Tuesday, May 8, 2012

please dont miss the previous post (second post of the day)

just left the PLO game $100 down, and i had my initial $100 buyin up to about $338 2-3 hours ago. came back to my room to discuss certain things on lightnings blog. then decided instead of just commenting on my own blog, i might as well post the new entry.

can someone please tell me where on the east coast and between Joliet and philadelphia they have a $1 a min masseuse? seems the only places are ca and st louis, and i hate the way they take the rake in CA, so im not moving there. i suppose i could find long term housing in st charles, it seems like a fairly safe area, but would kind of need a car or a friend. not one person seems to live in the st louis area whose a regular reader of my blog. i'm just glad my roll still over $7800, (temporaly at least) and ive got more options. think i did hear once maybe somewhere in FL has them, not sure though.

the reason its $7800 instead of $7900 is because i went ahead and sent the $80 mom wanted on facebook farmtown for mothers day and my sons birthday, most of it is for his birthday, and ill send a little more in the form of a check. she told me to send farmtown, and tell her how much to give to him out of it. i think its odd she disapproves of me gambling, when im making income spending my money on games, and yet the taxpayers are paying for her games (hers and marks SSI her only income) and yet she isnt earning anything off it. to be fair shes not exactly spending money on farmtown all that much, its usually gifts from me. but id rather be giving cash for bills.

also she had to get her a new refridgerator which is costing her $23 a week. i guess something went wrong with the old one?

and of course no one commented in my last blog entry on what i asked them to comment on, seems all anyone wants to comment on is taxes.

wish i could do a road trip with miamicane. here is todays PLO hand to comment on. i had KKA8, ak of spades. the 1 guy who plays for a living makes it $10 in middle position, and i made it $25. (assuming hed put me on aa). 4 of us see the flop. flop comes 872 with 2 spades. i have about $270 behind or so and the table mostly has me covered. i dont remember, but there must of been a bet on the flop for him to be able to make the bet he made later in the hand. he was last to act. anyway turn comes q diamonds, putting up a 2nd flush draw. everyone checks to him, and he bets the pot. now i dont think he has a set, because id almost swear he didnt bet the flop. but he must of or someone in front of him made a small bet on the turn cause he bets $160 on the turn. i cant fold, and im hoping for a call behind me so i get better pot odds with my nut flush draw and overpair. (K) also will give me the nuts. sure enough, i read him right, i was ahead on the turn, he had the nut diamond draw and many straight draws, and hit the river for a straight. i am pretty sure i got some details wrong, not sure what, dont think he bet small on turn and waited til the river to bet though, but its the only thing that makes sense for the pot size.

oh well, now i need to head back over and win the money back before all the games break. that game might already be broke. it was shorthanded, been in room over an hour. all i know is my read was right about him NOT BEING AHEAD when he bet when last to act, so i dont think my call was bad either.

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