Saturday, May 26, 2012

testing out the new commenting forum

as i am doing that, im shutting off the comments here for the day to see if that helps as an incentive for getting people to sign up for the forum. after i type up this post, ill be going to sleep as usual, so i wont see anything til i wake up. luckily i only managed to reduce the roll by $20 last night. and parx did send me $125 in free play, dont remember if i ever told the readers, but i have a little over a month to claim it. it would be so much easier if i was in someones car.

Is $4100 enough to work with in AC NJ if i stick to nothing but poker? I am assuming most people will say it is. i know theres a lot of pretty desperate people in NJ with a bankroll of under $1000, because i used to be one of them, and wouldve at the time not felt nearly as broke with $4000 as i do today now that im an old man. Funny thing, i still have NOT gotten around to visiting the Golden nugget. (subconsciously maybe im putting it off because of the $100 min buyin, same way i put off playing at Revel with the $3 max rake?) unlike vegas, most all casinos here are min buy $60-300 at $1-2 NL. (1 reason i thought it would be a good idea to be here instead of vegas if i went broke.) didnt realize theres no way to get free showers here like u can in vegas.

Almost went to the nugget last night. walked outside of ceasers (this was when id just had a good win and was over $100 up) (did a good job of picking a good table) but accidently got the wrong jitney. didnt realize i needed #2 instead of #1. so instead i got off at the showboat and spent the night playing there. a great place to play in the middle of the night usually. couldnt win at all there, lost $249 in the poker room, went to the Taj at daylight and played $5-10 stud, and then went home down $20.

earlier in the night i played ballys a while, but won only $6. never was up more than about $30. its a pretty small game kind of like bills. lot more popular though with more tables. i really do not know at all what i should be buying in for, ive been buying in for all different amounts.

from ballys i walked to ceasers and the table i sat was loose. once it was raised to $12 preflop and ALL 9 of us called. maybe cause of memorial day weekend?

and carrying around my cell phone charger has worked out great, now im never without service with my phone dying. makes me a lot happier and less stressed.

lets see, i remember asking Chad to remind me of something. oh yeah. a hand i won i had AT preflop. i think i made it $8 and 2 called. flop comes A34 with 2 diamonds and i bet $15, both called. turn comes 9 and and both check, i checked too. (theres where my fear caused me to miss a bet?) river comes 9 and again we all check and im good.

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