Tuesday, January 31, 2012

why dont the counselor call and remind me what day my appt is?

still waiting to find out if its today or wednesday, i may be going over there for nothing at noon today. grabbed me a sandwich with comps in the gift shop (one of the most expensive ways to eat but fast) and carried it back up to my room at ballys. i love staying at ballys far more than at the rio or IP. but i dont get as many free days here.

roll is back to $5400 from $5200. managed to get out of there with a win of around $200. at one point i was up about $80 more and i felt like my big chip stack, being an aggressive table and the fact the money means a lot more to me, was causing me to not make the best decisions.

the final hand i had aa and made it $12 in EP. 3 guys called, all of whom had a decent amount of chips, none had me covered. flop comes up JJ4 rainbow. well i figure im either behind or so far out in front im not worried about a free card, so i check for pot control. i did think the one young kid behind me with about $350 in chips liked the flop. we all checked. turn comes Q again we all checked, and this might be where i should bet, but probably too late to do any good. river comes Q, we all check to the guy in late position. i hate that river. he bets $50 and i pay him off, he has Q9, and i leave when the blind gets to me.

earlier i won a big pot off a bellagio dealer. young fat guy. who never ever neglected to button straddle. he raises preflop and he has done that with lower hands than id raise with. i have JJ and call behind him,and dont even consider reraising. and possibly one other guy did too. flop comes T95 rainbow, he bets $20 and i call. other guy folds. turn comes 4 and he checks, i bet $50 and he calls. and i think im ahead. river comes A. he bets $80 and im thinking forever if he just sucked out. finally he offers to show a card after hes told me yes to he will show if i fold. he says he will show one now and for me to pick one. i pick the 10. i am under the impression he wants me to fold, and that he wouldnt offer to show a card of my choice if he had the A, and that he wouldnt just call the turn with top set or 2 pair. so now i have to call and i won. he had KT.

then he kept thinking he shouldve showed the K and id have put him on AK for sure, and he kept asking me if i fold if he shoves the turn, and seriously thinks id fold JJ there. should i normally?

no machines and im upstairs in my room playing sngs on BCP with brecksgoat.

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