Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tues morning at the nugget

Sorry for not updating this blog before i went to sleep. Was so tired i didnt wake up for good til after 4 am right now im playing poker in the nugget. Still hanging around 13000. Renewed my internet modem yesterday and didnt win much and i need to consult with grouchie or od soon. Not sure what became of socorro. never had him identify himself if he played with me on this trip. and i didnt do any good in yesterdays binions tourney, i made a bad bluff attempt. still doing very well at cash games though, just left the nugget $509 ahead and am in my room getting ready to check out. rolls about $13,500. havent decided yet where ill stay this week. really bugging me how hard it is to type on my phone without hitting the wrong keys, someone told me to buy a special pencil. and the $509 i won i didnt really deserve it, i got a little lucky with my 10 8 suited against his kk he slow played preflop and i didnt hit til the turn. and called way too big a bet on the flop.


  1. I hope u don't decide to play VBJ even if u think the odds are great. Nobody makes a living playing machines.

    Tony u are a smart guy u just do some not so smart things. If your life goal is to play poker to support your machine play then go ahead it's your life and your business.

    If your goal is to have stability and avoid homelessness then u need to stay away from games of chance. It's just a computer chip in those machines and it's not programmed to give money away. A good chunk of the money used to build those hotels came from people dumping money in those machines.

    You could easily make enough money at poker to rent a very nice place get your license and have a better life. By my rough estimate u took your roll from 5k to 13k in the last 45 days or so. Pretty good results. Anyway good luck whatever u do.

  2. Turn your phone sideways when u type. Makes the keyboard bigger