Wednesday, May 2, 2012

must try and figure out where to go. shouldnt really stay here in st louis

check out might be of help in finding cheap housing somewhere near a casino.

got my host at harrahs st louis to give me today and tomorrow free. my checkout date will be friday the 4th. which is good, because i really wanted to be at harrahs thurs on the day $1-2 PLO8 exists. not that i really have the money anymore to play the game without hitting and running, and fear i wont have enough discipline to do so. also the internet im now getting on my laptop sure dont seem like 4g.

and when i talked to the host at the total rewards booth, she said she didnt see yesterdays $1000 BJ loss on there. but she must of found some type of play since she gave me 2 nites. and the lady at the BJ table today was a different lady. i didnt play today, just talked to her, and she looked in the computer and her records showed i only lost $300 yesterday, and thats absolutely incorrect. i lost over $900 at that table, and the other losses were at the ameristar the night before and the $100 poker loss there and also cab fees. all i know is today im in the $5100s.

i also walked over to bankofamerica from the Quality inn st charles on 5th street i stayed at the last 2 nights, within walking distance from ameristar. i deposited $800 into there, bringing my balance up to over $1700.

i didnt want to say earlier which hotel i was at in st charles, because i had my cash on me in the room last night. u see yesterday when i went to withddraw $1000 at harrahs, i ended up withdrawing it all because the lady behind the counter had to wait for someone else and i dont think she knew what i was doing she gave it all to me and i just accepted it instead of saying no i only wanted $1000. so what im saying is i had way too much cash on me when i went to that bj table which is why i lost so much. otherwise id not been able to make those final bets of 3 hands $200 each with double downs against the dealers 6.

now st louis would be a great place to catch a plane cheap to almost anywhere, but where should i go? i am going to ride the free shuttle to the airport when i leave harrahs in 2 days, but i was originally going to take the metro from the airport to the amtrak. the amtrak leaves 7.55 to chicago for $24, (bus) train is $66, and again at 4pm. they shuttle u to springfield IL, where as far as i know is no poker, and then put u on the train into chicago. unless u pay $66 for the 7.55 am train. also the lowest fare i found was tomorrow $182 into philly. otherwise its $243 into philly.

this is the menu at st louis harrahs diamond lounge, not sure how to make it show up clearer. only open 4-8pm for food, but diamond lounge itself is open a few hours longer. noon to 10pm. no milk though, no computers. i took 2 good sized wrapped chicken sandwiches. better food than vegas. and no cost, not like ac nj which has the $10 fee.

anyway i feel slightly better knowing more about amtrak schedules, the majestic star contacted me back on facebook (rates up to $49 weekdays $79 weekends for poker players) and having the other $800 in the bank too. but i do fear im running out of money fast, and i need to find somewhere cheap anywhere in the country near a pokeroom, preferably in a small safe town. Britni used to look up this stuff at times, but a ton of the links she sent me werent close to any casinos, such as it has a lot of places in idaho on it and champaign urbana IL. how she came up with them cities i cant imagine, she was looking for things anywhere in the usa thats cheap. i would gladly pay someone money if i actually rented a place in one of the links they sent me if they found me a location in somewhere id actually like to go live i wouldnt have ever come up with or considered on my own. i think sioux city ia and catfish bend ia are cheap but i think their boat dont have a nl going daily. even MT, WV fl and penn among other cities would be acceptable.

i have only looked at the times of east bound trains, havent looked up trains going back the other way, really no desire to go back into shreveport and tx unless i went to tucson sante fe, or laughlin. and of course from chicago i could go to new orleans and have a tolerable 60 mile busride into biloxi where i can live $599 a month and bike long term safely to casinos. but if im going to settle down somewhere (which is what i really need) even that is too high. and no i wouldnt consider ever living anywhere by the stratosphere. i did that years ago live in bad neighborhoods as a kid in my 20s often paying $50-75 a week cheap rooming houses that nowdays dont exist. dont want to ever again. with the one exception of the old hotel in vineland NJ if its still available. that was an easy 2 hour bus into ac for $3 and safe.

the min buyin here is quite small. only $60-300 and the other boat is only $50 at ameristar. but im always buying in $100 or so. also the massuese here is only $1 a minute instead of $2. another nice thing here is the drinks are set out free in the casino where u can get coffee and soda without having to go thru the cocktail waitress. pretty nice poker room harrahs st louis. also the pioneer laughlin sent me $100 free play, so if i make it back to NV ill have $400 free play awaiting me between binions, pioneer and riverplams. i should go back but dont really want to.

rooms are so cheap in ac on my harrahs calender compared to here id kind of like to be there with such a huge choice of games. but there the games may be more like vegas, no action, instead of beatable like they are all over shreveport and st louis.

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