 NL wynn table is if he is the same way at the tables. he wasnt exactly loose, but he sure gave away a lot of money. like $5-10 to the dealer every 2-3 minutes nonstop. and to staff tossing it around the room, the cocktail waitress, etc. and putting the money into the pot kind of roughly. he never would be quiet or stop talking with the women in the game.

he is the son of Pentecostal preachers, no idea of his current religious beliefs. but he knows who Jack Van Impe is, and could quote all the books of the Bible better than i could. and early on, he accidently knocked over my stack of chips, then tossed me $15 and said he was sorry for knocking them on the floor. i thanked him and told him i could use the money, then he tossed me another $15 or so. by the time he finally quit the game id gotten over $70 from him. but this wasnt near as much as the dealers were getting. and when the extremely good looking young Asian girl whose a regular on his immediate right went away from the table a few minutes with a very short stack, he secretely added a few $5 chips to hers. i dont think she ever found out.

i told everyone i didnt want to leave til i had $300 and was going to leave as soon as i did, but it wasnt til after he left i finally had $309, when i won a decent pot, and of course then i left considering my night over, and happy with my profit since i never had added on from my original $120 buyin. he was a bit shocked by some of my folds preflop including 10-10 when an asian guy repopped the $6 straddle to $40. i think he thought i was much nittier than i really am, when the truth is i bluff a lot due to my image. an awful lot of people tend to get this image of me. i think a much better image would be a picture of a donkey.

im curious to know what others might remember of games they played with him in. also if u google search him, u find out he is a member of the republican party in florida. i think a lot of people wouldnt like the fact florida is telling absolute strangers how people vote who register in florida. this needs to be changed. votes should be kept private for someday it will be needed for their personal safety if the democrats gain power.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

the main differences between me visiting vegas at age 21-25 and me visiting vegas in 2018

first thing i did when i got into vegas from a greyhound bus then, was go straight to the casino (either Binions or the Mirage, or the El cortez) was go sit right down in the stud game.

When someone is 48 yrs old and spent the whole night in Greektown without sleep? well my Spirit flight arrived 45 minutes early and since its like 7am in the morning, i cant go get a room. there may be hotels in vegas that let u check in this early, but those are rare occasions. If there is a hotel in vegas which ALWAYS lets u check in at 7am id like to know about it. and i dont mean the 24 hour weekly budget suites place across from sams town, or the one on Tropicana and boulder hwy called Sportmans royal manor or something like it. those 2 places are unsafe, just like the place the Trooper used to live at.

so i decided to sleep in the airport, where i wouldnt be bothered since it was on the side already past the security. fell asleep and didnt wake up for good til 12.47pm. i slept in an area few people were sitting in and on the floor against the wall so i could lay down. no one bothered me. then i went to check into the hotel i prebooked online before leaving the airport in detroit. and since i have no luggage ill need to buy some used clothes and some other things such as food and microwave containers and water pitchers too, when i get the chance. but i need more sleep first before finishing up this blog and heading for the casino.

and of course, coming with a little over $17,000 (after purchasing the room) instead of over $500-1000 makes a big difference too. people who are under 25 still think that under $2000 is enough for them to never go broke on because they dont have the experiences i have. i just hope i still have over $17,000 late Febuary when my room expires. also i asked TSA about my ID and he told me he was under the impression Loiusiana would be good til around the end of 2018.

would like to hear from Alysia and Vince too. i need to pick up my books, and to go food shopping. plus i need assistance only Vince can provide by going into the phone company in person with me to switch out my old phone for one with a battery thats not completely shot that they dont make no more. we might wish to go to the BJ machine. i wish i had the phone number for AC, it would let me know for sure she is seeing my texts instantly when on twitter i might not know shes seen it for hours.

im shocked all the time when people dont see their emails instantly. i usually see mine fairly quickly if im not asleep as often i refresh the browser. like when JOhn mehaffey said he didnt read emails over the thanksfiving holiday til it was passed, i thought it was rude.

Friday, January 12, 2018

blizzard coming

i wanted to make sure i wouldnt need to play in the casino in toledo no more instead of having the option to play in Detroit instead so i decided it might be a good idea to get a motel in detroit for 1-3 nites since a blizzard is coming within 5-12 hours. and Ray wouldnt be able to drive up. this way i wouldnt need to stay in toledo. Ray said if theres a level 3 snow emergency as expected, the casino would have to shut down in toledo as only emergency travel would be permitted.

so i ended up finding a 4 star hotel room tonight for $86 thru priceline, which actually ended up being $111 after taxes and fees. tomorrow ill have a $209 room in the casino itself which ill use $150 in comps for and pay the different plus the taxes there. my room is within 4 blocks of the casino and once its no longer dark outside would be okay to walk it since im right in the middle of the downtown business district.

at least the net and shower gives good hot water. and im glad Ray remembered to bring inside the hotel right before he dropped me off (and i wanted to bring my laptop up to the room so i wouldnt need to worry if security would block me from carrying it into the casino) he handed me the food in the car too, for i wouldnt have remembered it, then id been starving to death in the room.

the $500 i got for the high hand, which Ray received 10% of, due to the deal we always make on jackpot type promotions, mostly is gone now. i gave back alot of it, spent too much for hotels, and tipped the dealer $25 of it. then i paid the cab $6 to avoid walking, and uber wouldve actually been more due to the $7+ minimum.

here is the hand i wanted to talk about and the sole reason for writing the blog post. this is the hand that took the entire $295 i had in front of me shortly before i left to go to the hotel. i raised the straddle to $25 preflop with KK and there were 3 very deep stacks on my table, and some of them moved tables to be with the other big stacks due to their policy of matching the biggest stack on the table, (which all poker rooms need to emulate).

3 people called, which is more than i wanted. flop comes AJ9 with 2 to a flush, which is also not what i wanted. we all checked. the turn comes 7 offsuit, and this time the 2nd player to act bets $45. i call, hoping to be the only caller, but no, one other guy calls too. both of which had well over $1500 in chips. and the high hand promotion had ended. so i figured no one would be slow playing with all the draws present. river comes A. first guy checks, 2nd guy, whose made a bluff before, bets $100. i called, hoping the other guy (and him) were on draws. id played almost no hands, they know how i play, and they knew i was up, so i expected to be bluffed.

the first guy goes allin, the 2nd guy folds his missed straight with QT, (see he was bluffing) and i called my other $100 or so. he overbet so much i didnt believe him, and i thought he was just trying to get the other guy off. and also i felt like he KNEW i didnt have an ace. he shows ace 9 for the boat and im out.

i cant believe he would not check raise on the turn, he let the other guy have oppoturnities to suck out on the river (or me suck out) much too cheap. i sure wouldnt have played it the way he did.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

i was the donkey and quite a lucky one too

I've made it up to detroit much less often here lately due to Ray not feeling his best due to strepthroat going around. so about 5 times this week i played in toledo instead of detroit where i dont do nearly as well and the casino and the poker room basically suck. i convinced him to see the doctor, reminding him his coverage is free, and they gave him a prescription and told him he had 103 fever. of course its not nearly this bad now.

i played the PLO8 tourney in toledo and managed to survive somehow to 5th, which paid $225. there ended up being 25 entries. at 24 entries only 3 spots get paid, so i got quite a break. $120 + $10 was the buyin. i hate how all tournies make u pay extra for the dealer fee, just so the winners wont need to tip they make all the losers pay it instead in fees. makes it cost more to enter. i was quite short when i busted in 5th, then they chopped it up 4 ways, pissing me off because i offered to take much less if they chopped 5 ways but they didnt. $550 to each of them, $300 to me. was surprised they even had this tourney but this week they had a few different kind of tourneys. they never even offer $1-2 PLO here, the lowest they will deal is $5-5 on rare occasions.

but heres a few hand histories from Greektown casino in detroit on the day Ray and I were able to make it up there.

i was stuck and on tilt when i limped $2 with 4-4 in early position. the guy last to act goes $12 and i suspect BS, so i went allin for $100 as if id limped in with AA. only he calls, with 99. on the flop i got quad fours. he couldnt stop talking about it for 10 minutes nor could ray to every friend on the phone.

another regular was heavily stuck on tilt. i called his $40 raise preflop once with 85 of diamonds. flop comes 885 with 2 spades. he bet $100 i shoved $270. 3rd guy in folds, and he does too after a bit of thought. i thought he would be more likely to call then, with the spade draw out because i feared an ace king or spade coming, killing my action if he had JJ or QQ. but maybe i make more if i only call?

and then once i limped KT offsuit in late position. flop comes A23 with 2 clubs. i bet $10 to steal when 3 guys check to me, and only the button calls. turn comes J and i had no idea hes got aces and jacks and is slowplaying. hes been winning, too. i bet $30, he calls only. river comes Q of clubs, giving me the runner runner straight. i check, worried of the club. he bets $50 and i call, and he is a bit surprised when i show the straight to his AAJJ. if he raises the flop or the turn, id be gone of course.

overall im way less still than when i had the $20,000 or the $25,000 but im about $2000 better off than when i flew here from Deadwood. im still waiting to hear from the state department on documents, its been close to 6 weeks now id think.