Sunday, May 6, 2012

i really didnt mean to upset lightning, and tonight was a great night here on the boat.

relaxing and eating in my room, typing up a long overdue blog post. and of course, for something to do while im typing up that blog post, playing a DON sng on BCP.

tonight was a pretty good night. i started off sitting down in the $1-2 PLO game on the boat, and was surprised to see so few tables going on a saturday night. i bought in for $100 minimum ($1000 max) and one nice thing about this casino, u dont have to bring it in for $5. all u have to do is call the $2 or raise, and raises to amounts like $6 or $8 are allowed. the button cannot straddle, only the guy under the gun. u also cannot buy the button. I am sure from that description, it wont be too hard to figure out the poker room.

i won $49 early on, then went to my room for about an hour or so. came back and rebought $100, and lost it. then i rebought $148 i had in oddball change. lost it too, and trying my best to remember the hands and cant. i need to talk to miamicane about how to improve my omaha hi game when i have more than the min on the table. so then i made 1 final buyin of $300 to get back the other $248 i was in for all in 1 pot. managed to win a hand, and be back to $511, but was still down a little, and i shouldve been satisfied and left then, but i couldnt.

i kept playing, lost $130 on a hand calling a bet preflop with AKJclubs J, and had about $325-350 in front of me when the following hand occured.

i had ATA7 double suited, and there was the usual raise to $8 or $10 and 3-4 callers. i asked the dealer how much it would be to bet the pot, and he said $54. i got 2 callers i think. flop comes up 69J with 2 diamonds, one of my suits. I must act first and i bet pot. the guy with over $2000 in seat 1 repots it, and the lady calls, and im allin for $327. both call, (wait he repots it if he was able to). anyway she too becomes allin. turn comes 2 spades putting a 2nd flush draw out there, not mine. river is Q diamonds and i win the main pot and triple up plus. one had a set and one a straight wrap, i was lucky. left the table right after that (my BB next hand) after talking about my blog a few hands sooner, and they were pissed i hit and ran, but how can i have $1100+ sitting on the table playing that kind of variance? it would be totally foolish. earlier long before the rich guy offered me $37 to leave and counted out the chips and the guy on my immediate left refused to allow it and said NO we want him here. i think i was the only nonregular in the game, its not all that big a room.

the diamond lounge upstairs has a lot better food here than vegas, much better selection and u can even get icecream. Now its definitely obvious where i am.

so i left the table, and on the way upstairs i stopped at a video poker machine, and put in $211 in various bills. then i got dealt 222JA suited on a spin poker machine where i was playing multiple lines, but not quite the max bet. i couldnt break up the royal and it was a $1 machine (actually multidenominational). so i cashed out $912 and immediately quit. altogether i now have a new roll of $7600 instead of the $6300 i started the night with.

ive never been to this harrahs before. the rooms here were $225 on a sat night, and i walked in dead tired from not having much sleep on the amtrak. the manager called a host and got the rate knocked down to $100 although not free, this host dont know me and i dont play enough. but i took it and slept almost the whole day.

more than i normally play so i dont think ill stick around, still need a better long term solution. great poker action though, even though its not open all 24 hours.

and since i dont know of other safe hotels in the area, ill head keep heading out east til i end up on the coast and can safely lock up the money in foxwoods.

what i shouldve done was tell lightning earlier I would be here, and then maybe he couldve helped find me a safe motel outside of harrahs. i have a feeling i offended him, hes been asking to meet me and yet refused to come up since i only gave him 10 hours or so notice. he lives an hour or 2 away. he thinks i dont trust him, and i actually didnt want to worry about meeting anyone at the amtrak carrying that kind of money, but i wish i could learn to trust more people. its just ive been terribly spooked out ever since blueeye murphy picked me up in ventura cali when no one was supposed to meet me there.

and no i dont want to go to winstar. the games there bad rules. (no chopping allowed and mandatory drop even if no flop). and i dont want to pay big fees on weekends, surely i can find a much better casino i can live long term right next to elsewhere on a public transportation nearby. dont want to live in the country away from major stores. plus BJ games arent worth playing in OK due to the way they force u to ante each hand by state law.

there is a casino ill be nearby before too long, none of my readers seem to know about nice little room a bit out of the way, maybe ill find a good motel there but of course cant let anyone know the location, i dont think i have any readers in that area. i need to take more pictures too, still aint all that good taking pics never could get the menu to show up right.

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