Thursday, February 23, 2012

i dont ever learn my goddamned lesson

i took my room here at the casino because i didnt want to start paying by the week and feel like i was stuck because of it, even though the cost of a week with fridge and microwave was pretty cheap and a lot safer than vegas. But i wasnt entirely sure there was a vacancy. and especially a little before 7am when i arrived. and as u can see that was a horrible mistake.

theres no poker game in the middle of the nite, game is elsewhere and its not open til 9am and breaks about 10pm or so. so i either have to play online, or play the VBJ machine and i figured id do much better on this VBJ machine since it allows the dealer to stand on soft 17 instead of hit, which is a good rule for the player. and id actually had some small wins on the VBJ machine that ive been trying to hide from u guys. first win was about $50 and then yesterday i won about $125 more on it. and i thought even if i broke around even or lost a little it would help to run up additional comps.

this is the type paying 3-2 that dont shuffle every hand that supposedly can be counted. and the casino is so dead middle of nite im always the only one on it and if the count gets bad i take my ticket out to reset it and walk over to the other VBJ machine.

everyone wonders why i dont want to say where im at, but i didnt want any problems from those who dont like me, and Josie said it would be a good idea to keep silent and focus only on playing the best possible poker i could.

am now sitting in my room with $197 on BCP. its the only place where i constantly keep winning, and im so afraid the govt will seize it all. am in the $4 rebuy.

what id really like to do is live far away from any casinos and do NOTHING but play online, but i cannot bring myself to put out the travel expenses and living expenses to do that. i think it would really do me a lot of good to not go near a casino until ive stayed off VBJ for at least 2 months, and have a roll of over $5000 so im not as stressed.

i only wish id had many years ago while living in Butte montana the roll i had now, back in the early days of online poker.

also i wish id played yesterdays deepstacked 3 pm limit omaha tourny, and forced myself to play it well so i couldve adjusted my sleep hours, wouldve saved me from having that big loss in the VBJ, because then id not woken up til much later and had i not woke up the wrong time of day, i couldve went to play poker up the street.

also im supposed to check out of my room today. i could renew it 1 more day, but it will go way up in price tomorrow and saturday and i need to see if i can use a coupon i have for a free room, or if i must wait 7 days between free stays. maybe my friend who has a room elsewhere can use it and just give me the key.

i kind of wish i was back in vegas, but i dont know of any safe place to live there and i have no money, and besides being in vegas i know for a fact wont keep me away from the machines. especially not downtown. i still feel AC NJ would simply because they do not have that exact type of VBJ machine.

i need to live in one of those place Britni found for me far away from any casinos, back last year, from off craigslist, in idaho that was cheap. she only showed me places really cheap, she wanted me somewhere safe for not more than $400 a month, anything over that she felt was too high for me to afford. also she showed me ads in many weird cities ive never considered living in, such as champaign urbana IL.

i dont feel like id be able to stay off the machines any other way. too bad i cant get back on ssi and live in ks, but id have to reapply govt housing and wait a long ass time.

and i really shouldnt be traveling right now when i have the $200 free play and $200 free promo chips (only worth $100, they keep on wins) at binions available march 1. plus starting feb 26 i have 3 $20 harrahs vouchers up til end of march, on certain days, and also $75 in 3 $25 installments at the westin camisura. plus 2 $30 installments of free play at wynn every other week in march. so thats $495 of free play id miss out on if i went to the east coast or KS, or pretty much anywhere else not reachable back to vegas within a day.

which limits me to pahrump, primm, jean, laughlin, mesquite, los angeles and wendover pretty much if i want to do any traveling. and a few other small cali and az towns with poker. and no one ever showed me how u look at who viewed u on stats, u certainly dont see who it was that viewed u. that would be illegal invasion of ur privacy anyway.

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