Friday, May 11, 2012

anyone like some good news?

not everything is good however, im out of clean laundry, (no place to do it around here) not sure where im going, today is my check out date, of course i could always renew my room at a price way too high for me however. to stay away from stress ive got to quit paying so much on weekend rates on rooms. Not only that, my finger feels really funny around the nail, like swollen a bit, hope its something that goes away, not sure what the cause was of that yesterday and today. i also know i forgot my nail clippers or id have cut them some time ago, those are in my other bags back in vegas. had way too much to carry and was trying to travel light with just one bag filled with shirts mostly.

So which is the good news? well i have not played ANY machines at all here. no VP, no table BJ, no machine BJ, nothing. also i won about $300 yesterday in the $1-2 NL game where i was stuck most of the day, it all came on a huge triple up right at the end. the table was getting exceptionally wild and loose and a lot of the really bad players went broke that hand and about 5 hands later only the few good players remained with money. and i was dead tired, hungry, and wanted to go to my room so i left. even after my phone bill yesterday automatically debiting $102 for May out of my bank account, im still up to $5700.

why is amtrak sold out all the time if not booked a few days in advance? the fare i didnt book last night going to ny city for $122 is now $152. and the only fare still the same is charleston WV for $63. notice that is NOT charles town WV, the train stop by there is martinsburg and thats sold out and a different route. both towns have a poker room. but the train from charleston WV to wilmington De is sold out once it passes charleston, so thats all the further i could go. and of course philly is always sold out if not bought about 2-3 days early usually. the fare to where i used to live in toledo by my sons mother who i wish i could see and say hi is $41, and isnt too far from poker in detroit and some charity rooms in MI. casino in toledo is supposed to open may 29, i think cleveland is now open.

even looked at greyhound and fares to toledo from here on it about $20 higher than using amtrak. why that is i cannot figure out.

first time ive ever finished typing up a blog entry without a new comment being posted as im typing the new blog on the old one.

i had 55 in the loose game i talked about last night on twitter. called a small raise to $8 preflop. flop comes 59K rainbow. i checked, old man checks, the raiser bet $25 (one of the loose players) and 2 call. i make it $120, (with $85 behind) old man goes allin for about $90 more, i get worried, another guy calls, i call. old man has only AK and the other guy ill never know. guy next to me tells me i shouldve never been worried with a set. i thought the old man might have 999.

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