Saturday, August 6, 2011

bad news guys, but hey i stayed off the machines

am going to see who can help me install this to help block unwanted comments, and to make comments show up much better for other readers and posters. in the meantime i had to block posting of all comments. got over 40 spam posts all of which contained vulgar profane words to describe me. it was done by anonomous (not to be confused with anonymous different profile) and i dont see how to block him, so i need to install this. of course u can always submit ur comment for approval in the meantime and of course ill post if its not offensive.

this supposedly shows how to install certain software, but i cannot figure out how to do it. and im sleepy. played too long trying to get unstuck at the nugget, was trying to get back the $120 id won at table BJ in the 4 queens. i only played cause i didnt want to play any machines. bought in $235 in the poker game, starting losing, rebought $400 and still couldnt win, but i knew i was due for a loss, started to get tired, so i left with $342, then lost all buT $36 at table BJ cause again i was determined not to play a machine. so overall i lost $479 dropping the roll back to 12,400. still not too bad a roll.


  1. You can't win everyday. I dont know too much about computers so can't help you with the software.

    I do know that harassing/stalking someone over the Internet is probably illegal and if you have the ISP or email info of the person doing this hang onto that info. I'll check with a friend who knows about those things and see what can be done.

  2. Over 40 profane posts? That is someone with way too much time on their hands. keep it this way for the time being and hope whoever it is doing it gets bored and moves on.
    Like Tatude said keep the ISP there might be something you can do.

    Clint Herron

  3. Tony, I'm glad to hear that you didn't give into the temptation of playing the machines. However, I wish you didn't feel the need to always chase your losses. Table BJ is only slightly better than VBJ, I doubt that you are an expert card counter. Keep up the good work in poker.

  4. Tony, what is the difference between VBJ and table BJ, it's all the same, just stay away from them.

    I know I am repeating myself, but if you really want to fix the problem, you need to see a counseller. Even then it is a slim chance you can completely stay away from the machines and BJ, but it's your only shot.

  5. At long last you are beginning to realise that you cannot win every day just playing poker. Like Tatude said, you will have your off days. Your attitude that you were determined not to play the machines is great, but please be careful that you do not start to substitute table BJ for the machines in an attempt to get even. If you had not played table BJ you would have only been down about $300 for the day. That is perfectly acceptable and your roll would still have been closer to $12,700. Hang in there Tony and build it up slowly. There are those of us here who want you to succeed and be happy with your life.

    Sadly you are always going to get the sick vulgar comments from people who don't have the balls to confront you in real life. They are weak and hide behind the anonymity of a computer.

    Just like the guy in Las Vegas who always gave me a hard time for befriending you and constantly abused me on your old AVP thread. He never dreamed that we would meet. When I was in Las Vegas in June, I found out who he was and when I walked up to him and said "G'day, I'm Koala." I saw the look of fear in his eyes, and he damned near shit his pants. That was the ultimate satisfaction for me. That was karma. The guy was a simply a spineless, chinless, middle aged, balding, overweight bag of crap.

  6. Tony, Tatude is right - you can't win at poker EVERY time you play. If you have a losing session, just take your medicine and live to play another day. All that matters is if you can win more often than you lose ... if so, you're a winning player despite the losing session every now and then.

    Trying to get unstuck on BJ isn't any better than hitting the machines ... both are -EV and you have no business playing. I can understand if you want to play for entertainment every now and then - I do so myself - but it's no solution for getting unstuck.

    You just have to kinda feel sorry for the ass-clowns who have no life, and can't find anything better to do than to spam your blog with nonsense.

    Hang tough, man. Good luck.

  7. Lol. Koala you must have met a certain dealer I'm guessing. I met him also last trip. Had a few go rounds with him myself at AVP but he never got too personal so I was very civil. I even tipped well after the tourney. He was younger than I expected. As bad as he was it's nothing compared to some other people. It's funny tho they sure change their tune when u meet them in person.

  8. Tony, that link looks like a step by step guide to install the comment management system. Just follow the steps and pictures.