Sunday, March 20, 2016


What is the most important freedom a man can have? it's the freedom to speak his mind, to say what he believes, no matter how unpopular this opinion might be, and no matter how some may be offended. I don't wish to live in a PC world where no ones allowed to have the right to a dissenting opinion, without being told they're hateful for not towing the party line on issues like homosexuality and such. we are all americans. we all are one country. i support amnesty, open borders(wish i could walk back and forth into canada without needing a passport), etc, and is why i could never vote for trump. I wish we would not have drifted to the left so far on moral issues in this country (weed, abortion, gay marriage, etc) and so far to the right on economic issues which involves the homeless and the poor, the worker, and the soul in need of compassion, the stranger in the land. the meek and lowly. the sojourner, the feeble minded. For no one has compassion for my issues since i speak my mind. i do feel criminal aliens should be deported, but certainly dont support it for the 12 million trump does. there should be a way for the rest to earn citizenship and the right to vote once they have it. (not sooner like in ca).

Being a liberal didnt use to mean being an intolerant of dissenting opinion self righteous bigot. it used to mean u cared about helping the poor and others in need. it wasnt a dirty word in my grandmas day like it is today. as people lost their belief in God, they became less concerned for others. i see now how so many people in nazi germany didnt feel a need to get involved as the jews were being killed in the concentration camps. they felt it was none of their concern, and just like they feel i deserve to be treated unkindly, they felt the Jews did too. this is how such evil got to exist. they voted him in the same way they will trump.

what i wish for more than anything in the world is to fly the 1 way cheap nonstop allegiant flight i found BWI to asheville NC and spend multiple hours just sitting and talking with Grump. for i have hopes he will listen to me, regarding of all the intolerant loudmouth militant lefty friends of his like nina, pokerlawyer, grange, jen, etc. reason being? he's willing to say ill of their sacred cow obama, and he's also willing to support the organization FIRE for free speech on college campuses. his passion for free speech makes me think he might understand why i feel its so important to speak my mind regardless of what others might think of my views.

i should be happy tonight. for the first time in ages, im back to $20k. $20,180 to be exact. yes, while PPP was worrying me with certain pics and posts on twitter which will be taken care of but not til the teeth and id problems are fixed. besides if trump wins, no more tax unless u earn over 25k per year which i dont think i do. But im not entirely happy for u see much of this, including over $600 tonight, was won on live table BJ. this is unsustainable, yes i have the edge, but the edge is about 1% of what ive actually been winning this month off BJ. im up over $5000 since coming to ac.

alysia will be glad to discover the picture she wished for me to remove was removed. i read the post, and found out at the time i didnt even know if it was really her picture. (was discussing i wasnt sure if it was her). but whatever its gone. if she wouldve been a friend then like she is now, i wouldnt have said it.

one more thing i would like to do. actually 2. one i would like to be in the area Lori davenport lives in who was quite active in the poker industry in biloxi and elsewhere. she always talks of how no one is willing to donate blanklets for the homeless. i would like to help pass them out in person with her.

i would like to go on a poker cruise once i get the ID which i need. but first i need a stable address to send off for those documents. and once i go to LA, i will be then able to go elsewhere to have the stable address. wouldnt mind still making the alaska vacation i once thought up too.

until people accept everyone, no matter their beliefs or how hurt they feel about groups they feel have done them dirty all their life, i dont wish to be around the net. its hypocritical to slam someone for not accepting one particular group of people, while not accepting another group (like right wing fundamentalists with old time morals regarding whats sin). we are the Jews in todays Germany. most of u are too blind to realize it.


im surprised no one mentioned my 48 hour absence from the web. the 48 hours without no tweets, or no approval of the last 30 comments. they would sooner or later im sure. i left ac nj today, with the intention of boarding the plane out of philly. before i left, i almost lost well over $2000 in the BJ game in the taj. in fact i was stuck over $1400 once, and rebought for $1000, the last of the cash which isnt in the bank. somehow i managed to recover, and make it to the train station with $20,220. i'm sure glad they let me count cards in ac. they all see it.

they did call me for the drawing in which i won $500 worth of gift certificates for travel. (hotels or planes). u have to book it thru a shitty website, which i couldnt get to work in the philly 30th street station. it finally works now in my hotel, but i had to pay cash. plus the $61 uber fee. so now im barely about $20,075. but hey this isnt bad. found out my ID expires april 23, not may, i remembered wrongly so im quite in the hurry to get to LA.

i will play some poker tonight here outside philly, and tomorrow ill use the gift certificates for my plane to louisiana. its $64 to fly to atlanta, from there u can bus it to biloxi under $40. thats only 1 hour outside louisiana. i cant find any cheap flights to dallas which is better because id prefer shreveport to new orleans. if i could find one to houston id go to lake charles on the shuttle. i intended to fly to fort lauderdale tonight for $159, but without being able to use the certificate this fell thru. couldve played poker there too, then flew to new orleans for $159 more the next day.

these reading glasses keep trying to fall off. need to buy more, a laptop case, no idea where u buy it, and fix the teeth soon as i get the ID. from there i decide whether to return to NJ. not having these hi hotel costs make a huge difference. so do better BJ games/rules. i would like the dentist to fix more than the tooth needing out the most. theres big holes on the other side. it would make sense to fix those too while under. i think i can spend up to $4000 hope this will fix it. dont know how to find a friend on the gulf coast though.


  1. How are the dentists/doctors near Ray? You seemed to have a good thing going with him and the gym. Thanks for removing the photo.

    1. i would like to have more than just 1 tooth removed if im paying extra for the IV. not removed, but some filled in same time. yes it costs more, but then id only need put to sleep ONCE. ray was going to look for another dentist.

      in my room near Parx to sleep. bought food in the grocery store 24 hour up the street, the damn uber driver didnt wait like he promised so i gave him a #1 luckily i found another uber. cooking it now, this is all ive ate today plus 1 apple. won $208 in the poker, got lucky, early on got stuck $100. not sure i played well. had 45 hearts, several of us paid $10 to see the flop. this might seem weird, but I was the UTG raiser. flop comes A59 with one heart and 2 clubs. we checked to the black guy he bet $20 3 callers. turn comes 3 hearts giving me 4 parts of the straight flush. i check the same guy bets $25. one caller. i shove, hoping to get him to fold and the other guy to call with the club draw, which i beat since i have both a pair and a heart draw. black guy calls, other guy folds. i get lucky to river my flush, he didnt show.

      this morning ill start using my $500 in free vouchers for hotel and airfare so i wont need to spend no more cash. after this win, im back over $20,200. u might be g

    2. lad i still care about my health enough to buy $8 selsen blue for the scalp and bottled water in the store. (wish i knew WTF it published immediately after me typing g before i was done with the sentence.) memory serves me right theres a walmart on the busline. really need the laptop case, the zipper broke. plus i need the charger for the charger. which i left with ray.

  2. Thanks for clearing that up AgSweep. I seen what you posted on the last blog. Hope all is well with you.

  3. Tony you have every right to express your opinion.
    And frankly i would rather know someone is a racist bible thumping homophobe than have them hide it so I know they're scum.

    It is also odd that a dark skinned person who clearly is gay would be anti black and anti gay. You clearly have an inner struggle with being gay due to your overly religious upbringing.

  4. When the uber driver ditched you had you been talking a lot on the ride?

  5. Benny Profane says..."Ezekiel 23:19-21, Jesus clearly states that homosexuality is wrong."

    I am confused. I thought Ezekiel was born over 600 years before Jesus. Not sure how he can quote from Jesus when he wrote this book and several hundred years before Jesus was born. I looked at the passage you referenced, I don't see anything about Homosexuality. Can you quote the actual passage? May be I found the wrong thing.


      Listen to this while you're meditating over that bible verse. You'll see I'm right.

  6. Tony, you are allowed to express your racist and homophobic views, and others are allowed to say you are wrong. This isn't about any party lines, this is about accepting people regardless of their race and sexual gender, and their human rights to security and happiness. Your opinions come from a place of hate, jealousy and your own unhappiness, your desenters' opinion come from a place of compassion for all human beings, not just TBC. Do you see the difference?

    Trust me on this Tony. Until you can open your mind and understand your delusions, you won't be able to attain enlightenment and true happiness.

    1. In this world the only way to attain enlightenment and true happiness is through JESUS CHRIST. No other way. You may want to dig a little deeper and be honest with yourself about what makes you happy or enlightened. Some people hurt everyday for Christ. You should be thankful to be an ambassador in your vessel if you know Jesus Christ. There is no higher honor than being delegated works from the Father.

    2. I disagree with you John Doe. If Jesus Christ is your path to enlightenment and happiness, then I am happy you have found what you need. However I don't buy into to my way through Christ or you go to hell way of thinking. That to me shows a severe lack of enlightenment.

  7. Tony:

    "What is the most important freedom a man can have? it's the freedom to speak his mind, to say what he believes, no matter how unpopular this opinion might be, and no matter how some may be offended."

    If that is truly your viewpoint, then why do you feel frustration when others speak out against your views? Why do you feel others shouldn't be able to express their distaste? Why do you want others to have to censor their viewpoints by not sharing how they find your words to be distasteful?

    Aren't you really saying that you want free expression ONLY for yourself, but want others to refrain from it if that expression is critical of your viewpoints?


  8. I know this is no longer new but when did I get lumped in as an "intolerant loudmouth militant lefty friend" of Grump's? I love Grump. I take issue with being called intolerant and militant and lefty. You're right about loudmouthed, though.

    Cheers! ;-)