Friday, February 10, 2012

going to see sickcallmggee

details of time spent yesterday with sickcallmggee at texas station will come later, im on my way to his room downtown now with some food, and i stopped in my room a minute to eat and put the rest in the fridge.

i have a hand i want to discuss quickly that just happened to me at the nugget. i am wondering if something i did helped me lose.

there was 2 older people on my immediate left a lady whose a regular and a man from kansas city who i first thought was together but wasnt. they both see me as conservative, and so do both of them play that way also. on the hand im discussing, i make it $15 in late position with AK of spades, and i never showed the hand. the guy reraises me to $30 and everyone folds to me. now i put him on a hand smaller than KK and i think he only raised to min to see if id come back over the top. and i was absolutely right, for he had JJ. heres where i messed up.

i showed him the K and shoved, and he thought a long time and called, and said surely i wouldnt show the K if i had KK. and then a guy at the other end of the table whose played with me before said to him that was exactly what i wanted him to think and i definitely had kk. (wrong). anyway flop comes AJ4 and im fucked. and i never showed the hand, everyone at the table is still thinking i had kk but maybe the caller. i said it was kk.

we will probably be at hooters later.

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