Saturday, July 30, 2016

the reason i left reno

i've got to be honest, the main reason i left reno is i was tired of paying $300 per week, when the people living in apts up the street were paying on average $600 per month some $100 more, some $100 less. this, and i got tired of walking it on foot when its dark outside, since i took very frequent breaks to come back later for a lower buyin to protect my finances. this method worked by the way, its how i ran the $8500 i left the biltmore with back to $11,200. and thirdly, i wanted to head on out towards denver, rock island, toledo, and atlantic city on the amtrak. though i dont like traveling in coach, its still 10x better than greyhound, and i cant afford to waste more on private sleepers. u see, getting down under 10k kind of worries me, cause its not like im young no more when i often went below $2000. my health issues prove im getting old.

i would like to talk in this issue about not being able to rent normal apts from property management companies due to my 475 credit score when i last looked it up. most recommend i put an ad on craigslist (if i put CL do most know this is shorthand for craigslist-im not sure if they would know). So im thinking if i could prepay 3, 6 or 12 months in full, how dumb it is people still get turned down. at least i did at the 3 places i tried last yr in reno when i offered 6 or 12 months upfront. peoples ability to pay in full, or cash upfront, should mean more than their credit score. also im a much better tenant, since i dont have visitors over, or smoke, drink, or use drugs. its just me to sleep or relax on the internet. no kids, etc. truth is, maybe i just didnt try near enough properties. should of tried to find some private owners. putting the ad up on CL might be smart. it worked for flush draw.

u see, the main reason id like to get my roll over $50k within the next few yrs (and no reason why i shouldnt with the quality of my play). shouldve never been poor if i didnt waste too much on playing other games outside of poker. at least ive got a much nicer room here without nighttime walks even though im out over $900.

here is an ad id like to show u. an apt in reno supposedly month to month no credit check. now notice the fine print part way down the page.

i'm not as familiar with the technical aspects of blogger as Rob is, and i wish he would teach me. but it wont let me go back to normal size font after copying and pasting this from their ad. instead, it wants to finish the entire rest of the blog in the much bigger type. so ill have to finish the blog here, (out of order) and let this copy and paste sit on the BOTTOM of the blog.

From the fine print below on the bottom of this blog entry, it seems u can not pay the application fee, and they dont check credit and u can also do month to month. surely in this case they might let me in if i prepay 3 months? i hope 1000 harvard way is a decent area of reno not too much of an Uber ride from Peppermill? i shouldve just contacted Bennys friend in Reno, but ive not heard from her since coming to reno, i know where she works but i wish i had her email address. i dont like to phone anyone ever if i can avoid it, and though she rented to Benny for only $250 per month, id feel really funny living in someone elses house. (no privacy) unless it was a girl completely in love with me. otherwise id feel id be imposing on them, and possibly thrown out at will anytime she didnt like me. i wish this girl did love me, but im not comfortable contacting her til she contacts me first. Sure i could live with Vince or Ray, but i wish i could start renting ANYPLACE i wanted, in any city, even the expensiver ones.

i had close to 110 tickets in tonights weekly drawing for $700 but they only drew one name at 8pm, and it wasnt me. so the $1000 i lost this week, im still out. i would guess maybe 1500-2000 were in the drum? i know im not playing nearly enough poker since coming here. i hate the uber fees, and i dont like not being able to quit when i want unless i wish to wait forever or pay to ride back instead of riding with the poker room manager for free when the game breaks at 2.

i wish Michael Fulco on twitter who showed me an apt he wouldve rented to me for $800 in shreveport wouldnt disappeared offline while i was still living in town. had i rented it instead of needing hotel rooms downtown, id never lost the money on BJ and id never visited coushatta. so id have a much bigger roll now. i didnt feel comfortable since it was 100% unfurnished, and in a pretty run down black neighborhood. not sure what became of him (or if anyone in shreveport still reads this blog).

i guess i should go play $1-2 in the Hyatt. my $100 deposit this week online Bovada is now at $140. Doubt ill find uber driver in the area usually there isnt. im still holding $10,100.

yeah im old now being 47, and i know i move alot because i cant decide where to be. but i need somewhere i can do lots thru the mail, such as lifting bans, and getting documents. and i never do this because i never have a stable mailing address. or ordering books online or comics. it gets more important to u once u get my age. but i still doubt i did the right thing in coming here from reno. but this sure is a nice room. (only 1 problem--the wifi isnt as good as the one in the motel, and theres NO air conditioning, just 2 coolers which look like fans but need filled daily with water.) funny since this is their nicest suite in this casino hotel. i doubt anyone whose never been to this casino could picture it.

About Colony Inn Apartments

Summer Special Deposit - Normal deposit is $230, currently reduce to $110 unfurnished, $160 furnished Limited Time Offer! UTILITIES PAID! No application fee and no credit check! Month-to-Month, Furnished & Unfurnished. Where you can come to relax.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

my new residence

these are pictures of the place im staying at here in the mountains for right now. i just got tired of walking home after dark in reno back to my motel. though i felt relatively safe inside the motel since its not in a bad area downtown 4th street, i still dont like walking it after dark. theres always at least 1 broke guy hanging outside the 7-11 needing money. always at least one scary looking guy out selling drugs or looks like it outside the area. And especially when u go walking thru the slot machine areas of the Peppermill at night. mostly full of tattoos and young looking. People under 30 really make me nervous. seems the main thing i want now that im much older is a nice, safe place to live with a kitchen. Probably because i feel like its something "ive never had". same reason i want a wife instead of a girl to fool around with (like most guys wish for instead). a wife is a partner who will look out for the things u need. by the way did anyone notice the picture of the hooker i tweeted on twitter? this is what i would consider a beautiful woman i wish i had for my own. but not quite as good as the picture of the woman on facebook who wrote my CL ad which i showed to flushdraw and cokeboy privately.

when i moved out of the Vagabond motel, i had about $11,250. and now ive got $11,401. i was briefly up to $11,800 yesterday before i lost some back. i wont be here too long, ill be getting back on the amtrak heading east soon. i managed to bring my microwave dishes and some food. in the middle of the $20 sng, so ill have either $8 or $48 online to work with on Bovada once this ends.

as i go further east, ill probably eventually end up in toledo or NJ. i do need to find someone who can assist me in submitting my documents to pokerstars because i never can figure out how to do it for approval, (and decide whether to use vinces or rays address). i keep feeling like vince just throws stuff out or his roommates do.

i did learn how to fix it so my phone wouldnt tag my photos no more with the location of where theyre taken. so now im more comfortable sharing them.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016


this is good, and i dont feel like im forced to live with much cheaper rent to survive anymore, but i do need to stablize my life a bit so i can find a long term doctor or send off for the forms i need to get ID in other states than louisiana. i've basically put this off due to the large fee involved, but it does need done before 2018 when u will no longer be able to fly with ID from louisiana. But this is the most i've had since returning from shreveport. of course its 1 day til rent is due, instead of right after just being paid like last weeks blog entry.

i dont feel rich by no means, nor do i feel like doing what i started doing out in the southeast. (which was raising my original buyin from $100 to $120, then rebuying for $200 or more). im still making my original buyin $40-60, then rebuying in $60-100. i like to have way more buyins than most people because i know u are supposed to have at least 40 buyins in NL plus 3-6 months living expenses. well ive got the 3-6 months living expenses, (with an effective roll of $0 remaining for poker). But once i pass $15,000 more good things will come.

i still have LESS than i had when i left shreveport for coushatta. for after paying the $300 cab ride, and the first 2 nites housing by the casino, i had around $12,800 left i think. im nowhere close to this. coushatta hurt me pretty bad, over $2500 in losses in the poker, plus about $1000-2000 on the VBJ i didnt track. the only losing month i had in poker was in june (minus $477) and this was ONLY due to not playing much poker in the latter half of june due to being in tahoe, and losing heavily june 1-5 in coushatta. since coming to the peppermill, the total win from poker is over $4900, $4300+ of which is for the month of July and its not even over yet. im over $17 hourly for the full 1484 hours logged since sept of last year. this is why i hate to upset the applecart by going to vegas, blackhawk, or toledo. but i do miss the 24 hour games. (and of course wasting so much in rent).

when i left foxwoods i was down to $20k from $29k. when i left deadwood about 1-2 months later i was down to $13k. and then i felt lower than id been in years. and the drop in louisiana from $20k to 8k was so much worse. even when i was living with ray in toledo, i made it out of phoenix and my mothers house in hutchinson ks with $13k. lowest i remember in rays house was $12,600. so ive got a very long ways to go.

im doing well in poker, so my desire to go to lake tahoe has decreased even though i get 10 free nites per month, meaning i couldve lived there free july 20-aug 10. but im still in reno. but i worry i might lose if i play BJ, and id really miss the fact id only be able to play poker if i went to incline village 7pm-2am. still it would be nice to have someone buy a mobile or motor RV home, park it in florida or blackhawk somewhere within 1 block of a casino where i could live cheap. they might even make money renting it out to me $200 per week. even a van would work, if theyd accept a much lower price and fix it so no one would see in. must be parked in a safe area, which precludes detroit, md live, etc. but im sure the mountains outside the inner cities would be low crime. its hard to picture any crime in towns where the population is below 50k.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

its time for PPP to do something fulfilling and beneficial to others with his life.

well i took the easy way out today. (instead of leaving town, i paid for another week again). its so much easier to do this, than to try and pack my 2 suitcases. i can never fit the food and microwave cooking dishes into the suitcases, so im always having to buy 3-4 of these again in walmart. plus i have to wait til thurs every week to turn my comps into free play, so i hate the fact if i have to leave it will be on wednesdays. they are NOT going to be renting weeklies no more in aug, except for those whove been staying there for awhile. i might qualify. the good news is after paying the $300 for another weeks rent im still just barely over $10,000.

im broke on Bovada though, and my $100 bitcoin deposit which i made using the 20% bitcoin bonus (which ill never do again) and was led to believe id only need 10x points of the deposit to qualify to cash back out. i do have enough points for 1 $1.05 sng ticket. i once had this deposit up to $355+ all from playing casino games but the casino game (except for a very small amount of paigow) i played was BJ where the rules do payback over 99% if played properly. it was on the 6 deck shoes, the chart i will show u in a bit shows why u wouldnt play the single or dd.

the reason i chose to play casino games is this. often the sngs i play are less than $20. sometimes even $1 or $5, but sometimes $50 too. but the $20 sng only gives u 3 points. so think of how little the smaller ones give u. now if i was to do NOTHING but play poker, id needed close to 1200 points. can u imagine how many $20 sngs id needed to play off my $100 without ever going broke? 400 of them. and i seldom play more than 5 per night. the bonus, (vook agrees even if pokerdogg dont) is one of the biggest ripoff scams ever.

now to play the $1 min bet 6 deck casino BJ, i wouldve needed to bet close to $3000 in the casino it said. however this was before i seen the following chart (see how misleading the initial 10x poker points or 25x casino rollover is?)

Please see the chart below for wagering contributions in the event a bonus allows all games to count toward rollover. 
Wagering ContributionsPercentage Contribution
Slots - All Types, Scratch Cards, Speciality Games, Keno, and Mini Ceasar ce100%
Pai Gow, TriCard Poker, Let 'Em Ride, Caribbean Poker(all)60%
Video Poker (All types), Blackjack (unless stated otherwise), Baccarat60%
Single Deck & Double Deck Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Mini Blackjack, Mini Roulette5%

  • Wager $300 on Slots, and $300 or 100% contributes towards rollover requirements.
  • Wager $300 on Blackjack, $180 or 60% contributes towards rollover requirements.
  • Wager $300 on Roulette and $15 or 5% contributes towards rollover requirements.

so u see, the 200 poker points i thought would be all id initially need to cashout, or $500 ran thru the casino at 25x 20$ bonus ended up being close to $5000+ needing to be run thru the casino, or well over 100+ hours a week for months played of poker since i only do 1 table at once since i have only a laptop and not a large desktop setup with huge screen monitor. there isnt room on here to fit more than 2 tables without the print being extremely tiny. Plus bovada pops the tables up really funny compared to stars.

i didnt find out this til after it was too late (my deposit was locked up--and i wouldnt be able to withdraw til these requirements were met). all for a measly $20 which isnt worth it. not only do they not let u withdraw if u dont finish in 6 months, they keep 100% of the winnings too. or at least they claim they will. at least 1 guy on 2+2 said he deposited the max and needed to bet like $30,000 thru the casino or earn 6000 in poker points before he could withdraw. (for a measly $100) lots of people see this as false advertising, (kind of like resort fees but much worse).

so im sure if PPP took on this case and sued, i wouldnt be his only client, (he could find others in the 2+2 thread) and it would be the most helpful thing he's ever contributed to humanity. to make the world more fair equitable and just.

as u see i thought if i didnt play games other than poker id never have enough play in to withdraw the $100 and all the winnings, but by the time id gotten in only 36% of the play needed to withdraw, id lost the entire $355 i once was up to.

will only do my online non poker gambling on bitzino. where my final $6 worth of uncashed bitcoin is now back to $40 after 3-4 weeks. because unlike other bitcoin gambling sites it lets u gamble in micro U bitcoin instead of m bitcoin, the min bet is 1000x LESS so u can martingale microscopic amounts. it doesnt offer paigow which is disappointing so theres no where to bitcoin paigow for the much lower stakes. but i can play both BJ, 3 card poker, or craps. and bitzino is so not known when i put multiple withdrawals right into coinbase since i dont have no ewallet, it dont even see its coming from a gambling site. now u cant put money right out of bovada into coinbase. but u can put money right out of bovada into bitzino, then into coinbase. there is 1 million Ub in a bitcoin and 1000 mb.

Friday, July 15, 2016

dishonest promotion bitcoin bonus offered on bovada

Well tonight i felt tired. So i quit the casino up only $35. i didnt mind too much because the earlier session id won just over $200, which recovered the money i was still out from the night before. of course now its time to start making something for the week. for over 1400 hours of play, am still above $16 per hour.

It was a good game earlier (on another table). this one young asian girl, who seemed to know one of the early morning former dealers who comes in most days for the 7-8am promotion as a player, id swear its his wife or gf though he said its his sister. she straddled every hand $20-40 and later for $10 each time. then while out over $1000, she got pissed when an old man whose a regular, bit of an ass, rich guy of course, never liked me, refused to chop with her (he wont with no one). so she left. its still a good game now, big group of mexican guys all friends in it, but i was then on the other table.

i really should be checked out to make sure i dont have a UTI, but if so, its not too dangerous it seems. but i wont have money now for medical or dental care for at least 10-15 yrs, (the length of time it takes to run $9000 roll back up to over $20,000 if u are very cautious with ur buyins). it would speed it up tremendously without the $300 weekly charge over my head. i should be happy with winning $700 a week or so on average in the $1-2, but id truthfully rather earn next to nothing and have next to nothing in rental costs either. so much less stress that way. no worries about maybe losing and wondering how ill pay. this feels stupid, since it would grow the money faster to earn the $700 and just pay the $300 out of it.

if u have Bovada downloaded on ur laptop, go to where it says "bonuses" just under the word "cashier" and click on "bonus dashboard". it will show as an available deposit bonus one for up to $100 with 20% bonus for depositing with bitcoin, to be used in either the pokerroom, sportsbook, or casino, or a mixture of all. now it claims the poker rollover is 10x points. and 25x rollover in the casino. if u bet horses its only 5x rollover.

so with my deposit of $98.50 (what my $100 in bitcoin was worth differential between coinbase and them) i got a bonus of $19.70 but the 10x points which i thought would be 190-200 points ended up being over 1100 points, which would take forever to earn if u only play poker 1 table at a time. how they ended up with this figure, when promising 10x points i dunno. vook? wec? grump?

guess the best game in the casino is $1 BJ. the $1 paigow to get lots of pushes was charging the same 25c commission on $1 as it did on $5, which rips u off too.

the really bad thing is ur entire deposit is locked up forever til u earn the entire bonus, no matter what u cannot cash out til u earn the entire 1100+ points. which is really a nuisance, this bonus isnt worth it and would take forever if u dont play much too high for a measly $100 deposit. that being said, its now at $200 since u do get to at least bet with it. even the $20 sng gives u only 3 points.

one thing which makes it hard to move out of my motel on wednesdays is the peppermill wont store luggage, meaning if i move out of where i live, i cant just go play poker since its hotel guests only. so u pretty much need to catch the plane train or bus immediately, instead of 8-24 hours from then.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Going up very slowly--but im still winning $16 hourly. i wonder how to increase it back to shreveport levels

The main reason for the lack of updates is my attention has been mainly focused on playing live $1-2 NL, to slowly get the roll built back to where i can play with far less stress about swings of $200 or so. its been working for the most part. after paying the rent last wed, i had less than $8800. and today im in the $9500s. seems $300 weekly rent is affordable but it wont be the first week i dont have an overall win for the week. and its still highly overpriced. $16 per hour is close to $800 per week if this were to hold up. but i need to get in my hours, which left little time for the blog.

None of us who write blogs need to feel obligated to update them any more often than we feel like it. most of us arent even getting money for our blogs. its been ages since ive made something off it.

its possible i wont do no more traveling after all for a while, but i never really know. if i can afford the $300 weekly rent im less inclined to uproot myself, (traveling is NOT comfortable or pleasent) and neither is packing suitcases with cans of food, and not having enough space and hoping they return the cash deposit quick enough to board a bus train or plane. nor to not know where im going or getting into. Nick might be living Rays house for quite some time to come. Vince has one other person living in his house still. Jacksonville FL seems like a nice room near slightly cheaper motels by the week, but i dont want no more plane costs or long journeys. i do miss NJ though. But the worry when i first got into town with only $8100 left after paying the first weeks rent is slowly dissipating. u see, i feel i can win over $100 a day again at poker. besides the min buyins are lower here than in most cities.

i am going to deposit $100 of it into bovada for the bitcoin 20% bonus (must clear first of course thru lots of play) since im tired of having next to nothing in there. down to $8 once more since i lost some tournies since my $50 deposit last week.

had i not blew over $250 the other night in the atlantis on VP once the game broke, id be better off. biggest loss since coming to reno and is why i dont like to go to the atlantis. they dont have the 100.03 VBJ bartop the peppermill offers plus comps of course. instaed i played 99% VP deuces

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Plans. (which i never do)

Because i won over $450 on the final night in the Tahoe Biltmore, I managed to make it into reno with over $8300. then i won the first night in the $1-2 Peppermill, and when i paid my rent for a week at 6am wednesday morning, once the game broke up and i needed to immediately find housing, i had over $8100 left after paying for a week.

Last week, when my rent increased to $350, i was worried id have less, but i still managed to have over $8100 once the rent was paid. but i wasnt even making any progress except for $3 more. This week, the price temporally increased to $450 per week over the holiday weekend, but luckily those werent the days rent was due and now the sign is at $300 again. (and should still be on wed).

won a little the last 2 sessions, but my hourlys been going down. not only was june my first losing month ever in history (of $477) (from POKER i mean) im now at not much over $16 per hour and in shreveport it was over $18 for all cities combined. its now about 1330 hours. But at least im back to the $8700s from the $8100s.

still, this isnt enough to keep me from being a complete wreck on the inside, sweating every swing of $50+ profusely and feeling enormously depressed and angry every losing session. i need much more than this to manage the swings. or lower rent.

so i need to still get out of reno, either NJ, my friends house in toledo or vegas, or ??? just somewhere to relax. if i waited til july 20, i could have 10 free nights in july and 10 more in august in crystal bay again for 20 nights in a row. (10 per month i get). of course, there id be grinding online poker mostly.

The same if i rented cheap $425 monthly wifi housing in tonopah. grinding online Bovada. I dont feel ill ever get my roll back in shape with this much monthly expenses. i somehow must remove these expenses. $300-350 rent is too much every week. im missing out on lots free play too in NJ. i wont be happy til i hit at least $12,000. this is $2000 cushion for living expenses and daily variance with the $10k bankroll in backup.

i really dont see how i lived so many years with a roll under $5000 year in and out in my 20s-30s unless prices were much much less then. some of my rents were i know. $50 weekly rooming house or hotel in the 90s. $230 month my own apt in Butte MT 2002.

if i end up being seen in vegas anytime soon if i go, it will only be a brief temporary stop enroute elsewhere for a few days. from there u can fly to PHL for under $225. (essentially NJ, $15 train). im never sure where ill be. but long term housing is mandatory to find immediately. this much weekly rent feels dumb. i really need someone to buy me an RV and park it near casinos and move it periodically.

i wish i had some hand histories to liven up this blog, but unlike Rob, i dont keep notes. i will tell u one old man from Coushatta has been in my games in reno the last 2 nights. he paid me off $170 tonight, because hes got me pegged as one who bluffs. (had the nuts).

i can get 2 free nites in reno if i wish Wednesday. then on friday id need to go if i dont renew the room.