Friday, May 18, 2012

what a scary ride that was in the cab

i at one point today was down $390 or more and i managed to get it back, and about $72 profit right at the time my table was breaking and my cab was showing up. i didnt think i was ever going to get even. and this one black guy named Maurice who seemed to know me from many years ago at the Monte carlo festivals there in toledo was giving me a hard time earlier saying i smelled bad. no one else had said that, even earlier when i first got there and probably did smell bad from walking about 2 miles in the hot sun. yes that was the 3rd time this week i did that long walk instead of waiting for a cab. of course that was doing the day. But i had on all clean clothes. its just i dont have any deoderant in the room. my room was way out telegraph road kind of in the middle of nowhere, about 2 miles north of toledo into Michigan where the Toledo city bus dont go. the name of the cardroom was called dollar king and it was a couple miles away on lewis av, another main street.

so this other young black guy at the table was named Tim. there was about 5-8 black guys, all young, id seen playing in there in the last few days. and remember how i said it seemed like they had no security in there at all? anyway he went broke about an hour earlier, and had been stuck somewhat over $500-800 i think. hed made some rebuys. and he seemed to be a regular. and i didnt like the fact everyone would be able to figure out i was an easy target, a passing tourist with no friends in the area. although a lot of people knew me from when i used to make my living panhandling in toledo when i was homeless and really did sleep outside a lot and in cheap sleeping room hotels for like $150 or less a month 1989-1994. Wish id had at least one good friend in the area i trusted enough to been able to ride home with everyday. it would be ok to rent a room out of another poker players home and ride with them and back each day if i could just find one person i could totally trust.

anyway he was mostly sitting on a couch talking on the phone, and i was curious as to why he was still here. and many many years ago when i lived in a black area of toledo, (and was 19-23) i did once rent a room in an elderly black ladys home because i felt safe with her saying she was a Christian. all i know is that she had a son who was a gang member, and his name was Tim. and he gave me a severe beating one day when his mom accused me of stealing from the kitchen when it wasnt true. and i had to get my stuff out of there with the help of the police, and i never went back even though i still had rent left. and of course, she swore to the police i had made everything up. have never wanted to live in a black neighborhood since. at the time i was young and naive and didnt know any better.

what im saying is i thought there was a possibility he was the same Tim. he thought maybe he might know me but wasnt sure how. i just assumed from the monte carlos of years ago. another young black guy remembered me well and he said he felt sorry for me because he knew how everyone picked on me. (not tim, a different guy). he seemed to have a lot of money with all his rebuys and coming in all the time. he also said he could find me a hooker.

anyway my cab finally showed up, and as always i made sure no one followed me as i left the parking lot. certainly didnt want anyone at the pokerroom learning my last name, or knowing what motel i was staying at since i was in a nearby one cheap by the week without the best locks on the doors, even though i was right next to the office. in fact id been talking to the lady from NY all night (who i found out Vince had known from dealing in NJ) but she dont remember Vince. Vince told me how well he remembers her though. and id been telling her via texts all evening about how uncomfortable i was for my safety playing there, and since my rent was due in the morning, about how i was considering taking the amtrak straight into NYC at 2.50 am this morning. u see in AC id be back to staying in the casinos, except weekends, and then id feel safe again and avoid commutes again.

so i tell the driver to turn left on smith road over to telegraph off of lewis av, over to the bedford inn, where i had a lousy refridgerator and been staying for $192 a week. so he turns left onto smith road, and theres a car going down smith road who continues going straight (and is right behind us) after he turns the corner. when he gets to telegraph, the car also turns, so i tell him make sure that car behind us doesnt follow us to the motel and to not go there til we shake them off, regardless of how much it will increase the cab fare. u see i was very paranoid tonight, especially after a guy i didnt know ask me if i wanted a ride home to avoid paying for cab fares and how far away i was staying. (different guy at the table, big white fat guy). so the cab driver turned off on a very tiny small side road called stateline road, not a road hardly anyone would turn on. and thought the car would go on past. doggoned if it didnt turn there also, and now both me AND the driver was paranoid. so the road was small with lots of twists and turns, but we managed to shake the car after we came out on detroit road about 2 miles up. at least we thought we did, it was right behind us for a while. i have no idea if it was a coincidence, or if someone was trying to set me up. so the cab driver took a roundabout way back to the motel, still no one behind us at all, and i grabbed my stuff and was out the door within 5 minutes while he sat there ready to call the police if need be. and he told me his uncle was a leader in the michigan militia. and id be safe in his cab. so now im checked out of my motel, never ever to go back to that motel. if i ever live in toledo it will be in an apt after the casino is open. it freaked out both of us, that car always turning whenever we turned.

yeah earlier i was spooked about telling everyone which city i was at and which pokerroom, for fear someone could use it to deduce where i was staying at (which motel). eventually i told 2 guys on twitter and facebook i felt i could trust, but they wouldnt have made it up til friday. they have too many young guys who like to fight in these little tiny charity rooms which u dont have in the casino, they probably like to play there just cause they dont have to worry about getting kicked out. i feel bad i never got to meet either of them.

even if all that was unneccessary i did what i had to do to be safe, and i certainly dont regret upping the cab fare. in fact i upped the cab fare even more. when the cabbie learned i wanted him to drop me off to ride the amtrak to cleveland for $38, he offered me a 50% discount into cleveland at $125 instead of $250. so im typing this blog post from the back seat of the cab. i couldve sat around amtrak but i was just glad to be OUT of there as quickly as possible.

toledo might not be a bad place to settle someday if i get over the fear of not knowing whats happening and if i can feel safe after the casino opens. lots of apts in safe enough areas for a little less or a little more than $400 a month. to really feel safe though i need at least one friend i can totally trust like i do vince someone who has a car.

so i guess ill be at the casino in cleveland very shortly, no idea about sleep tonight or anything, maybe ill have the cab drop me off somewhere i can get sleep instead. and here i thought i might be sleeping on the amtrak all the way into NYC. which wouldve probably been a smarter thing to do instead of this long cab ride. but how do i pass up a 50% deal?

maybe i really should get rid of my blog altogether and be a more private person, i mightve still worried in toledo since i was wondering if thats how he knew me, but i would then have relaxed a lot more in other locations outside of toledo. ive asked josie to make a list of all the people i can trust, but i worry shes putting too many people on the list. maybe ill NEVER feel safe living anywhere but in the casino itself or right next door to the casino in a place like Veer towers.. and i hear ac too has condos like veer, but of course they do cost a lot of money each month. wish i could go back to the old days where i wasnt so worried for my safety everywhere i go.

u see i do go off myself in casinos, but me, im just going off with my mouth and making people mad. i say mean things, but would never ever hit anyone and am afraid of violence. like even the phone incident, i didnt grab the phone away from her hand, i just yanked the cord without touching her hand, and that alone pulled the phone away. i wouldnt took the phone out of her hand because that wouldve been too much into blue collar violence instead of white collar violence. i would never threaten someone with violence at the table, only on my blog in words long after leaving the table. (like in online poker etc). yet many have did so to me and not got banned, simply cause they didnt like the fact im different and want to pick on me for not understanding social adjustments.

am still only about half the way into cleveland, am about 15 miles west of sandusky still. this was a lot better deal than the time i took a cab to laughlin. vegas cabbies have far more rules to follow.

another place i thought about was all the casinos Brandon told me about north of detroit in safe suburbs, but still, i was worried i wouldnt feel as safe as he obviously feels, and would end up with the same problems and probably end up paying even more for rooms.

im not going to talk about it on here, but i have a very good idea where in cleveland is a good neigherbood that more safe, and yet still not that expensive and convenient to public transit. i did live there once. in fact im closing this blog entry now and going to priceline to see what i can find out about the actual more expensive hotels downtown.

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