Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goodbye to Nick (NKCPA) and Hello to John

Well  Josie and Lightning will be relieved to know ill be in the Vegas area instead of the cali area on Sept 1 sunday when he steps outta that plane. Whats not such good news is that i have nowhere near enough money to be paying by the week yet for rooms in vegas, and this is an awfully expensive holiday weekend. so expensive in fact Nick is going on back to cali tomorrow, and is going to see his gf instead of lightning. And the only place i could get a free room for fri nite, sat nite and sunday nite all 3 days for $57 total was to use up my $57 comp balance that i thought was $53, and its a good thing it was $57 instead, because that carried me for all 3 nights here in Jean.

now all i got to do is not play any VBJ, or at least to not bet more than 1 spot ever, and not to bet over $8 max no matter the count. also ive found covering up the credit meter (suggested by a reader but who?) was a good idea, when i did it my final session in Jean, i only dropped about $40 more near the end with it covered up not showing me for hours what i was up or down.

great news is i now have working internet in my room, and CHEAP. $43 for service up til Oct 2 with cricket unlimited broadband off my old modem which they no longer sell so i cannot lose it under any conditions. we went to a cricket store and i paid them.

also besides paying for my little $4-5 meals on multiple occasions, nick got me another size 34 pair of pants at walmart today for $10, so now i have one pair of pants thats not a 36. but my belt works good, the day before i paid $12 myself at goodwill for a belt and 10 shirts so i have some shirts besides the 3 clean winter heavy shirts i got at vinces i picked up.

i will really miss all the help and assistance Nick was while he was in town, glad to see lightning arriving soon so i have a way back out of Jean, and glad to see him with a car. Nick is heading to cali soon as he checks out of his room saturday 11-12am. we went to a huge shitload of different pokerrooms id never gone to without someone with a car. some of which i did great in and others i took horrible beats in.

after leaving TX station today and never seeing Mc Gee, i was still out somewhat but mostly on tilt due to the $43 cricket purchase. we went to Jean, i was worried theyd be sold out but it seems they are never sold out no matter how busy the holiday weekend and yeah i got rooms. and a much bigger relief was the cricket actually worked just like the rep said it would here in Jean.

Nick thinks i could win on UP, he said hes been winning there in the 2 days hes played on UP, and i need to make the $100 deposit before sept 8 to make the bonus offer for $100 free, but id still need a different form of internet access outside of Jean, and also a working phone. maybe i can do that at Vinces next week.

got a big scare late tonight while at buffalo bills, (their room is closing monday nite). i was stuck huge, got quite pissed when out the entire $100 won only 1 1/2 pots the whole time i was there. while the rest of the table got 10-20 pots each. looked around and couldnt find nick nowhere, had him paged, (too bad no working cell) no answer, looked for his car, found it thankfully, and finally found him sitting in Dennys eating. too bad we werent just sitting the same table, id have suggested leaving earlier and hed accepted, he didnt realize hed be eating at dennys, he thought hed be right back in the poker room, nor did he realize how badly i was doing, he assumed i bought in for $20-40 instead of $100. so he thought id want to play til closing.

another thing i think ill do is play at the palms more, now that it offers games i want and decent promos, easy weekly $3000 freeroll, aa cracked certain hours, high hands, $50-300 buyin and now $1-2 instaed of $1-3. was surprised when the manager introduced himself and said he loved my blog. lightning mike also like the palms. but i assume we will mostly be at suncoast, club fortune, texas and samstown, cant afford to play elsewhere no more after dropping so much today

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

hi from starbucks at eastern and desert Inn las vegas

Vince is inside the doctors office up the street and he will be by to pick me up in like a half hour or so.

I met Nick from RTP last night, seems like a decent guy, (but i didnt get in a car with him) to go anywhere. am wondering if he is now suspicious of that VBJ machine, dont think he won on it from his last post on RTP. met him yesterday at TX and he got my food, which was very nice at Fatburgers sat and talked and earlier he played $2-6 spread limit with me a little while. at one point, i was up as much as $140 in that game after early on being stuck about $80 or so then i won a big pot before he arrived, and gave back my NL overs button immediately after winning it with the nut flush against a drunk.

then final 2-3 orbits really pissed me off as i lost back all the win but $50 (never can seem to get a BIG win in vegas anymore) so i left with a roll of $1040, much less than the $1130 i was briefly at at the high water mark.

Vince has been very helpful in letting me stay there a while and rides back and forth to the casinos for the $40 he owes me that he cant pay. He's been making way less at work, would like to find another dealing job instead of working for cox cable, and his other roommate lost most of his bankroll and hes worried how he will collect his rent.

im going to see about those 3 free nites, but i think i need to either get back to the commerce, (maybe even back to Jean if i stick to 1 hand and quit wasting money on wifi) or maybe down to the riverside in Laughlin. i dont think i have enough for any game in vegas except texas station and its too easy to lose money fast in that game if u are getting sucked out on and without a working phone, UP is not an option. its just i worry i was overly lucky at the commerce the last time and that i will NOT be the next time. i wonder how id done had i done only 1 hand the entire time i was in Jean, or how id done playing sams or texas or suncoast had i not got off the bus and came straight into vegas with the whole $1600. also i need to go by a virgin mobile store, see if they can turn on a phone for $30 and if it will work for UP. its a really shitty phone but u can get email on it. its the old style flip open phones.

ive forgotten what day lightning is supposed to be here.

Friday, August 23, 2013

OK, its time to go ahead and get the hell out of Jean--i didnt come with enough money, tired of not having access to the net, and want to wait til i have a good $2000 plus the net to come back.

the first 2-3 days were great, when i woke up this morning, i was at exactly even for the VBJ, and had got 3 days room, then i went down to start earning the $45 in needed comps for fri and saturdays room, one of which was due by 11am today, and i knew that was going to be awful hard to get in so much play with so little money in such a short period of time, and no sign on Cutter or Benny here to help in any way with rooms.

And i never heard from the guy posting as the Chaperone who said he wanted to post here instead of RTP, no one brought any pants, (vince might be over tonight) except the pairs of pants i got from NCKPA in sacramento which surprisingly included 2 pairs of socks in todays mail. they are very nice, very welcomed and thanks a ton. still got no clean shirts yet til i see vince. Chaperone said he would be by with pants, but i seriously dont think the guy who made that post was him. get on RTP and ask him and find out. I see Josies done a good job of approving some comments.

Josie called me (when i was out desperately attempting to get out of the hole without success) and i found a VM on my room phone upon my return saying she would call back at a specific time, 5pm or 8pm, but hopefully 5pm my time works out better. it was to get my new blog post. Sad to say im now stuck another $10, had to pay to get online. and heres why, i had no way to type the blog post. u see, i dont have microsoft word, to use the program u must pay for it, i didnt realize that when i tested the version that comes on it, now since ive tested it, i cant get back in it without paying. and i need to ALWAYS leave this page up when closing the laptop, so there will be an open page to type in, even if not online webpages usually stay up even when no longer refreshed live. or at least leave up some open big blank space available to type into.

wondering if theres free versions of things similar to microsoft word, probably but too busy to look now. got to finish this blog and read the next 382730 pages of RTP first, twittter, etc.

i refrained from any max but buttons, or any bets over $17 per spot. but the more i got stuck, the more rules i broke. the worst bets i made were betting 5 spots a bunch of times, ive forgotten the chart and cant no longer look it up by phone, and the other rule i broke was betting more than 1 spot $1 on negative counts. i remember Kimlees old chart saying to still bet up to $4 til the count hits minus 4, so i was still betting multiple spots of $1-2 with slight negative counts of minus1 or minus2, with the exception of no more than 3 spots of $2, not 5, since i was stuck and needed so many comps. i finally have fridays room paid, and $26 worth of the $30 needed for saturdays. of course nothing to eat as usual and no comps to spare there, no more food tix, so i got the $2 bag of chips in the gas station.

and the 3rd bad habit was betting too much on even counts off the top of new shoes, often i did like 3 bets of $6-10 because i was stuck and wanted to get a bet out before it went negative.

that being said i dont think all of that costs much EV at least not if u need comps. im sure it would cost a lot of EV if u didnt need the comps. but the original charts were far more liberal if u need comps. i remember when Kimlee made the chart, chaperone said id quickly have all comps and no cash if i followed it, so Kimlee made a new chart.

for about $7500 in total ran thru the VBJ since coming to jean, i am now out---$243. new roll barely in the $1300s after expenses such as wifi, charger, etc. thats quite a bit for 5 days hotel.

so as the title suggests, the plan never was to be here forever. at least not with this little money, if im going to be here long term, i need online poker money, full internet functioning, and preferably $2500 so i stay over $2000 and have a better spread.

so what that means is i need to get back to cali. now i have an email offer of a free $100 in vegas with 3 nights i want to see about. also i heard the stratosphere installed a VBJ machine like the one in Jean, but i highly doubt it i guess ill need to check though. the offer expires on sept 30.

maybe vince will take me into vegas, then i dont need to worry about tomorrows room. also a good reason to be out of here is to go where theres wifi. but i really need to be where i can beat the game and i only see that happening at the commerce. still the same sleeping arrangements there, as long as ill still have enough to beat the game. rolls shortened up so much with todays loss i dunno whats gonna happen.

and once i get offline, ill take a shower, and try out the new pants and socks. until i read RTP i wont know if another package is on the way already. i havent looked at RTP yet because i wanted the blog done first, it was by far the most important reason to pay $10 to get online. this is unsustainable, yesterday i had no net at all, i just cant afford to keep paying the $10 that often

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

update from my room at the goldstrike in Jean

Am glad to report that Vince got the facebook message i sent him while i was still on the bus (with access to the wifi) that asked him to call me in my room here in Jean. which he did, but of course i was out of the room. the size of pants is either 34 or 36, not the 30 or 32 he was thinking. thats the LENGTH, not the width. the width is the big number, and the length is the small number. i am only 5.9". Vince left a recorded message he would be up saturday night, with a couple of suitcases left at his house, maybe that will include the shampoo, he said i had shirts and things and he would see about bringing the pants too. they dont sell laundry detergent at the gas station, someone else said to wash them in the room i could use any type of soap, even shampoo. one of the employees in the gift shop claimed she has done that before.

and i made my first purchase, $10 for a working cell phone charger that i bought in the gift shop. of course its still a useless phone without it being turned back on or access to wifi, but at least now i can look up all the numbers of others that are stored on it or play games.

also made a 2nd purchase today, $10 for 24 hours of wifi. and of course thats the final wifi purchase ill be making for at least a week, sure cant afford that every day.

so how will i keep the blog up and running? thats quite simple. i will type up the blog entry daily as usual, and either Josie, lightning, seattleirish, or anyone whose voice i know, have spoken to before and fully trust not to edit my words, will phone me at exactly 8pm vegas time daily and have me read to them the new blog entry to publish, and ill let Josie take care of the comments in my absence. u see, the less time i spend online, and the more time i spend trying to grow the roll and come up with money, the better off i am.

how will i eat and have clothes here in Jean? without a way to get anywhere? well thats quite simple too, it seems and will allow me to get all the food, and clothes (or anything else) i need. maybe even a new phone or a way to get online cheaply. i would be highly surprised if i found out i couldnt buy a shipment of used pants on with like say 7 pants and 28 shirts, (a months supply) from a secondhand thrift store vendor im sure some thrift stores sell thru amazon also, hopefully theres still some cheap enough to where u can buy a large quantity at a price of not more than $1 to $1.50 per shirt, and $3 per pants. and if mormon in vegas still wants to provide a pair of pants she is welcome to mail them to the goldstrike front desk on my behalf, it would be highly appreciated and if anyone else is motivated to do the same in the way of glasses, scissors, food, clothes, phone they no longer use but works, they are more than welcome to do so also.

id think i could also order a USB modem this way and maybe then be able to get online daily thru dialup instead of once a week. too expensive to pay this $10 everyday, u can believe that and if u think i will u are only fooling urself.

what id really like, instead of wasting money on getting other phones and wifi, is just paying my bills on my contract little by little, but they dont want the money that way, they want quite a bit in advance upfront to turn it back on instead of the $10 here, $10 there id gladly offer all day long day after day. doesnt make sense to me to spend money on other companies when i owe this bill, and even if i have no intention of paying it for months, ill still have to pay it sooner or later.

now what u guys are probably wondering is have I been disciplined enough to refrain from hitting the max bet button? or have i been playing more spots than i said i would? well i have some good news and some bad news. the bad news is i didnt keep to the $5 3 hands max i said i would, once i got stuck over $50 yesterday, it went out the window, and my largest bet was 3 spots, 2 hands of $14 and one of $15. so the good news is i never once bet over $15 a spot (certainly no max bet) and never once played 5 spots instead of 3 at the most. in fact, to hold myself to this, i had only 3 copies of my players card on me, knowing without the credit for my play, id never bet over 3 spots.

so now u are probably wondering, well how much money did this lose since coming to Jean? well, what i thought was that whatever id lose in Jean, would be cheaper than paying for a room in vegas. and at the worst yesterday i was stuck $138 and quite upset about it. and i ended up being stuck $113 when id finally earned the free room for the first night.

after that, i went and slept a long time and had a good rest. also i managed to get a buffet ticket so i ate a good meal too. then when i woke up about 4am, i knew i needed to renew my room again today, so i went to earn another $12 comps to pay for it. and i did a whole lot better today. won $101 today, so overall for the 2 days, i only lost $12 on the VBJ. which is about what i expect to lose in the long run for every 2 nights stay. and i still think that can be overcome too with a sufficient bankroll and a good counting system.

so instead of the roll being down to the $1488 it was when i quit for the day yesterday, its now back to $1568, which i think is still enough to work with here in Jean. and also enough to spare $68 or so for much needed online purchases, and towards phone and net. i wont need quite as much as i thought i might since Vince managed to find them 2 suitcases, but i could really use food. and im not sure if theres pants in them except a pair of sweat pants, ill know a whole lot more if im actually in the room next time he calls. thats why i am suggesting calls to me always be at exactly 8pm vegas time so i know when i can expect one. and thats still early enough for people on the east coast to be awake too. if anyone has a better suggested time, let me know.

to be honest, i never expected to be in Jean, i was quite shocked when the tour bus operator agreed to drop me off at the Jean exit gas station for the $25 tip. im sure he could get in trouble for that, so i thought surely he would refuse, and the fact he accepted surprised me. and also i do have a clean pair of socks in my luggage (my only luggage is a laptop case). but when i washed the 6 shirts (all of which are now dirty) i washed the spare pair of socks, so i have the ones i have on for days that arent clean, and the clean pair. i should probably go ahead and put them on now, instead of saving them so ill have a clean pair in a bigger emergency.

so actually, my rolls quite a bit higher than it wouldve been down to had i paid for a week in vegas, plus in vegas id have nothing to play since i didnt have enough to play poker in vegas. all i couldve afforded is the new 24 hour $100 aces cracked at sams town mon and thur, with nothing to play the rest of the time. (thats why i was gonna live on boulder hwy, and maybe spent the rest of the time at club fortune). at least now ive got something to play thats plus EV just like i did at the commerce. all i have to do is discipline myself properly and ive done a great job or not betting too much or playing more than 3 spots.

yeah i did get mad early on yesterday and do 3 hands totalling $43 instead of $15, but i didnt overbet at least and kept to the bankroll rules in spirit. by having over $1500 when i did the 3 spots of $15 per spot max. was also a little surprised no one called other Vince to find out how i was doing, or to ask if there was anything i wanted to say to my readers and let them know.

also some calls to vegas might be considered local instead of long distance it depends on where in vegas. u have to test each number. if its considered local, i can call certain blog readers from my ROOM phone at the goldstrike. have not tried out a test to a single number as of yet. if its long distance, no way to call, without enormous expense from the room phone. the way to know if its local is if it does NOT make the first dial area code 702 i was told by the front desk.

so yeah at least i can sleep now, shower, and i still have the axe body spray which works wonderful as deodorant i think Josie sent me once that comes in extremely handy. and if i can get online periodically, and order things thru amazon, i should be able to get me whatever i need, and survive until lightning arrives. i only pray this $1568 is actually enough to grind out my room each day without going broke. hey Kimlee disappeared on RTP months back, but he did suggest $1400 initially thinking it was enough. im not sure who agreed with him, i dont remember if cutter and chaperone did, they are probably the most knowledgeable about it.

my goal? well thats to slowly make a ton of miniature payments on my bills, get rid of the overdue bills entirely, get my phone and net back without having to change providers, and also get to over $2000. and to get back a full suitcase of shirts and pants and plenty of food. all of that will take time and money.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

where should i go? vegas? cali?

am doing better than expected in LA, mostly playing $40 NL. dont know for sure if ive just ran unbelievably hot, or if the games are actually that much better than in vegas. just woke up in the spa a while ago, jumped into the shower and came downstairs, and im sitting in the lobby of the hotel where the wifi works starving for food something awful, but before i sit at the table and eat, wanted to get this posted first which i promised someone.

Holding onto a roll of $1594 (including a paypal transaction i did for someone) and i really should go by the bank and deposited another $400 or so in it too to be carrying less cash on me, but ive not left the commerce. will try to do that and get a pair of pants at the same time.

i cant get the Valley travel club to return an email, which had the Jean NV trip on aug 21-22 looks like id have to find a way to call, maybe theyre sold out. it would feel so good to just relax in a room for as long as i wanted with no pressure to check out. the last time i was in Jean i made do for quite a bit with less than i have now.

While in Jean, i plan to earn comps by playing blackjack on the VBJ, but for smaller amounts than before to play it safe, and certainly not betting 5 spots at once anymore. 2 spots of $6 each will be the new maximum, regardless of the count. Mainly this will not be done to make money, but simply to get free rooms. all the moneymaking will be done online poker from the room. BJ can also be played online btw, for those of u who are interested. this should work, because its something i never tried on any of the previous trips and lowers my risk of losing substantially. the only thing thats gonna drive me crazy is the lack of internet or phone, i am so overly behind i am nowhere close to repaying that $400 yet. yet id like it paid sometime just so i dont ruin my credit and can rent an apt someday.

or should i never leave cali? im tired of only resting in that spa, and i dont have the money yet for a weekly motel, but if i kept up winning at the rate of $700 a week for 2 more weeks, i soon would have the money for that, unless i just ran above average. also i am sometimes playing a little omaha8 and stud high, and i think those are good games also, but for whatever reason the variance in them seems a lot more than NL? or did i just run good in one type of poker and poorly in another?? i do know my rolls quite short of what it needs to be for omaha8 after speaking with several good omaha8 readers.

not really much to say, but its about time i update this blog, its not been updated in a few days. i wish there were better meal options here too that dont cost a lot also. what do most of u order at the commerce while at the table? also some of u who are in vegas should go say hi to agsweep this weekend while she is in vegas, she is there all weekend and leaving on wed. i doubt ill be there this weekend, but definitely need to be there when lightning is

i hate to go to a place games cant be beat just to afford a weekly place to live longer term. and also im off machines as long as i never leave the commerce


Wednesday, August 14, 2013


sitting here in the lobby near the center bar at pechanga, where the internet works great and they have all the open tables a few near plugins. theres a song playing over the intercom that keeps repeating i cant, i cant, i cant stand losing, which is a great thing to play while in a casino. and i realize for all my problems im one lucky MF SOB.

u see i woke up at the spa yesterday evening at commerce with inadequate sleep, (only about 6 hours or less) and couldnt get back to sleep. so i left to where the net worked, downstairs in the hotel lobby, and was on the net so long reading RTP and replying to comments there and on the blog (some people post way too many, and others dont post nearly often enough) i didnt get done til after 8pm. i finally tried to lay back down later to sleep, but i no longer had the spa all to myself like i had for most of the day (happens a lot more than ud expect) and i just couldnt sleep. so i went to go play poker, and i made the mistake of sitting in the $4-8 omaha.

it really frustrates me to no end all the rich people in LA with money make all the omaha games $4-8 and up just because they dont like to play small. my God, u would think theres no poor people in LA. the fact no $2-4 games exist annoy the hell out of me but they dont annoy no one else because no one else has a roll as low as me who plays professionally. but if they existed the bankroll needed to beat the game would be sliced in half and although the game would no longer be worth $16 an hour $10 an hour could be achieved easily enough still.

so anyone in less than 5-10 hands (played hands that is) i was already out $120 and not in a happy mood at all anymore. Spencer definitely knows his stuff in how variance works in that game since he has so much experience. but if i just had the roll i still feel it fits my style better than any other game. i guess thats why i came to Pechanga, (wanted to play it where its$3-6) big wins are possible in omaha cause i made $500 at Pechanga in the later session after the $200 loss in the early session last wednesday.

Being stuck that when i left the omaha caused me to not play $40 NL my best, and i lost a bit more, and was down a lot when i went and posted on RTP once last night i think to $1067. later i won a bit in $4-8 stud, played some more NL, and had recovered to $1137 when i left commerce.

was dead tired, trying to sleep on 2 city buses, and then on a tour bus where i slept about 90 minutes. im still really tired now and not sure what to do. am afraid ill forget my cell phone is being charged at the desk in the poker room.

walked in, realized today is the freeroll day again with the afternoon splash pots promotion im missing out on sitting here typing. wed is by far the best day to be here. so i know everyone will be quitting the cash game very quickly to play the first morning freeroll at 11am. for those with play time in earlier in the morning, too early for me to qualify. so im on tilt more now.

quickly lost the $40, and rebought $29, and started winning, too tired to remember the hands except for one near the end where i had 88, called $10 preflop, and the flop was 456 the lady who raised and was shortstacked went allin, i called, and the deepstacked guy who was hitting everything called behind me. turn comes 7 and i shove, he calls and i wanted him to fold fearing he would hit the river, but he was drawing dead with a3 and then i suddenly had $285 in chips. had only $113 at the start of the hand. cant remember what i won the earlier pot with.

i do remember a guy raising to $7 preflop, me folding a5 diamonds, and flopping the nut flush had i stayed and then 2 guys going at it putting in $100 more on the flop, turn and river each street for a pot of about $300-400 and of course id had the nuts all the way if id seen the flop. so i had the potential where i couldve won really huge.

right at the end i gave back about $60 on a hand and ive forgotten that hand too, im really too tired to do anything and have no business playing once i finish this blog post. hate to go here and NOT PLAY--but maybe i should just grab the first shuttle out of here and get some rest. thank God i am back to $1234, i couldve so easily been down to under $1000.

guess im doing better than i was a week or so ago in cali but my God my life is so stressful its amazing i dont have a heart attack. such an emotional roller coaster, thinking of taking a break in vegas for a few days just to be able to afford a room and relax.

Monday, August 12, 2013

$40 NL at the commerce

well the roll is up to $1099, but it didnt come easily. sometimes i had to rebuy 2-3 times or more and sweat it out. but yeah, i have gained back over $200 by taking most peoples advice and playing $40 NL instead of omaha8. they claim the rake and the variance is too big in omaha

Instead of taking the advice of random people on my blog, who do not get a substantial part of their income from poker, i need to listen to people in the same boat as me, or at least who do get a large part of their income off of poker. People like the young guy who used to play higher and online a lot back in the day who was at my table a couple of times and stood up for me when another guy was making fun of me. (hes been in the same boat before). some woman did him wrong and his roll got destroyed. and also my phone got briefly charged with his charger, but its not charged up very much, but maybe enough to get a picture in the spa. ever see a lounge chair out by the pool where u lay on it like a bed? thats similar to the chairs in the spa i said are more like beds. pillows are included too. also i wish lester would use his detective skills to find 24 hour spas u are allowed to sleep in in other areas. seems theres a Korean one called spa world up in Maryland but i need ones thats not too far from poker rooms.

i think people who told me the $40 NL is beatable and the smallest game in cali that is beatable were right. sometimes theres a lot of chips on the table for a max buyin of $40, ($20-60 if rebuying). maybe i wasted too much time around Sycuan trying to beat unbeatable games due to fear. and thats why i am off to a slow start. maybe now that i am up to 27 buyins i shouldnt be as afraid to play $40 NL anymore.

Been having a pretty good track record in it anyway. a lot of winning sessions in a row, although sometimes been in for 3 or more buyins. but its nice to have the option of multiple tables of it open all 24 hours of the day. and i got a pretty good long sleep today in the spa. seems i always do much better when not having to commute back and forth. would think theyd probably limit how many days in a row u can stay at the spa though.

who can find out where the video is posted that an unknown reader took of me from 2+2 outside of HG? maybe steve can post more about him to help us discover who he is.

how much money do i need to return to vegas and go back to where i was paying weekly and grinding out the games back home? and does WEC still honestly think i do better there overall than in the games out in cali? why have there been less comments on the blog as of late? and guys i still need assistance in selling ads. selling ads is like telemarketing, so its a real job.

yeah the decisions i made a year ago, mostly 2 yrs ago when i was throwing away the nice roll in games i shouldnt have played are whats killing me today, its sure not been the decisions i made in the past 3 months. (except for a few such as the day i lost $400 playing shorthanded omaha at the suncoast--gotta avoid short games like the plague). i think the reason i kept making so many bad decisions way back when was i wasnt seeing any negative effects from them at the time, so i just kept right on making them. the negative effects came in way down the road. even when losing $1000 i still felt happy when i had many more thousand left, far more happier than i feel now when i lose a $40 buyin. now i just want to murder someone, but of course, im nonviolent so this would never happen.

one nicer thing about playing in cali is the players are so much worse, i dont have to play as well to win, and this is really making it easier on me. this is why i find wec and his logic hard to understand as to why these games arent better for me. i think the reason the last years got tougher for me in vegas was the games got tougher. this was especially the case for online

mc gee said southpoint should come up soon. any word WSOP2007, on whats up about that? and i still really could use reading glasses, so i can see to read all these poker magazines that print too tiny.

anyone got a good spare laptop battery? lenovo model #1299, SN WB02 456 220

learned something new about google transit. if u want to be near something, just enter the words nearest bank of america for example, and it brings it up on their transit site. google transit is by far the most helpful site on the web

Friday, August 9, 2013

Trip Report --Pechanga, oceans 11--great promotions

Sitting in the starbucks Ximeno/pacific coast hwy. on the 173 busline between starbucks and hawaaian gardens. slept in an old run down motel without the net on long beach blvd near the willow grove metrolink bluelink last night. was $55, and the roll is now down to $1017 counting that, bus expenses train expenses and $100 or so loss in oceans 11 yesterday.

never got a hand in the omaha8 at oceanside and soon left the game, in time to get the laundry, waited there from 8pm to 9.20pm, and there wasnt an employee on the property, id been told the last wash was at 8.30pm previously, and yet not a single employee had ever showed up to lock the doors, and also i noticed a sign in there that said left behind clothes got donated after 7 days, cant remember when 7 days would be up. had to leave to make the last bus into los angelos, but instead got off in long beach. so i wasnt able to get the suitcase that would hopefully still be sitting in the back room closet.

i knew that $1203 would probably be a high water mark, cant keep going up forever in a row, but i am so relieved that im so much better off still than i used to be all last week. it could be horribly worse, so lets not get too hung up on the fact $200 of that is gone already.

Pechanga is the best casino for poker in california, and is accessible by a lot of different shuttles and also the city/county buses in the temecula areas. nonstop action even in the middle of the night, and the promotions are a lot better there, which i will go into in detail. and as u will see, the variance is also quite great there, especially in 5 card omaha hilow.

to begin with, on wednesdays Pechanga has a freeroll for 1 hours play, for $2500, and 3000 in chips extra for 2 hours play or more. they have one in the morning at noon, and another one in the evening at 7pm, sometimes people qualify for both. its a satellite format where its played down to 10 people, and they automatically get $250 each, no deals or any kind or chopping is allowed unless its done under the table.

and also at the same time there is a splash the pot promotion every hour for $50, so if theres 10 people at the table thats worth $5 an hour per person. ten tables an hour qualify for this, if theres more than 10 tables going, some tables get left out, usually there isnt, but our table was the ONLY one left out 2 hours in a row.

waited awhile when i first got to pechanga, after using the internet downstairs in the open table areas near the center bar, the internet works fine anywhere in the casino and there dont seem to be any problems with using ur laptop or plugging it in like at sycuan. they seem pretty customer friendly which is why i claim its one of the better casinos.

my first seat was at $1-2 NL $40-100 buyin, saw 2 guys who couldve been from RTP. i was on the button, and probably erred by not raising with AT clubs on the button after several limpers. flop came 10 9 3 with 2 diamonds, and id only been playing about 30 minutes. i felt the kid on my immediate left probably knew what he was doing. he bets the flop for $12, one guy calls, and i shove whats left of my $40

he calls, one other guy calls, and it turns out he has the same hand as me, (he reshoved which worried me with about twice my chips) and the caller had K4 diamonds and rivered the flush

so i get half the $6 side pot, and then get called for the 5card omaha8 game and i immediately took it. started off as bad as the previous trip to pechanga, had aakk2 double suited the first few hands, flopped the king hi flush and ended with a fourth of a HU pot losing to an ace hi flush and the same low to a caller with A234J with the nut flush. i did raise preflop and got a few calls, including the winners hand.

cant ask for a better hand than that in 5 card omaha. a few minutes later i had A3 clubs A6 hearts with a forgotten 5th card, again raised to $12 preflop in a kill pot, flop comes right up 9TJ with 2 clubs killing the low, turn is 6h, giving me TWO nut flush draws, and of course i missed them both. and had to pay a lot to stay in to see it. so i got stuck early and quickly and continued to run the way spencer chen knows variance works

and at the time the tourny was signing up for the freeroll i was out $240 after paying $5 for 1000 chips more for the dealer addon tip. the splash pot promotion got me too, i folded 556T9 (total junk) on a raise preflop in the $50 extra splash pot, (the only folder). of course the flop was 522, and id ended up with half of a huge pot. so i seen the next hours splash pot with QQ456 suited, (another junk hand) flop was 379 rainbow, and hung around more, and lost more when i hit the 5 on turn for striaght and lost both halves. damn them splash pots.

in the middle of the night, its a better promo. $25 per half hour splash pot per table. and i won several of them AFTER the freeroll ended. thats how i won over $400 more in the cash game after the freeroll ended. variance finally went right and i began hitting a lot of nice scoooped pots. on fridays the splash pot is even better, they do only 3 tables per hour, but for $100 instead of $50 and all the losers who dont get the splash pot get $20 each at that table.

and theres a much bigger prize pool freeroll for hours played monthly, and whats nice is the mandatory chop at 10 to keep the prize money from being too lopsided.

was down to $473 at the start of the freeroll and quite worried, but started getting lucky in big pots as far as hitting nut flushes and hands holding up in other situations. at one point had 73,000 chips of the total 520,000 in play., my goal was to remain at 10% of chips in play at all times. not everyone began with the same size stack and i started at 7500 chips. 15 minute blinds.

sent out all those twitter feeds late in the tourny, and they did a side deal to give the bubble $20 without the houses ok, and then later were considering violating and reneging on the deal when the employees were saying they cant, a few were quietly asking if the deal was still on and saying it would be unfair to back out late into the play, especially the guy who was short and some of his friends were in on the deal that all 12 of us had originally agreed to. anyway the deal seemed to still be on, just under the table and they absolutely wouldnt allow us to officially chop with more than 10 players but to play it out. why they are so strict about it being 10 ways who knows. anyway someone eventually bubbled, for quite a while all 11 of us none were short stacked and a lot of us had potential to lose out on the $250. thankfully it wasnt me, and after honoring the under the table deal, i had $20. found out later a lot of ill will was created when one lady didnt honor the deal and another guy only gave $10. the house could solved it by more flexibility about deals, but other than that its a pretty good room

after that, my roll was at $703 and i sat back down in the live omaha game with $30, surprised to see it still running, and started winning like crazy, starting off with a $120+ pot in which i was allin. i was due for the good size of variance, quite overdue really. when i eventually got on a city bus at 6.11am, (no more shuttles to diff LA locations til later in the day) is when i had just over $1200. so yeah the games beatable, but u need quite a bit of a roll to handle the variance, id recommend $2000-3000.

i am so relieved, was terrified id be under $500 and then i didnt know how id survive at all, or travel anywhere or play anything to make money, get online, or nothing. and now that im back to $1000 from $1200 i sure dont have an easy road. am still homeless, unable to afford rooms again after that one day i took since it had been so long and was too afraid to get off that bus anywhere else, not knowing long beach, but at least i feel like im making progress and that WEC was right in his first estimation years ago instead of the way he feels today. these loose games are better here in calif and there is money to be made in them if u can wait it out til its ur turn to have a good day.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

i'm not losing ANYTHING playing poker here in california because my skills are too good

Still holding onto $796, not one bit worse off than when i first came to california. with of course, the exception of no longer having working, phone, internet, or a laptop still of any use. And i might be missing a suitcase too. Wanted to ask her to hold it for a longer period of time that night, but was afraid she would say no.

so after leaving the spa, where i got a good shower and rest for $20 last night from 5.30pm to closing time at 11pm, i went and sat in the $4-8 omaha8 game and i was out $19 at the time the table broke. went to the $40 NL and managed to create a new blog reader. turned the $40 into $90 and immediately left.

was told the normandy the omaha8 is $3-6, but id swear on their website its $4-8. also was told thats probably the softest $40 NL game since u can buyin up to $100. was also told by players in the commerce $40 NL game the rake is a lot less at commerce than at HG and is $3.50 max at commerce and $5 elsewhere.

and of course, still have no idea where the tour bus to Jean leaves LA from. every tour company says they dont give rides to individuals just to groups.

wouldve won a lot more in the $40 NL, but due to position and bankroll considerations, folded 55 from early mid position. of course, ends up being 6 limpers, i flop a set on a flop of 345 turn a boat, and guy rivers straight with 22 and is called all the way. But both me and the good player next to me still think i played the hand well and cant worry about the results. notice how the monthly fare is $45 instead of $182 if u get the disabled/senior fare instead of the regular fare. i've been needing for a long time to figure out how to get a disabled fare card and no one knows the process. they just say go to a dr and no doctor knows the process either. i did use to have one of those from Toledo OH thru the mental health center.

the hand i won i played well too, i was down to $29 of my $40, and an asian guy makes it $4 in EP. im the BB. 5 limpers, so i shove with AK due to my shortstack and a lot of dead money out there. asian guy calls too quick so i worry but he only has 77 another guy with a shortstack calls thats less than mine, flop is A59QA and i won.

the most annoying thing about this battery is it now takes much longer to bring up the wifi, always says its recovering from a shutdown, always says my last browsing session closed unexpectedly and wants to know if i want it brought up.  it never changes from plugged in, 7%, NOT charging.

the $40 promo for 3 hours played down at Palomar cardroom is possibly so valuable it was a mistake to leave there? i couldve done it daily for $280 a week, wonder how much of that u would give back in rake? i would think $3-6 holdem would be the worst game to play in something heavily raked, a lot more so than NL. because they get the full $5 every hand and nothing can be protected, although they still allow chopping no flop no drop. it wasnt nitty like i thought it would be those hours. is that a good promo for a tiny roll in u guys opinion?

sites like Bovada or UP are decent options if i have a way to access the site, and cashout, and a free place to live indoors. i can play a lot better lying in bed with a locked door than in a public location.

disappointed i never ever heard from Tamara, she probably never checks her email or wouldnt know it wasnt spam, being from a name she wouldnt recognize

Monday, August 5, 2013

im ending my life in san diego today

and starting a new life further north in california instead. roll is still at $779, so not all that bad considering how low it once was, but certainly not good either. went and found my suitcase and claimed it, and was seen by someone on the property partly in charge saying i couldnt be leaving it there. am now sitting in the starbucks in Santee (end of the line for the trolley) and getting ready to board it to Oldtown, where u can take the bus into oceanside over 3 hours and 2 buses, or the train for a few dollars more which dont include my daily pass for convenience. and as soon as i get to oceanside ill have to hide it again, or i could take the metrolink for $12 more all the way into the LA area. Just want to be anywhere i can take a Pechanga or San Manuel or Lake elsinore bus, or maybe find that elusive tour bus to Jean that i know exists. at least from there id be prepared to head north towards fresno or sac

so at least i still have all my clothes. will rearrange them (some ive thrown away) and put like 5 new shirts in the laptop case just in case. i know oceans 11 wont store my stuff, but they do have wifi. wont be online in the meanwhile however. i know pechanga did store my stuff once, thinking i was going to check into the hotel probably.

glad to make it out of the area without getting barred at any casinos, although id probably got barred for sure at Barona if theyd known where i slept 3-4 days. Vince will let me stay with him for a short while if i go by that mental health place, but without someone with me i dont know what to say because they will claim i dont have anything wrong with me and wouldnt need a caseworker.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

theres no internet here, but before i left i brought up this page and closed the laptop with it open, so i could type while on this shuttle bus. it just wont be saving as i type, so i hope nothing goes wrong. had a longer than usual rest last night, and it would be easier if i didnt wake up as often feeling a need to use the bathroom. because where i was sleeping im worried about getting charged with trespassing instead of just told to leave, and no, im sure not saying where it is. also im starving to death but want to eat somewhere i have comps or can get $1 meals

so there was no poker game at 9am here at Barona, and they said the $3-6 limit usually starts a little before 10am, and next is the $1-3 NL ($100 min). the $1-2 NL with the $40 min buyin dont usually start til 11am. so since i have never played a machine here, (they give u no free play for signing up for a card) i sat at the 50play 2c multi denominational VP machine for a few minutes, but i couldnt figure out why it wouldnt let me bet. then i noticed a sign saying $1 min bet, and that sure screws up those who martingale. ud think the casino would want their business, not discourage them from martingaling, and insisting they flat bet.

anyway i won $58 on the VP, was briefly up $108, and new roll is $659. i was going to make sure that if i did lose, i would lose less than $20. but i started off winning. one thing that irritated me was the machine auto held cards, sometimes different than what i would hold. such as holding JT suited instead of just the J when there were 3 suited cards in ur hand. one time it auto held 3 to a straight flush when id have normally held the high card unsuited instead, (jacks or better) but went with their hold and got a straight flush on 1 of the hands.

never did play any poker there, ive seen other people id swear are homeless just riding one of the many casino shuttles in the middle of the night just for something to do. me, i did it to hide out in a particular spot where i wouldnt be cold and relatively safe and get some sleep, and to also be close walking distance back to where i could plugin a laptop and get wifi. Only once have i played poker at barona, buying in $40 running it up to $75, and then losing it back which i talked about in a different blog a few days ago.

at 7pm last night, after leaving the starbucks by the village club i walked back to the village club and sure enough, the $3-6 omaha had broke up leaving only the $6-12 omaha, way too high so i didnt play. instead i went up to the trolley station to catch the 8pm barona shuttle to get some sleep. so i really didnt play much poker yesterday. lost less than $20 in the $3-6 omaha earlier in the day at the village club before i walked to starbucks, but at one point was $63 ahead, and of course lost it back rapidly. $3-6 with a kill almost every pot is a pretty big game. especially when they use a $2 small blind to get a $5 rake every hand. (both blinds are taken upfront unless it doesnt get to a flop).

still wouldnt mind going to sacramento, blueeyedmurphy on twitter offered to drive me if i make it to ventura, so if i die out in the desert u know who to blame. but i doubt ill make it to ventura. but now im wondering if the rake is higher in sacramento making it not a good option, seems to be that way, although ive not yet gotten the details on what they take if its no flop, or how late the omaha8 game goes.

id also like to visit the palomar club at 5526 Broadway at least once but theres so many Broadways i dont know which citys Broadway that is. i heard that if u get there at 9am, and play til noon, u get $50 more if u play the entire time from 9am to noon, the game at that time of day is usually $3-6 holdem, probably unbeatable and tight, but should check it out.

-------12 hours later---

sitting in the starbucks in chula vista, by the trolley station, was worried sick when my laptop died earlier it would delete my post since i had no internet at the time and it wasnt auto saving, but when i plugged it in and opened the page, it came right up, what a relief. spent the entire day playing at Sycuan, where of course u cannot charge up anything or use a laptop at all, i only go there because i like the poker there better, particularly the $1-3 stud. am happy to report i now have a roll of $721, won about $60-70 there, and spent very little today, the $2 an hour there in food comps is very good for never running out of food. actually won in that game today, and only left earlier than i intended because i started losing back too much, at one point my roll was at $767.

theres a good article by mike caro titled "scratch" in the newest edition of Poker Player newsletter that u all should read, describes what often goes wrong when im sitting in a poker game, and start out playing my best and later frustrations set in. Let me know what u think AFTER reading it.

early on today at Barona i got aggravated at the machine i was at, because it right near a BJ table, and i heard the dealer giving out very bad advice that benefitted the house, and i hate it when dealers do that. (he was telling the players they should never surrender anything). that is a very good rule for the player. if i can find another bus, i might go out to Barona later to sleep, dont know how safe it would be sleeping in this area of chula vista, i never have, or i could make it over to the village club, but then what would i do? i think i might still be able to make the last bus to oceanside too as far as that goes, but then id have to go withOUT my suitcase hidden away in El Cajon, their city buses have shut down for the night, lots of suburban buses shut down early unlike Vegas.

ive saved the link for all the 24 hour starbucks places, and it shows one in lake elsinore, never did visit the casino there. heres the link for those interested.

still wish i knew how to get on the tour bus to Jean from the los angelos area, for anyone interested in finding this out. the only fear is now that i have no phone or net, if i go there ill have no way to grind on seals. but ill have a few weeks of free housing betting micro limits on VBJ, never making a bet over $3. earlier i didnt have the discipline to bet that low, but now i certainly do. its amazing how much discipline u get when it suddenly dawns on u that maybe u cannot recover 100% of the time from going broke like i always have in the last 5-10 yrs.

there is free wifi on the busses in the san fransisco area, and also in the Reno area, and also some airports, finding a lot of links about free wifi but i need it in a place indoors where i am alone. i loved being at Vinces house alone when he was at work playing online. ive no phone, but when he gets around to reading this new blog, id like him to write me on facebook and tell me what id need to do to be able to stay there free for awhile or anyone else in vegas. would going to Opp village to ask about jobs or that other vocah rehab place do it? i dont want to go to KS yet, something happened there years ago and i never came around for 10 yrs after mom called the police on me, and it had nothing to do with Mark, but with her and she was worried for her safety. after that she wanted me to stay away for many years til she finally let me come there to live in 2005-2007

also i feel like poker is my only real ticket out of a bad situation. it got me out of a terrible life before, that i've never wanted to talk about in this blog when i ran away from home, and only gave small hints of. i would be judged too harshly if the true story came out, and being judged by almighty God is enough. Not only that, poker also kept me away from panhandling and a roof overhead, most of the time without any type of assistance from the govt. i sure hope the other players arent 100x better today killing off that option from being viable. one thing really making it hard is much higher prices, and higher jackpot drops that never existed then. i read in that same magazine tonight that club fortune increased their $1-4 game to $2-6. and i had to hold a flashlight to the paper to see it because i have no glasses. if anyone knew my life truly before poker, theyd understand why i will never give it up, poker has been a saviour to me.