Wednesday, February 29, 2012

new roll of $5200

am not sure why vegas DWP thinks Jimmy swaggart lied, he was honest and confessed his sin to the whole congregation and asked for Gods forgiveness in front of all. i said on twitter yesterday that i was a lot like him. its a good thing Jesus is willing to forgive us of our sins, because some of us sin alot. i also consider myself a lot like my father (who my mom liked and married because she met him in a church playing a guitar) but who also died when he got shot while committing a burglary. and also a lot like Johnny Cash, my fathers favorite singer, who too lived a troubled life. theres a great song by Jimmy Swaggart on utube, there i met the master. in fact theres a LOT of great songs by him on utube.

i sin more often than anyone i know. its very hard for me to do what i know is right, and i often regret many of the things ive done. But that doesnt mean theres not hope for me. and God saved my dad, Johnny Cash, and Jimmy Swaggart. God forgives us of what we do thats wrong if we are willing to admit we were in the wrong. God will forgive us, as long as we admit that what we did was a sin. its when people try to claim certain things (such as abortion and homosexuality) are not sins, that God wont accept them when they die and say to depart from him.

and i sure wish i had more money on BCP. i left $72 after selling $200 (thats over $1000 total profit cashed off BCP in the last 6 months since i opened my acct) but it turns out i didnt leave enough on there. for im down to $15 and after only getting 80c on the dollar when i sold it, last thing i want to do is redeposit. so does anyone have any money on BCP they want to sell me for 90c on the dollar? if so i will ship money to ur bank acct or give it to u in person.

ok i owe John an apology (sickcallmggee) for i was too sleepy to get out of bed last nite when he rang my room and knocked on my door because id just gotten to sleep 1-2 hours beforehand, and the game at the golden nugget sucks so bad for action i really didnt want to go play in it. turns out there was a $2-6 spread game at the riverside i didnt think would be going. and John managed to talk 5 other players into taking the NL overs button so only 3 didnt have a button. most of whom didnt know what they were doing, so he ended up winning $480 out of the game. i wish id been in that game, and he came back at 3am to tell me and i was still sound asleep, so he played $20 in vbj and left. woke up right afterwards but by then he was ready to sleep. and i told him i was plannning to take the 7am bus for $20 ran by the city into las vegas, but then i never did, checked to see if i could get my room renewed instead. and i did, for 2 extra days, so now Friday is my checkout date. so thats 10 days ive gotten free, usually they allow up to 5 free. i have to get the host to approve it everytime.

would like to somehow know in advance the next time a really good omaha game will be going in laughlin with overs buttons. the 50c $1 game at the golden nugget isnt a good game for me, the action is really tight. only thing thats been good for me in laughlin is the machines payout a lot better. and sometimes a great omaha game can be found and housing is really cheap.

and yesterday my mom needed me to order her something online again. this time a pair of shoes, but she wanted me to look it up on google for her with the info she gave me, because she dont understand copying pasting links. it stressed me out because i was afraid id bring up the wrong website, but i found it, ordered it, and since her birthday is this month, instead of having her refund me the $21, i just told her to keep the money as a gift. she will be 70. what someone should really get her is a debit card but not sure how she would take that.

and i still need to be in vegas soon to pick up a lot of various free plays in the month of march. if i counted them all up, theres close to $500 of them, but a bunch of it has to be done a little at a time different times of the month. (to where ud need to be living in vegas the whole month). and im pretty sure i wont be at harrahs properties enough this year to keep my diamond status, not that that is still worth anything anymore.

i am afraid if i go back to vegas, i will end up playing much worse machines with worse payouts that i always lose on. im afraid if i do not go back to vegas, that i wont have a good game to play in, for the action is very tight here. at least the $4000 i came with is back to $5200

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  1. Tony, I have like $120 or something and would be willing to get rid of most.