Wednesday, October 31, 2012

i do a lot of horrible dumb things i guess due to frustration


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- wasting money on cabs tends to be one of the WORST and most costly, plus i keep getting angry at cabbies when u first get in the cab and they start asking questions that are none of their business and that they dont really mean or care about really, i guess they only ask to try to find out if ur a tourist or a local to know if they can take advantage of u or not. Such as saying hows ur day going, or where are u here from.

u see when im having a bad day, (almost always due to heavy losses--to me any loss is heavy) i tend to not feel like wanting to talk to ANYONE, and just want to be left alone, basically i am anti-social, dont like being around people, and want to do ALL my gambling alone in private. and im sure thats the reason i play machines, and why id prefer online poker if i only felt safe putting money there. U would be surprised how many las vegas locals NEVER have played online poker. They worry about the integrity of the game. LOL. some people dont trust the VBJ machine either, and worry it cheats. i worry the same way playing with LIVE dealers, at least the machine dont care about getting TIPS and therefore has no incentive to try to cheat u if u are too broke to tip, unlike a LIVE dealer at BJ or poker. Why do u think so many casino quit having the dealers shuffle the cards? It wasnt just to end the nonstop calls for setups.

so yeah, I dont like people asking me bullshit rhetorical questions they arent really interested in knowing the answer to when im out a ton of moolah. Before i lose my sanity, id be well-advised to get out of vegas and disappear to a place where there is NO gambling and not telling anyone til after i am there. and i should do it while ive still got $4300 left and before im too broke to live once im there. i feel so horrendously broke since that was at $6300 just the other day. and i dont like bums coming up to me and bothering me either. Or people that i assume might be bums, even when im unsure. i especially dont like it when i feel like the guy who is asking me is racist, only asking me because im white, and he feels like that gives him the right to take it from me. This one guy i see whose homeless and black, carries a backpack, alot of times is at the bus stop, but never boarding a bus, its been more than once hes came up to me and, without any money or any intention of playing VBJ, asked me if im playing 2 hands, (or 3) with the sole intention of planning on sitting down to claim the credits sitting in the machine besides me if he thinks i dont realize they are there. so a day or 2 ago when he saw me and asked, i just didnt reply back or acknowledge he was there, cause im sick of it, then he remembered me, and muttered something about me being an asshole as he walked off. i get tired of hustlers coming up thinking im too blind or dumb to see the credits in the machine next to me when im playing 2 or 3 hands and have my players card in all 3 machines, simply cause the count is now negative enough to where im at only 1 spot betting $1 to risk the bare minimum until the deck is better. i've never sat down at a spot where someone is playing 2 machines, i LOOK before i sit, now sometimes a random tourist makes that mistake, but they usually have a better attitude, and are apologetic and feel bad. i dont know people are so blind if theres a hand in progress with a players card. anyone can see the credits.

one day a black lady sat down who was nicely dressed, when i was talking to some young girl a spot away on the other side that i was explaining my system to who seemed to be single and good looking, so i didnt mind her sitting there so much. (the girl, about 25 or so, not the 50-60 yr old lady.) while im sitting there talking to her, this black lady (who as it turned out wasnt a scammer but someone well known to security there) sits down and is looking at the machine, (i didnt see her because im busy talking to the girl) and suddenly i turn around and seen shes hit the cashout button, she says she hit it by mistake and was sitting down to play it and was trying to see how it works to bet it or put the money in. anyway i blew up at her, security came over and seperated us, and explained to me that she was a regular, no thief, and that i couldnt talk to her that way, but didnt throw me out, knowing i play all the time and get free rooms thru the host alot. they said it was an accident and told me away from her that i should be able to see shes no bum. i didnt repeat this to security but i could only see she was black so i felt i was about to be scammed. so i ended up playing a different machine that was empty away from her after talking to security right outside the door away from the machine id been playing. Security knows about the bums messing with me alot, but they also happened to know that lady and said i shouldve known it was unintentional. anyway thats when i discovered the better VBJ machine next door in circus thats different than the one in slots of fun. all 3 machines in slots of fun were pretty full then because one of the machines was out of service and after 10am or so they start filling up. pretty dead like 4am to 10am, best time to play. laughlin is better because they have more machines there, and far less players. i imagine deadwood might be the same, but not sure. ive discovered all i can by messaging so many casinos thru facebook and asking. there are a few casinos with the machines, and all the VP in deadwood paybacks are horrible.

the machine INSIDE circus instead of slotsoffun has 4 decks, slotsoffun has 6 and shuffles 2 3rds of the way thru. the one at circus shuffles 80 cards (1 1/2 decks out of 4) much earlier, but with the slightly better rule of standing on soft 17 instead of hitting, and although all the strategy charts ive seen are for either 6 deck or single deck, 4 deck should be better than 6 deck. but in single deck with a count of 0 u double down 11 against A and in 6 deck u only hit it, so for 4 decks i would?? would need to freshen up on 4 deck rule changes. but with the poor penetration not sure whats better to play. a HUGE advantage on the circus machine though--it SHOWS u each time the dealer shuffles at the 80 card mark, so u can always track it accurately. so which is better to play?

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

the swings are too much to handle emotionally

although for $64000 in coin in, im only out $200-300 on the VBJ here in laughlin, (right around what i should be IF it was shuffling every hand, which it isnt) the $500 to $1000 or thereabouts up and down every day is making me very emotional, i get mad at everyone, thank God theres so few people around, such as tonight, there seemed to be less than 15 people in the entire casino and no one ever came around my VBJ machine to watch or play, not even the one next to it either. very peaceful here playing the machines compared to circus or slotsoffun. It's too stressful and mentally hard to handle, especially without the love and emotional support of claudia and Josie and Britni to turn to everyday. ive still got $4000 of the $4400 i came with. But i went from being down $600-700 at one point tonight to finally quitting when ahead $6 after about 3-4 hours. This is way too stressful for me, and will end up killing me. I would be so much easier to get along with, and a lot nicer person, if i had a stable source of adequate income, and didnt have to gamble to survive. most of the gambling i must do to survive is at negative EV games, which makes it doubly stressful.

if i did remain here in laughlin, surely that much in coin thru would be enough to extend my free room another week when the host comes in tuesday morning when my room expires today.

lock does NOT have as many DON sngs going as bovada or merge, thats the bad news, also lower stakes, but the nice thing is being able to play PLO8 double or nothing sngs also, although its NEVER going at the $25 level except holdem. mostly $2 and $5 for that game. I am not even sure if i am playing the PLO8 double or nothing ones correctly with no experience for that.

started with $35 from $30 i sent vook, and what i will have left depends a large part on the $25 don holdem one im in the middle of now. Found out from Vook that sngs do not have chat on lock, was why i couldnt chat. he says ill be better off.

am getting quite tired of the lack of games here in laughlin at the golden nugget. business there has really died off, the entire day today, they never ever started a cash game, and its been happening a lot, forcing me to either ride a bus to the riverside or just stick to the VBJ or play online in my room. another reason why this isnt the best option for me, even though i can live cheap here.

nice to have just found out chat is working on lock. i went and joined a cash game table and tested it out by typing, Obama lied, Our seals died. Go vote Romney in the chat box, and sure enough it printed out the message. what a relief. Lock is on the cake network, i think i got banned at cake, and i thought that might of had something to do with me not being able to chat.

why do people assume that others vote based on their economic self interest? this is the same err Mitt was guilty of when he made that comment he shouldnt have made about the 47%. When u go to vote, u should care about the interests and whats best for the country as a whole, not what is best for u personally. i think John Kennedy summed it up best, "ask not what ur country can do for u, but what u can do for ur country." I dont care anything about health care, and i actually think the Obamacare law is going to end up denying a lot of seniors healthcare, and considering how much older i am than almost all the readers, i think about things like that.

I'm far more worried about the debt, jobs, domestic energy, not being dependent on mideast oil so much, the safety and security of Israel and how we treat the Jewish people. the type of people the president appoints to run things, such as attorney general etc, and the type of people he will appoint to the supreme court. What i care about is how he feels about America in relation to other countries in the world, does he want to build it up or tear it down? and i care about how he treats our military and our veterans, and do u know the military is overwhelmingly voting against him? How can anyone listen to the interviews done by the dad of the seal who died in Libya and how he blasted president Obama, and the other news article ill post a link to here, and still not be filled with revulsion toward obama and his administration?


also, the ambassador to Libya was gay, if u dont believe me google it and find out, and it certainly doesnt affect my feelings any about the way he was left to die during a 7 hour fight, that the president went to sleep during the middle of after refusing to send fight, and firing and arresting a general who did want to help his men.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

better news

im going to make this blog post very short. just wanted to say some good news, am back to $4200, and i also opened up a lock poker account and waiting for vook to transfer $30 i sent him.

won about $500 on the VBJ last night also besides the other winnings i discussed in the comment thread or was it the blog itself? dont remember. Herbie is back in vegas, today i got a call that i was called at the riv today for $200 in a football square i wasnt there playing to receive.

hopefully claudia and vook are keeping safe from the storm about to hit. im waiting for the golden nugget MEL to call me and let me know the tourney is over and the cash game is starting up so i can go play poker. i heard all the casinos in AC are shut down for the storm as is all public transit NY and NJ. I asked her to stock up on food in anticipation of riots after Romney wins the election, but no reply. the storm alone is a good enough reason to stock up though.

and the Romney campaign called me back, theyre looking for people to knock on doors volunteering in vegas and mesquite, but theyre not sure if they can use people in laughlin, they will let me know, i had contacted their website asking if i could help out in laughlin in any way at their local office. they dont seem to have a laughlin office.

taking money off the debit cards to be safe in case all atms get shut down in a time of civil unrest, am safely out of vegas during the election, and have $2000 stored in a safe deposit box at the front desk of the casino, and the rest on debit cards, but less than i did. i want to make sure my assets are safe and accesssible.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Id win more at poker if I wasnt gay

or at least if i didnt play like a fag. man did i do a dumb move earlier today, all because of bankroll considerations over the short term, instead of being worried about what i should be worried about, which is whats going to be in my best interests over the long run.

that being said, im glad to report im back up to $3700. especially when the other day i was down to about $2900. $112 of that win came from some bad news (the hearing that merge wasnt going to be allowing player transfers anymore, so i sold it back to vook before transfers end nov 1.) would like to thank him so much for making sure that money got out of there in time. maybe i should have him sign me up for lock.

another $177 came from a win at VBJ earlier today, and then over $200 more in the golden nugget $1-2 NL game, and at one point i was even winning $120 more in the game, caught myself playing too aggressively on a dumb bluff attempt near the end.

here is the hand in which i feel like i made the worst play ive made in some time. there was a guy at the table who had a fairly large stack and had been winning a lot of pots, although he had just lost 2 pots and was starting to give some back, although he was still the chipleader by a wide margin. i made it $14 in late position with JJ, after many limps, and he is either a blind or in EP and he calls. everyone else got out, as id hoped. flop comes AJ6 he checks. i bet $15, and he made it $30. now what does he have?

i was NOT wanting to give back all id won, (had won about $100 before this hand) and i thought a check raise so little couldve been AA. also there was 2 to a flush on board, so i began to play the hand as if i was a homosexual. turn comes 5, he bets $35 i call. river comes 9 he bets $60 i only call. he has A9 and i feel like a terrible idiot for not raising him, the only hand id had to worry about was aa. surely thats got to be one of my dumbest plays.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

i made a mistake

still wondering if u guys were right, i probably should be where i can play poker instead, am testing out a theory with the VBJ machines all to myself and still not winning. am at $33000 in coin in now and down to $3600, thats about $800 drop since coming to laughlin. if the machine was shuffling every hand and counting wasnt possible, my expected loss would still only be $130. am certainly running well below expectation.

the only thing ive not done i said id do is not bet over 1 200th of the roll, but if i did that now, my max bet would only be $18, giving me almost no spread at all seeing the min bet is $2. am wondering if yes the machine is beatable still, but not for me since my roll is too low. or maybe ill just finally decide theres no way to beat it without the info for sure when it shuffles. am trying to find a way to beat it without that info. but this test is killing my roll.

and now for some really horrible news, found out 5 min ago josie is quitting her blog.

need to change plans before this roll goes all the way down to $2000 before checkout tues next week.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

figured i better type up another new blog post so people wouldnt worry my $3800 is all being lost on the machines. i am back to $4000 now, most of which came back on the machine except for $45 i won at the riverside after midnight playing omaha hilow. herbie also joined the game. still a few hundred less than when i came here. i have been having some bad luck on BCP though, have less than $90 there now. and no im not planning on depositing again, so i better not lose that or i wont have any way to play any poker.

even though most places in laughlin the max rake is $3+2 alot of places wont reduce it when the game is short, so that makes it next to impossible to beat the drop, especially when games start dying at 4 or 5 handed. the Golden nugget used to get far more business in its NL game til they killed it off moving the stakes back and forth between 50c $1 and $1-2. just leave it be.

have learned what times the city bus comes thru on the hour, thanks to sickcallmggee.

and casinos should never carry a brand of milk called "go". it tastes absolutely awful.

every 30 minutes they come around with balloons and select a winner to pop one, chosen by computer and u get from $25 to $500 in slot play. i got lucky enough to be chosen today once, and i got $25 minimum, one of the reasons my roll grew slightly today. also about half of the growth was from last night. its so dead in here im sure there was less than 100 players on the entire casino floor, improving my odds of being picked.

i would swear a lot of u missed the post that said "odds and ends" and talked about the hardrock. it got less than 60 views, most of these posts have between 300 and 600 views of the past 2 weeks. also comments should be posted HERE not on that forum, its basically for hand histories and online threads commenting.

also i need to be thinking about where to go from here, being here makes getting mail next to impossible, and i miss poker at the wynn and hardrock, not getting in enough poker here. if my online results wouldve been better, and i had more to work with online, it wouldnt be as big a deal. sickcallmggee is doing a LOT of his play online.

also wish my clock in my room worked always have to turn on the computer or phone before i can see the time, its flashing on the wrong time and no one has ever bothered to fix it.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

in laughlin

the game at the golden nugget here in laughlin doesnt go nearly as much as it used to, and breaks up early, but it will get better as people begin showing up for the winter season. changing the $50c $1 NL to $1-2 has hurt them too. i did get to play a couple hours or so, and ended up losing $4, my first NON online poker since coming to laughlin with sickcallmggee for $85.

he gave my laundry to his wife to do for $20, and im waiting for him to bring it over shortly, we might play some poker, or we might run into Herbie, who is also in town playing some poker. he has a free room at harrahs til thrus, i have a free room at the river palms up until next tuesday.

heard from claudia both last night by text while she was at her scrabble club, and today when she called while i was sitting at the VBJ. its not been good here, am down to $3800 of the $4400. except for $80 internet access coming due from my bank acct, most of it was lost on VBJ.

yet i still feel like the reason i lost was due to betting too much. some of my bets were $40 or a little above. i am supposed to follow bankroll rules to not go broke, and limit my bets to $20, not $40. especially if max betting 3 spots at once.

do u know what makes the VBJ machines so nice here at the river palms? not only are they generous with room comps, they have 4 machines, plus a 5th one i dont count since it shuffles each hand. one of the 4 that shuffles at 2 3rds of a 6 deck shoe stands on soft 17, and i prefer that machine. i do move machines at times to avoid another player, or to get away from a bad count. but its so easy to be able to play all alone here without ever having to worry about another player sitting down, its so dead in here. should be a heaven for card counters, IF these machines are really beatable.

so now im supposed to limit my max bet to $19 but i dont see how i can possibly follow that, not nearly a wide enough spread, i could probably try limiting it to $30 though. i do know one thing about the math though, the machines payback (better paying one on soft 17 that is) is 99.61%. also i know the cashback rate is 10c back for every $100 run through the machine. so that means for every 10c i get in cashback, i should lose 40c on the VBJ (of course thats ONLY if i cant earn that back plus more by counting). so far ive got about $16 in cashback coming my way i havent claimed yet, so that means i shouldnt have lost more than $64. so i am running far worse than what my expected EV should be. yes i know some of u expect me to lose, but i shouldnt be losing more than a tiny bit on each $100, and over the long run i should be very close to that. Claudia says its foolish to play them, and i should realize ill never lose in the long run.

i am wondering if i shouldve never gave up my apt, and just bought a bike, and played poker around vegas, i was far better off then with $4500. i did not realize when i came to laughlin the golden nugget game here had died so much. also i get better net in my room here than i did at home, still thru verizon, but at least i dont get the err message i have the same ISP as another computer nearly as much. but ive ran bad online and the $195 id ran it up to after winning 3 sngs is back to $112, the bad luck has been in cash games. im better off in double up sngs. i miss the microwave, but at least here in laughlin i have a fridge.

i think its wrong to hide knowledge that can benefit others, thats why i own a forum, and have a blog. people who have done well at gambling should use their knowledge to help out up and coming gamblers. and i get mad at people who want me to hide info on my blog, and its probably got somewhat to do with me showing my hole cards when i dont need to. anyway many of u know who Bob Dancer is. hes a well known name when it comes to Advantage play machines. heres an email exchange.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i think u start reading at the bottom, or this will be in the wrong order---

well that dont work so well for me, u see the reason i prefer the VBJ to live BJ, is not just that i prefer to play ALONE, without others around, but because of the very low minimum bet. just arrived in laughlin at the river palms, its easy to get one to urself here. $2500 would wipe out most of my entire roll.

came with a roll of $4400, after running thru 6000 points ($12000 coin in) am up $8. am varying my bet from $2 (min bet, used to be $1) to a max bet of $40, just under 1% of my roll. playing 1-3 spots at once. i think a $2-40 spread should be enough to make a very slight profit, ill be happy just growing the roll $300-500 a week and getting room free everyday. keep the running count as well as i can, and since so many of the machines arent being played on, move machines quite often if the count goes bad.

i think im using fairly wise strategy, havent lost anything on the first 6000 points earned, but would be nice to meet others in laughlin who know how to beat these machines if possible and talk with them for advice. But im too poor to pay money, if someone had a large roll of say $40,000 or so then it might be worth buying.

also check out the new machines at circus las vegas, it actually shows u the shuffle, better rules, only 4 decks, stands soft 17 instead of hitting, but it shuffles every 80 cards.
, can u still beat the game with that poor of penetration?
id assume so with a wide enough spread and bankroll, since the bet is $1 to $500

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From: Bob
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Date: Monday, October 22, 2012, 7:08 PM

Yes I know how to do this. A friend of mine sells personal how- to instructions for $2500. The price is non-negotiable


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On Oct 22, 2012, at 4:37 PM, Greg Brown wrote:

Hi Bob,

You have any thoughts on this?


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From: Tony Bigcharles
Date: Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 4:20 PM
Subject: VBJ

how can i get an accurate count so i can beat the VBJ shufflemaster machines that do NOT shuffle each hand, and pay 3-2? cannot find any articles about this, also would be curious where they have them in smaller towns in NV besides lauglin, reno and vegas

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------anyway, this guy when i told him i couldnt pay $2500, he didnt even have the courtesy to answer none of my questions, just told me to contact him someday when i had the money.

so it turns out theres a way to beat these VBJ machines, its just that no one will tell me, the info is hidden among the people with the huge rolls, and those are the very people who SHOULD NOT have it, for they are burning them machines out. the people with low rolls are no threat to them, or the casino and can really use the info. sooner or later ill stumble onto the secret. People like him have a responsibility to help people like me who are 100x smarter than him with a higher IQ due to me having aspergers and him NOT having it, deserve the info a lot more than him, and know a lot more about the math. i can grind out maybe $1 or $2 an hour more if i had the help of people like him, and i should be part of any AP or BJ teams because alot of info i know can help others.

Monday, October 22, 2012

more weird dreams

so in this dream, i have a huge stack of bills, most of whom are ones, but theres a few higher denomination bills in the stack. i dream i am taking pictures of people with a sign saying

I _____________ for $__

people stood in a line, and drew out a card listing some type of work they didnt exactly enjoy doing, and then drew a piece of money from the stack, that they got to keep for a $5 fee. (they could turn a profit since they drew the money blindly eyes shut without looking) if they got lucky.

and so maybe it would say, I washed dishes for $10. anyway weird dream, i know. anyhow thats how my twitter feed today was saying "pokerroom managers were lining up to have their pic taken holding up a sign saying I sucked dick for $1".

---p.s. following the recommendations of alaska gal, i removed the names of those managers, no offense was intended

Saturday, October 20, 2012

i cant believe i went from $6300 to $4000 so quickly, and its really affecting me from playing my best game big time

sitting in my room at circus, the one i was originally going to sell to herbie, and asked him yesterday if he minded if i let him out of it. he said id committed to selling it to him for $70 (although thats really not a fair price). that's for BOTH Friday and Saturday nights. i tried to get $80 from Doc the other week which i talked about, which he had even agreed to, only ended up getting $40 but its certainly more than fair deal, when so many people were talking about rooms mostly sold out and the fact theyre worth like $129.

So considering what Doc did to me, and all the money he made off me in the 10k guaranteed, i dont think me asking for another $10 was unfair, or if i could sleep in it when he wasnt in it. at first he said he would just take a room across the street and he would charge me the extra and i said good luck getting that out of me, and i told him id go ahead and honor the deal, but for whatever reason he left pissed and said for me to NOT text him, i really dont know why, no sign of him since although im sure both me and him qualified for this afternoons riviera freeroll at 4pm.

anyway ive been having a lot of poker losses lately besides the big machine loss the other day on 2 different occasions. my roll is barely over $4000, and ive had several losing sessions of up to $300 or so just at poker lately in more than one casino, im out more than $300 just since leaving my apt friday morning. i am not even sure if i am playing my best lately.

yeah i moved OUT of the place over by the Hardrock. i didnt like several people knowing where it was, and i have enough comps to last a week, and i also have free airline ticket if i want, and i would kind of like to be left alone in peace and play NOTHING but VBJ instead of poker. but mainly i got sick and tired of the commuting not being comfortable out at the busstop late at night to go home from some places, or to walk up to swenson and harmon to wait in an isolated area after dark for it, and all the cab fares i was wasting each month to avoid this.

Claudia convinced me i wasnt just supposed to take my clothes and leave without letting them know i moved out, so i called Vince, and we went back over, removed a few more items like all his bedding he gave me, and the microwave etc and i said i was moving out, although i was one day late considering the rent was due fri at 5pm, not sure how pleased they were, but thats not a place i plan to live at again. i really missed living in the casino and NOT HAVING to COMMUTE. could go to laughlin, deadwood, and 2 other places im strongly considering no one would ever guess, so i am not going to discuss them on the blog. also am still doing ok online and holding onto $170 or so on blackchippoker.

im not sure what will happen with mail though, renewed the box at the flamingo a month on oct 12, but havent been around to see what mail im getting. still got about $200 in comp dollars here at circus also. thats enough to get me a room mon tue wed and thrus nights if i want it. also i dont HAVE to leave vegas next friday and ride out to rapid city on a plane FREE, i could always rent a different place in a better location, such as near sams town or palace station, or wynn.

other odds and ends

the other day when playing at the hardrock, this one guy whose a regular who knows me from another casino and doesnt like me was also playing for the promo during 10am to 4pm, same nits in there alot then. (i quit playing like a nit a long time ago, and now i play like a donkey). anyway he was complaining that i smelt bad, and considering i had on that yellow shirt i wore alot that looked like it had a bullet hole in it, i know the shirt really looks bad. it probably smelt bad because i hadnt been home, had wasted my comps at terribles on a room the night before, and woke up i still had just the same shirt. so id worn it 2 days or so. normally i always have a new shirt on thats clean, just maybe not so on pants.

but whats surprising is instead of the security guard who walked up and talked to me did instead of telling me to go leave and shower and change clothes, was give me a brand new white tshirt that im not sure where he got it from, so now i have one more white tshirt than i did, and its from the hardrock, and i threw away the other shirt and changed it in the bathroom. he thought it was the shirt making me smell bad, and he was right. ive never seen that before, that was awfully nice of him. oh and did i mention that BOTH he and the player complaining were black? ive noticed an awful lot of black employees at the hardrock compared to most pokerrooms.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

i just did a dumb thing, almost set the house on fire

(copied from facebook) and please dont miss the earlier blog post i made last night, always hesitate to type 2 blog posts too close together, worry people will miss one.

i am the dumbest person in the world, i almost burned my apt down that im about to move out of tomorrow with me in it. u see ive NEVER ever cooked soup in a microwave, only pizza, frozen meals, heated up can goods in a dish, potatoes, potpies, burritos, etc. and im not using to eating roman noodle type meals. always preferred the normal macaroni instead. so i had to put on my glasses to see the small print and hold it up to the light, and i seen where i had to mix in the ingredients, and OVERLOOKED adding the WATER--the most impt part. put it in for 3 minutes, then opened the door and all kind of smoke and steam poured out, had to open the front door to breathe, letting out all the smoke, and im lucky it didnt catch fire, smelled awful and was very black. would anyone else do something so dumb? ive never ate roman noodles instead of regular noodles which is unusual for someone poor as me who buys all his food at the 99c stores and food4less because it costs too much at walmart. any comments not mean spirited are welcome

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come to think of it, my allegiant airlines unused voucher, instead of using it tomorrow or next week to fly out of vegas, i think i can give it away, so if anyone wants to fly on allegiant anywhere and will pay me cash, i can use the voucher for THEIR ticket up to $144

Rex Charger Just glad you're alright. Its funny, ramen noodles are technically "ramen noodle soup", but it always seems like 'soup' is in a really small font

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Sherry Bigcharles son, u are not the dumbest person in the world. You may have autism, but always remember how brilliant u were in other areas. At age 6 u were putting 1,000 piece puzzles together. At age 2 you began to read, at age 4 u were able to quote all 66 books of the Bible in order. At age 5 u could do 4th grade spelling. So don't ever say you are dumb. we all make mistakes. If you will remember I had a microwave fire last Jan. due to my eyesight thinking a 3 was an 8.
i know i need to update this blog, but all the things i need to talk about ive thought about it, and am wondering if its best i dont say. about hardrock, terribles, woman who might been with a black guy and a hooker, cocktail waitress getting mad and me thinking shes rude, VBJ machines at circus, and playing at the stratosphere. ive got a free room for 3 nights this weekend again herbie is willing to give me $70 for fri and sat to stay at, still i think the rooms worth much more. roll is down to only $4500 some of which was lost on bad machines at terribles and the strat, and a little on poker at the strat, alot more details on things ill feel more free to post once im not around anymore. Kind of lost interest in this blog, so much i dont want to say because i worry about it putting me in a bad light although ive done nothing wrong. still not sleeping the hours id prefer to be, still tired of cab fares too. i kind of want to just stay there myself instead of selling to herbie, i might go out of town before he does.

wish i carried my laptop around at all times to make posting easier before i forgot things, or lose an interest in posting about them. i dont feel like typing a blog post now, i woke up and i need to go play before all the games break. its after 3am.

also which type of VBJ machine is better? ive seen one i havent played before. instead of the normal 6 deck machine shuffling at 2/3rds, every 208 cards, but u cant see exactly when, in a 99.39% payback machine not counting comps, $1 to $500 spread per hand, this NEW machine is only 4 decks, better rules (stand soft 17) increasing the payback to 99.61% before counting comps, but the shuffle point is at 80 cards, thats only like 1 1/2 decks, not even 50% so isnt that bad enough to still make it a worse game or not?

really wish axb101 read my blog to answer them type of questions

Saturday, October 13, 2012

I'm too hard on others

I feel bad about getting mad at those whove tried to help, one friend in particular, simply due to something i dont think would be a good idea to discuss here, all because i lost the $1100 on the VBJ the other day and had too much cash on me. cannot go into the details as to why. let's just say ive forgiven all involved. the blame only resides with me. Also i am in the process of moving, not sure exactly where to, might live out of vegas or in casinos for awhile, but ill make sure im in a better location needing less cabs and that far less people will have any idea of where it is this time. Need to get away from the stress, dont want to lose all the money back. already last night i was down to $4600 of the $6300 i briefly had for a few hours.

and i guess it might be working, for heres some good news. last night won $285 in the $1-3 NL game. got lucky on a couple allins. i was in the game for $100, lost it, rebought $196 (all the remaining cash i had on me) and eventually at one point had it up to about $635. and still managed to leave with $580. i even considered leaving sooner being the game was down to the last 4-5 people and several had me covered and almost covered, and thats not my strengths.

felt good meeting up with tatude last night and talking to him about various things going on i refuse to talk about here that have been bothering me. After talking to him i feel better, and more inclined to sees ways in which i was either wrong, or too harsh. we talked about 30 minutes, he got out of bed and came downstairs.

Talking to someone else earlier in the day helped me avoid making a different rash decision id have lived to maybe regret. Now i have additional time to try and do what is best. Its someone whose friendship i really value. also i need to be working on getting my sleep hours fixed too. i am sleeping sometimes 2 6 hour or 4 hour shifts, and thats never a good idea.

and im still needing to replace a bike, but being unsure of plans, and hating to put out so much money makes me delay it, im too focused on the daily grind of trying to grow the roll. lets just say my roll is so much better off than the $2000 i had a month or so ago, i should be happy, and i shouldnt be stressing out the one person who means the most to me in life.

Friday, October 12, 2012

in my room circus circus

well, today ive either got to renew my room for another week, find somewhere cheap to live at the last minute in a new location and without anyones help in moving a microwave and all my things, or disappear out of town to a small safe place and start living in casinos again where im a whole lot more comfortable. yeah i used up a lot of comps this week, never being home at all except for brief periods even though i paid my rent last friday, and was only home like twice since then.

i dont feel comfortable sleeping nights instead of days now that my bankroll is higher, although of course the money is all in the bank or on debit cards and not in cash. i always try and deposit it soon as possible, however i did have too much the other day because i thought i was moving back out of circus circus, closed my safety deposit box (u must be a hotel guest) and then proceeded to lose over $1000 on the VBJ. also i lost a bit in the hardrock poker room yesterday afternoon later also.

was NOT in a good mood at all, sent out a few emails i shouldnt have. hope no one was embarrassed, certainly wasnt my intention. roll is still only at $4900 and was once briefly at $6300. that being said, i do have $157 online again now since my online accts been shifted back over to BCP again. which of course, isnt considered part of my roll.

even got an email from Fulltilt but i think i had only $5 in there, no way to look at the cashier and find out how much i had either to remind me.

mom sent me this link and listening to this makes me a little uncomfortable, i do worry about mideast wars, especially as they try to stop iran from acquiring nuclear weapons before its too late. Also russia sees obama as weak as fuck and the USA as very vulnerable right now. Not sure if things will get better or not, i assume there will be massive voter fraud to achieve the desired outcome.

mom's video--

Tony please listen to this carefully. IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Please stay where you are for the next few weeks. Make sure u have food and water stored. and a light they does not use electricity, buy toilet paper as soon as u see this. Love you.

2012 2013 Warnings Update_War Is Inevitable!
‎2012 2013 Warnings Update_War Is Inevitable! Special Thanks To : YouTube- RS Miller Jesus Background Song: Ennio Morricone - The Thing (theme....

am doubting this will post properly but this is all the info needed to google the video.

and here is a 2nd video showing massive voter fraud by people working for the democratic party registering new voters. this is an undercover recording.

MANASSAS, Va., Oct. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Chairman Richard A. Viguerie announced the release of a new video exposing Democratic Party voter fraud.

The video, shot by the citizen journalists of James O'Keefe's Project Veritas, has exclusive footage of Obama's Organizing for America campaign facilitating voter fraud at Obama headquarters in Houston, Texas, where a salaried employee of the Democratic National Committee was taped knowingly providing an absentee ballot application to assist double voting for Obama in Texas and Florida.

The actual video is online at

In the video, the employee says voting twice is "so funny. It's cool though."

On tape, she gave the Project Veritas undercover reporter a Florida absentee ballot application to facilitate double voting with the admonition to say, "I don't know" if anyone checks about the double voting.

Viguerie said, "The Democratic Party's love affair with double voting and voter fraud isn't confined to Texas."

Project Veritas visited Organizing for America tables and headquarters around the country where the answer, "It's OK" to double voting was regularly heard in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

In one segment, when a voter says he wants to vote twice, he's told to take as many voter registration forms as he likes.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

feltstars has been shut down, and riviera tourney news

well heres my long overdue blog post, seems like this will be the first blog post in quite a while i wont be playing an online DON sng at the same time i type the blog post.

yeah, no one can log into feltstars any more they closed down and merge is going to be transferring feltstars balances onto BCP and carbon for those with accounts there. have talked to vook, and hes been updating the feltstars threads on the old forums, so go look and also read his blog for more details. i sent support an email this morning asking my balance be transferred to my BCP account, and am currently waiting to hear something back.

also ive NOT BEEN HOME since saturday, i slept in circus sat nite, sun nite, and i slept in my room at terribles monday night, and soon as herbie wakes up ill sell him my room at terribles for tues wed nights, maybe even thrus if i can add it on.

kind of nice to be sleeping in a nice room again, without having to travel anywhere and pay for cabs, although i still got my apt and ill be back over there soon today to change clothes.

roll is up to $5200 (thats before my $123 phone bill is coming out anytime now). am still winning, and im assuming that will stop anytime now. was up to $225 at terribles loose wild $3-6 about 7am, and left with only $88, so my $145 profit ended up being an $8 profit although i did win $249 on the VP machine earlier, mostly on 1 hand, so i still did good last night.

down to only about $200 in comps at circus now instead of over $250. Herbie came back into town on sunday morning. he wouldnt even come out the strip without first walking all the way to the downtown terminal to buy a 2 weeks pass, them new passes are a good deal to a lot of people. only half the price of the monthly pass.

we both played the riv 10k guarantee $125 entry on sunday. turns out there was no overlay. i used up all my comps, it covered most of the entry fee, and herbie bought half my action for $65. i thought that was a good deal in case i busted out and made nothing, and most of the time it wouldve been. not this time however. by the time id won, i owed him 60% instead of 50%, we swapped 10% in case he moneyed and i didnt, by the dinner break (long after my cell had died to where i couldnt do twitter updates and id gave it to herbie to charge up in the room) we had an agreement to pay 14 spots instead of 13, putting us all in the money.

thats when i called Josie and Claudia with the good news. never did eat on the dinner break. turns out when i came back, the agreement never existed after all a guy who wasnt around to vote vetoed the idea. (brian the dealer and player from Bills). at least i think thats his name, he is well known to any employee around there. so we started playing hand for hand, and i was so glad to see a player break on the other table. i had a slightly above average chip stack then, from a lead earlier.

here is the hand later doubling me up at the final table when down to 10. before then i was really wanting a chop.

i had 99 and the european raised who wasnt a regular and i went over the top allin with 15-16 BB. he calls, has me covered, with ak, so i feel relieved to not see a pair til the flop comes AA3. 9 hits the turn, and it reminds me of a wsop hand with phil ivey. and my hand holds up on the river. thats when i become very close to chip leader. i also win a few pots myself with ak and later am chip leader, still was so when we chopped 7 ways by chip count. always good to do it by chip count.

although us bigger stacks did have to throw in some equity to the smaller stacks to get them to accept the deal, but not a lot. earlier at the advice of my backer i turned down a deal giving me $1200 when i couldve still busted out for under $500. so i was glad when i finally got the better deal. no one in the tourney got more than me when the tourney ended, so i officially had first place, and got $1700, gave the dealer $50, i got $660 and my backer got $990. now we can all see after that horrible kingofdonks fiasco i am finally worthy of being staked again.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

man do people piss me off

upset over a lot of things lately, and maybe i shouldnt be since my roll is now all the way up to $4400 again. and also a lot of what i am upset with is not just other people but also myself. i am upset i am playing machines again when my week isnt over with yet. and mostly whats even worse is WHERE i played those machines, and the SCALE of which ive been playing the bad paying machines, such as VP 100 play at the hardrock, and the VBJ at the wynn. i am in serious need of needing to get back in to see the counselor, but cannot bring myself to put out the time, would seriously interfere with my sleeping pattern.

i am angry at myself for the scale of which i played them things, all out of stupidity, frustration, and as always, the desperate need to try and get unstuck on the machine so it wont affect my poker play after i get off. i couldve won so much more lately.

the day before in the hardrock, i lost $184 on it while waiting for my seat. (its so terrible late in the evening the game starts, today it didnt start til way after 9pm). and i know the payback on that machine sucks really bad, but i dont want to start off the day wasting money on a cab before i even start playing when ive got a casino right across the street from home. and after winning $242 in the game today off a $100 buyin, and cashing out $342, i went and lost $160 on the machine again, same bad payouts. the machines up the street at terribles have much better payouts. same at the wynn, i wasted $75 on the horrible paying VBJ on the way out the door the day before after losing in the $1-3 NL. Not the same day as kingofdonks was in town.

and both times i got the money back on the VBJ at slotsoffun, the good paying machine with decent comps (but NO cashback anymore) and which u can count the cards on still. am up to $245 in comps at circus now, and 3 weeks ago i had only $65 in comps. today i got back over $225 on it, and yesterday morning i got back $300+ on it. have run above average on it lately. the other day i even got dealt 4 of a kind on the bottom hand of the 100 play while on the 5c level and 50 hands for $300 win, but of course its such a bad machine unlike the slotsoffun VBJ i gave back MORE than that.

its just that i feel im playing poor playing machines way too much lately. (not referring to the slotsoffun one). Because i dont consider that to be one of the bad ones. and i know i might drop out of the $4000s at anytime if i dont learn better self

Claudia gave me some very good advice, and i refused to follow it. (the advice was to take the day off when i hit $4000, and just stay home). one reason i didnt follow it is cause ive been losing online, if i bust out of this $20 sng im in now without making the money, i wont even have $40 left on feltstars of the $203 i was up to once. late edit 10 min later--won the sng.

and im upset at all the people that have disappointed me ive wanted to be friends with, and particularly with women. Think claudia, koala, lightning, seattle irish, maninblack, Britni, stump, and others who never talk to me. People i trusted, and now for one reason or another i dont, (not all of those listed), or people who never talk to me anymore on the blog who i valued their input very much and missed. all ive ever wanted is to use this blog to make friends to hang out with and yet almost no one ever does. pokerjohnny and sickcallmggee and stump did briefly but never anymore much at all. was nice to meet 1 guy from 2+2 last night who has this thread:

i dont understand why i cant seem to make friends with people, particularly single women i tried to and get them to like me for who i am. was very bitterly disappointed in claudia not wanting to fall in love with me for who i am. enclosed is the link to a woman on who at one point last year added me as a friend. and why do women do that if THEY ARENT INTERESTED?

i was going thru my old friends list on there, (not writing strangers mind u but only those who at one point in the last year added me as a friend, a lot of whom ive never really talked to) and i sent a message to a few suggesting i meet them and get to know them before its too late and they are no longer single. she sent me back a no thanks message, and when i asked why someone would add me as a friend if they had no interest in really being a friend and getting to know me, she got an attitude and said to delete her, which im doing.

one thing thats been getting under my skin both of the last 2 nights in the game at the hardrock is guys with girls sitting behind them. one last night who almost got thrown out, and then a different one tonight. Both of which irritated me because i didnt want to be watching them making out being reminded of the fact i was left behind in vegas with no one. the guy tonight met this girl on plentyoffish, and her name is allegra, odd name, and she used to be a cocktail waitress at the pioneer and is on a chip there. no idea which profile is hers on though. they seemed to been together for more than one date, acted very affectionate. she had no clue about poker and he was trying to show her. no one ever writes me back on plentyoffish and its cause ive got that terrible picture making me look black, look up paradise455 there. Being so broke just makes it much worse. were i rich, some would overlook the picture.

why cant i have a good woman to love me like marissa from hooters from the commerce, ashley from ute mountain the dealer in CO from hooters, or liz from the riviera who always plays the freeroll? Or maybe the mexican girl Doc was going to introduce me to if only he was trustworthy, not ripped me off on that room deal and lied about a stake.

and then at terribles a woman asked to bum 50c the day before and i sent claudia yesterday morning a bitter and angry text about it. she said her husband played osheas alot and thats where she knew me from, not sure exactly which guy he was but she seemed to be broke and looking for money, why wasnt he giving it to her? shes not with me so how is she my responsibility? if i give a woman money i want to be her man. otherwise she has no business expecting me to support her.

so because i felt irritated at hardrock jenna from osheas now works massages at hardrock instead of osheas and shes always very nice and i took 1 ten minute one just to have a woman to talk to. was lucky to win there.

the other girl ive always been in love with and wanted to marry someday, tiffany anderson on my facebook friends list who dont like me cause im 23 and shes 43, ignored my texts the other day about opening up a feltstars acct and she always used to bug me about playing online thats the girl sexylilvixen of the old neverbeg forum days, now parttime poker. the one who knows Britni and Lorna. the one who drove me around san Jose and did my laundry. shes busy with her very young daughter and family and im not around cali to buy her in the game anymore so i never hear from her.

and why cant i find vinces blog, supposedly, website dont seem to exist anyone know why? he said he paid to register it.

and even though ive been winning VBJ slotsoffun with a $40 bet cap (1% of roll) almost never bet, i hate the way theres little security there late at night, and all the bums in there and outside who are quite drunk and very broke, and always trying to hustle credits. they walk up, pretend they dont know the money in the slot next to u on the machine is really u, and try and sit, no one is that blind. theyre looking for money.

now theres a guy who mightve played with me from the Riv, who knows doc. i dont remember him, but he seemed really broke and trying to get money. i talked to him briefly earlier and he claimed he could stake me. then he claimed there was a game at riv, when i knew it died hours earlier so i suspected some kind of hustle was up. i thought he might have just wanted to get me to cross the street with him. i seen him with 2 guys i didnt know if they were his friends or not, but it seemed like he was asking them for money or beer, wasnt sure what was going on. they did leave in different directions after he got barred, but he got them to leave too. he says i busted him with aa at the riv before, and is a unlv student and really seems broke.

anyway he came up to me on the VBJ while playing 3 spots, and asked me if i could change a five, and im not showing him any money, besides my money was already inserted in the machine divided up among the 3 spots. then he sits down with 5 ones and starts trying to put money in one of my 3 spots directly next to me, that ive got over $100 in. i know hes trying to steal the credits, then he claims he didnt know its mine, gets mad im on more than 1 spot, keep in mind there are 5 spots and im using 3 and 2 open spots, right on the other side of that spot. then when i say that hey ive got money in there, and show him the credits and that he cant put money in there, he gets real indignant and tells me i better leave and take my money before he beats me up. he seemed either high or drunk, and must of lost at poker if he really plays because he wasnt in a good mood. i just knew he was trying to scam me somehow, alot of the regulars at the riv are jerks and think im an easy target. so i got security and they threw him out, then he kept flipping me off and one of his friends said that guy was waiting for me outside. i was so mad he tried to rip me off and hustle me, no one should ever do that to me, for i understand what its like to be homeless or broke, i was in that position at that same age for years, so if i had the money id have considered staking him for $50 in the game if he was just not such a jerk to me and was trying to have made friends and talked to me instead of copping such an attitude. what an ass, now ill never trust him any more than i do doc.

get so tired of street people always trying to hustle me when im playing a machine. that place really attracts a lot of very broke people, but always male broke drunks, not women who might hang out and are broke the way terribles does. and i guess thats why i came up with the title of this blog, not to offend anyone, but because so many people are jerks and assholes when im only trying to either be left alone or make friends and i dont know how to react.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

poker hands, and making good decisions.

since my roll, although its growing with a lot of recent wins, is still only $4000, i decided NOT to stay in an incredibly good game at the hardrock where i had almost everyone covered by $100 or more. But i had $484 on the table which is too much, its over 10% of my roll, and it was an ALLIN pot that id recently won, and immediately after winning the pot i was at $542, so i was starting to give it back. i am wondering if i made a very wise decision by going home, or a very foolish one. i think i was a lot better than most of the players, but i have way less money than most of them also.

would like to talk about a few hands if i can remember them correctly. one hand i limped in later position on a straddle, i figured he would raise any 2, and he raised, one guy called the $36, (button straddle) and i shoved allin for over $240, and both folded, one with KQ suited, i had 88. good move or foolish?

another hand, i had 69 suited, and limped in the BB. again there mightve been a straddle, but no one raised. flop comes Q78 offsuit, and i called $13 and so did like 2 others. turn comes 5. no flush draw possible, so i wasnt worried about being outdrawn, and the original bettor in last position has a lot of chips, more than me. i too have a lot of chips. i checked, so did 2 others, and he bets $20. now here is the question, should i raise? i decided to only call, hoping for either a raise behind me, or a big check raise on the river. was i being greedy?

i cnly called, and surprisingly enough, so did BOTH players behind me. river pairs the board with an 8, not the blank i wanted to see. i bet $50, trying to control the betting size on the river, one guy calls, (so i knew i had him beat at least, other guy calls also, but surprisingly and thankfully he dont raise with his 88855 full house.) if i wouldve checked, he was planning to bet alot more.

another hand i got very lucky, and i forgot one of the important hands i wanted to discuss. the hand i got lucky i had 89 suited, the flop was 88Q with 2 clubs. a new asian guy had just moved from the other table that broke when combining tables. he bets $13 in late position, i made it $40 all fold to him, he bets $75 more and i worry, but call. turn comes 9, thank God. he shoves $200 allin, and i have to call, still worrying im behind, but NO, he has 8K and my hands holdup on the river.

is it true the button straddler normally raises any 2? cannot believe how good the action is here after midnight, or how few blog readers play here. thanks to grump and cooldave for stopping by the other day. also i made a big mistake by not folding my clothes when they were done in the dryer, because i was in such a hurry to sleep, i rushed them into a suitcase. big mistake, also some of them shouldve dried a bit longer too. still need more towels too.

at least the hardrock does the button straddle the right way instead of harrahs and rivieras way. they do it like binions, the golden nugget, and the wynn does it.

anyone want to make any guesses as to how many will be in and how many will chop up the oct 10k guaranted at the riv?

Monday, October 1, 2012

washing laundry, and going to bed.

new roll $3700. between the $1-3 NL at wynn, and $3-6 limit at circus, made about $400 yesterday. no idea if kingofdonks still in town. awful tired, but wanted to get the laundry out of the way first, clothes are now in the dryer. washing is done. cleaning dishes and throwing out garbage. one of the guys at my table at the wynn, happened to be the owner of snookers poker room in detroit, where id once thought of going when i was in toledo. still wasting way too much money on cabs. and i made it thru september using only 8 GB of my 10 GB allowance, nothing like last month where it was 16GB for $60 extra in overage charges. only thing i really did different was NO listening to music repeatedly.

wish i could just fall asleep, but i cant since i have to return to that laundry room in about 20 minutes, and no matter how damp they are, i dont want to make another trip there.

need to be sure i remember and get in this riviera 10k guaranteed, since there will be less in it this time and ive almost got the comps to cover it. didnt qualify for last weeks freeroll. wish the game at the hardrock wouldnt wait til so very late at night to start up.