Friday, May 31, 2013

lots of worries

fear my teeth are getting worse, and ive still got that other wisdom tooth rotting away in the far back that someday needs to come old, and i hear that the older u become, the worse it is to get them out. i dread the day that fails completely.

fear ill never meet anyone like Sue, Claudia, or Britni again to care about me, and Vince said she is NOT even scheduled to work the WSOP this year, which is incredibly weird, she has worked it every single year. Vince's last name is always DIRECTLY after hers in alphabetical order. No women ever seems to have any interest in meeting on other websites, and if they are, they claim they cant without a car.

and im down to $1192, thats still a run of over $150 better than expectation on the VBJ since the $595 drop, but i seriously think ill easily get down to where i dont have enough money to get by unless i survive long enough to start getting those huge construction worker paychecks. had far more losing sessions lately than winning ones. i fear im overbetting, am not going over 1%, but im playing 5 spots at that max when 3 spots max at that is much safer.

and i fear i just ran really lucky on seals, most of them wins came from tourneys, i ran above average too, and now im back to normal with only 200 chips on seals, so i cant depend on that. would be better if i could play on a NV site. even better than that would be if i could play double or nothing sngs. and i mean 10 max ones not the 6 max ones so common nowdays.

wish a friend would play the pokerstars play money ones with me, and we make a side bet for real money as to who does the best in the sng, (we both reg for the same one).

also im concerned about this job too, for my safety, the boss knows of my blog the old avp one, (not Clint) but a black guy who would be over me, Clint is over everyone and he main boss, and there is no security if someone doesnt like me, and sometimes construction workers get a little rough. and i am not used to working 84 hours a week at all, and Clint said for about 3 months it would be that many hours. of course that would then be paying over $2000 a week. would like to know how i can find out for sure if i can lift 50 pounds over my head. no way to find out. occasionally that might need done. has anyone ever worked in a tool room in a construction job or at a warehouse? and id also be doing some inventory, making sure everything is checked back in, etc. of course id be trained. its just id hate to take it and find out i couldnt do it. going up there is a bit of a commitment upfront. also i was told almost everyone at the motel is working construction. so if i got fired, none of my neighbors would like me. would like to hear of peoples on the job experiences in jobs similar to this.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I dont know why im running so well lately, really dont deserve to be

Maybe its just variance. or maybe its because ive not worried about bills that needed paid and got taken care of. of course theres new ones, $54 ill need to pay on the phone by june 12, and $80 on the net after June 1, but both of those ill have about a months time to do it. the past due balances all got taken care of, and the current bill. those are when new bills come out. Biggest expense looming over my head immediately is my sons 21st birthday and i really should get that done today. i wanted to order him something online, and mom said no, to send him $20 in the mail in a card instead, but im not sure if i can get a decent birthday card at the casino or gas station here. selection would be really limited.

also id like to play about $100 worth of LIVE poker if i could, now that the roll is back in the $1400s. its been at least a month or longer since its been this high. after this morning's $42 VBJ win i am at $1457. also i renewed my room so my new checkout date is mon june 3. but only for 6 days, didnt have quite the comps for the full week, im still not earning them at a fast enough pace. i am earning them faster than if i followed Cutters suggestion of only playing 1 hand though. and ive still got 26 cans of beans and peaches, 19 soups, and some bread without any peanut butter left. and crackers too. ate in the buffet once since tuesday of last week is all. I think i might be doing well enough to where i can survive finally without needing any outright gifts, we shall see. of course id still like friends to take me to play poker though, sometimes it would be a good break from the VBJ. and im just not keeping enough on seals still. kind of would like to have money somewhere i could still play plenty of DON sngs, i really miss those, if it wasnt too hard to access the money. im getting sick and tired at the lack of 9 handed full tables. everything is 6 max or far less a lot of the time on many sites. such as the site someone referred to me on facebook, which i turned around and recommended to whitcolumn, then later told him why it aint so good after all.

im running at least $400 better off on the VBJ than what the math says i should be since that big drop, unless ive figured the math wrong. put in about $16-20k in coin in yet still up all that. even though Kimlee and Cutter think im no longer +ev on the machine without comps, and i might not be, but the way i play, theres no way to analyze it. but of course, once the roll is about double what it is now, then i should be +ev for sure without comps. (because of the wider spread).

also, if i had the discipline to never play more than 3 spots. that too would help reduce swings. (and big losses). would actually have more losing sessions but not nearly as big of losses.

that job offer was a pretty good deal, but id kind of like to prove i can make it here on my own, but i feel id be a fool not to go, hopefully it will still be available at some time in the future if say i drop my roll in half again. i am too afraid i would just end up getting fired within the first week or 2, since id not be familiar with it like all the other employees would. Or i might not wake up in time. or i might feel like i had enough to quit within 1 month instead of 6 once id saved up $1000 a week. But yeah its a great offer, i should already be on a bus or plane to ID right now. im just worried id lose the job. im worried id lose it even if i try to do my best.

and now my soup is getting cold, but at least ive finally got this blog post up.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

not sure whats going on, but for some reason RTP wont load on my computer this morning. And i shouldnt ever post over there anyway. they arent willing to give me a lump sum of money like the OD did upfront. the blog is worth alot more than what other people think its material that could be made into a book someday, and is seen by a lot of people who dont even know what RTP is, and should be able to find a way to get at least $100 a month out of ad revenue, its not worth giving up posting on it so cheaply. i really wish i knew how to get ad revenue, how anyone can claim an advertising sales job is not a real job as they do on RTP is beyond me.

have my "daily income" back but only for 1 day, since i lost 200 chips on seals since by buying in full in a game since it was 9 max instead of 6 max. the same guy who always stole my blinds in the tourney the other day was at it again, and he had a real hand this time. so this one $18 withdrawal on the way to the bank will be the last one for a while again, and my new roll is $1368 and $74 in casino comp dollars after a small VBJ win. and my sleep hours are thouroughly messed up, woke up too early at 11pm, the VBJ was too full since it was a holiday weekend, and i woke back up not til after 4am and there were still people on it but i got 2 seats and eventually all 5.

Wonder if claudia is in town yet over at the WSOP or what anyone will say to her if they run into her. no one ever heard from her since she dropped out of sight and evidently no longer has any interest in this blog. im positive she will be dealing it again.

this will be the first year in a long time my roll was this low at the start of the wsop, in which i really have no interest in playing any poker except online to be safe. although i would like to play at buffalo bills later today with Chad if he comes by.

and i feel thats a great job offer the guy made up in idaho, i wonder if i should do that, its just such a big commitment upfront in relocating, not knowing if id end up getting fired in a few days, or how well id relate to the other employees most of whom probably only speak spanish. (construction job) but he said i could work in the tool room passing out tools with his wife. it would be 60 whole hours a week, and end up being over $1000 a week before taxes, but 60 hours is alot. i wonder how he would feel if i was worn out within a month, had saved up $3000 or so and decided i had enough to where i didnt want to stay all 6 months, if he would be mad? but my biggest worry is getting fired or him deciding i was getting paid too much. also i wonder if that motel in boise he said a lot of guys were living at weekly, how close it is to the worksite. yet if i put in the entire 6 months as if i was in a prison work camp id be pretty much set for life at the end, with about $20k maybe give or take if i refrained from spending much. so i need to think about it a whole lot longer,  i did have a full time job in cleveland with a little overtime for close to 3 months at the age of 21 or 22 but it was the most i ever had a real job and that was at RL Polk getting min wage and living in someones house who believed in helping homeless people find housing. They helped find me the job. i was on violation of my probation though by not living in toledo so it didnt work out so well.

also i think isnt lightning coming into town sometime within the month? sorry i dont have the funds to hangout and play poker with anyone, but dont want to do anything to risk rocking the boat. for the first time in some time, i have food, comps, laundry, bills paid, and $1300+ to work with and a tiny bit of stability in my life. just wish i had more than only 500 seals.

and if anyone is wondering what happened to carmens blog, she is in jail for probation violation and i think soon will see a judge it probably wont go well for her, but u can hope. i never wouldve guessed a few years ago id be playing such little poker in the last year compared to the way i used to play nonstop live casinos the whole time i was awake back in the old days where u could always buyin $40 in $1-5 stud no ante, no blinds, and play hours and hours. u just didnt need a bankroll back then.

and also i remember almost NOTHING from my life from 1993 to 2003. thats weird.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Thank God for Chad from Nashville TN (24 fanatics)

He arrived over here about 7am this morning with the food, and a few extra items, and when i asked him how much i owed him, he said not to worry about it, so that did me a BIG favor. id guess about $50-60 worth it came to. Now i wont have to worry about eating in the buffet. and that will help me with comps, its still quite long and tough to even get the $15 worth of room comps needed each day. am now out of Cutters room and into one in my own name, for 7 days until next tues morning, and i have $20 left in comps.

Then he did me another big favor i wasnt sure he could do that made my life a lot easier, he took me into vegas, and i washed all my laundry. While in Vegas, we stopped at the Burger King on Trop and Pecos we heard had free wifi, and worked to get on UP. (from WSOP2007). checked it out, and sure enough, i was able to login to UP and play there for the first time. played very brief, lost 22c, and have $9.78 there, and then went to the laundrymat. of course the laundrymat did not have free wifi, and i was not able to get on UP there since i was back to using the broadband modem again. Spent $6 of my money in there washing and drying clothes while he went out to samstown and back.

Both of those 2 favors really took a load off my mind and made my life a lot easier, and he said not to worry about people giving me shit for him doing me a favor since he gave food and not any money to gamble with. if anyone wants to meet him, he will be playing the mixed game at TI sometime later this week whatever day it goes.

i dont see that $165 back on my bank statement yet, so i cant call Verizon yet to make the payment i was going to make cause they said to wait for the email and it should be reversed within 24 hours. but its not showing up in my bank. i have $1098, plus the money Verizon will send back, minus what payment i make on it.

then ive also got about $60 worth in 2 coinbase transactions still on the way, and about $83 worth of money in seals. i guess im worth about $1400 if i got back the whole thing from verizon before anything is paid, but of course that wont happen, something will be paid. winning $110 on the VBJ earlier this morning before Chad got here helped a great deal in bringing up the roll.

and its possible but not sure sometime during the week he is in town, might either play omaha8 at the suncoast or play a little $2-6 spread at buffalo bills on the weekend. id be using my own money and if i lost id sure not want it to go over $100. also would be nice to be in town sunday for that freeroll. he looked over my laptop and he said there definitely isnt a place to plug it into a phone lin Ultimate Poker e like Mc Gee suggested.

Friday, May 17, 2013

How and where do i find cheap housing? this seems to be an excellent choice as far as cheap housing, only $100 a week or $375 for the entire month, problem is there is only 1 thats available, and it is NOT in NV, so i couldnt play on UP. But id gladly take it if anyone could get me in there for a month, and then id have to take a greyhound to Twin Falls also.

there is a shuttle bus going to Jackpot NV where there is a poker room takes about an hour on the bus and the bus only runs wed-sun.

Nicest thing is in a small town like that, id probably feel a lot safer being in a cheap motel, sure wouldnt feel safe in vegas, and not in reno either, probably would in Wells though. i wonder how easy it would be to earn the monthly rent on seals with clubs if i put all my roll there? the real issue is if theres only 1 room to rent at this motel, there would go the whole idea.

Britni used to find me suggestions like this on craigslist, in some of the weirdest towns and locations across the country, all were like way under $400 a month. some of them in weird locations like WY even. And today was NOT GOOD on the VBJ, i quit when it dropped to $1001 from $1110. there went back yesterday mornings $100 profit. Overall though, once I began playing properly again and limiting my max bet to 1%, i have actually done better than EV would suggest. up to $57 now in comps for when ill need to use comps again for rooms starting tues.

and the good news, i wont have to worry how i can go buy food. Not only was AKgal nice enough to mention she would be passing thru Jean within a day or so and could go buy walmart for me (with my money of course) Chad from TN who posts on my blog and RTP is also going to be in town next week, who ive met before. Chad had told me earlier in the day he would have a car, and be willing to get the food and come say hi out here in Jean. Am also hoping maybe we can go into Vegas and accomplish some other tasks while he is in town. He seems to be trustworthy from his facebook page.

and im back to about 290 seals, but still not nearly enough to be making any withdrawals yet, so no income for quite some time.

and no it dont bother me i never got on the list for public housing, i certainly dont expect to still be needing rental assistance 2-3 yrs down the road, nor be in vegas then. besides if a place opened today i might worry its in an unsafe area. although i know of some people in nice areas getting rental assistance how they do it is beyond me. the only thing id really like is my Apt in Lyons back, but in some small town in NV instead of in KS. But it cant be one of these border towns that dont work for online poker.

there were 2 young girls here who seemed to be in their early 20s with their grandmother, or at least they were calling her that. wouldnt thought she was old enough to be her grandma. anyway one of them came by, briefly scratched my back, and said she hoped i won, seen her do the same thing to another guy at the tables. wish i knew her facebook info, that was really nice of her. at first i wondered if she knew of my blog. and at the time it was very early on, i was actually $20 up. i didnt start losing until the one regular who plays all the time, (sometimes with his GF who also chain smokes) sat down with the cig. the one that hurt was when the dealer got BJ 4 hands in a row, when i had 3 spots out all with plus counts, dont remember ever seeing that before. but still overall im still up in cash from when i was at my lowest point a few days ago. i had $210 cash then plus the bank, now its $289 cash plus alot more in the bank with all them withdrawals. so im still about $250-300 better off.

and i got a food tix yesterday morning, so as soon as they change menus at 6am im ready to go eat, starving for a good meal, eating the last of peanut butter sandwiches, didnt want to eat before i slept, and when i woke up theyd already switched to the overnight menu at 10pm

consider my bankroll to be $80 lower because $80 of my huge past due internet needs paid immediately, have already got emails it could be shut off anytime, and the guy on the phone said they wouldnt do that until its 60 days overdue. i should call them again i think

need to figure out how to fix an alarm clock thats 1 hour 22 min fast, but i wont worry about it, will just look at phone and laptop until i change rooms. not worth bothering to fix.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

trying to hang in there, online poker is the only way out at this point

Glad Josie included a few food items in with that pair of reading glasses ill get monday, im down to 1 can of beans, and 3 soups left. thats it. $31 worth of food did last 2 weeks, along with eating in the buffet 4 times.

This is about the cheapest place to buy advertising, even lightning told me i wasnt charging near as much as i should. each post is getting close to 2000 views. I have come full circle, when i was 19-23 and ran a publication, back then i made my money from selling advertising too. Just not selling subscriptions anymore today.

only $765 to my name, which isnt a lot without income or assets, most people have a car alone worth more than that. But in keeping with the spirit of making sure i have some kind of daily income, i sent myself $20 again Sunday morning from my seals account, and each time it takes about a week to hit my bank. so we have 5 transactions enroute to the bank, one of which is the paypal $25. That should increase the roll soon.

and still have 700 chips left on seals. and here is a bitcoin address anyone wanting to buy advertising can deposit money into. i feel a ton more confident with it than paypal, also bankofamerica transfers and walmart moneycard transfers are acceptable also. 16WaVZ4tC2ThE4qChDQPeaQ9viejDhrnuk

oh, the guy who paid $25 for the ad, said it was payment for a week, so maybe i didnt undersell as much as lightning thought. i really have no idea what to charge, im going to be generous and give him 2 weeks, just to give him more time to find an interested party in his business. Lightning may have been under the impression the ad would be up forever when he said to charge $150.

Pete Peters made a great suggestion, but the ad i posted from Elko craigslist on RTP about the motel for $400 a month or $160 a week, (big discount monthly) is NOT in elko. its in wells NV, close to wendover and idaho. way up in that corner, and no bus goes to it as far as i know. greyhound dont. if i was there, id certainly be doing nothing but grinding online poker, and staying off the machines. it would be almost as remote as Jean but not quite, it is a town.

$400 a month is quite cheap, especially with a microwave, fridge, free wifi, but i dont know if that free wifi would have a NV ip address or not. how does anyone get a NV ip address who travels a lot instead of living at home? would make it hard for visitors to NV to play online if u cant get a NV ip address without having a wired modem at HOME. the reason i think wifi wont give u one is because of all the complainers in the 2+2 thread who couldnt get on at a starbucks or mcdonalds. would also like to hear of success stories of people who got online Ultimate poker who were NOT at home when they got on, or who did get online at home, but with wifi instead of wired.

see, even if i did have an apt in vegas, the vast majority dont let u hook up cox anyway, because they have their OWN wifi, most of which dont work. only the ones that rent monthly might allow u to do that. and i might still be on cox's bad credit list from an unpaid bill out of state. century link is an option however. any other companies offer aircards which DO give out NV ip addresses that arent nationwide? i know theres a company called clear, also others, but i dont know if they offer aircards. i am assuming the only reason verizons aircards arent located in NV is because they are nationwide, and verizon said if i go elsewhere in NV, i might still end up with a NV ip addy, but i dont think so. especially since another test showed me as Bedminster NJ ip addy. and are games really easier on UP than on seals? maybe they will be, once omaha is added, and one thing is sure, eventually they will end up with far more players. but then again, the NV market will be split up among so many sites, i dont see how it will handle that many. theres not enough online players willing to relocate here. i do think ill have an easier time finding low stakes on UP, and one really nice thing ive heard about UP is they allow ratholing and u can sit back in the same game without waiting. that does wonders for protecting and growing a small roll, im sure the gaming comission forced them to do this to be fair to everyone otherwise theyd probably not allowed it.

finally down to only 4 shirts left, and seattle irish hasnt answered his message on facebook

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Spoke to verizon on the phone, they called me while i was on the VBJ. Their tech said theyres no way to guarantee me a NV isp, but thought id be more likely to get one in vegas, and would have a decent chance, but alot of people dont agree. he did say if i was in the middle of the state, such as winnemucca or Elko, id probably have one for sure. he thinks im too close to the border for it not to be reflected in other servers, but why scottsdale? thats a lot further than vegas, not sure if he gave me a good answer, but he is a verizon tech engineer and i explained the 2+2 thread but he had less interest in it than the guy i called 2 nights before. I still fear leaving Jean, and still not being able to get online stations. getting onto stations will be far more important once they add omaha, theres so much to be made in omaha ratholing, and stations casinos online site allows ratholing and immediately sitting back down.

new roll $1354. and ive also still got over 700 chips on seals, worth $75 or so. and the good news is my Tmobile cell bill is off my mind for right now, supposedly a guy named Scotty who reads my blog, and has been for 5 yrs, is one of the Ultimate Poker representatives on 2+2, he appreciated what i was trying to do with verizon spreading the word about 2+2 and complaining about lack of access to Ultimate poker, so he told me he would pay my cell phone bill and to email him their mailing address and my Tmobile account number, which i did, found out he paid $200 on it instead of the $54 immediately needing paid, which surprised me. he said he thinks it will be posted on the 9th. Kind of fast if he paid by mail id think.

the reason i was complaining to verizon even though thats NOT my phone carrier is because it IS my broadband modem carrier, and i was not able to show up as having a NV ip address which is also needing to play on Ultimate Poker and not just having my cell phone work on the triangulation process. NV law requires BOTH.

Not seen or heard from Omerta since that day he was here, and not heard from Cutter again either, although wasnt Wed supposed to be the day he was coming to Jean?

Nice to see theres still people in this world like Grouchie and his woman who still believe in marriage. A good woman is hard to find, and one friend i was talking to got upset with one of my texts last night. i was disappointed shes no longer single as of 3-4 days ago, and she said i was judgemental, but i couldnt figure out how. I thought she was someone i could really relate to because of things she said to me on facebook, and asked me a lot recently as to how im doing. I never know what will upset a woman and am surprised if i say something offensive. figured she could relate to me because of her own struggles with her own addictions which are different than mine, but not any more dumb. But then again, i worry all women think im ugly, so i feel maybe for that they cut me no slack. wish id known if Claudia had thought i was ugly or not, we never discussed it. Claudia was more concerned with the fact i couldnt get hard, and she complained about it to Grump a lot. no idea whatever became of Grump either.

now do these texts sound judgemental to u? wasnt intended to be about her. she said she just read my last message, that i was a real ass, and judgemental, and she shouldnt have confided in me. not sure what and when she confided in me. I wonder if she understands that because of my aspergers i dont know how to relate to women or talk to them, or if she even remembers that since she seldom if ever sees my blog?

here are my texts:

(after she first sent a text she met a guy and has been with him 3-4 days now). And i dont think she meant the friends of her parents where she was temporarily living that was a guy and girl, probably wouldnt be referred to as meeting a guy.

text 1: (from me) sorry to hear that, hope he dont use drugs. Ty on facebook?
text 2: (from me)$12 up and went to room
text 3: (from me)I am a lot better catch than other guys because instead of trying to have sex with as many girls as possible, i want one to fall in love with and be there for 100% main thing, i only want one girl
text 4:(from me)these were sent within a 2 minute period, all 4 of them. then her text to me was about 12 minutes later. here is text 4:
women in vegas dont care about love only getting money and going out getting drunk or high. they got a fucked up view on what matters in life.

now not knowing which of those 4 texts is the offensive one, id guess its text 4. could be text one though, since Ty is black. However, theres a good chance he isnt even the man shes talking about. He just seemed into her from his facebook posts. But who am i to read people? i cant, and it effects my poker game too. its true though, and i didnt mean her specifically so she shouldnt have thought i was judging her. i wasnt. i meant women as a whole, and i guess i was just disappointed that she seemed to have found a new BF.

yeah good women are hard to find. had i not been so bitter finding out Claudia didnt love me and want me to come live in NYC with her that relationship wouldnt have ended as it did. someone else showed me a thread on Brandi Hawbaker and she showed a lot of promise in the poker world as did Britni although not as good looking. just as badly underweight though. But more messed up. seemed to be a much bigger scammer out to con guys and Tom franklin also seems like a real piece of shit. he should be with a girl closer to his age, leave the ones 20-40s for me and he should take the ones 40s to 60 since hes an old man. and of course if a woman gets a male backer the male backer is going to want a relationship or at least sex. she shouldnt pretended to be surprised. Like Britni she was emo and talked of suicide and didnt consider it something to joke about. I feel like Carmen could have the same promise in poker if she would commit her all to it. Any woman can a lot easier than a man if shes not ugly and gay. Cause men will do their best to keep her in chips if they find her single and attractive.

and another thing, theres no reason a woman cant commit to just one man and let him take care of her til shes able to bankroll herself off of poker, thats what God intended. no reason for women to be needing to be getting stakes from multiple guys who all want a piece of ass. one guy is enough, and people should still believe in love and commitment. the Bible talks about how much God hates divorce. Our morals have gone to shit nowdays but since people dont know God and just want to sleep around, they call me the immoral one just because i dont have a regular job or income. now dont get me wrong, theres nothing wrong with having sex with a woman on the first date, but u better be in love with her too on that first date, and not end the relationship after having sex. ending a relationship soon after having sex is a terrible sin, u should stay together and try to make it work out. its too hard to ever be able to find another woman. a man that wont stick to 1 woman should be looked down on, and be the type of guy any woman avoids. who cares if he has money or not, or a car, a job, etc. main thing a woman should look for is a guy who isnt going to have sex with her and then leave her. at least thats the way it was in my mothers day.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

i dont think ill be able to check out stations online poker site til im in a more populated area.

and I don't think its my Tmobile phone ultimate poker representative Dax on 2+2 thinks its the fact their location finders time out too quickly and he thinks if I was in vegas that it should work. he is trying to get it to give more time before it times u out. But I cant get any friends to try it for themselves in Jean, no one wants to drive here, maybe Cutter will test it for me if he comes soon, or maybe I can get Omerta back out here with his laptop. also id want to test It in vegas and make sure It works before I relocate.

New roll $1197, lost $46 again today on VBJ, never made a bet over $13. have earned $70 in comps this week is all.

the only thing I know for sure im winning at is online seals. came to Jean with 300+ seals, cashed out 700 seals, and have 144 seals left. just lost 480 seals in PLO high, due to a big stack with position playing loosely on my over the top of another shortstack raiser preflop. immediately quit the game then to update blog.

wish I could do good, afford to live here, theoretically I shouldn't be losing so much on VBJ. not commuting and being safe is so nice, but I would feel a lot better once I can play on stations new site. all my documents are verified but the NV location which they do by cell. Nice to see Carmen finally updated her blog, it, like Rob's, is one of the better ones. She offered to come by where I was playing a few weeks ago in vegas if she had gas, but it fell through. Jean is too far out and no poker, dreamed last night she was kissing a guy named Phil from her blog and I was severly disappointed it wasn't me. also had a nightmare about being in the street unable to move, and a car coming at me. often I dream about being immobile unable to move.

Mc Gee thinks I should win enough on stations and says I seriously need to be in vegas. and Johnny now works at the nugget, not sure If dealing or at the cage like his friend Matt. I seriously need a place In vegas that's cheap or free transportation to Reno, and sorry for being too busy to update more.

also Stacy the pit boss told me about some amateur free poker vegas league that has free poker in local bars and u win free seats in stratosphere tournys anyone know of this? would be good for maninblack since he lives by it