Saturday, February 4, 2012

playing at the nugget with seattle irish

apologized to him for last nights post, wasnt feeling too happy last night after dropping that at poker. tonite im winning over $200 of it back, and i only bought in $100 tonite, i feel my rolls so terrible low and trying to keep 30 buyins in it, but maybe $150 is better and that way i wont go below 20-25 buyins.

spoke to him at the binions snack bar and hes going over to the nugget to select a game and table and ill be there soon. took my phone to room to charge and will have to leave it here to charge. still wanna pick up Josies package but cannot remember if the UPS store in flamingo is open sunday, dont think so and Vince will help me pick it up monday along with a trip to the rio and my bank.

unless lightning is able to help me pick up that package sunday but i doubt its open and he will have rented a car.

still not sure if i will need to go to a dr. binions has the softest chairs and i was able to sit there fine, but its still feeling pretty big sized. also the hot water in my room isnt working well and thats worrying me.

well now that ive ate, updated blog and put the phone on the charger, time to get over to the nugget. anyone wanting to see seattle irish come on down.

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