Saturday, March 3, 2012

long overdue blog post, new roll $6200--and i apologized to someone today

well i got my host here at the river palms to let me stay here long term if i want for $80 a week. which works out better than staying elsewhere since everything is in walking distance if i live here. she also let me have a fridge. she will comp me fri sat sun of every week and i pay $20 a day for the other 4 days. of course, thats assuming i continue to play about the same as i have been.

and as far as those mailers, they wont come next until april, and they base it on ur play from 6 months back on average. so it may be a long time til i get those mailers. even old Joe with the cigar and the suite for years only gets $35 a day, but hes betting less than me actually. in fact quite a bit less.

i'm up just over $2000 since coming to laughlin, almost all of it on the VBJ machine, and im sure im overdue for a sizeable loss. but ive got me a safe deposit box here now at the river palms, with most of my money i did not leave behind at the rio in vegas locked up here. along with $30-40 on BCP thats NOT part of my roll, but does keep me from having to deposit.

i find it very odd carmens been in the salvation army all this time, yet still not been able to update her online blog. guess shes embarrassed to continue the blog after what happened.

and a lot of the former poker room staff here at the river palms went to work at the new casino in mulvane KS right outside wichita. wonder how often they get $1-2 NL and how late in the night it lasts, and how near the bus gets u to the casino. i think its a long ways out past the busline. wichita has extremely poor bus service for a city of its size. always has. If anyone sees Jerri there and her black BF Fred, remind her she still owes me $100 she ripped me off of. and say hi to Roy if hes playing.

alot of times i subconsciously feel someone is out to do me harm even if they arent. like the way i blowup when dealers give me a big loss. (and feel like they did it on purpose simply because they felt the other guy tips more) even if that wasnt true at all. and the way i felt the dealer at ballys meant ill. so today im sitting at the VBJ machine and i see one young guy walk up behind me who i also seen walk up and talk to Joe earlier right as i was going to the restroom. now someone the other day said bums always walk up to Joe and ask him for favors since he always gets everything free, dont know how true that is. But yeah im always very uncomfortable when a guy who looks like he might not have any money walks up to me in vegas. and especially if they ask me how im doing. for this is almost always followed with a request to borrow $1 or to borrow a cig, which also annoys me since i dont smoke. and at the time i wasnt yet winning on the machine. i ended up making over $400 today (in fact ive been winning all week long) anyway he asked me how i was doing, and i told him it was none of his business. now if people asked me that because they genuinely cared about my welfare, id enjoy being asked that. (if someone genuinely cared about ur welfare, theyd give u money if u said u were doing poor). but people just do it to make conversation and i only want to be left alone when im playing machines. especially when trying to track the cards because serious money is at stake and someone opening their mouth often ends up really costing me financially even when they mean no harm so yes it upsets me bigtime. why? because i always lose track when someone talks to me. counting cards is a big skill and not easy at all. especially when also tracking the number of cards til the shuffle also. and others do it for an even more nefarious reason, to have the chance to then bum $1. so he looked at me then walked off. i figured he was a bum without any money so i felt justified in what i said.

But later i walked off the machine ahead over $400, and was in a much much better mood. and i seen him with about $20 on another machine similar. so i went up and apologized, and explained that i first thought he was broke and wanted to bum money, and said i was sorry i was in a bad mood, and asked him to accept my apology, and he did. now i felt a little uncomfortable doing that, but im glad i did.

its just its so hard for me to trust anyone, and i felt like everyone doesnt really care about how i feel about anything, and how they are going to do what they want to do regardless of how annoying it might be to me. such as all the dealers who call me sir when they know how much i hate that word, and how much most of the people they deal to hate that word. some women dealers who call u sir, then turn around and get offended if u call them maam, and yet they still think its ok for them to call u sir. a friendly dealer who is glad u are there never says sir, they learn ur name and always greet u warmly by name so u always can be 100% sure who they are talking to.

am wondering if Josie will even see where i apologized to someone or if she will quit reading the blog once she sees the words VBJ. and what ever happened to jennifer gay and shes not updated her blog in weeks. also i found out where theres a bankofamerica atm to deposit at here in laughlin. sickcallmggees wife is transferring to the walmart in bullhead, just got approved, and now hes looking at the apt communities here in town that he claims are so cheap and says this is a safe paradise to raise a family. he didnt really care for all the crime in vegas. so they are all going to be moving down from nebraska after he goes back to claim his inheritance. no crime here at all, a few homeless guys though, but very few. cant even find any hookers, i guess i need to find a young bartender here to teach me how to look. not that id have money to waste on women anymore hardly any hookers know how to be affectionate.

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