Sunday, May 20, 2012

checked into my room, and ready to head over to the casino, should be getting free play for signing up. i only took it for the night, but theres a cheaper motel a ways up the street for about $120 less a week. not sure which one is safer, the homeless guy on the bus, whose staying in a room for $135 a week right by the mall told me my hotel is safer. he also gave me the number of his landlord which is right accross from the neshaminy mall. they rent out sleeping rooms for rent with a fridge but a shared bath right over the bar. im at a regular motel for quite a bit more, but still a lot less than downtown cleveland

waiting for a cab, so may have to quit typing anytime. thought id tell u about this morning stop in pittsburgh to rivers casino, where i booked $133 win.

i looked on their VBJ, didnt play, shuffles each hand, $5 min, but does pay 3-2. (rivers pittsburgh).

3 poker tables were going when i walked in at 5am cause i didnt want to sit at amtrak 3 hours waiting to transfer. i made a shove with AK clubs over a $15 raise shortly after sitting, 2 called, and i tripled up with a flop of a66, think both had pairs. later i gave back $100 of it before leaving.

dont think anyone there read my blog, one guy made a great bluff on a flop of 963 after i called his raise preflop, bet the flop, he calls, i show JJ and he bets turn. i fold, and he shows 10 10. and then i slept on the amtrak the entire rest of the way, so i finally got some sleep.

Brushing teeth, using shower, toilet in my room dont flush so great, but its a nice fridge. wont be here long enough to put food in it, its close to $400 a week here. barely hanging onto $5900

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