Monday, October 31, 2011

home relaxing online.

ended up winning $168 at poker, then went out and blew $80 on 50play VP. by then the game had broken up. and the girl never came over to the casino tonite, the whole casino was pretty much dead.

was getting ready to leave and walking by the BJ tables i seen a guy who was playing poker earlier. (an old man.) now he knew i was counting, but he wouldnt count himself. and he said on the way to the bathroom i probably shouldnt let them know and keep quiet. i knew he wasnt before he told me because he didnt raise his bets at the right times, or play 16vs10 correctly.

anyway, i get ahead over $300 and mention how the decks loaded with nothing but face cards. and a few minutes later the pit boss comes over and tells me to play a different game instead of BJ, craps, VP, just not anymore BJ. at least i got out of there ahead.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

finally a good day for a change.

managed to make it home tonite $180 ahead, rolls back to $10,600. still a long long ways from what it once was, but not too bad compared to the way things used to be, thats quite a lot of money for reno.

and as usual im sitting here on blackchippoker, with a balance of around $250, should try and find a way to cash some out but dont want to wait, need to find someone to sell it to. also need to sell the iphone. i seen an ad on craigslist offering to buy iphones any condition, but im afraid they might offer very little. i did send them an email.

i have no idea who JSR is and what he looks like, but as far as i know he wasnt at the GSR tonite, and thats the only place i really go. and ill be there the same time tonite too.

now i need to know something from any vegas regular planning to spend alot of time at the IP this winter. i have 3 days i cannot get free in NOV and 27 days i can. (i looked at the harrahs reno availabilily calendar by logging in with my players card). im assuming that vegas is the same way for nov and dec as reno is, that is, TONS of free days. now in vegas u can always seem to get 5 free nites in a row, then u must either check out, or pay regular prices for the next 2 nites. (which is how they avoid people living there longterm).

problem is here in reno, i went to book it for nov 5 (when my apt expires) and it would only let me do 3 days free even though the calendar showed the whole month free. more than 3 id be charged. does reno have a policy of only 3 days in a row that i dont know about?? wonder if theres a way to stay long term in reno. do any of u IP regulars see a way? and is it letting any of u stay longer in vegas? i wonder if u had to be OUT how long before u could check back in? i guess i should just take another apt, rent is extra cheap and safe here compared to anywhere else in the country.

am worried ive given this girl the impression im either nuts or very high maintenance will explain later after i talk to her again.

and who wants to buy $200 on BCP for $160 or $150 for $125? u guys really should deposit a bit on here and check it out. sometimes even the $100 sng is running. wish one of u was in reno and would sell the iphone for me.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

well its not been a good week in poker at all lately.

am running out of money rapidly. the other day was still at $12,600. and now im at $10,400. two days ago i think i posted on here about a loss of over $950 at the peppermill. now thursday nite, i think i never got around to posting at all. and i left the GSR that nite early because the game broke up so early. me and the dealer MIKE rode a cab to the silver legacy, where i checked out the BJ game that allows doubling down even on the 3rd and 4th card. i won about $80 in that game and mike left to go home. so then i walked into circus and their small stakes spread limit had already broke like i knew it would, so i ended up walking to the gold dust west, and losing about $400 on VP in there left pissed, (not really the best area of reno to be walking downtown in) and walked back to the sands where i proceeded to buyin for $700 at BJ table. had it up to over $900 then started losing, and then i went for 3 hands of $200 each to get even so i could leave. dealer had 5 showing, and i had BJ, 22, and 20. i was feeling good, got paid on the BJ. then i split the 2,2 and got 12 on the first hand, then another 2, split again, got 12 again, and then 6 which i hit for 18. and i stood on the 20. so i had 4 whole hands of $200 each at risk. dealer turns over 8 for 13, and then another 8 for 21. and thats why i shouldnt bet so much. it all comes down to a few key hands. wouldve been $1600 better off had she busted.

am sitting here eating a pizza and playing DON sngs on BCP. seattle irish is at home eating a pizza and playing games on PCP.

so i went into the eldorado and bought in $1446 in the $1-2 NL poker game, (i could do this because i was NOT the biggest stack). and i actually won $200 before the game broke. and then went home later about $909 behind still.

didnt wake up til about 11pm tonite, and i went over to the casino, because the girl in the pic i posted told me she was gonna be at the casino tonite and said to be sure and be there when she texted my phone. by the time i got there she had been drinking alot. she lives alone with 2 pets has one son whose 18 and one whose 20. i began losing due to being on tilt from the night before and left the room very frustrated out $250. and the girl was quite understanding. i watched her lose $5 of her money in a machine later and then went back. the girl thought i wasnt enjoying her company since i walked back so fast, but i just do that normally anyway. i then lost again, and the game broke, with me out $325. she understands autism and i talked on the phone with her for some time when she got home. nice of her to show me all them things about my phone.

im gonna attempt to post a PICTURE

this is the girl whose very nice and friendly that i was hanging out with in the Grand sierra poker room, didnt need any money and was very understanding about the fact i wasnt in the greatest of moods because of losing, because she also has another friend who plays poker. she herself wants to learn. watched me a few hours, drank too much, and also gave me a backrub. she just so happens to have the exact same phone and company as me and was showing me alot about how to use it including the camera and how to delete apps i dont want. she was dressed up for halloween. she kept telling me not to tell anyone about my money and to just make the best of my life from now on and to not let it get me down if im not winning and to learn to just let it go.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

back in my room to sleep what a horrible nite, mostly my own fault of course, and yes im gonna post 1 HH

in bed relaxing in my room on blackchippoker, 1c ante, 2c bring in, PL stud. and the max buyin is $10. im currently at $38 by far the largest chip stack on the table. lots of regulars here, a bunch of whom are WOMEN.

i got an email today offering mystery free play at the peppermill so i went to check it out. turned out i first had to get 10 points, which i thought could be done by running $10 thru but thats not the case at all, it took me well over $200 before i finally got 10 points. and i lost about $25 and got back $25 in free play, at least i didnt get the $5 free play. so after that was done i checked out the poker room.

ended up sitting in a $2-3 NL game and i originally bought in for $229 out of $529, and started losing most of it and rebought $300. and here comes the HH i want to talk about. i got Q9 clubs preflop and called $3 to see the flop. (as far as i can remember there was no raise.) this happened many hours earlier. flop comes 45 clubs and Jdiamonds. there is 4-5 of us. guy in front of me bets, i only call, i think it was about $12. 2 others called also. turn is A of clubs. i have 2nd best flush not counting the straight flush. guy bets about $20, i raise to about $50, and the guy in the middle of the table, who has me covered, heard me talking about the straight flush, (id asked the dealer for a 10) and i was saying id rather it be a 10 (truthfully for open ender if not club) and i was saying that way i wouldnt have to worry about him having a 23 of clubs. he asked me if i had the 2-3 clubs, and then called. i sensed he had a strong hand, not sure how strong, but decided i wanted to try and reach the showdown without risking all. then the old man who was raising allin without having it who wasnt much good and couldnt see well, he shoves for about $125. and i worry about him having the better flush. but he often didnt have as good as hand as he thought, so i call, and sure enough the guy behind me calls too. river comes blank, i check and the guy bets $100. glad i knew not to bet and he didnt bet more. i call with about $80 more behind and sure enough hes got JK clubs bigger flush.

i thought i played the hand well knowing i might not be good and getting away as cheaply as i did. how can i fold?

so i left, went out and played the VP spin machine with a min bet of 2c and a max bet of 20 lines 10 credits a line of $1 each for $200 a hand. ( a martingalers dream machine). thats why i should NOT play at peppermill. and i started off winning over $100 slowly, but then gave it all back.

so i moved to the big split VP and started off with 5c 2 credits and progressed to 40credits of $2 each for $80. and thats the same machine i lost so huge on last week i was there. always lose big there. got stuck quite a bit, took $500 out of the ATM to play, took $500 out a second time a bit later and was almost out about $1375. then hit a really nice hand worth about $1000, and at one point was only down $185. but by the time id returned to the poker room i was out $449 again.

i sat down in a $4-8 Omaha game so loose and pots so big and other players so bad ud think i was in california. but i kept having to fold almost all hands for about 2 hours, then i moved seats to have position on the one other guy besides me with an overs button (that we never got to use even once) and suddenly started getting all kind of monster hands with aak3 suited, aa2q suited, a345, a945 double suited, etc. earlier id never get nothing but 289K. but it missed the board even time and when i went back to the VP machine half asleep i was out $620 again.

lost a few more hundred, and arrived at home out about $950. not happy with how the night went at all. there goes a months rent. ill never ever get this back to $15,000 am so far away. and i dont feel i have enough to travel out of reno back into cali or vegas without it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

just finished washing clothes, drying clothes, and folding clothes.

the landlord has no key for the mailbox, and i just got done with all my laundry finally, so im good for the next 3-4 weeks. and i had no problem opening the garbage bags this time. was so dead tired when i got home last nite but still couldnt sleep right away. finally got a few hours sleep and woke up about 9.30 this morning, so my sleep hours have changed around.

its only $1 to dry clothes for 60 whole minutes. and $1.50 to wash. soap is provided without charge. and i added bejeweled blitz to my list of facebook games, although i dont care much for the 1 minute timer. and when i move out i cannot get my deposit back the same day dammit, they insist on mailing it to u instead.

and last night i went over to the GSR to be there when they were doing the football squares promo in the poker room because i had so many squares, but i never got picked once. went from being $106 ahead to leaving about $20 down because i had had so little sleep getting up at 5pm and having my sleep interrupted a lot i couldnt play that well. (i didnt have the patience to fold enough, and when not getting hands, tried to force the action.) i dont know when ill ever get my $170 withdraw from BCP, its not been approved yet and will be a long wait. will have to keep the post office informed of change of addresses from now on. ive only got $12 left on the site so im now playing very small so i dont have to turn around and reverse the withdrawal. if i do manage to get the withdrawal im way ahead since i only deposited $25.

i will end up playing at GSR later in the afternoon today after i eat, (although at nites they are still sitting out a decent buffet in the pokeroom, (why dont vegas do that?). its better to play the night shift only thing is the games dont last as late at nite as in vegas, but the house is very generous about sending in loose dealers to play in the games and reducing the rake to a very small amount, $2 6 handed, maybe even $1 4 or 5

Sunday, October 23, 2011

sleeping the wrong hours again

2pm to 10pm is NOT the hours i want to sleep. i want to sleep 7am to 3pm if i could choose. i dont like waking up near this late, and i just got back from the Atlantis and am about to go to sleep now. i did buy a jug of milk so i could eat cereal on the way home.

ive been told on saturday nites atlantis has a big O game and sometimes it becomes PL. not sure how often it goes though. its a much much bigger size room than it was a few years back although most of the tables arent being used.

i couldnt sleep at home earlier, and after still being down for the day, finally rode over to the Atlantis. i wanted to see if they still had any 3-2 bartop VBJ machines they used to have. and also a guy at the GSR told me about a table BJ game at the silver legacy. (hes a professional card counter). supposedly the game at the silver legacy is a shoe game with extra good rules, $5 min, double any two cards, double after split, and u can double on MORE than 2 cards and pays 3-2 on BJ. and he says sometimes a counter should double on 12 against 5? anyone know about this? and i just wanted to discuss with Rob singer how i often bet similarly.

anyway the atlantis DID have some 3-2 VBJ machines at the bar, with a spread of 1-20 units, of 5c, 10c, 25, 50c and $1. funny thing was on the 50c and the $1 BJ only paid even money. can anyone figure out why? ud think it would be the other way around. kind of encourages betting SMALL. only the 5c 10c and 25c denominations pay 3-2. but yeah u can bet from 5c 1 hand to $20 one hand. im not sure of the actual payback, it should be LESS than the 99.3% on the slots of fun VBJ because u cannot double any 2. only 10 and 11. would like someone who can tell me the payback. But i could be wrong the payback might actually be MORE and heres why. here 6 cards 21 or less is an automatic winner instead of 7 cards (making it come up alot more) surrender is still allowed, and heres the BIG thing, that im wondering adds how much to the payback. if u are dealt AA, and u split (1 card each) and are dealt a face card on one of the hands the computer sees it as a BJ and gives 3-2. NO live table would ever do this. actually the machine gives 5 for 2 which is the same as 3 to 2.

so about the atlantis poker room. i had NO idea a game was going because just like mauihole, they never announced it over the intercom. and 2 guys were playing HU $3-5 NL for about 3 hours. i came by and was shocked to discover a game going. so i sat with $300 and both guys had well over $1000 in front of them. and i know i dont usually do well in games that shorthanded. but since they were straddling the button i figured i might have an edge. (i just dont respect that play much.) and i lost the first $300 rather quickly calling down with JQ on a board with KJ4 on the flop when he raised his straddle. (id been folding too much). and he was loose. was glad to see the table slowly start filling if u call 6 handed full that is. eventually left with $1332 out of $300+$787. earlier id won $45 at the VBJ. i got away with some bluffs, and also lucked out hitting a 3 outer on the river with J8. and made a flush once. never got dealt a single big hand such as JJ QQ KK AA or AK. except one that lost.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

waking up late

waking up very late today due to waking up with 4 hours sleep when i was being dealt cards at the start of a sat tourney id reg for online, later busted out and finally got back to sleep, and then woke up with 4 hours more sleep after 9pm. holding onto $12,400. after recent wins, last nites was about $130 and the day before about $400.

Friday, October 21, 2011

in my room playing 3 sngs or mtts on blackchippoker.

well i managed to recover a little of the money on BCP, its now up to $155. and will be higher if i place in at least one of these 3 tournies. $10 DON, $20 DON, and the $5 MTT. came home early cause i felt really tired for some odd reason, maybe cause i woke up before 5pm this evening and slept LESS.

i figured id won enough, i bought in for $100 lost it (too hard for me play short stacked for some odd reason) rebought $231 more. never played ANY VP machines. started winning, had to do a little bluffing, had to make some big folds, and have enough sense to leave when i got very tired, although now that im home in bed im not near as tired as i was. i just ended up winning both DON sngs, the MTT is still going on, and my online balance is at $212. better than when it was down to under $80 a day ago once. i am about 65% of the way to being able to cashout the entire balance. remember, thats all off a $25 deposit and i would suggest some of u guys allow me to sign u up so u can get the $125 extra bonus off the $25. and although i still worry i have more groceries than i can eat by nov 5, i do need to buy milk and lunchmeat and snack food. its really nice how they set out a buffet in the GSR poker room at 9.30pm every nite. usually it includes mashed potatoes and sources of meat. means i dont need to make sure im full for the rest of the night before i leave the house. and also allows me to spend my $2 an hour comps for the $1.50 a minute massage which i did a few times.

and i havent put anywhere near enough money in them machines for a big mailer, remember i only bet the $125 a hand on the last and final bet. (when u martingale a VP machine) u almost never bet the max, alot of bets are the min. i did finally get around to renewing my PO box in vegas because i feel like theres a chance i might be back.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

playing a $50 sng DON on blackchippoker

last nite, while in my room after i came home from GSR, i turned my $383 on blackchippoker into $85. yeah it wasnt so good, but at least ive been doing ok playing live. won $144 at the casino tues nite. and now its thurs morning and i had an even bigger win at the casino tonite. i won $667, but i shouldve won MORE. i kept getting lucky with aa, one time a guy with over $350 shoved preflop with 66. i walked into the casino with $1061 and lost over $470 of it on VP waiting for my seat, and sat with $589. i turned the $589 into $1737 and had a huge lead in chips when the game finally broke around 5am. rolls now about $11,900. still though i dont think it would be a good idea to renew this apt, reno is probably not the best fit for me.

at least ive got electricity again. i didnt know how long my food in my freezer would stay good. and i didnt want to go home too early cause i didnt know if the power would be back on yet. and i didnt know the power was off when i first woke up because my laptop was still working for about 30 more minutes til the battery died. all i knew was i couldnt turn the light on. (didnt notice at first the laptop was on battery).

now while typing this, i won my $50 sng thank God, otherwise id been down to $12 online, so now ill have $112 online. i dont consider that part of my roll, but it DOES keep me from having to reduce my roll by depositing online. also while typing this, yahoo messenger showed me a new incoming email showing a new person posting in my blog.

not quite as dead as i thought it would be with the pot of gold over, but there was only 1 table going tonite instead of 2. what i mean is the game lasted much later than id have guessed. there were 2 fish at the table who both had jobs and didnt care about the money. and i will have to do my laundry at least once while in reno within a week, but there is a laundry facility within the building.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

in my apt playing on blackchippoker, oct 18

am sitting here playing $10 DON sngs. and my original $25 deposit is now at $297 since ive received the entire $125 in bonus money now. only thing is ive not given it enough play yet to cash out thats still a little ways off.

ended up winning $92 (after cab ride) at the Grand Sierra and starting today it will be more like a ghost town in there since the pot of gold is over. i was stuck about $200 or so early on (all from poker) and eventually got it back and a profit, but had to do a lot of bluffing. and then once i rivered the nut flush when i needed it and got paid off.

am not sure yet what ill be doing come nov 5 and dont ask cause i dont know.

Monday, October 17, 2011

in room to sleep

so i started off tonite playing poker, started getting stuck, and missed out on a high hand of $321 by not checking a boat, which wouldve turned into 4 of a kind. lost $253 and then rebought $500, started coming back, and eventually left the table with $893. made first mistake by not going home to bed. instead i went out to the 100 play 5c VP machine, lost over $230 and then went back to the poker room. then i started losing but it took a while and took 2 bad beats on big hands preflop, once with KK against AQ allin pre, and once i lost with 88 on a flop of JJ8. making this short cause dead tired. went back to the machine only this time the 25c/50c 50 play machine and almost lost $300 very quickly, but ended up getting 4 deuces on one hand out of 50 on the max bet of $125 a hand, and then left the casino with $839, of which about $80 was profit for the day.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

in my room playing a tourney on blackchippoker--plo8 $11 rebuy

there were 98 entrants, and now its down to 25 left, and im still in 6th place, top 9 get paid $80 up to $969. probably the best PLO8 tourney on the web for american players with rebuys. i only wish id had this kind of bankroll to invest online back in the days online poker was legal and available on the really big sites. but most of my life, i was very poor with a roll of $2500-5000. and i fear i wont stay over 10,000 long, im only at 11,000 and the only way ill keep it over 11,000 is to play almost nothing except for very tiny buyins and to give up my apt. i may have to return to vegas, and play nothing but 50c-1 NL at bills and live mostly at the IP year round to protect myself. if i cannot lose more than $300 a day i wont ever go broke or get down too low.

had a small win at the Grand Sierra last nite but only $45. i did win about $300 on VP machines or i wouldve been down a lot. and im disappointed scott didnt do good in todays tourney. even he cant figure out how to use my camera phone.

am quite pissed i cannot figure out how to open the garbage bags in the kitchen, i need to open one to put trash in it and i cannot figure out how it opens, and dont know what to do. also it looks like the pizza i bought is NOT microwaveable, and ill need to use the oven. and since everything else is furnished, i think they just forgot the dishwags and washcloths. they included all kinds of other towels, dishes and silverware, even a pizza pan. and i dont know how to use the dishwasher either, never used one. thats why i need a gf whod be willing to stay here with me.

now for the good news. blackchippoker has accepted my verification documents. and also i was told by a reno regular some good news about the atlantis, where i got banned at before years ago by the lady running the room. he said they got much better games than the Grand Sierra when the pot of gold isnt in town, and they have brand new poker management as of a year or so ago. he said he was banned too back in 2006 and his ban was lifted. actually what he said to me was the new manager was looking at the ban book, and said "wow we have 165 locals banned who cant play here" and threw out the entire ban book and started over from scratch. hes from tahoe and wouldnt know me from a previous room.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

in my bedroom

won $160 at the casino and came home. there dont seem to be any 24 hour open kinkos in reno like there are in alot of big cities. still i need to get them docs scanned as quick as possible and i need to be awake during the day to get that mailbox key i never got from the landlord. also i never got around to giving the post office an official change of address nor did i renew my PO box in vegas. although i think i should because i might move back to vegas. i think they still are wondering since they sent me an email reminding me its due for oct as of the 12th. and if i was to try and get a NV id, i dont think theyd accept me, but the first thing id need to do is get me a birth certificate from canada. no one is ever issued an ID without a birth certificate. and i cannot remember if i ever had a NV id in the past, i know i once had an OH id, i dont remember about NV. i didnt have a louisiana id til 2004, when i got it about 2 months after losing an ID at the miami airport and being homeless all that time since i couldnt rent an apartment. (until that one guy in gulfport MS rented me a room in his trailer where i waited to get a copy of my canadian birth certificate) back then the rent was cheap $75 a week, and  id left ac nj winter of 1993 with my last $700 so i wouldnt be homeless in the winter, and slept outside in FL the whole time, til it was april and i went to biloxi with $1300 id grown it to by then. thats about the time i started spending a lot of time in the library on the internet and learned about the net for the first time was down in florida. and i never did hear what happened to the married woman named susan Gibson down in fl who was gonna meet me then later changed her mind.

one funny thing about this apt, if all the linens are supplied and furnished, as is all the kitchen supplies, why isnt there any small size washcloths and dishrags? only a few large towels am wondering if they overlooked that. thats another question i wanna ask all other kitchen supplies, even dishsoap, a closet vacuum etc was supplied.

oh well at least i can hang out in my room on blackchippoker. the $25 i deposited is now at $103, and ive not got near all the bonus yet. and i will need to buy milk, (u cant buy a months supply of that at once) and i feel my month will be up before i eat up nearly all the freezer food and other food, i spent way too much at that grocery store when i stocked up on food.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

in my apt playing on blackchippoker

i opened an acct today on blackchippoker. i deposited $25 with a debit bankofamerica card. and used the rakebrain (rakeback site) code of 125BOOST. i was given an instant $25 on the spot, which cannot be used to cashout yet. and there should be $100 more added later. now im wondering im gonna have to show ID before i cashout and my ID is from louisiana although i do not live there. is that gonna create any problems and how do i go about proving im in reno when i dont pay any utility bills? louisiana is one of the 7 states they ban. is pokergrump already signed up?

and of course ill go over to the casino, would go nuts sitting in this room all the way up to nov 5, but definitely cannot afford to renew this apt, getting it was a mistake. and yes ive got to not waste anymore money on them machines i wouldve played better poker yesterday had i not been stuck. im missing out on a slot tourney at circus i was invited to oct 20-22 in which 20 of the 60 people invited get to win $1200, and that kind of bothers me, since the odds are so good. (ev$400)

if i stayed in reno, or went back to vegas, or even probably went to tahoe or laughlin, i could get so many free nites at harrahs in fri and saturdays on my calender this year in nov and dec i really dont need an apt except on a few weekend nites and days they have sonething going on. what i really need to be concerned about right now is making sure i play my best and not waste any money foolishly. i let that AQ vs 28 hand upset me too much but what can i do but get it allin preflop?

i shouldnt have called with the 77 but i was in a hurry to get my money back so i could leave. id already annouced i was only straddling cause it was my last hand, hadnt done so all nite. everyone only called, (3 of us called) and i raised my $5 straddle up to $40. and then one of the callers made it $125 and i shoved cause i didnt want to contribute half, then have to fold on the flop, but flop was 993. of course he had aa. shouldve just folded preflop and never raised the straddle in the first place, then id not been put to a decision.

sat in 1 $20 DON sng with vook and won it. and i keep forgetting to ask the landlord for that mailbox key

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

just waking up, way too late at nite, i slept way too many hours

so in this dream i was looking for my aunt patty who was retarded (and who died many years ago in the same nursing home Grandma was in) and i dreamed my son mark and i were walking around in a school and id gotten a message on the phone that she was living in a certain building. so as soon as i get to the 5th floor and get past 2 students and start walking up some stairs, all of a sudden the building changes to one of them real dump rooming houses i used to live in yrs ago with community bathrooms and i cannot remember the room number, it was something between 545 and 655. and the phone im carrying turns into a remote control for the TV and i see a lady i think might be her, but she swears she isnt and dont know my Grandma. so my son yells out to go ask the manager which room shes in. so all of a sudden i find us both outside looking to walk around to the other side of the building to ask at the main office. i start running down the street behind him, only hes walking faster than me, and i cannot catch up. a train blocks my way, and then the conducter moves the train so i can get by. then a different train blocks another track up ahead, moving towards me but extremely slow, so he slows down so i can pass. so i pass and right after i pass i see a mexican guy asleep by the tracks. but i can hardly walk, and im on a drawbridge, (like u see lift up when a ship passes) and i cannot get off it quickly enough, and as the trains passing, im about to be lifted up really really high in the air over the water and im hanging on for dear life, and i hear the mexican guy laughing at  me right as i wake up.

now last nite i still dropped $50 in VP and i still wasted $130 in a tourney, but i won enough in cash to come out ahead about $320 it was the night before that killed me. i got way stuck and went to the peppermill, out about $600 from live poker and a tourney, and a little on VP there, and then went just to investigate if they still had the better paying VBJ machines. they did with a horrible $1-5 spread was all. and only on the $2 and $4 bet did u get the 3-2 on BJ. so i found a big split poker machine where u could bet as little as 2 credits on the 5c or 40 credits on the $2 with a humungous spread to martingale and lost over $1000 more

Monday, October 10, 2011

in bed for the nite, not a bad day

bought in for $63 on a VP machine, listened to Christian songs on utube on my new cell, and eventually left the machine with $65. went into the poker room, no PL08 game today, so i sat at a $1-2 NL table with $65. scott (miamicane) still says i should play $2-5 or some tourneys, he might be right. lost that, and i find it hard to win with such a low stack, and i rebought $100. so i was in for $163, and eventually i left with $163 plus an additional $1 for everyday the US hostages were held in Iran during the Jimmy Carter administration. so i had a pretty good day, rolls back to around $12,400. also this bed and pillows one of the nicest ones ive ever slept in.

seems like most of AVP etc think the merge network is best to play on instead of bodog. at least vook and miamicane. would like to hear what it is u like about it.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

back in my room to sleep

ended up winning $275 for the day, but i shouldve won a whole lot more, for i ended up losing $271 in the machines, so i should be up over $500 for the day had i stayed off them. theyve been playing quite a bit of PLO8 here and ive been doing good at it. also a lot of the PLO8 guys are from oregon and they claim in Bend OR it goes almost everyday, and im not sure if Bend is on the Amtrak route, will have to look it up. i dont know what ill do Nov 5, although it would make sense to stop paying close to $1000 a month in rent when i can get a place for much less.

and ive got to get busy on trying to sell the iphone. a lot of work involved but i need to get that done. does anyone else want to sell it for me on commission whose here in reno? ran into miamicane tonite at the casino. also in Bend OR is one of them NO rake places, just the $100 a month membership fee. i just need to make sure i always keep my roll quite a bit over $10,000 that way all my options will remain open to me. which is why i dont want to play too high and take chances, and why i havent played anymore tournies although i should since thats what i did my best on. this is a very good event to make money in u wouldnt believe all the hundreds of poker players this event is bringing into the casino.

Friday, October 7, 2011

worried about the future

still waiting for grouchie to answer his emails about fixing the blog, does anyone else want to do it instead? and after last nites big $1600 loss, knocking me down to only $11,400 i think ive overextended myself. i dont see how ill be able to maintain monthly expenses of approximately $1500 a month, (alot more than im used to paying) when u consider rent, internet, phone, food, cabs, and miscellanous expenses. i added it up.

and last nite i lost big because i went out and played the VP and dropped $500-600 then went back into the poker room to try and recover. sat in a $3-5 Nl game with lots of $1000 stacks (shouldnt play over a level im comfortable with and used to) but i was in a hurry to win cause i was tired, (mistake too) and i immediately told them id go allin on the first hand. looked down and seen aa, so i shoved allin, but no one called dammit. got up about $150 on that table and had $1280 in front of me, then proceeded to lose it all. the final with a hand of 46 diamonds (called small raise to 20) and the flop was 256 with one diamond, bet, raise, my allin for about $460 and then someone elses allin with a set of 5s that held up.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

in my apartment about to fall asleep

wow did i spend a lot of money today moving in, buying food, etc. food prices have gone up something awful, been about 2 yrs since i was buying groceries. Glenn Beck tells it like it is. i took the absolute cheapest brand on everything and u wouldnt believe how little $125 buys u at the Sak and Save. my tv got up and running this evening (actually their tv) and it works great, am listening to fox news.

called up that UPS store in vegas and paid $22 over the phone for them to forward all my mail down to me here in reno and gave them my new address.

one thing i spent a lot on todays was cabs. moving over here, bringing home a ton of groceries, and trying to get to a tmobile place fast enough to get service activated. and before i talk about that, i would like to ask a question and see who can assist. i accidently did something and now all webpages and print is showing up really big size, like for elderly people. what did i do and how do i fix it back? a little cross shaped type symbol was coming up in the center of the box and suddenly that happened, not sure how to explain.

now i called up an iphone for sale for $225 on craigslist and arranged to meet her at the GSR  poker room and buy the phone. sure enough she showed up and sold me the phone, although it took her a while to figure out how to reset it and get her password and info off of it. then she told me the wrong location for the tmobile store, it was her att store, and they said they dont control tmobile yet and i needed to go to tmobile and i went there in the same cab. in the store i had to first pay $20 more for a sim card, and then $50 to renew a months service. after doing that the phone wouldnt work still, so they said it was NOT unlocked and had me go to the other tmobile store way far out to unlock it. so i went to the one at meadowood mall and spoke to Jet, and he said he couldnt unlock it because it was updated and said i could ONLY use att with that phone and suggested i get back on craigslist and resell it to someone who uses att instead. dammit dammit dammit, im worried no one will buy. now he sold me a phone which he says is a MUCH BETTER PHONE, but i had to take a contract. i got approved, and it was $155 more i had to pay. and ill be charged $89 a month with a $8 insurance if my phones lost so i can replace it for $90 instead of $400. damn all them expenses today added up so much im back to only 13,200. and yet im $800 ahead for the day between BJ and poker. and also i found out the GSR nor does anyone in reno, have them VBJ machines vegas has so i guess i wont be playing them. the slot manager of GSR said they got rid of them. am surprised my credits good (actually nonexistent) but no bad credit.

now what makes this a better phone than that old iphone is its 4G speed instead of 3g and 2g. he said that would make it a lot faster, and ive learned how to download a ton of applications on it had to first create a gmail account. am still learning how to try and use it and it also has a camera and i hope someone is familiar enough with it to show me the ropes. it says tmobile samsung on it whose familiar with it?

and how am i ever gonna resell the iphone i bought? i wonder if the same lady would buy it back at a discount and resell it for me. its gotta be used on att only wont work on tmobile. and the $50 i paid for a month on that other plan, the other store could only credit me $25 of it and it wont be available til next months bill, so i sure wish id have went to that tmobile store first.

found an apt in reno

well i ended up not taking any of those 3 places, took a place a bit closer to the Grand Sierra thats a little nicer, furnished including all utilities, has both an upstairs and a downstairs, and is in a good area and first thing i need to do is call vegas and have my mail sent up to me. paid $1200 including the deposit for a months rent. would be able to take pics soon as i get another iphone. also i met a guy last nite from avp who asked me if i was tony but i cannot remember his avp name. might of have the word bow in it cannot be sure.

and then after i took it, went by the Siena on my way back to harrahs to pack my bags, and won $775 playing BJ. rolls still about $13,800 and of course i still got to look around on craigslist for an iphone, its just getting somewhere to stay was the more important priority. they even allow cats for an additional deposit. and now i can go to a real grocery store and load up the fridge and freezer. been told probably the walmarts the best grocery store within the area.

in my room at harrahs on my final comped nite

rolls still over $14,200 but it will go down tomorrow of course when i rent a place. looked at 3 apts today in old hi-rise building downtown reno where no one can walk past my window. i made sure i ONLY looked at places which have some units where i can have a bathroom and a kitchen (or at least a fridge and microwave all to myself). so tomorrow before noon i need to rent a place at any of them 3 properties. 2 of them pretty much rent to anyone with the money to pay, without needing a credit check and rental history, 1 place does want that, and they are checking with my old landlord of a year ago in lyons ks to get her opinion of me as a tenant, and i passed the credit check because the only bad credit was old medical bills. guess everything else has gone off after 7 yrs. and the place thats more strict i also showed them a bank statement so they could see my bank account is quite a bit over $10,000. im not 100% sure where i want to stay. one has a complete kitchen but its sure old place and looks old inside the apt. another place is only $400 instead of the $580 for the above one, but its extra tiny room. the final place is the nicest looking and largest room and its $550 but not a complete kitchen all are within about 2-4 blocks of downtown reno casinos. the place thats $400 charges extra if u want all utilities included.

of course all of them charge extra or deny it if u invite a woman over after 10pm. and i almost got stuck $1500 today, ended up $45 ahead due to getting a BJ on a final hand with a $600 plus bet. it all started out from losing $350 at poker, then trying to get even on VP in the hilimit lounge, then the rest from playing BJ.

still need to look around on craigslist for a phone too. and the woman i wanted to see in vegas i never did other than once because i couldnt afford to give her money went to st louis and isnt answering messages and i dont know if shes there to stay or what. she kept asking me last week where in vegas she had to go to take a shuttle in cali because she works in vegas half the time and in la half the time to support her kids. should i rent one of them 3 places tomorrow or should i look around for all the ones on mill av closer to the grand sierra? or should i look for much nicer and more expensive ones so i wont need to someday relocate again to a much nicer place?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

relaxing in my room and about to sleep

rolls back to $14,200 after todays big pot of gold win in the 1/2 stud 1/2 razz tourney. got down to 3 ways and we chopped it, i got a little bit less. also i won over $250 in the $1-2 NL earlier. $1-2 NL is dead most places in reno but its certainly alive and well at the Grand Sierra. still trying to figure out where to stay as of wednesday. ive heard something i dont like about that place she found for me on craigslist. doesnt any readers live in reno?

Monday, October 3, 2011

from harrahs

just got a haircut and shave at harrahs reno in the salon, and i paid for it with diamond club $$ for $35 and also a $5 tip in cash. went up the street to the Siena earlier (slightly better BJ rules than most of reno) and won $50 at BJ, almost got stuck about $1000. table BJ of course, single deck, couldnt find a shoe game there which i prefer. too hard the count the cards at a single deck when they watch how u bet and shuffle whenever they feel like it, much easier at a shoe where they have better rules and must wait for the cut card to shuffle on u. am now ready to head on over to the pot of gold. missed yesterdays plo8 event. but today is the half stud half razz at 5pm. still never did get a chance to try out the electronic tables at the silver legacy, wanted to see how they work but the floorman said the game seldom goes except for some tournies during the day sometimes. its the only 50c $1 NL game in reno if it just would go. won about $26 in circus $2-6 last nite. hear the city transit station has moved, am gonna leave my room and look for it now.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

bus depot

sitting here waiting for the 1.15pm bus to reno in 45 min and had to pay an extra $15 to change the date (greyhounds totally different than it used to be) and another $10 to pay for an extra bag. they never used to have them fees. will be so glad to be in downtown reno, already booked my room too. and my back is really killing me and very sore trying to walk sit or stand now, i had to carry my bags from motel 4 blocks up the street to the greyhound and tried to roll them as much as i could but they are still so heavy as soon as i sat them down my back seemed to give out and be really sore ever since. wonder if i threw it out or sprained it some way. roll is way down, but its still $13,000 but i had close to $1000 more not more than a few days ago. and i still need another iphone.

ok ive got some bad news

i am now relaxing in an extremely nice motel room not far from the bus station in sacramento, but a lot went wrong earlier today, and eventually i blew up due to the stress. thank God i have a bankroll so high that after a major blowup, i can still get back on my feet the next day in a new location, but around $600-700 of its gone, a lot just on bullshit expenses.

to start with, i checked out of my room at the extended stay america in rancho cordova, and the manager of that casino nearby is nice, and stored my luggage in the trunk of his car while i was playing until he gave me a lift to the lightrail 4 blocks up about 6pm. i left when i gave back about $150 in one round of blinds and wanted to leave while still ahead a little. its not really that great an area, most of the residents arent white although at the extended stay america in the nicer area other side of the freeway most are. so i took the first train into downtown sac and was trying to make the last bus into reno, which i thought was between 8-9pm which wasnt true.

so i get downtown, and then find out the bus station has been MOVED. to another location quite a long ways out. so im looking for a cab, and seem to be in a very bad area of downtown filled with nothing but homeless people similar to downtown los angeles. carrying all them things and suitcases is so damned heavy i cant walk very fast at all. and finally i flag a cab down. i see a very cheap hotel like an old rooming hotel ask the price and they only rent monthly for $500 a month, shared bathroom etc. was so glad a cab would stop and get me out of the area, i was totally lost and uncomfortable in that area.

so i went to the greyhound, and i find out ive missed the last bus, and the next ones at 3.30 am. well i dont want to sit there all that time, so i finally convince the ticket agent to hold my bags for a $20 tip when really theyre not supposed to. then i go back out and take a cab to the casino driver asks me if that really where i want to go and he can take me to a better casino and i assume hes just trying to run up the fare so i decline. fare comes to $17 with a tip of almost $2.

so im playing NL at the capitol casino, and i start to get stuck, and eventually moved over to the $2-5 NL game when stuck almost $300 part of it because i paid $40 for a massage knowing it was my last chance at $1 a minute rates. turns out the guy i sit down on my right by when a brand new $2-5 table opens is the owner of the casino, and the young kid on my left a guy at another table wasnt being nice to him so he moved. so we all start playing with a full table and its tight as hell. and of course we all know about the $5 drop if theres a flop. i find out from the owner i got charged way more than the cab fare shouldve been, and that pisses me off too. fare shouldve been $8 as i found out later with another cab driver. he really rode way way out of the way. and of course im tired, dont really feel like playing just wanted to get on the bus and sleep. and continue to get more on tilt and more stuck, partly cause im not good at dealing with emotional stress.

finally im down almost $450 so i tell the owner i cant chop my ak and he says thats ok and folds, but no more chops. i didnt think hed care since $2 obv means nothing to him like it does to me when i want to recover every cent i can to stop this horrible evening. about one orbit later, when stuck about $500, the kid on the other side of me then refuses to chop since i didnt chop with the owner, his friend. and obv he dont need the money like i do, hes been winning. so i totally lost it then and tell him if he needs my $2 that bad he should get a job, shove all his chips over, and yell that i want to get the fuck out of there and never come back and tell the owner to please ban me for life, and instead of waiting for a response, go straight to the cage and out the door, cashing in what few chips i had left sorry but when im stuck i cannot cut others breaks and dont chop. i feel desperate when stuck and am willing to do things i normally wouldnt for $2. and i really didnt feel like playing anyway wanted to relax in a motel room and sleep while i waited for that bus, but felt stupid wasting money on a room.

so im soon in a cab called by security, different cab of course, not the one who gave me his card and longhauled me. and i get about to the bus depot for the $8 it should be when the cab driver suddenly gets a call. this cab driver knows the owner and plays there alot, which is why they use him. seems i left my laptop behind at the table. well im so glad they called and mentioned it before id left the cab, i was too upset when i quit the game to even think about it. so i return, grab the laptop, thank the owner, and tell him ill message him on his casinos facebook page and talk. (which i never got around to doing since it turns out id sent an earlier message the day before they didnt answer). and the owner never said a word to me at all, which is odd considering the scene id caused. but i knew i didnt have any business playing anyway being emotionally upset.

well i still didnt want to sit around a bus depot til 3.30am so i got my bags at greyhound that id paid so much to be held, and rode the same cab to a nice safe $66 hotel and its a very nice place and im in my bed to sleep one of the nicest beds ive ever seen. will just take the first bus to reno when i wake up.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

hi from the capitol casino in downtown sac

leaving to go to reno, sometime i might come back when im ready to make a months commitment but rents still alot less in reno. kind of wish i was back in vegas, maybe i should just go on out to atlantic city. am waiting for them to call my name for a seat. i missed the last bus to reno and the next one isnt til 3.30am. and i had to tip the lady $20 to get her to store my luggage behind the counter at greyhound cause she claimed she isnt allowed to. but i finally talked her into it, otherwise i would NOT have been allowed to go in the casino with all them suitcases, and i sure didnt want to sit in the bus depot doing nothing for 7 hours. just got into downtown sac from the cardroom outside of rancho cordova where id been playing all day, where i won about $130.

not sure what ill do when i get to reno a little after 6am in the morning, whether to try and get a room at harrahs reno or just head on over to the Grand sierra and try to pay for a room there. but i cannot wait to get there just so i can relax and get a long long rest in a real bed.

i worry a little bit too about going back into NV, im not gonna lose money playing things other than poker am i? while in cali all this last month ive played absolutely nothing but poker, and i guess its why with all the expenses ive had of about $2000 in the last month, my rolls still about the same at around $13,700 almost just what i left vegas with. would like to know whose in reno

relaxing in my room and about to sleep

pretty safe motel, in a small suburb although since its near the end of the metrorail line i dont think all the neighborhoods that safe. alot of blacks in the area. some are really poor and/or young looking since its near a lot of hiways and mcdonalds. not too far from a walmarts and some grocery stores, but this side of the expressway over the bridge looks safer than the other side. im in one of the better motels, nice fridge and microwave, for $63 a day or $350 a week instead of the more unsafe motels up the street for $233 a week or $39 a day. this same hotel chain in san jose would be $99 a day or $79 a day if paid via weekly.

and considering i deposited another $2000 in the bank today on top of the $6000 i deposited yesterday, i have well over $10,000 in the bank now and have little cash on me. and im missing $100 somewhere, i think i miscounted my money, still have a little over $13,700 total but never did have $13,900 like i thought i did the other day.

i have only about $800 cash on me. but i think this is a safe place anyway as long as i dont do much walking to and from the casino at nite like ive been doing a few times.

theres more than 1 cardroom around near me and also an indian casino quite a ways further out. some available on public transportation some not, and some by shuttle. this one cardroom is very tiny, but has a good promo for omaha8 in the morning, $80 chips for $40, must play 2 1/2 hours or go bust. but the heavy $5 per hand drop makes it a tough game, it being limit. i was up $150 and then eventually left 3-4 hours later only up $63. and yesterday i lost $100 between it and holdem due to way too many house employees shortstacking. some of which were shills and not props.

today i found a better cardroom, although they dont provide transportation like the first place does. but they do have a good deal. 2 hours free meal, (the other one dont sell food) theyre not strict about no cell phones like the first one, and at least at the NL here u must buyin at least $100 up to the biggest size stack. so most of the stacks are $50-300 some over 400. i won $98 in it over the course of 5-6 hours. action was better, still players are more decent than in san jose and tougher dont yet know yet how id do over the long haul.

am investigating tour buses into reno and lake tahoe to see what i can find out. in the meanwhile i love my room, hate to give it up, not sure how long ill stay. either need to leave today when i wake up, or commit to an entire month. u see theres a good promo here. the top 20 players in hours per month get a lot of money, from $100 to $1700. even 7th place in total hours gets $1000. and for some weird reason most people dont get too many hours. top place got in just over 200 hours and 7th got in about 100 hours. getting that would be SO easy and would pay my rent in full almost every month. i can put in 60-70 hours a week if i need to, and easily get #1. ive never seen any kind of promotion like it anywhere in the country would love to be told of it if it exists elsewhere. also u can get up to $25,000 spinning the wheel for aces cracked, most get $25-50 though.