Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i guess everyone is wondering whats up with me lately

relaxing in my free room for only 2 nites, playing on BCP, not a single poker game anywhere around unless i want to travel again, so im gonna play 3 diff $20 don sngs. while im eating mashed potatoes etc.

i would like to talk about something that happened the other day at the golden nugget where i played most of the last 3 weeks. (i got sick of moving rooms all the time and my harrahs comps ran out). i had been having to fold for some time, and was about even maybe down some, cant remember too much now it being a few days later. but a guy whod been raising a lot made it $12 and 3 callers, and i decided to use the squeeze play with K7 diamonds, and often after sitting 2-3 hours without getting cards i lose patience, and feel ive earned respect by then, so i want to hurry up and shove with something becase i feel lot im not playing aggressive enough. so i shoved, and the original raiser called my allin with JK off? and of course he beats me, and i never showed my hand.

have been trying a lot harder lately to NOT show hands. I think Josie and Wec is right, this would be a big impprovement to my game. and i really dont get any benefit from it. also ive been lying about what i had a lot at the table lately, and im actually getting a lot of the regulars ive played with to believe the lies are true. which is good, right?

But why is it that when a guy is playing pretty tight, they DO NOT give him any type of credit, and put him on a bluff, and call his reraises? im not sure what to do in this situation. my rolls been so low lately, (around $4000) i feel like maybe theres room for me to find ways to improve.

also on them 7 hands at once VBJ machines at binions with the poor payout that only offer even money, they unlike the riviera, circus and slotsoffun, give comps on their CRAPS electronic game. now on the craps u get the CORRECT odds payout even betting only $1 which means the house edge on the craps is only about half what it is on the VBJ. which means id lose less on the craps, (if i wasnt placing the 4 5 9 and 10 that is.) never even thought about that before.

now if a VBJ machine with the correct 3-2 payout normally pays out $993.70 for every $1000 ran through it, not counting cashback or comps, on 6 decks, does any math pros here know how much additional it pays out if the dealer STANDS on soft 17 instead of hitting it? for where im at tonight, a machine with that exact payback was just installed in the pit area where the regular BJ tables are. just curious how much closer that brings the payback towards 100%. still u would need some points multipliers to achieve it.

so far ive won 2 out of 3 $20 sngs but i doubt i can win this last one. (late edit) i did. won 3 of 3. theyre not as difficult as vook says.

i had bad luck at the casino today trying to bluff a guy i knew, whose a good player, and also on a hand of PLO8 against him knowing it was the last hand til the game changed to hold em again. played too loosely since i wouldnt get to play the game again.

am wondering whats the likelihood of getting at least $10k together by the wsop? theres a lot of tourneys id like to play this year ive never had the money to play in the past. i cant play them on my own dime, but i done so well in the golden nugget tourny i think id like to play a ton of the rio daily wsop deepstacks for $235. with a large field of 800 or so.

ive got to cure myself of losing my patience. why do people think i have discipline and patient and play tight when i dont at all? i think im a donkey who plays very loose, my only edge is people misreading my image at the tables. they think im tight. when i had the lot bigger bankroll, it was a lot easier to keep my patience.

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