Wednesday, May 16, 2012

how can i not notice this for so long??

just realized i didnt bring ANY clean socks with me, so as much as i need to change my socks when i wake up i cannot, and ive not been past any stores that sell socks. just back and forth between the motel and the cardroom. but i have some other places i need to go, i have to pick something up at a certain business not far off, and i must go to a post office and mail Vince my players card, pin, and po box keys. there should be a $50 debit card in that mail too. hopefully ill pass a store selling socks.

wish there was some security in this pokerroom, instead of being way out in the middle of nowhere with no security guard on staff. some of these guys may not understand me, think im giving them a hard time, when truthfully i feel like they are giving me a hard time even if they arent, and get threatening. i only feel safe playing in casinos. am still winning and the play is really bad here, am up to $6300.

of course that will start disappearing as i start paying up expenses, and my room expires friday. havent made new plans, dont know where to go for sure. already ive eaten all the food i bought at meijers, and all the milk. and its not the easiest thing getting cabs to show up about 2am, so i end up having to call them way early. need to live a little bit closer to the room or have the bike.

cleveland the casino is in a good spot, maybe i should go there and have easy access to 24 hour gambling, (ends the 2am problem) and with it being downtown good bus service. but still would need to find housing and i wouldnt want to go back to BJ and machines. here i have no access to anything but poker.

and while losing all but $5 out of $34 left on BCP from $50 the day before, i spent over an hour researching all about the Hungarian revolution of 1956 online. didnt know it lasted nearly that many days before it was squelched.

and also read about kruschevs secret speech denouncing stalin which shocked some party members attending so much they suffered heart attacks.

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