Saturday, February 25, 2012

there will never be this big of a fish in any of my tables again. and as usual i was card dead.

we were playing with a close to full table earlier, $2-6 spread limit omaha8, and when some loose dealers sat in and some started leaving, we switched the game to NL08, and this one lady agreed who was quite drunk and very loose. to show u how loose she was, she called ON THE RIVER with 44QT on a board of 55782 when another guy only had A2 for low, and still won half the pot. and the funny thing was the bet was $75. and the allin guy won the entire main pot.

when she left me and sickcallmggee shouldve left. they were taking a FULL $3+2 rake even 3 handed, the house made a killing, and me and sickcallmggee and 1-2 others were all losing, except for the guy who hit and ran. I know im a mule, and i know im an ass, but i didnt realize i was also a donkey. im still wondering if the guy who hit and ran is the other geico caveman or if its one of the dealers.

me playing that shorthanded is really dumb, i could possibly win here if i stuck to only playing full games and sleeping the right hours. soon as im finished updating the blog, and all my sngs end, im going to try to sleep til noon or longer.

i also wonder geico's opinion of sickcallmggees play?

his email address isnt good, as u can see. Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address.

Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable [RCPT_TO]
its not his real email address, its a fake one created.

and that reminds me, how does grouchie not have my email? why isnt his phone storing it automatically if hes emailed me before same as my phone does?

good news is after returning to the other casino to sleep, i recovered all the loss but $5 on the VBJ on the way up to the room. Not sure where ill be staying, sunday is my checkout date, and i might need to return to vegas soon. with only $3400, and 2 big bills coming due soon for phone and internet, i really dont have the money to move into anywhere so i dont know what ill do. busted out of the tourny earlier today, trying to get deeperstack experience cheap, it was 8000 chips for $45, but im better off not playing tournies at all, its just more money i gotta win back in the cash games and helps to put me on tilt.

also i keep getting warned that my $163 is not safe on merge at all, and that would be a lot to lose right now. im being told by people left and right thats its gonna be shut down to the USA at anytime. Glad my sleep hours are somewhat adjusted as i should be able to get to sleep pretty soon. its nice waking up 2pm instead of 10pm.

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