Sunday, July 31, 2011

sun july 31 and avoided a huge loss last nite

in my room downloading things onto the iphone while its charging, such as vegas poker now, and i learned how to shut the web guard off by calling tmobile. yes when u first hook up a phone, its turned on until u ask to shut it off, and until u prove (although i dont see how its really proof) of being 18+ u cannot log into any web forums of adult comment, or gambling related, or guns related etc. and that was why it was blocking me from logging into has anyone else ever experienced that?

started off losing $132 in the nugget last nite, then went and played VBJ at binions, and eventually walked back in the nugget out about $300 total. couldnt get nothing to play, and finally i had 9K hearts against a button straddle that was not raised, and the flop comes 934 with 2 clubs. i bet $25 into 4 players, and all fold except for the straddler. turn comes 8 and i bet $80 and the straddler makes it $215. should i fold here? i call and river is offsuit 5, he puts me allin and i call and he has 888. i left a little on tilt and broke, and walked to my safe deposit box at the 4 queens. sat at the good paying VP i was told about with the 9-6 payback on jacks or better of 99.54% lost over $300 more, and eventually went to a 3-2 paying live BJ shoe table out $1285. started counting the cards, and eventually got off the table slightly AHEAD for the day, and went to buy an iphone charger at the walgreens up the street, and am now in bed out $16 for the day. couldve been a whole lot worse. also i got my host to give me all 3 nites free so i wouldnt have to use any comps.

still wishing i had an instruction manual in print form and having trouble reading pdf files, even though i put adobe reader on here before, guess ill add it to my phone now while im thinking about it.------about 3 hours later---i left the room again to do something at binions, and now i really am in room to sleep. ended up winning about $150 more in the poker room, and now im back to $12k. and its so nice to finally be able to post on twitter and in comments section on here from my phone. and someone told me theres a better slightly higher priced data plan from tmobile i should switch to where my network speeds will be faster.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

update am in room to sleep sat july 30

in room to sleep, officially have new phone number, cricket couldnt use the iphone so i went with tmobile and got it all set up and running. just got done creating an apple account online so i can use it to download things on the iphone. tired now and will wake up and play in the nugget around midnite. setting all this up with a new phone company, and paying $30 more to unlock it cost me $105, so rolls back to only $11,900. and i absolutely despise walking up the street on hot summer days, walking more than 1-2 blocks makes ur forehead extremely hot and sweaty. how does anyone stand it who dont live their entire day in airconditioned casinos?

the table at the nugget with me and vegas dwp.

first let me thank him for the iphone3, i only hope i can get everything up and running when i go to a store tomorrow thats open to get a working sim card, he did not see any way to open up my old cell. rolls about $11,800, we did good tonite (at least i did, he busted on a bad call/read with 22 into the action player.) i sat with $400 and cashed out $788.

3 hands i wish to discuss. the first hand i had a2 of hearts. the action player (one old lady changed tables early due to not wanting to listen to him hold up the game) and one other player also did, but i didnt mind taking his money. i hadnt hardly played a hand at this table til then. i was hungry and pissed he made it $21 after the limp, one other guy called and since we are so deepstacked i call. flop comes 468 with one heart. and i check, call, other guy gets out. turn comes 4, and he bets $55. now i know he can have anything, and what makes me think hes weak is right before he bet he asked the dealer if its ok if he asks to check it down, and the dealer says NO. so i shove my whole stack for $300-400 and up til then id not shown a hand. nor  had i shoved. he thinks 6 minutes (remember hes the guy whod been holding up the game). and i begin to worry about an overpair, in fact he claimed he had one and then later changed his story. he finally folds 55 and i show the bluff. vegas dwp tells me good bluff.

now a little while later with my stack over $500 he again makes a raise preflop and i call with a10. flop comes 69Kwith 2 spades, i have none. and he bets and again i call. turn comes 9, he shoves $347 and i sit to think this time the 5 minutes. i finally call, and he has a4 spades. so im thinking good call. river comes J and we split.

3rd key hand, its not him in the hand. i have a6 spades and call the usual small preflop raise. flop comes 28Q with 2 spades. i check, asian guy bets $30 and other asian guy calls, and i call. turn comes 9 asian guy bets $35 other guy calls, i call. river comes 7 spades. i shove allin, mentioning that u guys know by now i dont bluff. asian guy with $150 folds, other asian with about $60-70 calls, and i win.

i only wish the od wouldve woke me up today while he was downtown and i paid for his food so he could install the forum software u guys want in my new blog. now he says hell do it some other time. of course, that will require all of u to create accounts just as on any other forum. the reason i delete so many of the anonymous comments with the fake famous names is im sure its the same guy making about 80% of the comments. instead of legit posters wishing to remain anonymous.
----------------------later added-----------------------------------------------------------------------
i went over to the golden nugget spa at 9am for my haircut and beard trim, which i spent $63 for. and now im researching the closest cricket store to see if i can use my iphone with them, which someone in tx who uses cricket said i could.. will see, if not will use another company. gonna take a cab anytime.

won about $211 more at binions also, about $100 on vbj and the rest in a loose game with some knowledgeable players, but who didnt care enough about the money to play good.

Friday, July 29, 2011

in cab heading to 4 queens to check in, friday morning

will be asleep most of the day but hope to hear from vegas dwp late tonite, wish i couldve seen him last night when i was on the strip instead of downtown. cannot be on the strip on weekends u know. ended up winning about $150 last nite. mostly due to one big pot at ceasers, was over $240 ahead when i left there. (ok now to finish this post, didnt have time while in the cab to finish details) am now in my new room at the 4 queens awaiting my refridgerator and should get more sleep. am afraid vegas dwp will contact me while im asleep and wonder why im not answering.

the big hand i won at ceasers i had QT diamonds and called the usual preflop raise of $10. flop comes 44Q rainbow with one diamond. believe it or not i was in the SB and none of the 6 of us bet the flop. turn comes 9 of diamonds. i bet, (hoping they will put me on a 4 being in the sb) and the BB calls and one other player. i cannot remember for sure my bet i think it was $40. i worry about the BB having a 4. river comes 8 diamonds giving me the flush. i bet $93, and the BB shoves for $165. the other guy thinks forever and folds. i worry mostly not about the flush, not about a flopped boat, not about 8s full, but about 48 and 9s full. those seem his most likely hands, but i have to call, its not that much more, and i can beat a hand like A4, and the longer i think the more he seems like hes resigned to go home. sure enough all he had was 47.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

thurs july 28 5.37am in my room nites recap

went over to osheas id say about 8-9pm, didnt start off so good, and at one time was in for a total of $366 of which about $170 was left. but of course loose action players joined such as Chris Reames dealer at the nugget and his friends and the guy who got booted the other day at osheas (no not zippy) and i eventually left with $522 when that table finally broke about 3am or so. so im in my room and $156 ahead for the nite. one hand of note (only one i can remember) i had AK and made a raise to $15 preflop and i think i got 2 callers. flop comes up 8JQ and they checked to me with 1 heart and i took the free card. turn comes 6. Chris female dealer friend bets $10 and i call, and the guy who got booted on my immediate left makes it $20. we both call. river comes 9. she checks, and i know he thinks im a real nit, and i bet $80 with about $300+ behind. he says he has a set and thinks, then mucks. she mucks instantly and i show the bluff. i wouldnt believe him had he not showed his set, had i known that id not tried the bluff in the first place. i figured theyd put me on some sort of straight draw and really dislike that 9.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

july 27 wed in room to sleep, had a pretty good nite.

woke up after 11pm and started off the nite playing right in the IP, even though my phone wont work there. bought in $300 max, and soon ran it up to $592. i doubled up bigtime with a flop of 46J with 2 spades. the $8 preflop raiser bet the flop and i made it $30, one other guy calls and he folds. on the turn i cover up the flop and look intently at the caller whose first to act. he bets $60 and i fear the spades hit. but no Kclubs is the turn. so i go allin and he calls. turns out he has a smaller set to my 666.

walk to osheas soon and buyin the oddball $92. after about 4 hours i left with $363 after losing a big pot where i was once just over $500, but hey its been a good nite. grab my mail in the flamingo and walk to the IP on the way back to room, and sit in for the minimum $60 to take part in aces cracked in the $1-2 NL, never will set in the $2-4.

in about 20 minutes the $60 is up to $505, and now im in my room up $1005 for the nite, ALL OF IT AT POKER. first double up i have QQ and reraise a $12 raiser and caller allin. initial raiser calls with AK. good thing all the money went allin preflop becuase the flop was a57. turn Q. a few minutes later, me and the same player, i call his small preflop raise to $6. flop comes AQ9 and i have 999. he bets and i min raise, and he comes over the top and puts me allin, and i know not what he had but i had the winner, must of been aq. then he left broke.

so now i count my chips and i have $225. then a few minutes later, i again get in cheaply with 99 preflop, dont remember if there was a raise. flop comes 297 with 2 diamonds. guy bets $10 i call, (several others behind me so why raise?) 2 others call, then the button makes it $60. young asian guy. original bettor folds. i shove, only the asian guy calls. turn comes diamond, but as it turns out he had no flush and i won. never found out what he had. i left about 30 minutes later. i knew he would call my shove if he also had a set, and i wasnt letting him get the right odds for a flush draw, and knowing him, he wouldve still called being given the wrong odds, so why not give them to him?

only reason i won so much at osheas earlier is because on a flop of 887 with 5 of us in, and me calling a preflop raise with JJ, i folded on the flop when 3 people checked to the preflop raiser and he made a bet, (knew he couldnt have ak once he bet into a large field). so i folded and the dealer and the player next to me thought i nuts for folding. turned out to be the right move.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

heres an interesting story about something awful that happened to someone else instead of me

i was asked not to name the casino,whether hes a local or a tourist, what game he was playing and to please not use his name. he is very embarrassed that he somehow let this happen.

player X was playing in the pits, and had about $2000 in front of him. 2 attractive white women start talking to him, and one starts making out with him, and pretty soon, they ask to go to his room, and of course he lets them. next thing he knows hes ill and vomiting, and $9000 is missing from his in room safe in cash and casino chips (is why i wont use an in room safe instead of a box at the cage or desk). he spent the entire nite with LV metro and casino security and they reviewed the tapes and seen the women slipping a pill into his drink at the table. so security has the girls picture, wish i could see it too in case i ever see the women ill know who they are. Proof of all this is in my incoming text messages, him and i sent a ton of them when i was wondering what was up with him that nite. i have no idea what will ever become of this, but it goes to show how difficult it is to trust a woman, thats why ive got to be 100% sure a woman really likes me before id ever trust her enough to invite her to my room. im not a good target because id be too paranoid and would make sure they seen i wasnt bringing anything to steal into the room by locking it all up first. seems he blanked out shortly after reaching his room, and hes way too embarrassed this happened to want his name mentioned. so dont start guessing who it is.

pokermase32 and the pornslapper gang

ive been asked to relay the story of pokermase32 being in fear for his life. (at least he texted me saying he was scared to walk out of Paris on foot and was wondering how he would get back to the IP). by the way, hes lost his entire roll, and is brand new to vegas as of 3 weeks, but he dont seem too worried about it. says he can find a stake or a job.

i was told by him that he told the mexican guy that he (pokermase32) was a resident here and he didnt appreciate his filth and he wasnt wanted and to go back to his home country, (something of that sort) of course we all feel that way, but to avoid trouble we keep our mouth shut. the guy told him 5 minutes and hed be taught a lesson, and sure enough people are soon watching him and giving him shit inside paris and waiting for him to leave. if u dont believe me, or want the full story, talk to darrell the young kid inside osheas or bills trying to get his diamond card.

i won almost $700 last nite almost all of it on VBJ. rolls at $10,100 and im about to relocate to the IP for 3 nites. won a little at ceasers earlier. and ive got one more very interesting story to relate about someone else, who shall remain unnamed that i will post in about 5 minutes.

Monday, July 25, 2011

mon july 25, won a little last nite at poker etc renewed room 1 more day

seems this week i can only get 3 free days, at the IP, so i went to renew my room at circus 1 more day. in there now to sleep. am glad to be waking up around 8pm to be playing the best hours. again i woke up and took a cab to ceasers, played poker a short while, hit and ran with $52 profit, and went over to osheas. was doing really well and was up over $300 once, but left the game $180 ahead. as usual i dont remember the hands. found out why a gang of pornslapper mexicans was angry at pokermase32 and following him last nite scaring the hell out of him.

then played $3-6 mix at the IP and seen pasadena mama on AVP and she wasnt even familiar with my blog she said. i lost $110 at the table and left. took a cab back to circus, and won over $200 in slots of fun VBJ, and then went to room after using $18 of my $895 in comp dollars on some food. rolls about $9400 now instead of $9100

Sunday, July 24, 2011

more bad news but it starts out as good news SUN july 24

finally woke up for good at 8.30pm after that big loss yesterday and decided to cab it out the back way of circus so i wouldnt be near the crowds (i really hate walking in crowds) and the VBJ machine. jumped in a cab to caesers and text kingofdonks on the way who was there. he was telling me why i shouldnt stake pokermase32 (which i wouldnt do after these losses anyway) and i guess him reading that might have something to do with why i didnt get another stake this trip like i did on his last trip. actually i was just gonna originally pay pokermase32 $100 to find me an affectionate gf who isnt a hooker, must be affectionate and a tourist works out great too. he is good at talking to women. and then darrell (pokermase) asked about a stake, which is better to paying outright cash anyway. but thats moot now, i need cash more than i need a gf. (at least til im back to 12k). remember when i said before when i had a very low roll-- id rather have an extra $500 in my roll than to sleep with annette 15.

anyway i sat in ceasers $2-5 (felt like if i could risk it on VBJ i could risk it at $2-5) and as usual hit and ran right after kingofdonks showed up 200+ winners. kingofdonks disappeared before i could cash out and i was pissed at him for ditching me, then i got a text he was in bellagio on way to P-ho (he thought i wanted to walk there) but i didnt bother since he disappeared and i was in osheas instead playing then. and it was a good table, bought in $186 and at one point was up to $540. lost a big pot at the end and left with $355. called a raise to $12 preflop with 9 10 hearts, flop comes 367 all in hearts, cj kenny (regular) bet $35 right into the raiser, raiser calls, i go $125, cj folds (later said he flopped straight) regular calls. 4 hearts comes on turn guy shoves, i fold faceup, and he shows aa with a of hearts.

rode cab to the riviera, and again, no game, so i walk across the street proceed to sit at VBJ, and lose back all the nites winnings and almost $560 more, damn am i a fool. in bed now to sleep, guess i better leave for ac so i cant do that no more.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

BJ machine loss to top it off, rolls $9600

well i sure didnt stay over 10k long, ive got to quit playing that machine. now up to about $820 comp dollars. lost $1700 on it today and never got around to playing poker, went back to room to take another nap. found pokerdoggs post, looked up my old blog which should be locked, and found all kind of shit on it. also seen a weird post by a weird id posting it, i have no idea who that was and how it got approved without me doing so, makes no sense at all, but i deleted it, none of what was said in the post was true, i did nothing wrong, wasnt in jail, no idea what ill be doing today later on, sure ill be playing somewhere.

VBJ loss at the riviera

was hiding in the water pool at the city park, and was throwing pinecombs at people, and i woke up when a knight on a white horse saved me from a great white shark that was about to bite me. only had about 5 hours sleep, but finally awake just enough to post before i fall back asleep.

thanks to rakewell for his blog, which i read right before i fell asleep, but too tired to say anything. i never realized pokerdogg read his blog. i have tried to show cards when the hands over less often than when i used to so im down to only doing it on about 75% of hands now instead of all. still too much i know.

i was tired and rode the bus back to riv, (come to think of it took a cab cause pissed i was stuck and in a hurry) and was aggravated no game on friday nite, man its dead after the wsop so i sat at a BJ table to get back my $215 i was still out. kits of 3-2 tables there and decided to sit at one. i had it all back didnt leave cause count got slightly plus, and then proceeded to get stuck and pissed betting way too much and at one point lost 3 bets of $225 each. ended up leaving stuck $815. mostly cause i was so angry at the dealer sabrina for being so "unfriendly". she never said a word to anyone and wasnt like the asian guy or asian lady just before her who acted real happy when players would win. before i lost the big hands, id won a big bet on all 3 hands about 10 min before that, and she didnt seem happy at all and didnt say a word, so it pissed me off and i didnt ask for change to tip like id been planning to when i won the pot, and instead decided to play a few more hands to see if she said anything on the following hand so i could tip. was waiting for her to speak up so i could tip and leave and then proceeded to lose hand after hand getting more pissed. no one wants to  play when the dealers arent glad u are winning. she seemed pissed about being at work when she first came in and there was a big discussion about whose card someone had left behind. and i must return to sleep. new roll $11,300 is all thats left.

Friday, July 22, 2011

fri july 22 getting ready to move rooms, and recap of the nites wins.

woke up last nite at the right hours to be playing poker and after browsing new emails etc checked my twitter to see where others were playing to help me make a decision. found out poker grump was at hooters, and id been waiting to see how loose the games were there anyway, so i jumped on the monorail as soon as i seen he was there. had to wait quite a while for a seat, and won back $7 from my monorail fare on a bad paying VP spin machine multidenominational while i waited. was lucky to get off it without being stuck, my $100 bill was down to about $35 once. finally i got seated, and in the 2 hours or so i was there, i ended up winning $3 at one point i was up about $70 and was down just over $100. i dont remember any particular hands as usual, maybe grump does? i left when grump did. he dropped me off outside riviera. offered to take him to eat but he wanted to get home. thanks to grump for the ride and the email links he sent me.

went inside riviera and was very surprised to see no game, it lasted round the clock during the wsop. guess it dont no more. went inside circus and ate, using $18 of my $740+ in comp dollars. ended up playing VBJ at slots of fun, and eventually left $215 ahead after about 3 hours. took the bus to osheas, and sat in a LOOSE $1-2 NL game with some folks a bit on tilt not happy about losing certain pots. ended up leaving a little over $340 ahead. rolls now about $12,100. pokermase32 wants me to help stake him, in exchange for a certain favor, and im gonna check out his stars history. feels good to finally have a lot higher roll now that the wsop is over.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

thurs july 21, in room done for the nite to rest (nightcap)

new roll of $11,600. sure wish id had this much doing the wsop, or back when online poker still existed for US players, i couldve invested it in so many ways. met 2 guys tonite in the IP game where $150 of my winnings came from. they were from AC and europe and were discussing how much better off someone is playing $2-5 than $1-2 and im just not ready to make the change although they claim my rolls good enough. i could be wrong, and id like feedback from $2-5 players, but arent the $2-5 players a lot better than $1-2 players? i think i need 15,000 (30 buyins) of 500 but they say 15 buyins are enough if i dont have big holes in ur game. i think they only feel this way because they are so much YOUNGER than me, and can start over from scratch easier and find other alternatives, all of which i cannot risk. i used to feel that way too and had a much much smaller roll when i was their age. hell i used to sometimes go to a strip club and spend $100 with a roll of $2500 or so, u would never never see me do that nowdays. growing OLD has made me much more conservative in my outlook, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

and earlier i won about $50 at the westin on VP, won about $225 at osheas, but lost over $300 in the challenge with grouchie, (find details on his blog) im so tired i dont remember ANY hands believe it or not, but before the challenge started i was up $597 at one time at osheas in the poker game alone. also won about $40 at bills too. would like to talk about hands, and trying to remember some.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

couldnt lose all nite no matter what, even when i was supposed to.

in bed tired and rolls over $11,000. won at osheas, ballys, and planet hollywood. better off than ive been in some time, too bad theres no more good daily deepstacks tourneys. almost wanted to go to laughlin tonite to see brian devonshire play $2-6 spread, offered $125 gas to dave shapiro but he worked tomorrow. at least the guy i was rooting for made it. (the guy whose 49) sure dont want to have to be under 30 to be able to final table. i might play next year.

what i mean by winning when i shouldnt is $400+ of what i won was on the bad paying VBJ machine at pho only paying even money on BJ. and got aa far more often than normal. dont remember the details on hands because they happened too long ago and im too tired.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playing ak

Not much was said about the ak hand everyone was so focused on the other hand. Still think i did right getting 40 percent equity 3handed. I wouldve had to fold postflop. am getting awful hungry and will go eat paris diamond lounge very soon. Games here tighter than they used to be. Getting aa more than fair share. I checked aces full on the river once when last to act when the third 9 hit. I won. I think im doing right max buying in 300 a shot now that my rolls up.

Posting from cell while hn game at ballys

Will sure be glad when vegas dwp comes with that iphone. I can post but cannot view the full page nor can i find the location of old approved comments to respond to. Wanted to talk to rakewell further and also wish vook pokerdog and others would chime in.i would min ckr bluff in that spot often myself so i natusally assume others would as well. And i did shove if i remember right but remember im only risking what he has in front of him not nearly the whole stack. No different than betting say 140. And this phone is also giving me trouble approving or deleting comments. I cant get the select box to show up on the comment instead it keeps trying to load the blog again. I have to go back and click many things to get the check box to work. Things will go alot smoother around here and u will see comments much faster then.

End of the wsop season makes the $2-5 at ceasers loose tonite

after checking out of the 4 queens and into the IP, i played a short time and won $200 on the way up to the room to sleep. took a nap a few hours and started playing again tonite around 7.30pm. almost as soon as i walked into osheas i seen grouchie walk up and we started up the challenge. im not sure how grouchie did while he and i were playing, but i turned $209 into $546 while he was at my table. his blog (also on this site and just as easy to follow) probably has better details. i was a little pissed he left so abruptly and didnt respond back to texts. his friend went broke on the hand i won big on, and the details of the hand will show that neither one of them (nor do many of my readers) understand poker cash games very well. i did grouchie a favor earlier, i tried very hard to stop the floor from picking up his chips and he agreed to give him 15 more minutes and grouchie showed up in time. i raised preflop with AK, a guy reraises me and another guy shoves sitting next to him. im not sure whats going on, thought they could be making a move seeing im tight, and i call. turns out i have AK, grouchies friend has 10 10, (worst of all) and other guy has QQ so im quite happy against this lineup. i have like 40% equity and am only putting in 33% of the money, although there is a small side pot against the 10 10 and i forget the exact amount. flop comes something like 10 Q 4 and i end up rivering the gutshot J against 2 sets for the stone cold nuts, and tip alaska gals roommate $15. grouchie immediately leaves with his friend, without even getting my chip count.

a while later i give most of it back, leave just over $100 ahead and then proceed to drop $300 in VP 50 play. heres that hand. i have 10 10 raise preflop, and flop comes 829 with 2 hearts. i bet $30 and get raised to $60 and only call. (wanted to see if a safe turn card comes, so im not overly committed with 2 cards to come instead of 1.)turn comes 2 and he checks, and i go ahead and shove to avoid giving a free card, i seriously thought the 2 a bad card for him. dont want anyone drawing free at flush and overcards, turns out he hit quads. thats when i leave the table.

after dropping that in VP, i eat at burger king, and then walk to ceasers to get it back in $2-5 turns out theres actually 2 games going and i didnt know if thered be ANY. i get seated, buyin $522, and after a while its down as low as $280. (after once being at $640) dont remember all them hands. but then i started to get HOT. some small pots and then a big pot when i have 99 and the flop comes 358 spades and i bet the flop into 3 cause i raised preflop. (i have no spade) guy shoves with smaller stack and others fold and i call over $150 more and turns out hes the loosest fish there on a rebuy and has only a8 and no spade draw even and my hand holds. and a much bigger hand i have JJ raise preflop and a guy with his gf is saying its his last hand and shes handing him a rack. guy calls my raise. along with maybe 1-2 others. flop comes 89J with 2 spades. not a bad flop but draw heavy. i bet out and he calls and i tell him to watch out he dont go broke on the hand or his gf wont be happy and she speaks up and says thats definitely true. turn comes offsuit 4 and i bet again. (others have folded). he raises me allin for about $440 total over my $200 bet. well i have to call, and he has QQ instead of the straight i fear and river is 6 and sure enough they walked out broke. LOL

so now im in my room rolls about $10,400

Monday, July 18, 2011

Plo mix binions

Took 2 hour nap then went to binions and found a plo8 mix game. Notified miamicane but he was at a strip club celebrating his wsop win. Started hitting hands after losing initial buyin of 108 then rebuying 330 more. Was at one point up over $260 but when i left wasnt up near that much, and considered myself lucky i wasnt bluffed off a winner once (had she bet id folded.) then i lost a little on a bad VBJ machine after being way up on it for awhile.

ended up walking to the nugget after i got off the VBJ, and the game was very good but they were dealing like 2 hands every 10 minutes. 2 big fish both really slowing the game down, making horrible calls and shoves. both went broke, while i was still out about $25 and couldnt get a hand to play. then the game went down to 4 as everyone left, finally won a pot 4 handed and walked out a very small winner for that casino. overall i was up $120 when i went back to my room. rolls over $9700. i have to go back to binions after 8am when the slot club opens to claim my $25 free play off my daily voucher from the spin to win promotion, play it thru then grab a little food, and then change hotels and get moved into the IP for the next few days til friday again. once im in my new room ill sleep. would really and truly love to leave vegas, and take the amtrak going thru albq, ks, stlouis, all the way up to ac or philly stopping everywhere on the way, but just dont want to spend the money when i keep getting so much FREE in vegas. i know im way better off than i was years ago when i spent the money to travel with a lot less of a roll, but im an old man now and its too late in life to take chances anymore and restart over. too bad theyres no more good tourneys i might enjoy playing for a full year now, hopefully next year ill have a much bigger roll and get to play a lot more.

i do really feel good as this is the first time in 20 yrs i had over 9000 to work with at the END of the wsop. shows im making at least some kind of progress in poker.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

eating in room, sun july 17

managed to get out of the nugget $122 ahead, and grab some food at the grill to bring back to my room. i was ahead $253 once. i think i mightve been starting to play bad since i was so hungry. final orbit i had 99, raised to $10 preflop since only a few callers on the hijack next to the button. flop comes k89 check to me, i check, and the button checks too dammit. turn comes 7 putting up a 2nd club and possible straight. i dont want to give anymore free cards so i bet $25 and the button calls and the other guy. horrible river hits, 5 clubs. check check, button bets $25 again, other guy folds, i call, he runnerrunnered AQ nut flush. had he bet a lot more i wouldnt called. he was a good player.

a while earlier i raised on the button to steal blinds, again he calls. i had a4 diamonds. flop comes a78 i bet $20 he calls. turn comes 2. he bets into me and i folded, showing only the ace, and telling him i had aj, and he shows an ace.

the lady on my right earlier, middle aged woman who seemed to have played a lot of poker but unfamiliar with how the nugget rakes the pot, i think from california, and i think with the guy on the other side of her. she got mad earlier when i suggested she wouldve called an allin from a different lady with AQ hearts on a flop of 6KJ6 and 3 hearts on the turn. (royal draw). almost anyone would call with that. river comes 6. other lady bets river and she folds, showing nut flush and royal draw. of course shed fold the river. other lady showed JJ for turned boat, and i told her it was a good thing the lady waited til the river to bet, saving her money and that she wouldve called an allin on the turn, and i think she took it wrong and thought i thought she was a donkey because she adamantly denied shed called an allin and says shed have FOLDED while still on the turn.

anyway what happened was, a very young beautiful woman dressed up like a hooker  and an older guy in his 50s most likely sat down near the other end of the table and she wasnt playing, only watching, and the guy was talking poker strategy and kept whispering to her as if she was learning the game. now i dont know why, but i would swear ive seen this woman at a casino poker table before. the guy i didnt recognize. thought the girl was probably a hooker, because i seen a ring on him but not her. and because she wore hi heels and low cut clothes. the girl seemed like she wouldnt have wanted to sit there except to get money, and i was pissed i cant afford to pay to have a woman like that sit behind me. she reminded me a lot of the girl from MS whose mostlikely in jail from myspace who sat at the nugget with me a year ago. (the one who said she seen me on tv as a poker player). anyway i whispered to the guy on my right, i wonder if thats his daughter or a paid escort, and he said he was wondering the same thing himself. so i later asked the guy if his daughter played poker, and neither him nor her said anything i could make out. then the woman on my left immediately said thats his wife and i asked how do u know? and that its wrong to assume, and she said it was a much greater wrong for me to assume its his daughter or id make him feel OLD. actually i feel like assuming it was his wife would make the GIRL feel OLD. never did find out the truth as i was leaving, and i still dont think thats his wife, but could be, wish i had me a good woman like that, it wouldve been much easier for me to find a girlfriend if id make a serious effort 10-15 yrs ago before i became near this old. being this old, i am expected to be far better off financially and settled than id have needed to be if i were 25-30

good times at binions

rolls back to $9500, just made $400+ in binions right before i went to bring food back to my room with comp dollars. relaxing in room now. not sure why vince wanted me to get a parking pass and a room with 2 beds in it, never heard from him at all tonite. once i tried to bluff with A5 spades by shoving when still a much smaller stack than i was at the end, on a board of 236 with 2 spades, into another small stack of about $75. i offered to show a card for $5 HU, he paid me $5 and picked the wrong card, the a of spades, then he calls with 88 and i won when the ace hit the river. and another hand i was on a total bluff with AJ hearts, reraised all in and got called on a board of 43369 with 3 spades, and the caller had 8J? now granted he did have 1 spade and called the turn and not the river but still ???? what im saying is i think i won quite a bit more than i deserved to win. am wondering too exactly how much scott ended up with in the wsop, will go look it up now and see.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Heres some really good news

I just discovered that unlike my old blog on vpn where i couldnt post from my piece of shit cricket phone that i actually can login and post on my cell here. Can approve and delete comments too. This is really nice and something im not used to. Bought in here at the nugget for 231 and am up about 25. Good news is i feel im playing my best and i want to encourage all of u to either create a google account or use the open id feature instead of posting anonymously because someone impersonated vince tatude and snevman with links to porn sites. That should solve the issue. Only takes like 2 minutes.

going over to the nugget soon

awake now and gonna walk over to the nugget. still would like ideas on improving the blog. also id appreciate it if readers would create a google account, or any type of open ID account, even an aim messenger id works. that way i know for sure whose posting and the next time someone pretends to be someone else, with a fake spam porn link, ill know instead of later finding out about it.

todays results in my room at the 4 queens to sleep now.

rolls still sitting at $9000. thanks very much to dave shapiro who gave me a ride to the 4 queens checkin for $7. and i won over $200 in the golden nugget in an exceptionally good game. that made up for the $153 loss at ballys earlier. and i almost lost a few hundred on the VBJ at the westin, but instead made around $100.

as usual AK is the hand that makes me or breaks me. seems to be an overly important hand in my life. guy makes it $12 which was happening a lot, 5 callers, i shoved $120+ allin and got a call by the rich loose former dealer holding QT offsuit, and neither one of us hit a thing. WHEW.

and some more good news, i thought id have to pay with comps for my room 3 nites here, but found out they gave it to me 100% free. not sure why but thanks. i dont need to use comps most of the time to get free rooms and ive still got about $1000 in comp dollars between all casinos combined.

am wondering if lorna somehow is reading this blog, an awful lot of the comments ive had to delete was someone calling me the N word or saying something deragotory about black people and she used to do that all the time making fun of how i look because she hated it when i couldnt give her money anymore. still need to learn how to create a forum and how to IP ban people. gonna go and find the google blogspot forums and post asking for advice.

would like to hear from readers ideas that would make this blog get a lot more readers without doing anything detrimental to my long term success. i have really changed my mind lately after talking with my closest friends in private and have decided the quality of the readership is far more important than the quantity. and considering im over 1500 views, i am not in the least worried about readership. i like having something belonging 100% to me and not someone else.

Friday, July 15, 2011

tonites huge loss

well im back to $8900 and i want to talk about the loss and about how to avoid it in the future. But first a couple of other things to say. im trying to solve the problem about comments. i need to learn how to technically set it up so all comments (after approval) are visible and show up in the same place. that makes it easier on u guys to follow and read them. OD talked about me adding a forum but didnt have the time to assist me with it and suggested i find someone else to help. i will someday when i have money control a huge forum i OWN just like the OD did. only difference between me and OD is id find the time to do the work, or if not hire people to do it. it wouldnt cost much, id hire broke former online poker players i know.

ok what all u guys are waiting to hear about, the big loss. it started off innocently enough. i went to ceasers and paid $130 for the 4pm turbo deepstack. i busted early and didnt feel like rebuying, because i hate buying in late and missing levels for whatever reason. so i had exactly $145 on me remaining in cash was all. (rest was in the safe deposit box, bank, debit cards, etc.)so i bought in the cash game at ceasers. pretty soon i got AA and i still had about $130 or more of it left. guy butt straddles for $6, guy UTG makes it $20, and a guy calls. i look down and see AA and i want to try and get max value and dont worry too much with only 2 others in (now dont say i played it bad just due to the results, i think over the longrun i did play it well.) so i only raise to $40, and they both call. flop comes KT3 with 2 spades. one of which i have. both check, i bet $96 and a guy calls with a set of 3's and i am sure if id have had a bigger stack id have lost even more. right?

so then i went to the IP to get in the safe deposit box, and then sat in the game, a little on tilt and i forget the hands, but ended up losing $100 more. then walked over to osheas. found the other tony (anthony) a diamond club member whose pretty broke a lot needing rooms who wanted me to stake him yesterday who hangs out bills and osheas a lot. he was sitting on a VP machine (100 play) and i sat beside him on the 50play. and he was using a voucher he got on a free tourney through summerfest. i ended up breaking about even there, but at one point was stuck a bit more. then lost over $200 in the game at osheas, and then walked to the IP again, lost over $100 on the same type of 50play deuces wild, and walked over to a table BJ game quite pissed where i lost all the rest. no video BJ for me. id have much rather tried to play in a 2-5 game at ceasers with the final 500 lost, but was too lazy to walk across the street and probably not get seated right away, and didnt feel i could play well stuck all that. how do i learn to develop more self discipline?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

going to walk over to ceasers soon to get in the 4pm tourney. would anyone like to enter it with me and do a last longer or a save either one? and as u will see the reason for, i had to change the settings back to where comments must first be approved to be posted.
anyone reading what i read after waking up should understand the need to delete comments. deleted all the offensive ones just now, everything u see left before this post was made is ok. still would like a little input from the OD, and when posting as anonymous would be nice if people say who they are. of course, that would open it up for people to lie, so ill try and judge if the truths being told. curious to know where VP expert got his figure.

about moderator powers

i have updated the settings to make what some of u may consider to be an important change to benefit the posters (and readers). it will now show comments IMMEDIATELY instead of after i approve them. (pokergrump waits to approve his before they are shown btw). i can always get rid of it later if i find it too offensive. so far ive only got rid of 2 comments. try it by posting something critical that isnt in poor taste, heavily laced with profanity or out of line and offensive. no reason to be afraid of me having mod powers. EVERYONE WHO HAS A BLOG HAS MOD POWERS, EXCEPT FOR ME WHILE ON THE VPN AND AVP FORUMS. missing flops let all kind of offensive posts stand that were way too offensive and i want a little more control. i feel a can be a way more fair moderator than him. comments making fun of my speech defect will definitely be eliminated but about the only things being eliminated were things i complained about to the OD that he removed. vook, zin, wec, pokerdogg, dogclock etc are silly if they think i cant be trusted with mod powers.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

in my room at the IP, relaxing for the last hour, and i am so glad im finally up to $10,070. first time in a long time im back over $10k. couldve been up more, at one point in the IP poker room i was up to $440 off my $155 buyin, but gave back alot on the final hand and left with only $120 profit. hand went down like this, i had KQ suited, and the flop was 29k with one of my suit. i bet and one guy called. turn was 4 i bet he raised, i called. river came Q i bet $40 he bets $100 i call and he has a set of 2's i was a little worried, but should i have been so worried that i shouldve not bet the river?

and i got very lucky earlier in the flamingo before i went back into the diamond lounge for the 2nd time. i sat at the pickem poker machine, because even though my lucks awful on it usually and my losses are big since im betting 25c and up to 50 bets of $2, i heard the payback is over 99%? i couldve easily lost over $500 on it, that id had invested, but i got off it with over $200 profit after hitting a big hand on a higher betting level after id first been getting stuck quite a lot. thats when i sent seattle irish the text message about going to counseling with him, which he never responded to. seattle irish dont know how to forgive anyone and its because he does not have Jesus Christ as a part of his life.
won $65 at osheas, at one point i was up close to $140, was getting a little bored and hungry and decided to head over to pick up mail in the back of the flamingo, probably not a thing in there anyway. not sure what ill do later, probably will be at bills or ballys, might even go to room to take a break and lie down. rolls still around $9700. still would like to hear comments about last nites hand post, and more subscribers to see if this will work. wheres vooks and pokerdoggs good hand analysis?

trip to osheas

after sitting in my room for many hours i knew i wasnt ready to sleep so i walked over next door to osheas. bought in for $200 and at one point had it up to $477. decided id leave soon if i started giving very much of it back. not sure why u guys say no one will read my blog here, since grouchie and pokergrump have blogs here and people read theirs. anyway, the table had lots of straddlers and the usual crowd of europeans and canadians who are about to leave town probably. the young guy on my left liked to bluff and he was from denmark. i had QK offsuit, limped for $2 in EP+1 and he made it $11 and as soon as i called i thought i might be making a mistake but was that really the mistake? turns out i had him dominated preflop. anyway 4 of us call. and the flop comes K79. checked to me, i bet $30 to see where i stand, and he just calls. (now earlier id heard him talking to the guy on the other side of him about how on another hand he might just call  a raiser with aa). the other 2 fold. turn comes 5diamonds, i bet $75, he shoves $110 more, and i knew i shouldve folded but didnt. what can i do about that in the future? i dont want to set myself up to be bluffed. he had K7 for 2 pair. and he said he had a diamond draw which was true, he did.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

please let me see how many subscribe to this, none listed as of yet. i dont think ill have any readers if i have my own blogsite. and teach me about comments being made by people who dont have any of those accounts and if im required to make commenters have one of those sites.

tbc's blog about how to make a living grinding lower stakes $1-2 NL etc.

just now testing and creating a new blog i might use or not use if i ever need to in which ill have moderator powers. i think this is the one in which i could make money selling ads if i got enough hits? still learning how to set it up and if it will show me the number of hits and where. i would appreciate it if anyone who setup one for me in the past totally delete the name and site entirely so there wont be a similarly named site on the web. i cannot log into drawing deads blogsite for me or the ODs blogsite for me or anyone elses because they were created with A DIFFERENT EMAIL FROM MINE, and without it being my email i cannot log in. not even with the password they gave me. so please delete them sites, would be very much appreciated by me so as not to confuse anyone looking for my blogsite.

and im sitting in my room at the IP, vince just brought over my laundry and some food from burgerking on the way which of course i paid him for. gonna take a shower and later walk over to osheas or ceasers would be nice to find out what grouchie or poker grump is up to today. and ive still got to setup my room this weekend before everythings sold out. if i cannot get free weekends with this one offer at a stations casino, ill try and set it up at the 4 queens with my comps. and as far as posting links ill have to learn that. same way as when i finally have a smart phone ill have to learn so many new things about how to use it.