Tuesday, March 29, 2016

shreveport trip report

well its really great to finally be where i needed to end up, and i seriously hope all will go well tomorrow in the dmv renewing the ID. then ill be free to relocate somewhere more permanently, wherever this will end up. the reason for needing the same address for awhile is due to the fact ill never wish to deal with this expense again to renew ID. plus louisiana will have much stricter ID after october 2016.

so ill need either the counselor report of birth abroad for $50, or the N-600 form for $600. hopefully the first record will be able to be found. its possible i can order it with expedited shipping for an extra fee. or the 2nd one. plus i should get my canadian birth certificate too and a ss card.

after paying all these fees, im down to $18,912. not too shabby, but not so great either, considering what i had. some losses too for quite a few days in a row. plus ill need to buy more clothes and suitcases, along with the wall plug to charge up the phone, and buy another one to charge the battery too. its under 5% so i shut it off. i have 0 idea yet if the local poker room has usb modems.

yes while riding the plane into dallas, (from there i took greyhound into shreveport) my luggage somehow disappeared. i fully suspect it was stolen, but we all know what happened the last time i suspected something of being stolen. i gave them my vegas address, (they wanted a local one) and my phone which they will call, so i need it working. i can now give them my shreveport address. i told them id be here for 3-7 days and im pretty sure this is where they intend to send it if they receive it. KOD also graciously offered to let me give them his dallas address which i will do if it turns up in dallas and theyre not planning to send to shreveport. ill call them tomorrow.

i will not only check out the poker scene for my readers here over the next few days but also the live BJ action. i would look on the vbj too but i seriously doubt there is one.

now as for the  chicken fingers story u have been reading on twitter. first, as soon as it was over, 2 trolls on twitter tried to claim it was them, people ive never met (ryan and tommy) who werent even in MD live. the story stealthmunk is hearing is bogus too. those were trolls too trying to pretend who simply read about it and wanted to get my goat. the old man on my left i didnt recognize, not sure ive played with him. he had a $1 riviera chip, but didnt seem to have played with me there. i was a bit pissed due to his hand hitting the card twice as the dealer was dealing to me, and me having to give back a king. plus i wasnt winning any of my hands.

so right after getting my food i was waiting for the BB to get to me so i could use the rr. i only ate the fries, and took a quick count of the chicken fingers cause i was worried someone might eat one. i counted 6. came back and counted 5 so i wasnt in a good mood. had the floor come, and demanded i wanted to know who stole it and wished to prosecute and explained how wrong it is to just take someones food. he went to call surveillance for me and i seen him on the phone at the desk. the old guy on my left and the guy on my right said they didnt touch it nor did they see anyone else touch it. then he said ill bet u $200 no one took it. i shook his hand and said "bet". (he sat $200 in his cup holder). i was convinced someone did and felt the tape would show it if they would look. i shouldve offered to do it for $20 just to be safe but i wasnt thinking.

theres no way this couldve been a setup. for one he wouldnt know they would actually look on the tape beforehand. two, he didnt think i would take the bet. three, he would think if they did check the tape they would not come back saying no one took it if he wouldve took it. nor would he risked offering to bet. i felt MUCH EMBARRASED immediately afterwards for making the bet. but i am proud to say i honor my bets and paid it. the vast majority would not, and i feel this speaks extremely well of me.

the only explanation i have is the way the chicken fingers were positioned, it did look like 6 chicken fingers. but when i removed the one on the top to eat i could see there were 5. this was when i came back. i then put it back on top, and then i couldnt tell for sure if there were 5 or 6. the one piece on the bottom which was great big mightve been mistaken for 2 pieces at first. i think i shouldve actually picked them up when counting them. no other explanation unless someone actually snatched one which security didnt catch. the security guy spoke to me and he said they did look and no one went near my food in the 2 minutes i was in the rr.

it embarrasses me because it makes me look funny to the floorman, since i was wrong. ive already thought ive looked funny to the other floorman, whose asian from the plo in the past trip.

i will go back to sleep now, too tired still to go play. probably will be no game going after midnite when i wake up but oh well. theres still BJ tables.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

aimlessly wandering around

i feel like ive not been making good decisions since i left Parx. i left because i knew i needed to go to louisiana to replace an ID, and i knew i needed to head south. plus i couldnt find good deals on plane fares out of philly. and wanted to check out de park and dover to see if those machines still existed, and if there were live BJ tables that were any good. here is the latest report.

i never got around to playing live BJ in de pk. the rules on the tables were good but they were all too full to get 2 spots. so instead i played the good paying machines. these even stand of soft 17. but the $5 and $10 min kill me because im used to only betting $1 in poor counts. won just over $1000 the first day, and lost $3500 the 2nd, won $200 on the 3rd. then they shut down for easter, just like they do for christmas. so there went the plan to check out dover, (they close too). so instead of returning to my hotel at 4am to sleep til 11, (wise choice) i spent $142 for an uber with a black immigrant muslim driver named mohammed--why cant normal people drive for uber? this being said he did a good job. waited for me to pack my bags, drove thru the drive thru to get food, and got me to my destination at md live. so i gave him a $5 tip. i would never let my feelings on someones support for isis effect how i treated them as a person, nor would i let their homosexuality affect it. u see this is how i know neither me nor my views could be hateful. this is how i live with myself. only thing i let effect how i treat someone is when theyre horribly rude to me by either calling me sir, or expecting me to rehash to them in detail how awful my day went when its none of their goddam business.

so from BWI theres numerous flights to dallas for much lower prices than from PHL. $64, $84, $104, a little after 6am, a little after 6pm, etc. im wondering if i need to book 1-2 days upfront so they dont sell out? from dallas i assume theres cheap casino shuttle into shreveport or train going east? i cant find out too much looking on google.

i greatly need this dental work done so i think ill go to toledo once i get the ID. i fear now running out of money. im down to $20,050. thats over $4500. i lost $818 in the $2-2 plo when i got to MD live. couldnt win a pot except the very beginnning. i dont think i play that game as well as pl08 or NL. i bet too much on good counts in de pk, got 2 more w2s yet lost big. im not supposed to bet over $149 to avoid this. and most of the money which needed spent on travel or dentistry still needs spent. ill be under $15k soon.

Monday, March 21, 2016

i fear i am being scammed, the redeemorc.com website is a fraud.

We’re sorry, but we can’t process your information. Please look further down the page for more details. (Message 1658)

A message from On The Go Travel Reward Card


Trip information

$240.60 total cost
Tue, Mar 22
1 stop Total Duration: 7hr 16min
Depart: 12:35pm Philadelphia, PA (PHL)
United Airlines 1834
Economy | T | TAA00AWN |
Airbus A320 | 3hr 46min
Arrive: 3:21pm Houston, TX (IAH)
Change planes. Time between flights: 2hr 14min.

Depart: 5:35pm Houston, TX (IAH)
United Airlines 6258 Operated by MESA AIRLINES DBA UNITED EXPRESS
Economy | T | TAA00AWN |
unknown | 1hr 16min
Arrive: 6:51pm Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW)

Provide billing information

Please select from the following company cards to book your air travel. No other cards are allowed to be used.
Your card information could not be verified. Please make sure your card number and billing address matches the information your credit card company or bank has for your account. Please note that some debit cards will not work for online purchases. (Message 165)

Card name: On the Go Travel Reward Card (Global Card)
Card description: Payment for Airline and Hotel Bookings.

Name this trip


Enter reference information

You added this reservation to an existing trip, reference information from that trip will apply to this reservation. Change reference information
This information helps your company track trip expenses.
2016 ORC

Complete your booking

The total trip cost includes your selected products/services and Orbitz for Business fees. These charges will appear separately on your credit card statement and in your My Trips summary.
I agree and accept the Orbitz for Business site terms and conditions which incorporate the Orbitz for Business privacy policy and all other rules, terms and conditions referenced above.
Your card will be charged 240.60 USD when you click "Book and ticket now".

Your current trip cost

1 traveler - one-way
Airfare Cost $209.00
Airfare taxes and fees $22.60
Orbitz for Business fees
Orbitz for Business fees
Online transaction fee $9.00
Total Orbitz for Business fees $9.00
Total trip cost $240.60

Please note: Baggage fees may apply.

Traveler information

Primary Traveler
tony bigcharles

1 traveler - one-way
Airfare Cost $209.00
Airfare taxes and fees $22.60
Orbitz for Business fees
Orbitz for Business fees
Online transaction fee $9.00
Total Orbitz for Business fees $9.00
Total trip cost $240.60

Please note: Baggage fees may apply.
1 traveler, one-way --
12:35 pm Philadelphia, PA (PHL) United Airlines 1834
1 stop
6:51 pm Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (DFW) United Airlines 6258

blog below------

so who should i complain to? should i contact marketing in the taj mahal and tell them the gift certificates they are marketing for the redeemorc.com website are phony? they had a drawing sunday and me and 4 other people won $500 worth of $100 gift certificates they list as "orbitz gift cards" but they arent really run by orbitz. its a private company called redeemorc.com which uses orbitz to make all of their reservations. let me list everything which makes me feel uncomfortable with the company called "redeemORC"

1. the gift certificates simply DO NOT WORK. the same debit card ive been using just fine for all my hotel reservations, when u get finished booking thru the website, it says it wont take it. even though they claim they only use it for if u go over ur credit limit in booking, for which mine is $500 and i wasnt even using half of it. this company claims they MUST verify a valid cc to use the certificates. this company knows they wont work online, and its a scam to get u to call up over the phone and give out the cc info to their live operators and the 3 digit code on the back.

2. i wasted 20 minutes on hold with my bank, finding out why this charge was declined, and the bank claimed they see no record of it being declined. if the truth is the bank is declining the card, they would know this. the bank transferred me to verified by visa, and they couldnt see no attempt either. my bank swears no issues with my debit card and its working just fine. for proof, i then paid my current hotel 1 more day thru priceline with it without issue.

3. the company claims to do it over the phone is a $25 fee. but if u do try to do it over the phone, instead of booking the reservation for u, they want ur password to login to the online website, where they then attempt to do it. then they want the full cc info which they claim "dont show up on their end, only the last 4 digits" then the code on the back. the code on the back must be entered to do anything on their website-including signing up for the acct. my bank got a test fee numerous times of 10c about 15 different times, each of which was refunded shortly after being sent. without entering the code, u cannot get off the orc site and be transferred to the orbitz reservation website. they claim the fee is for EACH reservation, meaning if u book both a hotel and a plane, u will be out $50.

4. the company at first over the phone wanted to know which browser i was using to log into the website. wtf does it matter? i told them google chrome, then they said to use internet explorer. after a lot of work in trying to figure out how to bring internet explorer up on my laptop which i never use, it still did the exact same thing and said my card will not go thru. i know the card info is entered right due to all them 10c fees back and forth.

5. the number for their customer service is only valid M-F 9-6 not 24 hours or weekends. they too claim u cannot book a hotel or plane for the same day. must be for tomorrow or later.

6. if u wish to book a $82 hotel room, or a $240 plane ticket, and u got $500 worth of credit, why the need to "verify ur cc is working, to prove its u" it would only make sense if u were doing over $500 in business. no need for a test charge.

so who can explain wtf is up? i feel i should cancel all my cards for fear sometime down the road these fraudsters will attempt to run up charges now they got my info. the really impt info is ur zip code, and the 3 digit number on the back. this is why they get u to call for she asked me this over the phone. i think the taj should be contacted, but i dont know who to contact in marketing. explain the situation, im sure im not the only one who couldnt use them. they should quit doing business with this company. a lawyer should be contacted. orbitz should be contacted, and they should block this company from associating with them. i dont have the time or the knowhow to complain to all the appropriate agencies. all i know is i won $500 worth of gift certificates in the taj sunday which i totally cannot use. i will give them to anyone else who wishes to try to use them, as long as they promise to give me what they feel is fair 1 week after they use them successfully. (if they let me transfer it now that ive already redeemed it to my acct) i just would like someone else to try to use it, i guarantee they will have the same issues. for my card works just fine. its not being declined. once they get told their card is declined too u will see its a scam. i dont think the taj or orbitz would knowingly wish to be connected to unhappy customers getting scammed.

i do know im out well over 3 hours time.

is the right type of attorney reading this able to help, or does anyone else have a similar experience they would wish to tell us here?

Sunday, March 20, 2016


What is the most important freedom a man can have? it's the freedom to speak his mind, to say what he believes, no matter how unpopular this opinion might be, and no matter how some may be offended. I don't wish to live in a PC world where no ones allowed to have the right to a dissenting opinion, without being told they're hateful for not towing the party line on issues like homosexuality and such. we are all americans. we all are one country. i support amnesty, open borders(wish i could walk back and forth into canada without needing a passport), etc, and is why i could never vote for trump. I wish we would not have drifted to the left so far on moral issues in this country (weed, abortion, gay marriage, etc) and so far to the right on economic issues which involves the homeless and the poor, the worker, and the soul in need of compassion, the stranger in the land. the meek and lowly. the sojourner, the feeble minded. For no one has compassion for my issues since i speak my mind. i do feel criminal aliens should be deported, but certainly dont support it for the 12 million trump does. there should be a way for the rest to earn citizenship and the right to vote once they have it. (not sooner like in ca).

Being a liberal didnt use to mean being an intolerant of dissenting opinion self righteous bigot. it used to mean u cared about helping the poor and others in need. it wasnt a dirty word in my grandmas day like it is today. as people lost their belief in God, they became less concerned for others. i see now how so many people in nazi germany didnt feel a need to get involved as the jews were being killed in the concentration camps. they felt it was none of their concern, and just like they feel i deserve to be treated unkindly, they felt the Jews did too. this is how such evil got to exist. they voted him in the same way they will trump.

what i wish for more than anything in the world is to fly the 1 way cheap nonstop allegiant flight i found BWI to asheville NC and spend multiple hours just sitting and talking with Grump. for i have hopes he will listen to me, regarding of all the intolerant loudmouth militant lefty friends of his like nina, pokerlawyer, grange, jen, etc. reason being? he's willing to say ill of their sacred cow obama, and he's also willing to support the organization FIRE for free speech on college campuses. his passion for free speech makes me think he might understand why i feel its so important to speak my mind regardless of what others might think of my views.

i should be happy tonight. for the first time in ages, im back to $20k. $20,180 to be exact. yes, while PPP was worrying me with certain pics and posts on twitter which will be taken care of but not til the teeth and id problems are fixed. besides if trump wins, no more tax unless u earn over 25k per year which i dont think i do. But im not entirely happy for u see much of this, including over $600 tonight, was won on live table BJ. this is unsustainable, yes i have the edge, but the edge is about 1% of what ive actually been winning this month off BJ. im up over $5000 since coming to ac.

alysia will be glad to discover the picture she wished for me to remove was removed. i read the post, and found out at the time i didnt even know if it was really her picture. (was discussing i wasnt sure if it was her). but whatever its gone. if she wouldve been a friend then like she is now, i wouldnt have said it.

one more thing i would like to do. actually 2. one i would like to be in the area Lori davenport lives in who was quite active in the poker industry in biloxi and elsewhere. she always talks of how no one is willing to donate blanklets for the homeless. i would like to help pass them out in person with her.

i would like to go on a poker cruise once i get the ID which i need. but first i need a stable address to send off for those documents. and once i go to LA, i will be then able to go elsewhere to have the stable address. wouldnt mind still making the alaska vacation i once thought up too.

until people accept everyone, no matter their beliefs or how hurt they feel about groups they feel have done them dirty all their life, i dont wish to be around the net. its hypocritical to slam someone for not accepting one particular group of people, while not accepting another group (like right wing fundamentalists with old time morals regarding whats sin). we are the Jews in todays Germany. most of u are too blind to realize it.


im surprised no one mentioned my 48 hour absence from the web. the 48 hours without no tweets, or no approval of the last 30 comments. they would sooner or later im sure. i left ac nj today, with the intention of boarding the plane out of philly. before i left, i almost lost well over $2000 in the BJ game in the taj. in fact i was stuck over $1400 once, and rebought for $1000, the last of the cash which isnt in the bank. somehow i managed to recover, and make it to the train station with $20,220. i'm sure glad they let me count cards in ac. they all see it.

they did call me for the drawing in which i won $500 worth of gift certificates for travel. (hotels or planes). u have to book it thru a shitty website, which i couldnt get to work in the philly 30th street station. it finally works now in my hotel, but i had to pay cash. plus the $61 uber fee. so now im barely about $20,075. but hey this isnt bad. found out my ID expires april 23, not may, i remembered wrongly so im quite in the hurry to get to LA.

i will play some poker tonight here outside philly, and tomorrow ill use the gift certificates for my plane to louisiana. its $64 to fly to atlanta, from there u can bus it to biloxi under $40. thats only 1 hour outside louisiana. i cant find any cheap flights to dallas which is better because id prefer shreveport to new orleans. if i could find one to houston id go to lake charles on the shuttle. i intended to fly to fort lauderdale tonight for $159, but without being able to use the certificate this fell thru. couldve played poker there too, then flew to new orleans for $159 more the next day.

these reading glasses keep trying to fall off. need to buy more, a laptop case, no idea where u buy it, and fix the teeth soon as i get the ID. from there i decide whether to return to NJ. not having these hi hotel costs make a huge difference. so do better BJ games/rules. i would like the dentist to fix more than the tooth needing out the most. theres big holes on the other side. it would make sense to fix those too while under. i think i can spend up to $4000 hope this will fix it. dont know how to find a friend on the gulf coast though.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

the horrible sins of homosexuality and racism

Talking with reading poker tells and Ak gal on twitter (where theres not enough room to reply) lets me see just how messed up this worlds become. who wouldve ever dreamed 50 yrs ago this country wouldve some day approved of gay marriage? or that it wouldve been accepted by the public? it shows u how much liberal marxist indoctrination in the public schools has ruined our kids.

why would any guy who isnt a complete pervert like this guy is ever wish to hear that his wife would be willing to fool around with another woman? its gross. Most of the ones who do are about as ugly looking as they come. Many women have been extremely disappointed to learn their husband was gay, and divorced them late in life due to it. If u were a man, would u want ur wife coming to u, and telling u "i dont like dick anymore, u dont have what it takes to satisfy me, im leaving u for her. she is  able to make me happy in ways u cant." This is how i felt when claudia went back to NY without me. Or when my sons mother took up with a black guy.

u see homosexuality is all about not accepting others for who they are the way God created them. its not my fault i was born a man. and i dont like being told "well since u have a dick instead of a pussy, i dont love u. I cant love u. im gay and need a woman. thats how i was born." we all need to be able to find love. autistic people cant, theyre too out of this world. and when people are gay, there goes ur chance of finding love with them. I've never been told once in 20 yrs i love u and its why im so bitter towards life. all this money im winning dont really make me happy. the only time i was really happy was when claudia was around. so when Grump persuaded her out on their hike to return to NY without me, i couldnt deal with it.

and the same goes for white women who fool around with black guys. its telling the white guy who would rather be with them instead that she dont accept him not for anything hes done, but simply because of the color of his skin. (that he isnt black with that big dick). what a horrible and racist thing for a women to say. how would black guys like it if black women wouldnt go with them, but wanted a white guy instead? its wrong to prefer one race over another race, and many white women do just this. they pick a guy, not in spite of the fact hes black but specifically cause hes black. so many kids in the black community grow up in poverty without fathers because all the men wont date or marry a black women, but specifically seek out a white girl. i cannot go anywhere in the casino without seeing a black guy with a white girl. u look around in the casinos here in ac, 80-90% of the times u see a girl with a black guy, its a white girl instead of a black one. (for the ages 20-35). now for the older guys, its still usually a black one. but the kids. theyre so immoral and left wing nowdays. voting for bernie and shit. this generation is lost. most of the girls u would swear were hookers too.

i think everyone should be accepted and be able to be told "i love u" but for some of us its impossible. the worlds just changed too much. when i was under 25, i could find women. i wish u could see the pictures of me age 18-25. i was much better looking then. now im ugly since i never shave. plus i look close to 10 yrs older than i am, since i had a life of poverty so many years til i was about 35. even then i got low sometimes, like in 2012 for 6-8 months out in Jean in the goldstrike. but the old old days i was often not playing poker to survive, but panhandling. sleeping outdoors. im talking 1988-1999. so far back i remember very little of my day to day life. my life is so much better now u wouldnt believe. if u really knew and understood, u would see why i gamble, why i wont change, and why i wont spend money. i feel i know what to do to get by. i dont listen to others who i feel cant relate. used to feel lightning could until i read his blog on his feelings towards old fashioned reagen type republicans who honor God. now only ray does. did it ever bother me to read his feelings of ted cruz, the one guy who could rescue us from trump. but since he dont support gay marriage they give the hard time they dont give trump. they know trumps a secret liberal who supports it.

most people go to vegas to gamble instead of here in NJ if they wish to do it as their sole means of support. look at how well that worked out for the trooper. living where housing is free, where u see a beautiful view of the ocean each day from the top floor of a hi rise hotel, and the action is really loose and easily beatable is the way to go is the only way to go. especially as pokerstars grows in size

i was quite surprised and happy to see more online choices of games on stars NJ launch than i expected. for example, 2-7 single dr, 50-50 double up sngs, and 8 game mix were all offered. i wasnt sure even one of these choices would be offered. im in the process of getting my account up and running with the help of emailing support back and forth. i need to make a brief trip to louisiana, then get dental care somewhere, but ill be back for sure.

Friday, March 11, 2016

i found a laundrymat

im still in atlantic city (after a brief thought of taking the plane nonstop to st louis, nonstop to fort lauderdale, or traveling to JFK to get the only nonstop into reno) i sure hate making transfers. last thing i want is for a plane to have 2 chances to crash when landing instead of 1. the only reason i feel the need for sleeper cars is i spent my early 20s in dire poverty on greyhound buses, and id like to feel like not traveling in complete comfort is FOREVER in the past. this is why i wont spend money on other things. i dont want to risk losing everything which would force me to return to this period of my life when im no longer young enough to deal with it.

still need to go to la before may. best method is new orleans via amtrak, either out of wash dc or chicago. or paying $104 nonstop to Fort lauderdale, and then later, another $159 to fly spirit into new orleans nonstop. shreveport and all the other cities there, cost alot more to get to. seems the poker promotions are far better in the lake charles portion on bravo.

well i wish i could look up this stuff online (or theyd at least advertise it) but i found a laundry close to the taj which for $18 took my clothes to wash and dry and ill pick them up tomorrow. i think thats not too bad a deal on price. certainly less expensive than dental care. i was on the phone when i tried to look and it wouldnt show reviews unless i willing to download the yelp app from the google store.

i looked multiple ways online to try to see which states in the USA offer the lowest price dental care (not counting free clinics). no luck whatsoever, all which would come up is articles about going overseas or to mexico or ads for free clinics or dental insurance plans. why cant this info be looked up? i simply thought some states might generally be lower in price. i did find an article on MEDICAL care (not dental) listing iowa city  as the lowest priced drs office visits by average.

still holding a roll of $16,800. remember i still havent received my 2nd bovada withdrawal of $451 yet, usually its quicker than this.

one of the dentists just wrote me back with the news the iv sedation will add $800 to any other work done. this was the MD one. seems the only ones who must be paying to have their listing pop up in search engines everywhere blocking out others listings, are the ones far pricier. either that or dentists cost alot more than oral surgeons do. for the oral surgeon ray found me in toledo wouldve only been $650 for everything (the iv sedation plus removing the one tooth--using the dentists xrays shipped over). the one in reno wanted $300 for their anastheologist, $80 for the medicine in the iv, and the other $700 covered the exams, and the cost of removing the 2 teeth). i did read online the average cost of iv sedation in the usa is between $300-800.

so why r all the dentists im contacting online from their ads so much more than the $800 just for the iv? unless theyre higher than oral surgeons. removing 1 tooth sure isnt going to take more time than 2. and even though i might need more than 1 tooth cleaning, it will still only take 1 hour each time on average per visit. so at most lets say 2 hours under the iv shouldnt be over $1000. removing one tooth and cleaning them surely shouldnt be more than another $500.

so why isnt $2000 plenty to cover this? and i would think my readers would be exceptionally pleased id consider spending this much. im too scared of the shot otherwise. or the discomfort.

recovered $150 on the 3 card poker twice in the last few nights. its not quite time for a new blog, but the old one had so many comments i figured its best to start fresh with a new one.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

the life of a poker player

well i've never stayed in the NORTH tower of the tropicana before. i was so tired when i busted out of the Borgata tourny, i grabbed my bags from the bell desk, and instead of waiting for the jitney i got right in a cab for $13 (everywheres $13 here) (and uber is outrageusly overpriced too compared to other cities) to cut off 30 or more minutes time. i hadnt ate since i woke up in my free room at harrahs (which i'd earned thru 4 hours play some days earlier), and i was originally going to take the jitney to the trop to check my bags in, then play some poker. but the jitney happened to be the one ONLY going as far as borgata, then the convention center/train station. wasnt going to trop or taj. so instead i took it to borgata, checked the bags, and decided id go later.

there was no seat open, so i decided to sit in the $200 tourny since there were lots of players. total ended up being 222. late reg was like 3 hours in. 35,000 chips starting with blinds of 25-50. deep stacked, slow structure no turbo. but i never got off the ground. i think i did well to make it to 65th place, i outlasted 2'3rds of the field.

the guy claimed the south tower was full, went to put me in the west tower (long walk) much worse wifi, if u ever go to the trop, south tower is by far the best. so i offered him $5 tip and he got me into the north tower and waived the fee. (not the tip, some other fee). earlier in the tourny nobody was getting tipped, certainly not the waitress with the nasty attitude who was bringing the water. i wasnt about to break the $500 chip and the 3 $25 chips in my pocket to tip which id got when i left the live BJ table there before the tourny up close to $40. i did remember to cash them in the poker room before the tourney ended though. Been long time since i wasted the fee for a cab in ac too.

would like to talk a little bit about what the life of a professional poker player is like. not the life of those with money playing higher stakes or daily tourneys (where u need a much bigger bankroll than those of us much more numerous who stick with cash games) but those working much harder than most others do, struggling to get $75-150 per day to survive. (over a long average. of course some days much worse or much better). its sure not easy. my life of the last 25 yrs is proof of this. without cutting every dime of my expenses, doing without a car, a good woman, and without ever buying nice clothes or jewelry, is how i avoided (and climbed out of poverty). yes im still poor in the sense i worry about paying for food, shelter, and medical care. but im not dependent on the govt, and normally keep 6-12 months expenses in my checking acct. very few of my readers can say this. many are totally dependent on their paycheck, or govt check.

and my closest friends are worried about my health, and keep asking me about it. well im mixed up mentally ive got a block on spending money--even if its killing me. plus i fear needles or pain. hey i did spend $182 this week on a drs visit and medication--and i sure hope this money wasnt wasted. i feel better today but still using the antibiotic and nasal spray. i wonder if it wouldve cleared up on its own though--why im wondering if it was wasted.

 id already decided to return home in before 5am this wed march 9 for my dental appt. but i didnt tell ray, and he canceled it because he was worried theyd bill me since they said if i missed they would, but legally they cant, theres no proof legally i was behind ray setting it up. this was the one with the oral surgeon who wouldve removed it for $600+ but id still need them cleaned which oral surgeons dont do. now hes made me another appt, but its not what i need, its in the end of april and i need something much sooner, needs to be in this area, or maybe louisiana where ill have to go. i did check with a local dentist specializing in putting folks to sleep first, waiting for them to get back with me via email. i wish to be put to sleep for the cleaning too, im told some dentists will do this, its just a little expensive. i want multiple work done while im under, not just one tooth. id like all the holes fixed while im sleeping. so it will cost more. but over $2000? unlikely.

so basically what i need is for others to find this type of dentist, most dont offer iv sedation, only other types. most who do are oral surgeons, not dentists, so they dont clean them. tell where in the country id need to travel to get this done, and ill fly there. its too hard to find online when only 5 out of 50,000 dentists do it. im too tense to even get them cleaned which is the major thing needing done first--without being knocked out.

this is very common for autistic people--just search online. same for other disabilities it says.

yes poker players see money quite differently. its our lifes blood. without it we cant survive. no wonder we are afraid to use it for anything but gambling, for we equate spending it with physical death and forever homelessness. ive seen too many go broke always bumming money continously for a stake. im going down too, out over $170 today. woke up with $1 less than $16,400 now just barely over $16,200. been quite lucky on live BJ lately--its where over $700 of the money came from. shouldnt entered the tourney but i wanted to try something new. and i guarantee u the vast majority of the poker players even the tourney ONLY ones, including those who its their only income (no cash) dont have the 100 buyins u need. many probably got less than 10. this is why ill never trust any other poker players and worry about being setup and robbed or ever be able to invite girls to my room. im too big of a target due to my vast bank acct. no one comes close to the freedom in life i have to just disappear and be across the country in 12 hours without a boss.

i dont think i did bad for not getting any cards.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

1 winning poker session

there's a big deaf poker convention going on here in the tropicana. i couldnt leave because i didnt wish to be charged for my free room on this weekend by not canceling 48 hours in advance. so im still here. but i do think the ONLY way to stop me from eventually playing that same machine again instead of just poker is to go somewhere they dont offer machines. Whether this would be NH rooms, FL racetracks, LA rooms, MT rooms, Wa rooms it dont matter. most of those would be too expensive to fly to, but i can get to hialeah park for $104.

won over $400 today (all from poker), which puts me back around $14,600+ but once my $451 withdrawal arrives ill have quite a bit more. im down to $20 on bovada now though. got to play really small online since im certainly not going to deposit. i left the game even though 2 fish were still in it and i had a winning image for the sole reason Grump made a good point in his blog (to lock up a win after a big loss). he is the man i most admire for his stands of some of his posts online, especially the ones regarding free speech on campus. i wouldve strictly deteriorated to under $10,000 if id lost back my whole stack in 1 pot to her. (the lady in seat 1 who played very well and had me covered for over $600). none of the fish were sitting with over $200. one was down about 4x this.

too bad im old and in ill health this means i dont often put in sessions over 4-5 hours (spend far more hours asleep per day than most). for when i was young (putting in 16 hour days in my early 20s) i wouldve jumped at the current promotion going on right now in sugarhouse in nearby philly. top 20 people in hours played per week get decent money, especially for first. problem is theres nowhere to stay nearby for under $100+ night, but i suppose u could ride the train into ac daily. i would think the promo would be severly abused by friends using each others cards, would someone in the know explain how this could be policed? otherwise id be cheated out of the top few spots so why bother?

the big loss im referring to is the previous nights $1950+ drop on the 3 card poker video machine, the one u can martingale with the smallest bet $2 with all 5 spots open close to 8am. ive been told the payback is quite horrible on it. no ante bonus, etc. was doing much better when my only play putting my roll at big risk was playing BJ for too much in the taj. (sure wish they still offered poker, its so much nicer to NOT need to leave the hotel on the jitney). it seems it gave me close to $43 in comps for this huge loss.

i wouldnt played were it not for such horrible weather this morning, snow rain and the sidewalks soaking thru my holy shoes, making my socks wet. i should get new ones. but i did dread the jitney ride back to the taj to check out by 11. then the trop for the next 2 nights. i've got free rooms up through next wed. but i was stuck $37 when i left the game when it broke close to 8am, so i went out to play it. it was a good game but i had little luck, except for when one young kid shocked me by folding JJ on a board of J643 (and 3 diamonds) he swore i had the flush because he bet $20 on the turn (after i called his flop bet) and then i check raised to $60 on the turn, with us both still over $80 behind for the river. then i showed him my 8T of spades, complete steal. no draw on the flop, it was a float to take him off it later if he checked. if i wouldve had any idea he was this strong id never bet so i was shocked when he folded face up.

he kind of went on tilt for sometime. would never fold any more looked exactly like flush draws icon with the shades