Wednesday, August 31, 2011

waking up wed afternoon in the 4 queens

never did get around to updating this blog yesterday before i fell asleep. not too much happened yesterday. won a small amount on poker at the nugget last nite, and a small amount in binions earlier in a shorthanded game, and lost a small amount on VBJ at binions. overall i came out ahead $103 for the day and shouldve came out about $200 up. still waiting for an answer to a very important email. and im getting ready to walk over to binions or the nugget any minute now that im finally awake. still waiting for grouchie to finish that challenge too. he lost interest once he got ahead.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

cant sleep

dont know why i cant sleep i only had 4 hours this morning. too tired to play poker so i went to my room and now i cant sleep. playing songs by various artists i liked as a kid, including Johnny cash, best musician of all time and a man who really loved his country. wish i had a good woman to sit and talk to to help me fall asleep. no one nowdays appreciates good music anymore, and i was wrong to not visit people close to me who wanted me to come see them, no wonder i have no woman in my life. she was right. i do put gambling over everything else thats important in life because im afraid that without devoting all my time to it, i wont be able to survive and ill be back to when i was near broke years ago. and ive learned a lot about VBJ this month. enough to really scare me, for if im not hardly earning a dime even with the promo think of how much id be down WITHOUT The promo. yeah enough for me to not feel much like ever playing it anymore once this promo ends. thank God i didnt lose on it this week and i sure hope the drawing goes well. and all of sept if im not traveling and if i am ill be concentrating on just poker. for id better.

and the selection of games on 5dimes is awful way less than 1000 players but ive still got my $50 deposit up to over $122 if i can withdraw it when im ready. man i miss being able to play online from home, recommendations of sites from rakewell vook etc and other regs would sure be appreciated.

and it really bothers me pokerdogg and zin havent joined me on facebook to make talking really easy. same way it bothers me a certain girl im in love with i wont discuss here and will delete all comments discussing her as promised dont have any interests in joining them sites. she is way too private and wants me to be too and insists i shouldnt say on here how much money i have. and how many think shes right? its really none of anyones business.

and the US dont do enough to honor its military how can i best show support for our military and make sure they have a good life for their service? and its a terrible shame they wont have prayers offered at the 9-11 memorial this year cause mayor bloomberg banned any religious celebrations. and now i really must sleep. no ones awake but me anyway. too quiet here. and i wish at times i had a normal place to live, i dont want to lose my freedom to travel and be forced to pay $20 daily in commutes, but damn i wish i had food in my room and too lazy and tired to leave the room. ate both salads i had in the fridge when i got back.

Monday, August 29, 2011

finally---out of the lucky club and back relaxing and eating a salad in my room at the 4 queens

Kenny drove me home he used to work with a BJ team in Seattle and i think mainly bets sports. also he knows tons about VP machines with an edge and BJ strategy, and i gave him my seat for taking me home and he locked it up for the 20 minutes it took him to drive me downtown. all day long a ton of people were there flat betting $100 a hand for almost 24 hours who were all out of towners and locals working as a team, and its all my fault for telling people about the promo in the first place. they are getting so many tons of drawing tickets its really gonna hurt me cause now ive only gonna have about 5-10% of the tickets in there but since they are drawing 20 names a day and u must be present i should still win something.  got a few hundred more to fill out and deposit in the drum before fridays drawing. wish id have never told a soul about that drawing. opening my big mouth seriously is hurting my chances of winning, had i never told a soul id probably end up several hundred better off for sure. guess ive learned my lesson.

and now i should go play some poker, either that or sleep. i was tired of being at the lucky club. and the good news is i turned the $709 i was down to when i woke up back into $1480 so i actually made another very meager profit off the promotional machine, not counting the drawing tickets. and today i wasnt the only winner some of them guys were down and some were up a few thousand. rolls back to just over $10,300 again. as long as it stays over 10k for poker ill be ok, my free play will add to it sept 1 plus i should get something at least out of this weeks drawings. i am really kicking myself for telling others to come and fix it so they have tons more tickets than me, but i did my duty as a journalist to benefit all of mankind. but its sure hurting me financially. i only originally did it to learn if the promo was really as good as i thought and every single AP in vegas thinks it is good enough to come and play it.

dammit more bad news

after 6am and finally in room to sleep and they really enforce the 11am checkout time here. new bankrolls $9500 instead of $10,300. not really understanding whats wrong, everyone here claims its just variance and is to be expected, but id think at least some of the people playing should be winning at least part of the time if nothing underhanded is going on. and i dont think getting picked in a drawing is luck. if u have about 25% of the tickets in the drum, and they are picking 12 names and keep pulling til someone shows up each time, how can u not count on being picked? ive been picked several times each drawing so far. now the drawing in laughlin with a lot more people in it, that was luck. anyone can come to the lucky club with me on labor day and ill lay them $250 to $100 that i WILL GET PICKED.

anyway the guys from the BJ forum who have the 200,000 roll and have made their living their whole life at BJ and VP machines and promotions and run a forum, father and son and a friend, all sat here for hours (showing up 30 min early to make sure they got seated) and flat bet $100 all nite, and lost close to $7000 minus cashback of about $2500 so far when i left to go to bed. one them looked up my blog and was reading it and was asking how he could post in it. they are still out there looking for their long term advantage and swear the machine is NOT dishonest.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

in my room at the lucky club, sun aug 28

well i was afraid if i didnt get here long before midnite those guys with the very huge bankrolls for whom the promotion is worth over $2000 a day (its hardly worth a dime to me with my meager roll) would come in and tie up all the seats. and i want as many tickets in there as possible for the labor day drawings friday and sat next week. 12 names will be called daily and i can win $100, $200 and $500 and $777, and my odds are extremely high as often as u see ive been getting called and u must be present to win. also i can win more than once on them days. and this week it will be in CASH not FREEPLAY.

my bankrolls very low now, down to only $10,300 but the lowest it will go is $8900 (got $1400 on me) and i hope to get back about $575 in free play and about $1000 out of the drawing before a week from today, to help recover my roll. plus starting midnite this machine will be worth 101.40 instead of 99.80 like it is now. and as usual i got them to give me a FREE room which im in now typing up this post before i walk back out to the machine.

sorry i never got to see snevman again the only time he was in there was when i was in the lucky club or sleeping. its too hard to coordinate my hours with his, but ill see him again sometime. i brought only my phone charger, laptop and laptop charger, and one clean shirt for tomorrow. so i wont be playing any poker in the next 24 hours unless its online in my room.

the $50 i deposited on 5 dimes, i am NOT counting as part of my bankroll due to worries about withdrawing, but im happy to report its now over $140. there seems to always be less than 1200 people on the whole sites often only like 300 or less.

and somehow the entire thread on got deleted about this promo, thats how worried the people with BIG MONEY were about too many people coming over to play it and taking away thier edge. (the more people play the harder it is for ME and them to wiin the drawings.)

now ive got a hand to talk about from the golden nugget earlier that broke me and got me stuck $300 for the day, id already lost a hand before that which ive forgotten. but this hand i had aa and made it $12 preflop and got 3 callers. i had to act first, (even though i wasnt under the gun). flop comes 10 5 3 with 2 spades and id been losing to 55 before. and guys were winning with it. i bet $50 on the flop and only 1 guy calls with a little more behind than me, he had over $150 left. i really knew nothing about how he played. he was fairly new. turn comes up 2 spades and what would u do here?

well i bet $80 and he shoves and considering one of my aces is a spade i must call, its about $60 more to me and im certainly getting the right price. sure enough he had q9 in spades. i see so many people more this year buying in only $100 than last year, i thought ive been doing a lot better buying in for more than i did last year when more broke, but maybe thats not so. not really sure what to do different as far as my buyin. ive been thinking $300 or close to it is my best buyin.

in my room to sleep what a roller coaster of a day

and now my rolls at the LOWEST its been in some time. and im getting ready to sleep but have an awful lot to post first. Roy's gone, tatudes gone, and its just me in vegas waiting for the free play sept 1 and the drawing sept 2 and 3. my only shots at recovering any of my bankroll and then i better get out of here, i just do not have enough discipline. really made me uncomfortable too when i found out the main guy at the lucky club in charge was seeing everything about his company that i was posting in my blog regarding his VBJ machine. oh well.

vince drove me over to the drawing about 7pm and when i got there i was already stuck $500 half and half from binions pokeroom and VBJ at binions. wasnt a good day all around. and i made the mistake of taking $2000 from my safe deposit box before i went over to the lucky club for the drawing. while i was waiting for the first drawing at 9pm, i lost ANOTHER $583, all of it on the VBJ machine at the lucky club which i shouldnt play when the promo isnt running, or at least drastically reduce my bet. the first drawing i won $161 in and the next drawing i won $319 in. and i was pretty close to even for the lucky club after playing it through (u win free play) Vince didnt hang around so i had to call a cab, and they NEVER EVER showed up although they claimed they did. security outside never seen one. and the truth is they just dont like to go into that neighborhood, ive had lots of trouble even getting one to take me over there. eventually i got someone i knew to drive me there for $25 that was just about to go to sleep when i called.

and by the time i got to the nugget, i was tired, snevman wasnt there, and its not my fault i got there so
late. and i bought in $233 and lost it very quickly in an action packed table probably playing too loose. but that wasnt the hand i wanted to discuss here.

heres the BIG hand that got me stuck heavily right before i went home to bed. i had K9 hearts and 5 of us called a raise to $12. Hosea again was on my immediate left, and was the straddler and tonite he was stuck a ton and playing quite loose. and he was raising his straddle about every time. flop comes up 8J2 with 1 heart. hosea checks, and another deepstack bets $25 and i float the pot due to their huge stacks in case i get the back door. turn comes 5 hearts. guy bets $25, (heres where i fuck up) i made it $75 (check raise) and hosea calls (with a double belly buster) and the original better goes allin for $250 more, now i have to call due to humongous pot, and Hosea also calls and we both miss, and the allin guy takes the entire pot. and im too tired to type anymore.

Friday, August 26, 2011

From the nugget a question

Was playing at the golden nugget for about 20 minutes when the following hand occurred. I had qq and made it. $10 preflop an asian guy made it $75 with $6 behind. Hosea who plays alot at redrock and has a monster stack calls. I have just about $280 behind and i think the asian guy might have me but not sure and i know he cant reraise. If they both have jj or ak im good and dont want hosea in cheap. What would u do?

well i shoved, and hosea called me with AA. and hes a good player. i later left not stuck near as much as i was that hand, and i was on a different table most of the time thereafter, and was still out about $150 when i went to my room and ate. later i seen vince and he drove me to the lucky club, and i hit the drawing more than once, so did the asian guy who didnt show up til the 2nd drawing. then i met snevman and vegas dwp at the nugget and played an hour or so but i got tired soon and left, ended up ahead about $150 for the nite instead of stuck. since i won both drawings and again a little in the nugget.

i still think i probably shouldve folded the QQ or am i just saying that due to the result?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

waking up thrusday afternoon at the 4 queens

well last nite i started off winning $272 in the nugget, went to eat, and put a lot of the food away in my fridge (daily $40 magnolias first 3 nites of this stay). Met tatude about that time, and him and i went to osheas to look for roy, and found him in a tourney. so tatude and i sat and started playing cash and we both started losing. eventually i found roy at a table game, and i suggested he move to my poker table, and he sat and played a while. and made $80 last quite a long time til he finally lost with a flopped straight against a set. then he suddenly realized hed lost his keys, and ill call him soon to find out if he ever came across them.

i eventually left that game still out $150. tatude left it long before roy and i did. i took a cab back downtown. couldve rode the bus but i hate the long waits in the middle of the nite. still its a waste of money though and is why i prefer to just play wherever i stay. now that its the next afternoon, i seem to have forgotten all the important hands as usual.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

in my room at the 4 queens

am waking up on wed afternoon. rolls around $11,200. went over to the golden nugget to play yesterday and started to lose. same black guy who comes in sometimes started laughing as to how he felt i play everytime i lost. my first buyin was for $220, and later after ive lost a bunch of  it i rebuy for my oddball $74. heres the hand in question. i have 99 and we all get in to see the flop. for $6. (about 4-5 of us)  i dont want to raise the initial raiser. flop comes up 468 with 2 hearts. i bet after initial raiser checks, of $25. one guy calls, and another guy calls. turn comes 2. and one of the guys has less than $100 in front of him. i see no point in giving a free card with such a draw heavy board, and know he would bet anyway if im beat. so i bet $75, he goes allin for $23 more, other guy calls allin for less, i call and it turns out hes flopped the straight, other guy was on a draw. then the black guy starts laughing about how i bet $75.

shortly thereafter, i see Roy and his friend who drove up from lyons ks and will be here a few days. (the guy who would often drive me to OKLA or dodge city for gas money.) to play poker. he usually loses cause he plays way too loose. then he wastes money on games like mississippi stud etc too and never ever uses the internet. He asks me wheres a good cheap place to get a good meal, and i recommend the chicken fingers and fries at the grill. they go to eat and the following hand comes up which costs me the rest of the $294.

almost the entire table limps $2 and the lady on my right who just sat who i thinks gay and her partner just sat on my left and she makes it $12. shed been raising a lot the $15 min shed been there, so i wasnt worried about her. i had KK and made it $40 in my blind. everyone calls but the black guy who always calls me it seems cause hes got no respect for my game. (what a fish to call $40 preflop with his hand.) she folds of course. flop comes A57 and the pots $100+ and if im beat im beat, he will bet anyway maybe but to make sure i get his money if he has a hand like QQ i bet the last of it (about $110) and he calls and wins with AT offsuit.

i think pokerdogg would say if ur going to check/fold KK heads up anytime theres a ton of money in the pot and an ace comes u way too weak.

anyway i found roy and his friends and spent the rest of the evening with them showing them a good cheap tourney which they wanted, i played it too and lost, so did they miss the money, and also recommended osheas and bills promotions he was gonna see about today. hes got about $180 left of the $965 he came with.

when i got back to my room i was too tired to do anything but sleep. anyplace u would recommend they could get a  lot of free play signing up for a players card? i recommended places like trop but i know theres a gimmick, where do u recommend there is NOT any gimmicks?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

in my room at the lucky club to sleep monday nite

ok the days over now. what a roller coaster of a day. last nite, i lost over $600, and today at one point, id had all that back, and close to $400 profit (from the machine, not overall cause there was still a poker loss at the riviera, cab fees, etc.) But i was ahead on the VBJ promo. but then i ran really bad and gave back over $700, got pissed and went to a live BJ table to count the cards at instead of do the promo, and lost another $500, and finally went to get food to take to my room. while i was doing that 3 of the chaperones friends from who was told about my thread suddenly showed up to play the machine with a very large bankroll, and all 3 sat and started flat max betting $100 a hand for the next 2 hours. so i sat back down to learn from them and reassure myself the promo was really at 101-101.5% payback long term. they said the reason they didnt come and play sooner in the day to get a lot more hours in was they didnt know about it earlier. seems like all 3 of them lost quite a bit. theres no way to verify for sure the machine isnt fixed, they werent sure of when it shuffles either, but they were smart enough to know when its paying back 2% extra u do a lot more doubling of 9vs2 etc when it gives u back another 2% on the extra $100 bet. and its a good thing i sat back down, i recovered over $600 of my earlier losses. seems overall im out around  $300 on the machine for the entire weekend, (not nearly what i lost last weekend) and out about $575 overall counting expenses and poker.

Monday, August 22, 2011

not down quite as much

recovered over $400 of last nites loss, still playing (in my room a second, got one more free day) and hundreds of drawing tickets the cage was nice enough to fill out for me, and the damn maid threw away a t-shirt that was dirty and then swore there was none left in my room. no one seems to believe me. only the same asian guy ever showed up, he lost way over $1000 last nite and got frustrated and left.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

in my room at the lucky club

got them to give me a free room again, so now again ive got 2 rooms tonite. am sitting in here, got vince to drive me to circus to get my cellphone charger and my laptop, and had to pay him $20.

lost $257 at the riv before i came over here the first time. (took a cab). man i waste a lot of money on cabs because i feel unsafe riding the bus and didnt use to years ago. but i was so broke i guess was why. what happened at the riv is this one woman pool/poker player and her husband been playing daily and ive seen her try and bluff but normally play not too loose. well there was the standard preflop raise and i called $8 with KQ (mistake). flop KK9 with a flush draw. original raiser bets $15, i put him on a pair. she bets $50, i put her on a king. fold fold, fold, fold, i bet $150 and original better folds. (as expected).  she goes allin for $60 more or so and i call, and she flopped 999KK. i knew she didnt have ak, figured her for like KJ or KT or something, although the over the top allin scared me but too deeply invested then to fold for a little more, am getting the right odds to see it.

am about even so far, and plan to follow a strategy a little like pokerdoggs but not entirely and try to not bet too high and clear about $25 an hour long run. all 24 hours starting midnite. except for maybe some sleep.i just hope its not all taken by guys trying to grind the promo, i heard a group of them were coming over. (tying up all the spots and flat betting the max, killing the promo for everyone else.)

in my room half asleep, just got back to circus from downtown.

wanted to make sure i updated blog first, because i have so much to say. i let a guy talk me into putting $7000 on the table if he did the same, and hes a regular who plays in there all the time. yes i know that over the long run, it wouldnt be a good idea, and probably not in the short term either.

however, i eventually got out of the hole, and ended up winning $402 and at one point was up over $150 more. the guy who had me covered left the table long before i did and no one else ever came close to having me covered, except for about $800. i laid down aa once when i wasnt sure if it was a good laydown and i never found out but i did give back a bit that hand right close to the end.

now heres the details i promised on twitter about the hand that i won. i had A3 clubs and called a small raise preflop to $12, along with 6 others (table was kind of loose.) flop comes A35 rainbow, and im first to act, and the preflop raiser is on my immediate left. so i bet $40, hoping he would have AK and raise, or that i had the best hand and some of them would drop. he drops, and only 1 guy calls. now the guy who called id suspected of being tucson jim due to his beard and the fact he was wealthy and came to vegas alot, but it turns out he was from atlanta. he seems to like his hand and i fear maybe im no good, but im not folding. turn comes T and he checks, and i do too. (mistake?) or was that was got me paid off? river comes 9 and he checks, and i show the 3 of clubs and start thinking as to whether to bet. (showing a card when HU ok in most vegas pokerrooms). he then turns over 44 claiming im checking, and i throw in the stack of $6000 in bills and the guy on my RIGHT swears i havent checked and have the right to bet. floor is called and its ruled its a legit bet, guy calls (i never expected him to call, was originally just trying to avoid showing the other card when i bet) and he says hes got to see what i had. he had about $300 left in front of him so that was an awful lot to call with only 44. the only reason i showed in the first place was i was trying to decide if i was good or if he had a higher 2 pair. he shouldve known the rules if he comes to vegas alot.

and when i left shortly thereafter to take a cab (why board a bus and wait around with that much cash on me?) none of the cabbies outside binions wanted to do it because they didnt feel like it would be a big enough fare. ($13-15) because i wanted to take the strip and the one person who wouldve took me only wouldve done it if i took the expressway and paid $20. (which would be blatantly illegal, they cannot refuse to pick up a fare whose going a short distance.) so they got me another cab driving down the street, (they swore theyd been waiting forever) and with that attitude im not surprised. now im halfway to circus going down the strip when suddenly i remember i left my iphone and charger at the nugget, so i have the cab go back, get it, wait for me as i run in the poker room to grab it, and then take me back to circus. so he ends up getting $28 with the $2.60 tip and that served everyone right since he deserved it for taking me and if those other 2 black cabdrivers (this guy was mexican) wouldve took me, they wouldve got way more than the $20 they originally were trying to make at least. they may still be sitting at binions doing nothing for all i know.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sitting at the riv waiting on a seat

Used $280 of comps yesterday getting 2 friends rooms. Talked to my host and it was ok. That got me back $160 of what i was losing at the riv and eventually i went to my room to sleep $100 ahead. Still not sure where to deposit money online am thinking 5 dimes website anyone have any experience there? Called a guy down with a small pair yesterday i shouldve recognized as a solid player. Mike champoux came by with alot of money was winning heavily and on his way to connecticut anyway sorry this is short will add to it later i finally got seated.

Update evemtually won about $30 and went to eat. Rode the bus downtown to the bank and forgot it was saturday. Right now im sitting in a game at the nugget with over $1250 on the table over $100 of its profit

Friday, August 19, 2011

just waking up friday morning

was going to post last nite, didnt know what to say, and i ended up getting way too much sleep. from 9pm last nite til 10.45am this morning. why i sometimes keep going back to sleep for so long is beyond me. maybe subconciously i feel its an escape from my everyday life.

started off the day yesterday dropping over $200 at the riv in some really loose games. had something else on my mind id been needing to get done, so i left and spent most of the day doing that. eventually came back to room, after being on a bus over 30 min with no air conditioning on flamingo, and just hung out online a few hours never did get back out to play poker, and am gonna do that now. what im saying is most of the day was uneventable as far as pokers concerned so not really anything to post.

i did renew my room at circus thru sunday morning.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

sorry ive waited so long to update, today wasnt too bad of a day.

am relaxing in my room at circus. still am sleeping the wrong hours and playing the wrong hours, and one thing i dont like about staying at circus is the machines too easily available (is why i have so many comps here) and the closest decent poker room except for the riviera is a walk up to the wynn, which u only want to do if its not dark out.

am waiting to hear from Donna at the wynn to see if she can get me into a safe deposit box in the poker room so i dont have to carry cash around. ive always felt like the wynn has very tight nits who come for the NO jackpot games, and the phone chargers being kept behind the desk, and the free strawberry julius. but it seems like today i actually found a table with a little action, ended up winning over $300 there, after winning about $300 earlier on VBJ, and then i also won $122 at the riviera later in a lucky suckout and later i gave some back, and the games were much looser than usual due to all the pool players in the room.

im finally convinced i cannot win in the long run on any VBJ machine except the promo at the lucky club that ends at the end of august, but i dont think i lose too much overall either. i think over the course of the year ive lost about 8000 and got back about 4000-5000 on rooms and food. the guy who phoned me from penn who does a lot of promos that told me to shut up about the lucky club promo said its ONLY with a slot club promo can VBJ be beat long term, and told me its $200 an hour in the players favor long run if u flat bet $100 but u need a large bankroll on mondays and thats only this month. i dont have near the bankroll as pokerdogg knows. this guy went to PA and plays lots of live BJ because its the best state for card counters he says with the great rules there the gaming comission forces on the casinos to offer.

oh and one last final note, is there anyone who plays online at 5 dimes and can get a commission for signing me up? seems to be the best site for withdrawing the easiest and funding the easiest.

Monday, August 15, 2011

ok im done for the day, got some food and went to my room at the lucky club

none of my blog readers came by, and one asian guy sat and played for a while flat betting $50 a hand from that one BJ forum, but he had no luck. lost about $1200. (him, not me.) he also told me i should delete my post or the machine would fill up, besides the guy from the forum who called me. (i published my phone number in it before i later deleted the post.) i ended up recovering $510 of yesterdays loss, rolls about $10.900. (also i picked up all my cashback, the $200+ id won last nite but hadnt cashed out yet, (cause i was waiting to be a certified hi roller) and about $369 more i accumulated today in cashback. now im sitting in my room watching tv ready to relax and sleep. i know i couldve continued to do the promo til midnite and most AP guys wouldve, but i didnt feel up to it anymore.

its funny reading all these comments about why i shouldnt play machines, (some of which is probably true since i dont have the right mindset to FLAT BET like everyone encouraged me to do, (even those on where i was posting.) whats funny about it is everyone here claims that NO machines can be beat over the long run, which is a lot different than what people post on video poker and BJ forums. i never know whose right and what to believe, im still trying to find out. now i know a lot of times, that i cannot win money playing certain machines long term, such as certain harrahs and binions ones, yet i play them anyway for who knows what reason. Yet a bunch of people (such as the asian guy who came over from the forum) and the guy who called me on the phone begging me to delete my thread both say the machines beatable with the 101.5% payback on mondays. but some of those guys posting on that forum claim i shouldnt be surprised or think its odd to drop as much as 100 bets. and i dont even know for sure the machines not rigged. whats weird is none of these blog readers think its beatable at all long term, and how everyone from that BJ forum thought i shouldnt post the location of the machine because the one guy in los angeles was looking forward to playing it next monday and he worried the casino was browsing the forum, (a 3rd guy said that in a PM) and he didnt want the promotion GONE or all the seats taken next monday. theres some people who swear these machines are beatable, but they say its not from counting its from the promotion, and i shouldnt bother counting, and they claim the proper way to play is to flat bet 1 150th of my roll.

what difference should it make whether i flat bet or vary the bet a little due to the composition of the cards and the outcome of the previous hand? over the long run, it shouldnt help or hurt no matter whether i vary the bet or not, this is extremely difficult to understand and a very very boring way to play. u could lose a lot of hands in a row, i dont like doing that at all.


in my room in north las vegas

well im not sure whats going on, the promotion is a full 2% payback (every $100 u bet adds $2 to ur cashback on todays 5x points). so it should be next to impossible to lose over the long run, when using basic strategy on 6 deck BJ pays about 99 and a half percent. But i am, im out close to $3000 and only got back about $300 in cashback to claim when im awake, (i need the manager to certify me as a high roller for getting over 20,000 points this month otherwise u only get HALF when taking cashback instead of rooms or food, or cigs, etc.) people who are listed as hi rollers get full dollar for dollar

instead of martingaling and counting the deck as i normally would (only on plus counts of course) i was pretty much flat bettind, 30, 40, 50 or 60 or 80 (depending on whether the majority of the cards were hi or low the previous hand or so) and yet i still lost all that, dont see how thats mathematically possible, or at least likely, can someone prove it is? otherwise i need the gaming commission to come make sure they arent cheating. maybe i lost more because my bets were quite a bit more than normal, but i shouldve been +EV at least $100 an hour if the machines not dishonest. only took like 3 hours to run up that much in cashback.

and with the other big loss earlier today at slots of fun of over $2000, my new rolls down to only $10,100 so thats 33% of my 15k gone in one day which is awful.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

From the riv

Well today wasnt a good day at all. Early on i won 600 on vbj. Then later i lost over $2100. Recovered $300 in the riv pokeroom. Am ending the bpunty immediately it never served its purpose.

in my room getting the new laptop up and working and tired

got to sleep, but im working on downloading things onto the new laptop. i went from being $200 up in the $1-2 NL at trop (they dont play $1-3 anymore) to being stuck over $70, and moved to the mix games, most of which was $4-8 fixed, but also some PL games. they wouldnt let me sit with over $200 so i put $90 in red chips in my pocket and sure enough i forgot to cash them out when i left and i knew that was gonna happen. was doing good at first, was up over $125 but then started to play too many hands when i got bored and tired and eventually left the game stuck. so many things i need to download and install on the new laptop and i must get rid of the MCafee and install avg, but this new laptop sure is fast.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Bought the new laptop

Vince and i went to fryes where i found a new lenovo laptop on sale for $370 am sitting with it in the tropicans where im about even for that cardroom won 600 on vbj again this morning before vince and i went over there. Was over 200 ahead in the game at trop until i lost a big pot with a set. Rolls still around $14600

Friday, August 12, 2011

From a riviera tourny

Either i cant hear when theyre playong music or that isnt when it shuffles. I only heard the sound once counted exactly 208 cards and didnt hear the sound again Won $290 and im sitting in the riviera toirny on break. Only 5 of us and some busted and rebought. Will test my theory again one more time to be sure at a quieter casino. To get a meaningful edge i must learn when it shuffles. Without the other promotion that is.--------------update----

am now in my room only to eat and to recharge my phone. i am up $598 for the day, about half on the VBJ, some from the tourney win, $150 minus $10 tip, and also over $200 up in the $1-2 NL. rolls about $14,200.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

in my room at circus relaxing to get much needed sleep, just wish i got it different hours is all

new rolls back to $13.800 after todays $1300 win on VBJ and $241 win at poker. played at both wynn and riviera. at the riviera they kept calling my shoves when i had the nuts, and its normally an awful game filled with freeroll nits. might get better once the pool player come in on the 16th next week. and the only reason i won at the VBJ was i got really lucky, i won close to $676 at slotsoffun, and the rest on a very bad paying machine at the encore i got very lucky on.

i do think ill have a better shot of winning at VBJ in the future however, ive been told how to tell when the shuffles taking place, and the next opportunity i have, im gonna test it out to be sure by counting exactly 208 cards after the loud thud i hear a lot, and see if its 208 cards apart. if so, that proves its true. if not, that proves thats not when it happens after all. does sound like a pinball machine thud. if it is when it takes place, that would mean i could always have a very accurate count, and would explain why my counts were off, making my playing decisions and betting decisions off.

now the OD is supposed to be working on this blog soon, trying to get software installed, im gonna email him right now before i fall asleep.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

back in my room finally, its wednesday afternoon, down to 12,200

couldve been a lot worse, came back from wynn with $1157 of the $2500 and at one point had only about $100 left on the VBJ 96% payout one at the wynn. for some reason i felt like i had so much money i could finally afford to gamble a little on the machine and i thought i might get lucky and hit big for a few thousand. ive got to stop that when i wake up, am in room to sleep now. i really should leave town. i dont know why i kept getting a message from my phone my security token was messed up but it wouldnt let me process and approve comments and now zin's along with everyone elses is finally approved.

i actually won about $290 in the $2-5 at the wynn, but at the end only sharks were left. i still like $1-2 better. maybe had i came in on an earlier shift the game wouldve had more fish. i did make a couple good calls. wynn sure is tight on free rooms, u can play just the same amount there u could get 2-3 days free at a much lesser casino and not get a damn thing but a buffet.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

moved rooms today and am up to $15,200

ive never in my life had $15,200 before, the highest ive ever had in the past was $14,300 won over $1600 today on a VBJ machine and i admit i got lucky, at one point had 3 hands of $132 each and won 5 bets off it, 2 of which were a double down.and im gonna now go and play a little poker before i sleep since i slept so much last nite i didnt wake up til after 4am. and id still like to hear from the OD and grouchie.

wait!!! i spoke too soon. i went over to the riviera, played awhile, had to fold about every hand, finally played a good hand and lost, cashed out $113 down, and went and lost back this mornings big win on the machine, rolls back to only $13500. dammit going to sleep now for sure. and the action there is awful this time of day in the poker room.

Tues morning at the nugget

Sorry for not updating this blog before i went to sleep. Was so tired i didnt wake up for good til after 4 am right now im playing poker in the nugget. Still hanging around 13000. Renewed my internet modem yesterday and didnt win much and i need to consult with grouchie or od soon. Not sure what became of socorro. never had him identify himself if he played with me on this trip. and i didnt do any good in yesterdays binions tourney, i made a bad bluff attempt. still doing very well at cash games though, just left the nugget $509 ahead and am in my room getting ready to check out. rolls about $13,500. havent decided yet where ill stay this week. really bugging me how hard it is to type on my phone without hitting the wrong keys, someone told me to buy a special pencil. and the $509 i won i didnt really deserve it, i got a little lucky with my 10 8 suited against his kk he slow played preflop and i didnt hit til the turn. and called way too big a bet on the flop.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

From the nugget

Went over here to look for socorro in the 1 am tourny but i dont know what he looks like. Dont think hes around will hopefully see him 9 am been waiting over 2 hours for my seat change am up about 400 right now. ok now its many hours later, and im in my room updating. turns out there is NO 9am tourney, only an 11am, and i didnt see anyone i thought might be him, well i take that back, saw like 3 but none came up and said they were him. and i won over $600 at poker, $300+ in the nugget about 1am to 5am and the rest 5-8am in binions playing PLO with a dice back in the barge tourney area. had as much as $2000 on the table at one time when stuck over $445 and rebuying in for $1000 more. it was a good nite, new roll of $13,100 and i need to reach vince its time to do laundry. i caught myself making bad raises with 72 offsuit, and eventually left the nugget. still wondering about socorro

Saturday, August 6, 2011

bad news guys, but hey i stayed off the machines

am going to see who can help me install this to help block unwanted comments, and to make comments show up much better for other readers and posters. in the meantime i had to block posting of all comments. got over 40 spam posts all of which contained vulgar profane words to describe me. it was done by anonomous (not to be confused with anonymous different profile) and i dont see how to block him, so i need to install this. of course u can always submit ur comment for approval in the meantime and of course ill post if its not offensive.

this supposedly shows how to install certain software, but i cannot figure out how to do it. and im sleepy. played too long trying to get unstuck at the nugget, was trying to get back the $120 id won at table BJ in the 4 queens. i only played cause i didnt want to play any machines. bought in $235 in the poker game, starting losing, rebought $400 and still couldnt win, but i knew i was due for a loss, started to get tired, so i left with $342, then lost all buT $36 at table BJ cause again i was determined not to play a machine. so overall i lost $479 dropping the roll back to 12,400. still not too bad a roll.

tonites results at the nugget and now its sat morning

woke up not til about 3am, and if soccorro is reading this, i think it would be a good idea to play the 9am tourney cause i might not be awake by the 1am. like i always said its hard to know my hours way in advance. still have not played in machines in i guess about 72 hours now? whenever it was i put the bounty on. as usual i won money at poker in the nugget, bought in for $339 and at one point was up to about $850 but i left with only $515. lost a large pot at the end with bottom set on a flop of 7TK. won a large pot earlier rivering a full house, and also a pot with kk. i dont remember the name of that program pokerdogg suggested i download to help me remember results. rolls about $12,900

Friday, August 5, 2011

about to sleep, kept going to sleep later

my sleep got messed up today when i went to my room after the game broke this morning, and i accidently fell asleep 2-3 hours and woke back up about 9am. kept me from being tired earlier. good news is when i went back to the nugget, i won about $400 more, new rolls about  $12,700. most all my wins were from bluffs according to the guy next to me, but as usual my memory isnt good enough to recall the hands. just wanted to say the good news before i sleep. i know one time i showed the a of hearts when the 3rd heart hit the river and a guy bets and i shove, and he folds then i show ace hi no pair. if soccorro reads this, and im not awake by 1am, ill just play the 9am tourney with him instead.

fri morn aug 5 results of the previous nite

woke up about midnite and snevman asked me to notify him when i woke up. so i did and he says hes on his way, then doesnt show up and finally texts he cant make it. anyway i did good, bought in for $287 at the nugget, and eventually cashed out $797 several hours later when the game broke. again i was lucky, won a big pot with ak against QQ when an ace hit the river and i reraised to $80 preflop, bet the flop i missed totally, and called his turn bet, and he claimed i was only 12% and i said i was closer to 20% than 12. all small cards J or less was on board. also i won a couple pots where a big pair held up too. am probably due for a loss, rolls about $12400 and the good news is i havent played a single machine since installing the bounty. remember that because of reader input, i made it $200 no matter what.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

At the nugget as i post

Downloaded google chrome in the hopes og speeding up my browser on my laptop. And also need to learn how to change font and style on my cell. And im fed up with deleting 90% of vulgar profane anonymous junk comments so i had to block anonymous people from posting. Shouldnt have to deal with that everyday. Them machines arent the only nuisance im fedup with and want out of my life. And also i have some good news. Since i got rid of anonymous comments that means comments can now appear Instantly without waiting for approval. So get an account

0k--its 2 hours later and im in room to sleep now. see u 2 guys who are members had ur comment posted immediately without having to wait, still need help in installing forum software where all the comments show up together. and i won over $450 in the nugget, and now must sleep. i got lucky to get aa when a good regular had kk, and he come over the top of my raise, then call my allin. new roll of about $11,900

wed nite aug 4 results

first i walked to binions, there was not a single pl or nl game going. nothing but 2-4 3-6 and 4-8 limit, mostly all mixed games. so i went to the nugget and played $1-2 NL til it broke, and then nothing at all was going in binions so i went to my room. another thing i really need to do soon is buy another laptop, i think this one will soon give out. been over 48 hours now since i played any machines, seems that the bounty is working. ended up winning $135 for the nite, putting my roll back over $11,400.

no one commented on the forum i asked about. notice yesterdays comments by me. i thought maybe that website might work to install forum software, but am not tech savvy enough to do it without help. not much to report about as far as various hands in tonites game, the main one being i got dealt aa at the same time a local lady reg had kk and she went allin on a flop of 10 7 4 or something very close. this was after she reraised me preflop and i called. also i won another hand with kk myself on a flop of the same thing, when a kid with at commited himself.

still have no idea why i cannot use OD's application and farmville from the iphone, and having trouble trying to understand copy and paste, guy next to me showed me but im still not getting it. also cannot seem to be able to search profiles in myspace.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

tues nite aug 3 results, not touched any machines at all in over 24 hours since adding bounty

its not just that ive not been seen at a machine, or posted that ive not played any, its that IVE ACTUALLY PLAYED NOTHING BUT POKER SINCE PUTTING UP THE BOUNTY. u see, the issue isnt whether the readers such at fatb and pokerdogg think the bounty will or will not work. its whether the bounty actually does work to keep me off. not whether someone else THINKS it will or will not work. and thats part of the good news.

heres the rest of the good news. rolls back to $11200 from $10,600. and this fridge works so well my foods getting too cold and i had to adjust the settings. and slowly downloading more applications onto the new iphone, such as myyearbook and the OD will be sad to hear i cannot get the application he invented to work, maybe when he ever comes downtown to assist me he can do that at the same time. One other thing id like to learn is how to be able to play bejeweled for hours on the Iphone and still not use up my battery, funny thing is i think ive only used it for 1 phone call since i got it. u see the old phone is also still good til aug 9 but i never use the phone to call anyone anyway, i imagine a lot of women who have given me their numbers online probably wondered why i always texted instead of called, maybe some of it thought that odd so they quit replying.

wish u guys would get accounts. whether its true or not, i keep feeling like most all the anonymous comments arent really sincere or legit and are being made by the same person, the only way ill really know is if people get accounts. i take the postings from the non anonymous accounts far more seriously.

won about $366 last nite in a shorthanded PLO high game at binions, when i quit playing shortstacked and after losing $100 twice, rebought in for $1000, and when the game broke, cashing out $1566. thats why i love staying and playing downtown more than the strip (no cap on buyins). and the walk to my room so much shorter too.

after that i won about $300 more in the nugget poker room $1-2 NL game, buying in $166 and cashing out $498. then i went back to binions and sat in the $4-8 dealers choice, and turned $198 into only $104 by the time it broke about 2 hours ago.  overall around a $600 win at NOTHING BUT POKER for the night. just wish my iphone wouldnt need recharged so often. i did shut off the wifi signals like i think it was tatude suggested.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

new $200 machine bounty, tues morning aug 2

last nite, about 2am when i was finally awake and done online, i went over to the golden nugget, bought right in for $500 and lost it real fast like to a guy who intimidated me on my left due to him having the only big stack at the time. flop comes up 3 lower diamonds and i lost on a  $40 bet and a shove after a $15 preflop raise i had AK with one diamond, and he had 10 5 for a made flush on the flop. didnt really want a call, but i knew i had outs. eventually i got it back, rebought $500 and built it up to $1137 by the time the game broke. and i finally learned how to get the period to come up on my iphone after a sentence without having to switch keyboards, and how to delete sent messages from my texts. Being able to play beweled at the table for something to do and see new incoming emails is really nice, wish i wouldve got me one of these years ago.

played $4-8 horse including badugi at binions for about 2 hours, winning another $11. barge will be out in force there later today, and im sure barge guy will be there, hopefully he identifies himself so i know who he is. am now in my room worried if its safe to eat food put in the fridge yesterday, potato salad and 2 tuna salad sandwiches. i dont think the fridge is working and getting food cold, and engineering will come look at it. the reason i dont think the fridge is getting cold is my milk tasted really sour so i didnt drink it, and my icecream melted in the freezer portion. would like anyones advice as to whether its safe to eat the food.

seems like the web guard i thought they removed still isnt removed, so as soon as im done typing this, will get ahold of tmobile again to fix it. they shouldnt put that feature on a phone to begin with unless someone asks for it, why block poker related webforums the same way they block nude photos? makes no sense. and farmville suggested i redownload the application but i think i should take a trip to the apple iphone store at fashion show and see if they can get it working.

also im gonna investigate on installing the forum software, but i need to ask the OD for the link again since my old blog no longer exists to look up the link. maybe i can find another one thru yahoo search.

odd no one is commenting on the new $200 bounty, which may not be the full $200 if im running extremely low on money by the time im caught. have not played a single machine all nite since reinstituting the bounty. i thought $200 would be enough to make it meaningful. usually when playing them machines i have way over $200 in them.----just wanted to add this quick before i sleep---
played a little $4-8 horse at binions about 11am-noon and won almost $200, then moved to the 1-2 PLO game starting up, lost $127, and now in room to sleep still up $52 more than i was earlier. and im falling asleep and will be up about midnite or 1am. so hard to sleep in the north tower, maybe i should start taking the south tower further away from the music.

Monday, August 1, 2011

it was NOT a good nite sunday aug 1

never did get a full 8 hours last nite before leaving the room, which was a mistake as usual. ended up dropping $1600+ and my new roll is at $10,400. too tired to type up a long post really, roo rired to do anything but sleep.

i think the fact i used to live outdoors years ago and get very scattered sleep even though i wasnt wasting near as much in machines then, had a lot to do with why i was so broke such long periods of time and stayed so broke. ive gotten more sleep in the past year and done better, although the fact my games switched to NL has been the main factor.

young guy in the golden nugget was wondering about having his laundry picked up and delivered for $20, wasnt sure if i should refer him to vince who i told him did mine, he said he wished he could have that done.

iphone still doing some odd things im trying to figure out how not to make it do, but i did download bejeweled2 on it and had a few hours play on it and 150,000+ before it ended my game. would like to meet up with someone else in vegas who has it downloaded on their phone and challenge them to a higher score while playing. (just one game, winner gets $$)

(not the end of post, will finish later)---ok its 2am, a long sleep finanally, and awake enough to finish and then head over to the golden nugget poker room. effective immediately a $200 to the first person who catches me on a machine, or 100% of all the money in the machine if its less than $200. u must be willing to post in the blog u caught me playing and NOT post it anonmously.

before i went to sleep i got my host to give me 6 more days, so now my checkout date is sunday the 7th. i started off last nite losing a small amount on poker at binions, then a loss of over $1000 on vbj, then a few hundred at table BJ in the nugget, and then a little bit of a win on poker at the nugget. later when i came back my chips were picked up and i sat at a new game and lost $115. all in all i had around $12,000 at the beginning of the day, and $10400 at the end. also dropped some in the VP machine with 9-6 payouts at the 4q too.