Wednesday, August 24, 2011

in my room at the 4 queens

am waking up on wed afternoon. rolls around $11,200. went over to the golden nugget to play yesterday and started to lose. same black guy who comes in sometimes started laughing as to how he felt i play everytime i lost. my first buyin was for $220, and later after ive lost a bunch of  it i rebuy for my oddball $74. heres the hand in question. i have 99 and we all get in to see the flop. for $6. (about 4-5 of us)  i dont want to raise the initial raiser. flop comes up 468 with 2 hearts. i bet after initial raiser checks, of $25. one guy calls, and another guy calls. turn comes 2. and one of the guys has less than $100 in front of him. i see no point in giving a free card with such a draw heavy board, and know he would bet anyway if im beat. so i bet $75, he goes allin for $23 more, other guy calls allin for less, i call and it turns out hes flopped the straight, other guy was on a draw. then the black guy starts laughing about how i bet $75.

shortly thereafter, i see Roy and his friend who drove up from lyons ks and will be here a few days. (the guy who would often drive me to OKLA or dodge city for gas money.) to play poker. he usually loses cause he plays way too loose. then he wastes money on games like mississippi stud etc too and never ever uses the internet. He asks me wheres a good cheap place to get a good meal, and i recommend the chicken fingers and fries at the grill. they go to eat and the following hand comes up which costs me the rest of the $294.

almost the entire table limps $2 and the lady on my right who just sat who i thinks gay and her partner just sat on my left and she makes it $12. shed been raising a lot the $15 min shed been there, so i wasnt worried about her. i had KK and made it $40 in my blind. everyone calls but the black guy who always calls me it seems cause hes got no respect for my game. (what a fish to call $40 preflop with his hand.) she folds of course. flop comes A57 and the pots $100+ and if im beat im beat, he will bet anyway maybe but to make sure i get his money if he has a hand like QQ i bet the last of it (about $110) and he calls and wins with AT offsuit.

i think pokerdogg would say if ur going to check/fold KK heads up anytime theres a ton of money in the pot and an ace comes u way too weak.

anyway i found roy and his friends and spent the rest of the evening with them showing them a good cheap tourney which they wanted, i played it too and lost, so did they miss the money, and also recommended osheas and bills promotions he was gonna see about today. hes got about $180 left of the $965 he came with.

when i got back to my room i was too tired to do anything but sleep. anyplace u would recommend they could get a  lot of free play signing up for a players card? i recommended places like trop but i know theres a gimmick, where do u recommend there is NOT any gimmicks?


  1. This is pure TBC gold!

    As for a promo check out the cosmo, lose $100 get $100 in free play. The nice part is if find one of dem good machines and you make money on your first $100, you can just cash out and come back the next and start over.

  2. If Roy is still in town on Saturday you could stake him in the Binion's 2pm $100 deepstack. You could really surprise Roy by taking him to the Gold Diggers club at the Nugget and buy him a beer to show him some appreciation for the many acts of kindness he showed you in Kansas. Just a thought....